The Captain

by TheMoose63

Copyright┬ę 2005 by TheMoose63

Sex Story: In a strange twist of fate, a seaman fucks the Captain.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   .


Everyone knows how powerful a ship's Captain is - the ultimate authority. The buck stops here. In the United States Navy there is over 200 years of tradition behind being the Captain of a naval ship. Men belonged on ships and ships belonged at sea, and the Captain had the final word on everything. Always! 200 years of tradition. Men commanding men at sea. Then in the 1990's the Navy changed. Women were allowed on ships and there were female officers and then the females had a chance to become "The Captain".

Commander Elizabeth Rodgers looked off of the port wing of the U.S.S George Clymer, DDG 57. The Clymer was a guided missile destroyer sailing out of her homeport of San Diego. She had a crew of 210 men and women and was the first DDG to have a female Captain. Elizabeth was ecstatic to have finally gained her chance to "command at sea" and she was going to take full advantage of the opportunity. The ship and crew were in the final operational test phase before deploying to the Middle East and the current war zone. She had worked hard for this position and yet she understood that every male officer in the Navy felt she had taken a job that was reserved for them. Well, fuck them, she thought. It's my position and I earned it, so just screw the old boy network.

Elizabeth looked up from her charts and out to sea at about 325 degrees and found the Sonna-buoy she was looking for. Coxswain, the Captain said, make a hard turn to port and come to 320 degrees. Aye, aye Captain and the coxswain spun the ships' wheel as directed. Officer of the Deck? Yes Captain the young male Lieutenant replied. Call the port rail manning team alert, I want to get that Sonna-buoy just off our port bow and get it on the first try. Yes Ma'am Captain, he replied and went off to alert the deck crew.

During the next ten minutes she maneuvered the ship like the professional she was and the deck team picked up the buoy on the first try. Elizabeth got on the 1MC, the ship's paging system and announced to the entire crew. "Now hear this, this is the Captain speaking. We have made our turn and picked up the Sonna-bouy on the first try. I want to thank everyone involved in this drill. Good job sailors." She sat back down on her deck chair on the bridge wing and thought to herself, this is a good crew and they're working hard for me and I appreciate all of their hard work. The next time were in port I am going to have to sponsor an all-hand beer party. Mr. Robert's you have the Con she announced. Mr. Robert's, aye Captain, I have the Con. With that pronouncement Elizabeth walked off the bridge and down to her at-sea cabin.

Once she was in her at-sea cabin she called down to the officer's mess and ordered a pot of coffee. When the coffee arrived the mess specialist poured a cup then quietly withdrew from the Captain's Cabin. Elizabeth unbuttoned her shirt and hung it on her desk chair, removed her pants and looked at herself in the wall-mounted mirror. Not bad for a 44-year-old broad she mused. At 5-9 and 134 pounds she looked like a runway model, the only flaw in that thinking were her breasts. Most models had small breasts but Elizabeth's were a bit too big, 36C to be exact. But never having been married they didn't sag a bit. No she thought to herself, Woman, you look pretty good.

She rolled down her panties and unfastened her brassier and walked into the smallish shower stall. Once the water was hot, Elizabeth stood under the running water for a good three minutes and enjoyed the feeling of cleanliness that only fresh water can provide. God she thought, if the men knew what I was doing in the shower. The Navy has strict rules about showers at sea. With a lack of fresh water all hands were required to take a Navy shower, that is, get in, get wet, turn off the water, soap down then turn the water on and rinse off. Never did anyone get a three-minute "Hollywood" shower. If a troop was caught showering like that it was normal to be written up for punishment. Oh well she thought, I AM the Captain.

