Blame Our Sister

by Jefferson


Drama Sex Story: This is the story of a woman who makes a mistake and how her sisters end up paying for that mistake.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Rape   Gang Bang   .

Copyright © 2004 by Jefferson

Author's Note: This is a rape story. It contains forced sex and some violence. If you don't like these, don't read this story.

The author in no way condones rape or violence, especially against women. Women are the most beautiful thing on this Earth. No one should hurt them.

This story is dedicated to my beautiful wife.
This story was edited by Terry Steyaert

"Shh, you need to be quiet." Sonora Sheridan repeated as the two men followed her into the apartment and down the hallway, shutting the door behind them.

Sonora led the two young men through the dark apartment and into her bedroom. She touched each of their arms as they moved past her into the dark bedroom. She then closed the bedroom door before finally turning on the light. Sonora then turned and looked at the two young men and smiled. "We need to stay quiet. Why don't you two get out of those coats and sit down," she said and waved the two men onto the bed.

The two young men both slid off their leather jackets and laid them over a nearby chair and then sat down on the bed. The first man was a blond with long hair hanging down past his collar. He had chiseled features, broad shoulders, strong arms and a wonderful chest which he showed off by keeping his shirt unbuttoned to the third button. The other man had brown hair, bright blue eyes, was taller and thinner and not as well built as his friend. Sonora went to a small table and picked up a bottle of Scotch. "You all want a drink?" she asked, raising the bottle to show the men. Both smiled and nodded. Sonora poured some Scotch into three glasses which had been sitting beside the bottle and brought the two men each a glass. She then returned for her own, turned to face the two men, raised her glass in a toast, the two men did the same and then all three drank the Scotch down in one drink. "Now that everyone's relaxed, why don't we get to know each other better?" Sonora said and set the glass back down on the table.

Sonora looked at both men, smiled and licked her lips. She could feel her head swimming from all the alcohol she had consumed over the last few hours. Both men set their glasses down, stood up and came to her. The men each took a position up beside her and each took hold of one of her hands. The blond one pulled Sonora to him and kissed her hard on the lips. "Oh, a bad boy!" Sonora laughed. She then looked at the tall, skinny one. "Aren't you jealous?" she asked. He smiled and then pulled her to him and kissed her just as hard. "Oh, I think I need another round of kissing before I can decide who kisses better," Sonora stated when the tall, skinny one released her.

The tall, skinny one looked over Sonora at the other man, pulled her to him, wrapped his arms around her and pressed her body to his. He then looked into her bloodshot eyes and then covered her mouth with his again. His tongue pushed into her mouth and he held her there. Sonora's arms hung limp at her side as he kissed her. The blond man moved up behind her and pressed himself against her back. Sonora could feel his hard cock even through his and her jeans. He slid his hands over Sonora's hips, moved her shoulder length brown hair out of the way, bent down and began sucking and kissing her neck.

When Sonora pulled her lips from Tall and Skinny, she turned her head to face the blonde. His mouth immediately found hers and his tongue pushed into her mouth. Tall and Skinny didn't wait. He lowered his head and began sucking on the exposed earlobe. As he did, Tall and Skinny released her and took a small step back. At the same time, the blond one wrapped his arms around Sonora's waist and began working to undo the buttons of her denim jeans. When Tall and Skinny saw this, he began to unbutton the buttons of her blouse starting at the top and working his way down to her jeans.

When Sonora pulled her lips from the blond, she was giggling and smiling. She turned back to Tall and Skinny, reached out, grabbed his face and pulled his face to hers. Covering his lips with hers once more. Sonora didn't notice her blouse was open. When Sonora began kissing on Tall and Skinny, the blond man slid his arms up from her now unbuttoned jeans and ran his hands up her bare belly to her bra covered breasts. He cupped a breast in each hand and rubbed as he began to rain kisses on her neck once more. Sonora moaned into Tall and Skinny's mouth as her nipples became erect.

