Rachel's Baby

by PhoenixKiwi

Copyright© 2004 by PhoenixKiwi

Sex Story: A brief story about a girl's desire to get pregnant. (and succeeding)

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Pregnancy   .

Chapter 1

Rachel sat in the rocking chair enjoying the feeling that the warm evening rays falling gently on her bare breast induced deep inside her. She was taking advantage of the evening tranquillity to feed her new baby outside in the fresh air and, looking down on the barely hair covered head of the tiny being that was nuzzling hungrily at her nipple, she experienced a deep feeling of love and tenderness and realised how fortunate she was.

Supporting the baby in the crook of one arm she alternately used her free hand to lovingly stroke the side of her baby's tiny face and to cup her unused breast and tweak its nipple. This also induced an increasingly erotic feeling that, coupled with the loving feeling, threatened to completely overwhelm her. Rachel could feel her pussy becoming moist but she knew that there was little she could do to satisfy her needs as she was still quite tender down there and she knew that the stitches she had needed after childbirth had probably not yet dissolved. It was still a week away from her next visit to the doctor to have both herself and her child checked out.

Half dozing in the sunshine she thought back to how it had all started. A friend of her married sister had visited with her new baby daughter and allowed Rachel to hold her and to feed her bottle to her. The motherly feelings that this action caused in Rachel suddenly made her think of getting a baby of her own and the fact that she had only just turned 16 didn't enter into the equation at all. While she was aware of the 'Facts of Life' Rachel had not yet 'gone all the way' and the heights to which her sexual experimentation had 'soared' were still down at the touching level. She had permitted boys to undress and then fondle her bare breasts and to tickle and tease her nipples but the line had been well and truly drawn at her panties. One or two boys had succeeded in feeling her pussy through the material of her panties but she had allowed no-one to get a hand inside them.

Deep French kissing and petting did get her aroused but the morals and values that had been instilled in her all through her childhood and teenage years had too much of a hold on her and, while she often became very excited and wet and swollen 'down there', she had never fully let go. A few times she had fondled her partner, usually through his pants, and on a couple of occasions she had opened his zipper, taken his member out and stroked it until he reached a climax, catching his spendings in a handkerchief. Even the excitement and eroticism of this had not really tempted her to go further and Rachel had never really been in danger of losing her virgin status.

There was no real boyfriend at that time and the only boy that she saw much of was her friend Ron, who she grown up with and known almost all her life. Ron seemed, to her, to be a bit of an innocent and had never given any indication of having any carnal desires or thoughts about her. Rachel considered him a friend, never a boyfriend, and they did things together just as friends rather than as possible lovers but this sudden desire for a baby suddenly gave her pause to reconsider the position and status that Ron held. He was quite a good looking boy, had a kind and gentle nature, was polite and considerate and she knew her parents thought a lot of him. Just like that she decided to seduce him and make him her first lover and father to her first child and she planned to waste no time in carrying out her plan.

Ron was coming over later that evening to study with her and she decided to begin work on him. Retiring to her room she stripped off and examined herself in the closet mirror - about 5 foot 4 inches tall, just over 100 pounds in weight and most definitely a blond. Her breasts were not huge but they were of a good size and nicely shaped, tilting upwards quite cheekily, tipped with pink nipples and small light brown aureoles and sitting quite high on her chest. Rachel felt quite certain that she had nothing to worry about, breast-wise, as all her previous suitors had marvelled over them, praising profusely, when she had allowed them near. Her hips flared out to what she thought was just the right amount and the small swell of her tummy below her small deep-sunk belly button looked to her to be sexy rather than plump. She kept her pubic hair trimmed tidily and there was just a small swath of pale blond hair above the beginning of her vaginal split and, without opening her legs to see, she knew from previous examinations that the bulge of her pussy was quite pronounced and made the gusset of her panties stand out. Long shapely legs going down to trim ankles and smallish feet completed a package that she was quite proud of and worked at keeping trim and tidy.

The selection of the right clothes would be essential for the first part of her planned seduction and she finally settled on an old well worn and shrunken tee-shirt that was becoming a bit ragged and loose fitting, a short skirt and thin pale blue coloured panties. When she had donned the chosen clothing she checked herself in the mirror again and decided that she had achieved the look that she wanted, a sexy vulnerable waif that wasn't aware of her own sexuality.

