Fortress of Ecstacy

by skibum & CreamyLady

Copyright© 2004 by skibum & CreamyLady

Incest Sex Story: The Man of Steel and Supergirl finaly get some!

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Cousins   First   Oral Sex   .

The Arctic sun shone down on the North Pole as Linda Danvers, known to the world as Supergirl, sulked alone in her private room in Superman's Fortress of Solitude. A couple of empty quart containers of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey and a half tube of Clearasil littered her otherwise pristine surroundings. A few shards of broken ice on the floor marked the spot where one of her mood swings had resulted in violence to the furniture. Now all was calm.

She had been there alone for five days, craving the isolation during her least favorite time of the month. Only the direst emergency could get her out of the remote Fortress at this time. Her cousin, Superman, had been through this enough times to know that it was better to stay in his Metropolis town house during her self imposed exile. Now that it was safe again, he would probably be in today to fix the expected damage to his beloved retreat.

Linda had come to a decision during her sabbatical. She was determined to lose her virginity. And there was only one man on the Earth capable of penetrating her Kryptonian hymen.

Linda carefully laid her trap for the Man of Steel. She removed all the traces of her rather rocky few days in the Fortress. With a few quick blasts of heat vision she carved a new chair to replace the one she had destroyed and burned the empty ice cream containers. She hid the Clearasil away for her next monthly bout with raging hormone levels. And lastly, she donned a raspberry-colored camisole set that was sure to knock his socks off.

Finishing her preparations, Supergirl tuned her super powered hearing to detect the approach of her quarry. It was not long before she heard the faint sound of Superman's body splitting the air at near supersonic speed as he approached the Fortress of Solitude.

Assuming a provocative pose on a sofa carved from a block of Polar ice, Linda's heart beat a steady rhythm beneath her ample breast. She knew that Superman's equally sensitive hearing would normally alert him to her presence before he arrived at the Fortress, so catching him by surprise was not an option. She would have to take a direct approach in seducing her cousin.

Superman hurled his body through the polar ice cap to the underwater entrance of the Fortress of Solitude. Linda was startled by the abruptness of his entrance. Uncharacteristically, the Man of Steel was oblivious to her presence in his home. Her eyebrows rose as her super-hearing made his barely audible muttering clear.

"What the HELL is Lois thinking? Does she really think that she can trifle with Lex Luthor and get an exclusive interview with the world's greatest villain? If he finds out she is only after a story, a story that could put him behind bars for life, she'll wind up in Metropolis Bay wearing cement overshoes. And if she thinks Perry White or Jimmy Olsen will be able to help her..."

Superman abruptly stopped his muttering in mid-sentence as he became aware that he was not alone in his Fortress. "Linda, I... I thought you would be back home by now. It's been six days..." Superman's voice trailed off as he finally noticed his cousin's attire.

For the first time in his adult life, the man known as Clark Kent was speechless. Then his self-control reasserted itself and a stern look settled over his features, his square jaw thrust forward in determination.

"Linda, what is the meaning of this? Why are you dressed like that?"

"Why, Clark, you should be able to figure that out. You're a big boy," Supergirl purred in a deep, throaty voice she had never dared use with him before. "Besides, you can see right through my clothes anyway, so what does it matter how I'm dressed?"

"It matters because it just isn't right. You are too young to dress like that in front of a man, even me."

"Great Krypton, Clark! I'm an adult woman, and I have the needs of an adult woman. And it just so happens that you are the only man on this miserable little turd ball of a planet that is capable of satisfying those needs! So if you don't want me, you can just find some other sucker to help you save the world the next time you need help."

Supergirl was really on a roll now. She was wound up with all the anger and passion of a frustrated and horny young woman, and she was not about to stop for anything. "Maybe your precious Lois could put on my costume and fly out to break up an asteroid headed for Earth, or stop a runaway freight train just before it hits a school bus, or slap down Brainiac the next time he visits. If that's what you want, just say the word, 'cause that's all I need to send me into permanent superhero retirement! But if you want me to show up everytime you need me, you'd better think about how you're going to keep me happy!"

With that Supergirl turned on her heel and disappeared into her own room. The only thing that kept her from slamming the door was the lack of slammable doors in the Fortress of Solitude. After her first PMS visit, Superman had prudently removed anything that looked like a door.

