Business Sense

by Magic Wand

Copyright┬ę 2005 by Magic Wand

Incest Sex Story: This family is all about business and money and it takes a strange turn with sex.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Reluctant   Drunk/Drugged   Incest   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   School   .


The world was very small for Tina Wells. She went to the state university and at 19 years old was overwhelmed by being away from home for the first time, swamped with demanding classes and sharing a room in the dorm with Jordan.

Jordan and Tina were opposites, physically Tina had long blond and 5'9 and Jordan had short black hair and 5'2, her mother was from Brazil. Both were beautiful girls but the differences went deeper. Tina was the high school prom queen and honor role student that did everything right. Jordan barely graduated high school and if it weren't for a little bit of cheating would not have gotten entrance to the university. Jordan was known as the party girl and university life didn't slow down her party life style.

Tina was getting frustrated. Her scholarship paid for the tuition and some of the books, but living on her own has taken a strain. Her father was obsessed with business and quite tight with a buck. He never gave an allowance he made both kids work for any money. Her brother followed in her father's footsteps. He went for only a two year degree at the community college and worked part time with her father during school and upon graduation he and her father became business partners. Wells Hardware was now Wells and Son.

But Tina was here at the university and she was hurting for money. She tried to get a job at the "Lenny Tower of Pizza" restaurant but Lenny needed someone to work the lunch shift only and that interfered with her classes this year. Next year she will schedule her classes around work. She needed a job so bad she took one serving at hooters. She disliked wearing the short shorts and the tight tanktop that accentuated her large breats. She especially hated having all the boys and men oogling her and trying to get her phone number. Jordan had gotten her the job. She made a lot more tips because she loved to flirt with all the men.

Jordan had quit work for a better job two weeks ago and every time Tina would ask her about it she would change the topic and just say it was serving drinks. Tina noticed she was spending a lot more money on clothes and a new stereo system. Tina got a long with Jordan, but they were not best friends. Jordan had given up trying to loosen up Tina and invite her on dates. Tina still thought about her high school boyfriend Reggie he was at another school 1200 miles away. They talked on the phone and emailed each other.

One night a bunch of boys from the university were a little drunk and were giving Tina a hard time as she waited on their table. One of the boys pinched her ass and she dunked a beer in his lap. The boys made a stink and the manager, although he thought she was a draw because of her looks, he had gotten to many complaints about her "higher than tho" attitude and fired her.

Tina sat on her bed wondering what she was going to do next. If she asked her mom or dad for money she would hear a lecture from him about responsibility and how he never got fired. Getting fired was the worst thing in his eyes. She thought about calling her brother Doug, he would send her some money but he would tell her dad too. Just then Jordan walked in with some more shopping bags.

Tina told Jordan about being fired and Jordan agreed with her that the manager was a creep for doing so.

"so what are you going to do now? I can lend you a little cash if you want."

"Thanks, Jordan, but I need to get another job. Are there any openings where you work?"

"Uhh look Tina, I like you but I don't think you would fit in where I am working"

"Why? What kind of place is it?"

"look my new boyfriend Carl runs the place, but... forget it"

"Why? I see your making a lot more money now. Hey I don't mind serving drinks in a bar"

"Even a strip bar?"

Tina was in shock. Jordan 's new boyfriend runs a strip club and Jordan worked in it. Tina had been in only two or three bars before, she didn't like them boys were always trying to talk to her and touch her. But a strip bar, certainly must be the worst place.

Jordan could see the look of shock in Tina's face. Jordan had all but given up trying to make her sexy roommate more fun. She liked Tina but her picture was next the phrase "stick in the mud".

"Hey it's not a sleazy place. It is very tasteful and only high class guys go there. Sometimes they even bring their girlfriends or wives" said Jordan.

"Look, why don't you come out to dinner with Carl and I tonight, we'll talk about it?"

Tina gave in and they met Carl at the restaurant. Tina was surprised, Carl was in his late thirties, Tina never thought about dating anyone so much older. Carl was smooth and acted quite formal. Tina immediately was taken by his charm. After spending 12 years in and out of prison, Carl learned the act.

Jordan had briefed Carl about Tina and Carl turned it on full. Carl worked for Tony Leprani who owned the strip club. Besides running the club, Carl's job was to recruit young beautiful women to strip in the club and eventual join Leprani's other business, City Escort Service. Carl had met Jordan and seduced her with his rolex and Jaguar convertible. He hired a girl to serve drinks in the club from there she would see how much money the strippers were making and soon she would move into performing. Soon after Tony Leprani's other business partners in the drug trade would introduce the girls to their special formula to lower any resistence and keep them dependant on them.