Chapter 2

When the doorbell rang I opened it and greeted Ron who was standing on the porch with his books, smiling,

"Come on in, Ron. Let's grab some milk and cookies before we start. Come on into the kitchen." And I led him into the kitchen where mother was preparing dinner. "Ron's over to study with me. We're going to take some milk and cookies to my room and get started. Is that OK?"

"Hello Ron. Yeah that's fine, Rachel. Is Ron going to stay to dinner?"

After confirming that he would be staying we headed upstairs and, after kicking some music into life, we sat at my desk and opened our books and began, nibbling our snack as we did so. Every so often I leant over and stretched out for a pencil or something and allowed my tee-shirt to gape open. Without making it obvious I kept watch on Ron as I did this and I noticed that while he definitely felt guilty about it he regularly sneaked a peak at my partially exposed breasts.

An hour later I decided to move on a bit and so I stood up and stretched, lifting my arms high above my head and coming up onto my tiptoes. The bottom of my shrunken tee-shirt rose quite high, exposing my belly right up to the bottom swell of my breasts and the hem of my skirt also lifted up my thighs and the crotch of my panties must have nearly been on view.

"God I get stiff sitting at that desk for too long. What about we perch on my bed and quiz each other for a change?" without waiting for a reply I grabbed my book and moved to the head of my bed and sat down.

Ron stood, and following my lead, stretched as well, grabbed his book and sat at the bottom of my bed. He looked decidedly uncomfortable and I guessed that the implications of being on a bed with me were starting to dawn on him. I moved to the centre of the bed and turned to face him and sat crossed legged in a lotus position.

"Why don't you move further onto the bed like me and make yourself comfortable?" Ron was not meeting my eye as I spoke and at first I thought he might protest or refuse but then he lifted his legs and moved as I had.

With complete abandonment I took no care to cover myself and just allowed my skirt to rise almost to waist level. I concentrated on keeping a completely innocent look on my face as I opened my book and fired the first question at Ron. There was no response and, when I sneaked a look at him, he had his eyes glued on the exposed expanse of panties that my sitting spread-legged made available to his view. I had a pretty good idea of what he would be seeing as, with my panties stretched so tightly, the prominent bulge of my pussy would be pushing out the almost see through cloth. My patch of pubic hair would be almost invisible as it was so faint coloured but I knew that the long split of my pussy would be clearly visible. Despite my best intentions, I couldn't help myself from becoming aroused at the thought of what I was doing and I knew that soon my lips would begin to swell and open up, bringing the pretty pink folds inside into view, and I would become quite wet, maybe even oozing enough to make a clearly visible patch on my panties and making them even more transparent.

Finally Ron managed to drag his eyes from under my skirt and when he saw that I had caught him perving on me he blushed bright scarlet. I smiled at him and asked him,

"Enjoy what you see? Not giving you naughty ideas I hope." and watched in amazement as he turned even brighter red.

"Sorry Rachel. I didn't mean to. I won't do it again." Ron looked and sounded extremely contrite and he obviously meant what he said about not doing it again.

"Don't be silly Ron. If I minded you looking then I wouldn't have let myself show like that. Do you want to see more?" when there was no reply I asked again, "If you want to see you'll have to tell me. I don't want to do anything that you don't want."

Finally he nodded, still not able to meet my gaze and so, with a bit of a gulp to cover my nervousness, I reached down and inserted the fingers of one hand into a leg opening and pulled the crotch of my panties aside baring and exposing more of myself, he probably could see one lip in it's entirety. Ron stared, completely enraptured, and his tongue poked out and licked his lips. I wasn't the only one with a dry mouth.

"Dinner's ready, you two. Come down right now as I'm just dishing out." Mom's shout broke the tension and I think we were both relieved.

Chapter 3

Ron escaped home after we had eaten and he seemed pretty relieved to be going. It was a few days before I managed to lure him over again and I had a couple of pretty erotic dreams that featured him in the meantime and I managed a couple of pretty intense orgasms in the security of the night while cuddled up under my bedcovers. The feel of my fingers rubbing on my clitty and thrusting in and out of my vagina made me wish for more and I wondered what it would be like to have a seriously hard cock invading me down there and it was Ron's cock that I was picturing. Suddenly Ron was becoming a major part of my life and I wondered how I had managed to overlook his obvious charms for all so long.

