Love's Equal Loss

by hammingbyrd7

Copyright© 2004 by hammingbyrd7

Sex Story: In the far future, a young woman and her mate pick a new direction... This short story is the start of the Path Of The Blue Spirit series.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   .

Copyright© 2004

Kyle was having a very sexy dream, one more exciting and vivid than he had ever imagined. Brianna was romping naked and dancing with him in passion and delight. The flashing curves of her breasts and legs, her joyful laugh and bright smiling eyes filled the dream. Kyle gasped as Brianna dominated him for coupling, gasped again as she rolled to let him mount her for a short while, gasped a third time as she turned and reclaimed the mount position. It all seemed so impossibly vivid to be just a dream! Kyle began to ejaculate and awake...

"Do you always sleep with such an erection?" Brianna asked with a smile, still holding his penis firmly, but no longer stroking it.

Kyle awoke slowly, trying to recover from his intense orgasm. "How did you get past the security locks?"

Brianna just continued her smile.

"Oh, such a foolish question, forgive me. All my access codes would have linked to you when my adult ownership transferred yesterday... And as for your question, how would I know, I'd be asleep. Your stroking me certainly added to one incredible dream, though..." Kyle said, returning Brianna's warm smile.

"I have a lot to tell you. I've gotten the final approval to take a slip-ship out to NBHX35, to test out my doctoral thesis, and since you're now officially my sexpet, I can take you along."

"Wonderful news! We'll be the first two humans outside the solar system in almost 2,000 centuries. I can't believe it was this easy."

"I can. This society is so completely uncaring about exploration. No one cares at all about the slip-ships. There's almost no control over them because nobody wants them. They'd have been derelicts ages ago if they weren't self repairing. Think about it, 200,000 years of total neglect, and they still work fine. The people who made them were such incredible builders..."

"The gender wars. They were so hopelessly outgunned. It was their one chance to escape. I enjoyed studying the ancient history; you were so kind to let me study with you when you were in primary school."

"It was a real pleasure for me too, my love. I admit I first took you as my child petmate on a dare, all my friends daring me to take a petmate that could talk back. But I quickly got attached to your kindness, couldn't believe all my friends could be happy with petmates that didn't talk. Their choices seemed so boring in comparison. And speaking of studying together, don't be so modest, we both know who wrote my doctoral thesis!"

"We both did, Brianna. Maybe I added a bit more of the inspiration; you added a lot more of the mathematical rigor. We make a good team."

"As your legal owner now, Kyle, I also got full access to your medical files. It's incredible! Your Y-chromosome appears pristine, totally unmodified, 200,000 years of genetic tampering thrown off in a single conception. No one has the faintest idea how it happened. They can prove it wasn't intentional. It should have been impossible. And it now is. There's a whole new layer of diagnostic security around male conception at the pro-creation genetics labs. You're the last of your kind, my dear friend, the very last talking male that will ever be born on Earth. All the layers of genetic modifications in the Y-chromosome that suppress neural development, it's totally gone from your gene. It'll never happen again."

Kyle sighed. "I guess I should be grateful. If I had been born within the first hundred centuries after the gender wars, I would have been killed at once. But after all this time, the fear has died away. I survived through benign neglect. It's no one's job anymore to kill the toddler male who starts to talk. I would have been killed though, along with all the other petmates, if I didn't have an adult mistress, now that I'm of age. Thank you, Brianna, for saving my life."

"Oh, don't embarrass me by reminding me what my gender is doing... They came so close, Kyle! The Equalists, making their last stand back at the Martian Planetia shipyards during the gender wars. They were within a month of launching their first wing of slip- ships when they were defeated. They probably would have made it, if it weren't for the all the sabotage and the betrayals."

"I know your heart, dearest Brianna. You've given it to me, and accepted mine in return. Don't be embarrassed. We are both Equalists, though we certainly can't tell anyone else. The last Equalist on record was Sephra, just 1,500 years after the gender wars, and she was executed for writing her lamentation poetry: Love's Equal Loss. It does seem cruel, executing someone for writing poetry about love..."

"Within a week, we'll be orbiting NBHX35, and the day after that, inside of it. I want to ask you something. What do you think would happen if we popped the slip bubble while we were inside?"

"Yikes! What a disaster! Don't worry, Brianna, it'll never happen. Once we're inside the event horizon of the black hole, the slip bubble is completely self-sustaining, even if we lost all power. Remember, the physics is reversed. Popping it from the outside would be like trying to open a door against infinite pressure. It's physically impossible."

"What if we popped it from the inside, Kyle? Reversed polarity on the homo-polar slip generator, and created a negative slip bubble inside the first. The slip exclusion principle implies the outer bubble must cease to exist..."

"Wow... What an interesting point... Let me think... Entropy integrity would still be maintained. A negative slip bubble would act like a ball being hit with a bat the mass of the black hole. I would guess we would appear intact, at some completely random location in the universe."

"Wow! You saw this in 10 seconds of intuition!? It took me three weeks of calculations to reach the same conclusion... Kyle, my love, I want to do it."


"I want to start a new society with you. Traveling though the black hole will make our path totally untraceable. The medical bay in the slip-ship has enough technology to restore your fertility. We can start a new society, one based on gender equality. There's probably enough technology in the medical bay to boost the genetic diversity of our children too, maybe even for the next generation..."

"Brianna... Oh, dearest Brianna, of course this appeals to me. But what about you? You would be giving up 200 years of a secure and pleasant life. We might be killed in the black hole, and even if we found a planet, life will probably be very difficult, even to survive at first. And a slip-ship medical bay is primitive, we couldn't give the synthetic anti-viral protection to any children we have."

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