Holiday Wife

by JAX

Copyright┬ę 2005 by JAX

Sex Story: I sat in the sun lounger; my drink half way to my mouth with she came into view. It was those long, long legs that froze my hand. My eyes travelled upwards past the white shorts to a pair of perfect tits encased in a small bra, then my mouth dropped open for it was Sara, my own sweet wife.

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I sat in the sun lounger; my drink half way to my mouth with she came into view. It was those long, long legs that froze my hand. My eyes travelled upwards past the white shorts to a pair of perfect tits encased in a small bra, then my mouth dropped open for it was Sara, my own sweet wife. I'd never seen my wife of seven years dressed in a two piece bathing costume before. Oh, I know she'd been on a diet for this summer break, but wow.

"Shut your mouth, dear, you're drooling," she giggled.

To cover my embarrassment, I poured her a glass of wine. I suppose it's not my fault, really, for we usually are a 'lights off' couple when we get undressed.

"Pass me the sun cream, dear," she requested.

I am then treated to her hands moving over her white, smooth skin as she rubs in the sun block.

"You all right, dear?" she asked. "Too much sun, do you want to go indoors?"

Fucking right I wanted to go indoors and rip her clothes off and fuck her brains out.

I leaned closer to whisper in her ear.

"I going to fuck your brains out, you sexy slut," I said.

"In your dreams," she giggled sexily. "A bit of naked skin and you go all peculiar. Drink your wine and look at the pretty young girls in their little bikinis."

"I don't want to look at them, I want to look at you," I said.

"God, what's come over you?" she giggled again, "It's only ten in the morning. Now don't you dare be disgusting."

She had seen that look on my face and jumped to the right conclusion. I took her hand and pulled her upright and then almost dragged her back to out chalet. I ripped her two items of clothes from her body and threw her onto the bed.

"Spread 'em," I demanded crudely.

Despite her reluctance to be here, she was wet enough for me to slip straight into her.

"Come on, stud," she whispered in my ear, "you promised to fuck my brains out."

I banged into her as hard as I could and her writhing naked body beneath me seemed to be enjoying it too.

"Come on, harder," she called out and wrapped her long legs around me and she held me closer."

It couldn't last long and just before I pumped a big load into her, I was rewarded with a familiar grunt as her orgasm arrived.

We lay there cooling down and I ran my hand over her slightly sweaty skin.

"So what brought that on," she sighed.

"It was you," I said truthfully, "I've never seen you look so sexy."

"You sure it wasn't those young girlies in their little bikinis," she giggled.

I turned and sat up on one elbow to look down on her naked body.

"You look more beautiful now than the day I married you," I said truthfully.

"Come on now, that was seven years ago," she giggled.

Despite her words I could tell she liked what I had said.

"I had put on a little weight," she said, "and it definitely feels a lot nicer now that I've lost those pounds."

"Well, to me you look gorgeous," I said.

"You're just saying that," she said with a big smile. "Let's go back to the pool and you can ogle those young girls again. If fact, if you think I look that gorgeous, I think I'll go topless."

I wasn't too sure about that, it's one thing to view her almost-perfect body in the privacy of our room, but quite another to share her with every other old fart around the pool. In the end, much to my relief, she smiled and winked at me and pulled her bikini top back on.

To say I didn't want to ogle those young girls would be a mistake for they were very nice to look at. We spent the rest of the day lying there soaking up the sun, sipping my wine and catching up with my reading while ogling those young things in their tiny bikinis. Sara had brought a whole stack of magazines to read while slowly we got through the bottle or two of wine.

"What do you think?" she said and posed in front of me in her new dress.

"It's a little low," I remarked for the front was a cross over design and showed a fair amount of her breasts.

"Yeah, nice isn't it," she giggled like a schoolgirl. "What about this then?"

She whirled around to show the split in the skirt reaching right up to her waist.

"As you think my figure is so perfect, I thought I'd wear this dress," she said with a big grin. "I've been wanting to wear it for ages but I've never had the nerve before now."

I expect she got most of her nerve from the wine she drank this afternoon. Our waiter was very attentive and I noticed his gaze was fixed on her cleavage as he hovered around our table.

"He's cute," she remarked as he left after refilling her wine glass for the tenth time. "Nice arse, too."

"I'll nice arse you in a minute," I growled.

"I thought you liked me showing off my tits," she giggled drunkenly.

"I've got no problem with showing off your great tits to the world," I said, "it's when you start pawing the waiter I object."

"Well if I can't fondle the waiter then you better take me dancing," she giggled again. "Then perhaps I can fondle you instead."

She was delightfully light in my arms as we dance to the hotel's small band and I noticed all the male eyes following her around the dance floor as now and again her thighs would show through the splits in her skirt.

"God, I need a fuck," she whispered I my ear. "Can we go back to our room now?"

"Sure, babe," I chuckled.

Under her dress she was naked save her small panties. She was completely naked in seconds.

"Come on, harder," she moaned as I pumped between her spread legs. "God, if that's the best you can do I'll ring for room service."

"Fucking slut," I shouted and increased my pace.

Her hips were jerking now as her orgasm swept through her body and I let go my spunk.

When I rolled off her and she was already asleep, her fine tits rising and falling as she breathed.

I awoke to the sound of the shower and soon she stepped back into the room with a large towel wrapped around her damp body.

"Morning, lover," she said cheerfully.

I just grunted and watched as she walked around the room. When she reached the mirror she dropped the towel and looked at herself, turning to see each angle.

"Do you think I need to lose a bit more?" she asked, "My bum's still a bit big."

"Fucking woman," I growled. "You're just about perfect."

"Yeahm but those young things yesterday you were lusting after, had very slim hips," she commented.

"Who said I was lusting after them?" I said in defence.

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