After dinner and drinks the three of them went over to the strip club Golden Beaver. It wasn't as sleazy as Tina thought. She wasn't much of a drinker but the three Long Island Ice Tea's tasted good, she thought they couldn't have much liquor in them. Jordan looked over at Tina and laughed. Tina hadn't felt so relaxed and giggly in months or maybe ever. She didn't even notice Jordan slip down behind the table and give Carl a blow job.

Tina had been serving drinks at the strip club for about a month while Jordan was one of the feature strippers. Tina actually enjoyed working at the club and loosened up a bit. She really liked Carl and he always treated her like a lady.

One night Jordan didn't show up. Carl went over to Tina and said that there was a special party she was supposed to dance for. Tina told him she didn't know where she was.

"Well then Tina, your going to have to take her place."

"What me? No I cant do that"

"You do that or both of you are fired."

Tina panicked, she was enjoying the money she was getting and even put money down on a used car. How would she afford it without this job.

Carl hugged her and told it was simple. That if Jordan could do it she could. He fixed her one of his "special" drinks, a mixture of several drugs that put girls at ease. After downing the drink Tina felt light headed. She then laughed and told Carl she would do it.

The funny thing about it thought Tina was that she actually enjoyed taking her clothes off in front of these men. She always felt treated like an object by boys, now she felt like she was in control. She could tease them like Jordan and make them do all sorts of things.

Eight months had passed since Tina went away to college. Doug worked the hardware store with his dad but he wanted more. Like his dad he enjoyed working and making money. Doug and his Dad expanded the business into security sensors. He was working a deal to be the exclusive seller to a chain of stores in Japan. Doug flew over to Tokyo to meet with the distributors and things were going well. Now they were coming to town to see their operation.

Herbert Wells was relived his son took to the business like he has done. He was worried about the Japan deal. They had invested a lot of money and if the deal went sour they might lose the business.

"Son when they come to town, we'll meet them at the Hilton and take them to the best steak dinner in town."

"Dad that won't be enough. These Japanese men expect to be treated like the treated me. They took me to a Geisha house and bath."

"Well we don't have Geishas here, what you want me to do take them to a whore house, as if I even know where to find one."

Doug explained to his father the way things were done.

"A small party in the hotel suite with some high priced call girls and lots of scotch." Japanese men love American women he told him.

"What do you know about call girls?"

"A poker buddy of mine, knows a guy named Tony who has connections"

Herb felt uncomfortable this isn't the way he liked to do business. However with so much at stake he let his son handle all the details.

Carl sat behind the steering wheel of the car with the engine off. Tina was bent over sucking his cock. He always had her suck his cock before she entertained at a party. Tina was in love with Carl, he had deflowered her and at first she felt guilty about Jordan but the next night Jordan joined her and Carl in bed.

After stripping he had her do private bachelor parties and Carl would give a few of his special drinks and a pill or too and she was on fire stripping before a bunch of drunk men. Most of the time she would take the groom to be into the bedroom and fuck him. Sometimes when she felt especially high, she would just do all the men in the party at once.

On several occasions she performed with Jordan and the two of them would eat each other as the customers watched. They had both moved out of the dorm and into an apartment near Carl. Tina had to cut her class schedule back to just two classes in the mid afternoon due to all the late nights.

Carl met Doug at the bar to discuss the arrangements he set up with Tony. He wanted three girls to show up at the Hilton suite and be extra nice to the Japanese guests.

"Look my dad is a little up tight about this whole thing so..."

"don't worry about a thing... pop two of these in his drink and he'll join the party" Carl gave Doug the pills and paid him in advance.

Carl gathered Tina, Jordan and another girl, Lori, at his apartment. He made a round of "special" drinks for the girls and told them they were going to the Hilton Hotel. Tina was glad she dyed her hair red, she would die if anyone recognized her in her home town. She also put on lots of outrageous makeup to conceal herself. Tina was already to feel horny and Jordan fingered her as she sucked Carl's cock.

Doug had slipped the pills into his father's wine while attending to the Japanese clients. Everything was going well and as he looked at his watch there was a knock on the door. Doug opened the door and three women in short skirts and belly shirts walked in. As each walked in Doug looked at the asses of each of them. All three had killer bodies, especially that red head. Doug was thinking of getting in to some of the action after the clients. Carl walked in also. He told Doug that he was there to make sure there was no trouble. Since the suite had a small terrace he would make himself a drink and sit out there.

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