I was dressed to entice and arouse Ron the next time he came to study and, this time, my underwear was even daintier and more fragile and were definitely designed to tease and arouse rather than conceal and warm my private bits. Only one other person knew I had this lingerie, my best friend Allison, and when I modelled them for her after I had bought them in secret she turned quite red, moved towards me and sort of stretched out her hand as if to touch or fondle me. I was a bit shocked as I had never thought of her in that way but I must admit that when she mumbled something about "Not fair" and rushed away I was somewhat disappointed. Her actions definitely convinced me that my purchase of what was virtually a couple of black lacy wisps was a good one even if the expense was great.

I had on a light summery dress this time and he looked quite appreciative when he first saw me on arrival. We headed straight up to my room and once again started our study session side by side at my desk. After about 3⁄4 hour Mom called out that she was going to meet Dad and they would be home in a couple of hours. I took this as my cue and stood up and stretched before moving to stand behind Ron, who was sitting on the stool from my dressing table. I moved close to him and looked at his workbook over his shoulder making sure that my breasts were pressed hard against his back.

"Gee you keep your work so neat and tidy." I spoke very quietly as I almost had my lips in his ear, "and you smell so nice and masculine too." I wrapped both arms round his neck and gave him a big hug from behind at the same time sticking out my tongue and licking his ear. I slowly slid my hands down his chest and stroked him gently as I began to nibble at his ear-lobe and I knew, from the shivers that coursed through his body, that he was quickly losing interest in English Lit.

"Bet you wish that it was you doing this to me instead of me doing it to you?" I gently pinched his tiny nipples before sliding my hands down far enough to be able to reach bare skin under his tee-shirt and begin to stroke back up bunching his shirt as I did so. I was quite surprised at the muscle definition that I could feel as I stroked and it occurred to me that there was more to Ron than I had thought or that first met the eye.

"You know I think I would really enjoy it if you wanted to try this on me. You only have to ask." I whispered this in his ear and waited.

"Y-y-e-s-s I-I-I w-w-want to." He stuttered in reply.

"Y-Y-o-u-u w-w-a-n-n-t t-t-o." I mocked him gently, "You don't sound too certain. But I suppose that, since I'm not all that appealing, I'll have to settle for that response. Stand up then and let me sit."

Soon we had reversed positions and Ron was standing behind me but he was holding himself back and his hands were only resting on my shoulders. He was definitely unsure of what I wanted and what he was allowed to do. A bit of encouragement was definitely needed or I would never get what I wanted so desperately.

"I thought you would want to touch and feel my breast? I don't mind - in fact I think I might like it a lot." I couldn't give him much more of a hint than that and I was relieved when his hands, somewhat hesitantly, slowly worked down and covered my breasts. I sighed in contentment and told him that it felt great and he began to squeeze and stroke them gently.

"Would you like to touch them properly? Not through 2 layers of clothing?" Ron gulped and muttered 'yes' so I went on, "Well let me free for a minute."

I stood up and reached behind me and unfastened the clip at the neck of my dress, demanded that Ron undo the zipper, which he had much trouble in doing, and then, with a quick shimmy, I let it fall to a heap round my ankles. I stepped clear, turned and stood facing Ron in just my tiny black underwear.

"Like it?" I could tell that this was a totally superfluous question as the large lump in the crotch of his jeans seemed to indicate his interest and I watched as his gaze slowly slid down from my breasts to my groin. I knew from checking myself out in the mirror that he would be able to see my nipples and the outline of my split and he gulped as he met my eyes and managed to look very guilty.

I sat back down and indicated that he should carry on with his caresses, which he did, eagerly. After a few moments I suggested that he might like to undo the clasp between the cups of my bra and remove it so as he could hold them properly. He seemed to be all thumbs but finally he succeeded and the cups fell away from my tits and when I sat forward to make room Ron lost no time in removing the garment altogether. The feel of his rough hands gently mauling my tender flesh was highly arousing and I could feel myself becoming moist between my legs.

It was affecting Ron just as much and he began to get just a little bit rougher, which I didn't mind in the least, and he also began to gently squeeze and tug at my nipples which I also found highly stimulating. I could also feel Ron's erection, and it felt impressive, prodding firmly at my back and it seemed that his inhibitions were rapidly disappearing as he got more familiar with my body. Finally it became to much or me to just sit there and I stood, turned grabbed him and pulled him close demanding,

"Kiss me! And hug me properly!" Ron wrapped his arms around me and gently brushed his lips against mine, "Not like that! Like this!" and I pressed my body desperately hard against his and plastered my mouth to his, opening my lips and jamming my tongue against his still closed lips and teeth. It only took him an instant to catch on and he opened his mouth, permitting my tongue to enter and explore before poking his own tongue into my mouth. I was hugging him so tightly I could feel the full length of his cock pressing against my almost naked tummy and, acting on an overpowering urge to see it, I pulled back a little and, without breaking off our kiss, I unfastened the snap on his jeans and pushed them down over his hips.

