Bachelor Party

by Iremoan

Copyright┬ę 2005 by Iremoan

Incest Sex Story: A whore "entertains" the entire bachelor party and ends up with the best man's roommate.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   BDSM   MaleDom   Group Sex   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   BBW   .


When I walked into the apartment, all the guys started beating on the best man, who had arranged for the evening's entertainment, namely, me. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not America's ideal whore. I'm only 5'2" and nearly 200 pounds, but, like I told that room full of bachelors, I've got a set of 40C's just begging to be sucked and I'm open to anything you can think of.

As soon as I said this, the guys started naming things that they wanted to do to me. All I did was stand there and nod my head at every suggestion. When they asked me whom I wanted to take on first, I said, "Anyone who wants me, because how can I choose from fifteen oh, so handsome bachelors?"

They almost started a fight over who got to fuck the short, fat slut first.

"Gentlemen, remember that I am open to anything. 'Anything' includes taking on more than one at a time."

After hearing that, every guy in the room proceeded to strip down to nothing so his cock was available and ready for me. I'd never seen so many big, meaty cocks hard and ready just for me at one time. Then the guys got together and whispered for a while.

"For the rest of the night, you are going to be our slave. That means no questions asked and absolutely no action without an order."

I simply nodded and stood waiting for my first order.

"Strip," said one.

"Slowly," said another.

"And don't touch yourself in the process. There's no reason for a woman to that when there are men around to do it for her." Said the best man.

I stripped, first my shirt, which I dropped to the floor.

"Throw the clothes to us, you slut."

I picked up the shirt and threw it at the speaker. Next the skirt came off and went to a guy who didn't look old enough to be at a bachelor party. The bra went to the best man and finally, the panties, which had been soaked since the guys had taken their cocks out, went to the groom, hitting him squarely in the face.

He and the best man stood and motioned for the kid to get up too. Even though he was the smallest when it came to the rest of his body, the kid had the biggest cock in the bunch.

"This boy is my nephew. He just turned 18 last week and you are going to be his first fuck. Kid, sit on the couch and hold your cock straight up." The groom said.

I expected to be ordered to straddle the kid's lap and the thought of that huge cock getting stuffed into my hot, slippery cunt made pussy juice start running down the inside of my thighs. Instead the groom lay down on his nephew's legs and I saw what was going to happen. The best man came up behind me and started lubricating my asshole.

"Climb onto him and put his cock into your cunt." Said the best man.

As I climbed onto the groom, I gasped as I felt his pulsing member press itself into my cunt. When he was completely sheathed inside of me, I rubbed my clit against him and was shocked when I felt someone slap my ass, hard.

"No action without a command!!" I then realized that they really meant absolutely no action, not even a tiny movement.

Someone, I assume it was the best man, climbed on top of me and rammed his eight-inch cock into my asshole without warning. I wanted to cry out, but didn't wanted to be hit again.

I was then told to fill my last hole with the kid's huge cock. I did so gladly and took all 12 inches into my mouth. The man in my ass took the lead, moving himself in and out of me. Every time he slammed into me, the groom's cock pulled out of my soaking hole and I deep throated the kid. When the cock pulled out of my ass, the man it was attached pulled my body backwards with hands on my considerable hips. This pulled me off the kid and slammed me back onto the groom. This went on for about five minutes until the kid started moaning that he was going to come. Everything stopped and the kid was sent out of the room.

One of the guys said, "Any slut who can bring a guy to the point of coming that fast using only her mouth is definitely worth fucking."

The others agreed and they all had a turn riding me into the couch until I was so filled with come I was going to need a bucket when I stood up. Then they called the kid back in and he proceeded to fuck me awkwardly, but deeply with a lot of coaching. I had managed to keep myself from coming up until this point, but the deep, hard fucking that I was getting from the kid's huge cock was just too much for me. Luckily, the kid shot his load deep into my hole just as I came so I wasn't punished for coming without permission.

The guys then proceeded to give my cunt the fifteen greatest tongue jobs ever, even sucking out some of the come. By the time they were done, they were all hard and ready again. They got into five groups and each group fucked all my holes until I was so full of come I thought I would burst.

Then it was time for private, individual fucks. Each guy would get 20 minutes alone with me in the bedroom. They would start with the kid and end with the groom.

The kid told me to lie spread-eagle on my back on the bed and not move at all. He then spent fifteen minutes exploring my body. He sucked on my tits and then tongue fucked my cunt and ass. Then he stuffed my sopping cunt with his huge cock and fucked me until he came, just as the next guy started knocking on the door.

The next guy, as it turned out, had been initiated into the world of sex at a very early age by his mother. He rode my cunt for the full twenty minutes with me shouting encouragement like, "You can do it, Son." And "Harder, Son, fuck your mommy harder!"

The next guy brought in a long, thick dildo that I thought would go into one of my holes, but instead it went into his bisexual ass while I pounded myself up and down on his cock.

The next three guys were into bondage. One had me on my back, one had me on my stomach, and the third had me tie him to the bed while I screwed him for twenty minutes.

The next four wanted to experience the reality of my blowjobs to see if they were really as good as the kid had said. Apparently, I was good because I brought each of them to screaming orgasms and back to readiness again with the twenty-minute time frame.

The next two were identical twins with matching, thick eight-inch cocks. They said that they had always fucked the same girl at the same time so they agreed to combine their turns. They were both much taller than me and while they fucked my ass and pussy with their wonderful cocks they played tonsil hockey with each other over my head.

The next guy just wanted straight vanilla sex. He let me move, participate, and even let me come.

The best man came in next carrying a black bag. When he opened it, I saw an assortment of sexual toys and gadgets. I had no name for many of the items in the bag, but what he took out of the bag were some silken ropes, several small padded clamps and two chains of different lengths. He used the ropes to tie me spread-eagle to the headboard and footboard. Next, he clamped my nipples and connected them with the shorter length of chain. I cried out involuntarily when the first clamp began to squeeze, so he slapped me and proceeded to gag me. Then he spread my pussy lips, exposing my overly sensitized clit so he could clamp it, too. He attached second chain to the middle of the first one, shortened it so that it only had a few links' worth of slack, and then attached it to the clamp on my clit. Every time I breathed deeply, the chains linking the clamps pulled and caused pain so intense that it made me want to cry. He suddenly shoved a short, thick dildo into my ass and slammed himself into my cunt, which caused my clit to pull on my nipples. He then gave me the most amazing fuck I'd ever had. The pain, which had started out as excruciating, suddenly became incredibly erotic. He undid his handiwork when he pulled himself, limp, out of my cunt. He tossed his toys into his bag, kissed me on the forehead, and walked out.

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