When Tall and Skinny pulled his lips away to draw a breath, Sonora turned her head to the side again and found Blondie waiting for her. His lips pressed into hers again and his tongue darted into her mouth. Tall and Skinny looked over the scene. Blondie still had both of her breasts in his hands, her shirt was completely open and her jeans unbuttoned. He noticed her cute little inny belly button, kneeled down and ran his tongue around the edge of her belly button as he slowly began to work Sonora's jeans down her hips and thighs. As Blondie sucked her tongue, he opened his eyes and saw Tall and Skinny kneeling down. He also noticed that Sonora was wearing a front clasp bra. He moved both hands from her breasts and began work on the clasps. By the time Sonora pulled her lips away, her bra was open and he was playing with her erect nipples; her jeans were now down around her ankle and her light green panties were following them as Tall and Skinny kneeled in front of her kissing her hairless mons.

Between the large amount of alcohol and the pleasure she was feeling at being the center of attention for these two men, Sonora could not even stand up, so she leaned herself back against Blondie as he continued to fondle her breasts and nipples. When Sonora found that Tall and Skinny wasn't there to take his turn at her lips, she turned back and allowed Blondie to kiss her again. She didn't mind. She had decided Blondie was a better kisser anyway.

Tall and Skinny pulled Sonora's bikini down as far as he could and then slid his hands up her long skinny legs until they were at her hips. He slipped his tongue out and into the top of her slit. Sonora moaned into Blondie's mouth at the wonderful sensation. Realizing he couldn't get anywhere with Sonora standing and her jeans and bikini stuck around her ankles, Tall and Skinny stood up. Blondie opened his eyes and with a slight jerk of his head, Tall and Skinny gave him the message. Blondie wrapped his arms around Sonora's waist and lifted her off the ground. Tall and Skinny grabbed her ankles and the two men carried Sonora to the bed. Blondie laid down with Sonora on the bed, his mouth never leaving hers. To give Tall and Skinny access, he rolled over Sonora onto the far side of the bed. His hand then immediately returned to the nearest breast.

Once Sonora was laid on the bed, Tall and Skinny pulled off her shoes, tossed them on the floor and then pulled off both her jeans and bikini in one motion. He tossed them onto the floor with her shoes. He then quickly kicked off his own shoes and stripped off his shirt. He kneeled on the bed, spread Sonora's long legs and climbed between them. He looked down and took in the small hips, hairless cunt and pink pussy lips that were his destination. He got onto his hands and knees and lowered his head. He ran his tongue down the valley where her thighs and hips met and then slid his tongue into her slit.

Sonora moaned again. Blondie kept her attention on him by continuously kissing her and squeezing and twisting her nipples. He pushed his tongue into her mouth again as he moved his fingers from one breast to the other. Sonora's left arm was pinned beneath Blondie, her right arm lay limp on the bed as she continued to enjoy the attention and sensations the two men were giving her. When Blondie pulled his mouth away from hers and moved down to take her nipple in his mouth, Sonora kept her eyes closed. It was only then that she realized she had two men in bed with her. She wondered briefly if both men would fuck her. 'It would be a first!' she thought. Sonora moaned again and could feel the orgasm building in her belly. She screamed as her body was ravished by the orgasm. Then she felt nothing.

It was five minutes before either of the men in bed with her noticed that Sonora had passed out. Blondie noticed it first when he moved back up to kiss her lips. He slapped her cheek lightly but got no response. "Hey," Blondie said to get Tall and Skinny's attention. When Tall and Skinny pulled his mouth away from her pink cunt, his chin and lips were covered with her juices. "She's out cold," Blondie told him.

"I don't care," Tall and Skinny responded and then buried his face in her wet cunt again and stuck his tongue into her slick entrance. Blondie considered this for a moment, scratched his stubble covered cheek, shrugged and then went back to sucking her nipple.