When his jeans were in a heap around his ankles I could clearly make out the size and shape of his erection even through his practical white underwear. It looked to be so long that the head of it was tr5ying to push out under the elastic waistband. Ron could see the look on my face and was blushing bright red and looking mortified so I thought I had better put his mind at rest,

"God, Ron! That looks really impressive. Is it like that all the time or is it showing off for my benefit?" and I gently cupped it through his pants.

"Ohh! Don't do that too much or I won't be able to stand it. It's seeing you like this and kissing and all, that has got me so excited. I'm sorry but I can't help it." He seemed to think that I was a bit embarrassed about his condition.

"What do you mean 'can't help it'? Why would you want to do anything about it? It's magnificent and I've got to see it in its' full glory." And I began to slide his underpants down and off. I managed to catch the head of his cock in the waistband and when I released it snapped back against his bare belly with an audible "Slap' sound. To my inexperienced eyes it looked HUGE with a bright purple head and a LONG shaft and it was leaking some sort of clear fluid from the slit in the end of it. I was completely awed and suddenly quite nervous about this large angry looking thing forcing its' way into my tight, unused hole and I was tempted to call the whole thing off.

By now Ron had no intention of stopping and he had stopped kissing my lips to lower his head and begin to suck and kiss my boobies. The feel of his mouth on my tits and his tongue flicking at my nipples soon convinced me that I was doing the right thing and I began to relax a bit. Ron was now clutching my butt, squeezing a buttock with each hand and it wasn't long before he began to fumble at the band of my panties to remove them and we were soon facing each other completely nude. Ron had quite an impressive body with good muscles showing and nice legs. He was quite good looking and with his beautiful cock he was a very attractive package and I couldn't work out why I had not noticed this before.

Ron had been checking me out as carefully as I had him and he seemed fascinated with what he could see of my pussy. Because of the way I was standing he could really only see my small patch of blondish hair and the top of my slit so, to be fair, I moved backwards to my bed, pulling him with me and I slumped back and allowed my legs to fall quite wide apart. Ron's eyes widened at my exposure and he examined me minutely, it almost seemed like he counted every hair that I had down there, and when he finally looked up at my face I knew that I was blushing from his close scrutiny.

"Well? Like what you see? Is it what you expected?" I was trying to hide my embarrassment by being belligerent.

"It's beautiful! And it's not really as I imagined it. Nothing I'd heard made it seem like this. Could I touch it?" When I nodded approval Ron gently extended a finger and began to slide it up and down my slit and I could feel my lips swell and slowly open. Ron's mouth fell open and he stared down in amazement,

"It's opening up and it's all pink and wet inside. Is it supposed to be like that?"

"Yes, silly. It's how a girl shows that she is becoming excited and ready for intercourse - just like your erection shows. I thought you'd know that." I was quickly overcoming my initial modesty and felt that I should hurry things along a bit if we wanted to progress before my parents interrupted. "Do you want to make love with me? I'm ready if you are."

Ron gulped, nodded furiously and, after I moved further on to my bed and opened my legs even wider, he crawled onto the bed and lowered himself carefully down on top of me and began to thrust blindly at me. His cock was going everywhere but where it was supposed to and I could feel his frustration rising.

"Slowly, Ron. There's no hurry. We're not in race. Let me help you." And when he paused I reached down and guided the head of his cock to my opening and when I had it in place I told him to be slow and gentle in pushing it into me.

The initial sensation of his cock forcing an entry inside me took my breath away, it didn't hurt at first, just felt extremely weird as my flesh opened to permit penetration and then this invading monster seemed to come up against an obstacle and I knew that my hymen was about to disappear forever. I clenched my teeth and forced myself to push back against his thrusts and for just an instant I felt a sharp bolt of pain and there was a flash of bright light in my head but it was soon over. I was no longer a virgin, I had been fucked and there was no turning back now, I had well and truly entered womanhood.

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