In her room, Linda paced back and forth, steaming. Her cousin was a babe, no doubt about it, but a complete cube. She paced some more, and then used her heat vision to turn a block of ice into a fairly representative model of her cousin, with a cubic head.

It made her laugh, and then she sat down on the bed and started some serious thinking.

He was SUCH a cube that the direct approach was never going to work. He was all caught up in the very antiquated notions of chivalry; his lust object was not a lust object, but an icon of worship and love. Poor goop; he hadn't yet learned the simple concept of taking his fun where he found it.

Linda thought women were much more pragmatic about such things. True Love was a wonderful idea, and every woman certainly wanted it, but pending Mr. Right it was a lot of fun - and very relaxing - to bed a series of Mr. Wrongs. They, too, had their uses.

She decided on a more oblique approach, and took off the raspberry cami and thong. She took a shower - plumbing wasn't a problem! - and put on a pair of soft, very form fitting jeans and a sweater that was soft and clingy, showing her excellent curves. She then returned to her cousin.

He was sitting on the sofa, still in shock, and still muttering about Lois. Actually, it was a muttering about the perversity of women in general, and Linda sighed. This was going to take a very oblique approach, and she felt she should have put on a twin set and pearls. He was so retro!

"Have some coffee," she said, handing him a mug with a Batman logo. He grimaced, but took it.

"How did this get here?" he snarled, sipping the excellent coffee. Linda didn't much care for the domestic arts, but had standards.

"Little souvenir from Dick Grayson," she remarked, thinking what a very proper name Dick turned out to be for him.

"Mmmph," was the reply, as her cousin drank the coffee and very subtly began to relax.

Bingo. "Mmm," Linda began, "I couldn't help but notice that you were in a bad mood when you got here, and I know I didn't help. Would you like to talk about it? I can also fix something to eat; I'll bet you haven't had anything more than a veggie burger in days."

Superman poured another cup of the coffee, and thought about it. His stomach was rumbling, and Linda didn't seem to be very upset with him. It must have been her hormones; he might have gotten back a little too soon, but then, Lois had his guts in such a knot... "I'd like that," he said. "I'm starved."

Smiling sweetly, Linda went to the kitchen area and prepared - courtesy of heat vision and lots of practice - a large steak, baked potato and winter vegetables for her cousin. He actually was a health nut, but she'd seen him pack away the beef on visits to his parents, and knew something of what he regarded as comfort food. She finished it off with an apple pie, warm, with some vanilla ice cream that she'd brought by accident and not eaten.

Of course not; chocolate was the medicine of choice.

His appetite was excellent, and Linda watched him fondly as he packed it away. "God, this is good," he said, between large mouthfuls, and had seconds of everything; thirds on the pie. Linda had piled that overgrown ice block of a sofa with cushions, and he lay back on them, stuffed and happy. His eyes were half closed; he looked like a lion after a particularly large zebra, and when the snores began, she implemented phase 3.

Clark woke up about two hours later, warm and comfortable and with a super erection, too. He groaned with mingled pleasure and pain; pleasure because he felt so good and pain because he didn't know what to do with it. Hand jobs weren't too satisfying... but he became aware that there was a hand around the base of his cock, a warm, soft hand... and that full, warm, soft lips were caressing the head of his cock... and that something warm, curvy and very female was next to him.

"What the fuck?" he started to say, but then those lips took his cock all the way in, warm and tight, and the wet sucking started, and he just groaned instead. Oh, God... he was going to go to hell... Linda's blonde head bobbed up and down as she worked his cock with expertise and enthusiasm.

"Oh, shit, honey, I'm going to cum," he moaned, and she turned her beautiful face to him, her mouth full of his cock, and winked. She renewed her efforts, and he did come, hard, almost lifting off the sofa as she sucked and swallowed every drop - without so much as an ouch.

He was in heaven... and she kissed and licked every inch of his cock - and there were a lot of inches - and in no time he was hard again.

"Do you have any idea what you have done?" Superman asked his cousin.

"Something Lois couldn't!" Linda was not above a snide comment about the limitations of the object of his desire. "Admit it, Clark. You loved it, and you're ready for more. Just look at that thing!"

"That thing" was impressive indeed. The Man of Steel had a steely hardon jutting impressively from his tights.

"Well, yes, but you are my cousin, and you are very much younger than I am. I'm supposed to uphold 'truth, justice, and the American way'. It's what I do. It's what we do!"

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