Once she had dried off she lay on her bed and started thinking about the upcoming deployment to the Middle East. While she thought about logistics and all of her other upcoming duties her hand wandered down between her legs and started caressing her pussy lips then playing with her clit. In a matter of minutes she had worked herself up to a great orgasm and it dawned on her that she hadn't had a good fuck in months. God, who had been the last guy to get his cock into her pussy? Ah yes she thought, it had been that Captain from OpNav who took her out for drinks at the "O" Club then back to his hotel room for a nightcap. And quite a nightcap it had been. He was older than Elizabeth by almost 10 years, but he had a great 8-inch cock and he knew what to do with it. She recalled how he made her call him "Captain" while she was on her knees sucking that monster cock.

Yes Sir Captain, I love sucking your cock. Yes Sir Captain, your cum tastes great. Yes Sir Captain, would you please fuck this lowly Commander? A little kinky for her, but he had been a great fuck and she didn't mind the light BDSM that he enjoyed. Then he left to return to Washington and she took command of the Clymer and now she was alone. Nothing to fuck now but her hand she mused, but then that has been the way for sailors for hundreds of years now. Elizabeth smiled, rolled over and fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning after making sure that everything was secure on the bridge she returned to her cabin to review priority messages that needed to be sent out by that afternoon. There was a knock on her door and she answered, "Enter."

Lieutenant Commander Jim Wilson, the ships' executive officer entered her cabin with a stack of paper in his arms.

Good Morning Captain.

Good Morning XO. What's up for today's paperdrills?

Well Captain, we have one "Captain's Mast" scheduled for this afternoon, if that fits into your schedule.

She hated Captain's Mast. It was the legal way the Navy provided ship's captains with the power to punish the troops and she just didn't like the system. But... it was the way to maintain discipline aboard a ship, so she did her part.

OK XO, what do we have for Mast today?

Well skipper, one of the deck seamen was caught bringing, uh, pornography aboard ship and it offended some of the women who saw it.

Christ XO, can't these guys at least keep that shit away from the eyes of the female crew?

Guess not skipper, but you have to deal with the fact that he did get caught.

OK, OK. I take care of that this afternoon. What time?

1300 Captain.

Captain's Mast was to be held on the bridge of the ship and at 1245 Elizabeth, dressed in her working khaki's arrived on the bridge. At exactly 1300 the ship's Chief Master at Arms arrived with Seaman Jerry Johnson in tow. He walked up to the Captain, saluted and reported for Captain's Mast. The CMAA read the charges and Elizabeth asked Seaman Johnson for his side of the story.

Well you see Captain he began. He was getting red in the face at thinking about telling his story to a female officer, but he forged ahead. I was out on liberty and wandered into this store and saw some, ah, interesting items on the shelf and decided to buy a couple.

Would that be a porno shop Seaman, Elizabeth asked?

Ah, er, yes ma'am.

Go on.

Well I picked out this uh, er item and brought it about ship. I didn't mean to offend an of the women ma'am, it just got found when the OOD went through my liberty bag when I came back aboard ship. It just happened to be a female office and her female assistant.

And that item was? She querried

Well it was a, a...

The CMAA spoke up, "Captain it was a rubber pussy." And with that he tossed the offending item on the Captain's desk. Elizabeth picked up and looked at the "pussy" and put it back on the corner of her desk.

Now Elizabeth's face reddened.

OK, thanks Chief. That's probably more information than I needed.

Yes ma'am, Captain.

OK Johnson, here is my decision. First no liberty for two days next time we hit port. Second, I want you to perform 10 hours of extra duty starting tonight a 2100. You'll report to my cabin and I'll decided what duties I need you to do. Two hours a night for the next five nights. Do you understand me?

Yes Ma'am. I'll report to your cabin a 2100 exactly. And with that, he did an about face and left the bridge. The crew continued on with their daily shipboard work and the Captain settled down in her chair and started thinking.

At 2100 Elizabeth was in her cabin dressed in khaki working pants and a white T-shirt. She was engrossed in some supply orders the supply chief had sent up for her signature when she heard a knock on her door.


The door opened and Seaman Johnson entered and reported for extra duty.

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