It was ten more minutes before Tall and Skinny had finally had his fill of Sonora's tiny cunt. He pulled his face away and looked up to find Blondie watching him. "You want to try?" he asked with a smile.

"Naw, I want to fuck her," Blondie said with a smile. Tall and Skinny climbed off the bed and moved to the head of the bed. He bent down and opened the drawer in the nightstand beside the bed.

"What do you know," Tall and Skinny shouted and pulled a jar of Vaseline from the drawer. "The girl comes prepared," he said. He set the jar down and began undoing his belt. "Come on man. Get up and get naked," Tall and Skinny said with a laugh.

Blondie laughed with him and climbed off the bed over Sonora. He quickly stripped off his T-shirt and then began to work his jeans. Within a few minutes, both men were naked. Their cocks hard and sticking out in front of them.

"Which do you want, front or back?" Tall and Skinny asked as he picked up the jar of Vaseline.

"Front. I want that pussy!"

"I was hoping you would say that. I just love a good piece of ass," Tall and Skinny stated with a big smile as he opened the jar of Vaseline and spread a huge glob of the jelly onto his cock. "This is gonna be fun," he said and looked down at her.

"How do we do this?" Blondie asked.

"Get in there. Get it in her and then roll both of you onto the side. Then her butt will be facing me," Tall and Skinny said. Blondie nodded and quickly got back on the bed, got between Sonora's legs and laid himself over her. He lifted his hips, held his hard cock with one hand, aimed it at Sonora's little tunnel and then pushed in. He took a few strokes until he was sure he was securely inside her. He then laid down on top of her, wrapped his arms around her tightly and rolled them both over so her butt was facing Tall and Skinny.

Tall and Skinny then climbed onto the bed, laid down behind Sonora, got another load of petroleum jelly onto his finger and rubbed it into the crack of Sonora's small ass. He then wiped the remainder on her thigh and then moved closer, he held his cock and pushed the head of his cock between her firm butt cheeks and slowly pushed into her tight little asshole. "Oh yeah baby, nice and tight. Just the way I like 'em," Tall and Skinny groaned as he pushed halfway into her. He pulled out and then thrust into her fully. "Oh yeah baby," he shouted. The two men then both began pumping. Soon they fell into a similar rhythm. As Tall and Skinny pushed in, Blondie was pulling out. When Blondie pushed in, Tall and Skinny was pulling out. Both men laughed and grunted as they continued to fuck the tall and skinny school teacher.

Molly Sheridan woke up and looked at the alarm clock. "Four AM. I have to get up in a few hours for class," she moaned. She then heard what woke her. A soft banging noise on the wall next to her bed. "What the fuck?" Molly moaned and tossed the covers off of her small naked body. She threw her feet off the bed just as she heard a man's laugh. "Great." She stood up from the bed, picked up the robe from the footboard of her bed and wrapped it around her. She didn't bother to tie it, instead she just wrapped the robe around her and held it together with her arms across her stomach. She went to her bedroom door, opened it and padded down the hallway to her sister's room.

Molly Sheridan knocked lightly on the door. "Sonora," she whispered through the door. She got no response. She knocked again. She could hear someone moving around inside the bedroom and heard a man's voice. She called her sister again, "Sonora." A little louder this time. "Sonora, answer me!" she called. She heard someone shush someone else. Growing curious, Molly tried the doorknob. The door knob turned. Molly tried to be quiet as she turned the doorknob and opened the door. She peaked inside. She could make out her sister laying on the bed but nothing else. Confident she had heard a male voice and male laughter, Molly pushed the door open more. She stepped into the room and looked around. "What the..." was all she got out before she heard the squeak of the door. She turned around just in time to see the door close and a man step out from behind it. "Who the hell..." She didn't get to finish that thought either.

Blondie lunged forward from his hiding spot behind the door, grabbed the much smaller woman, spun her around and covered her mouth. A second later, Tall and Skinny appeared from the closet. Molly realized she was in trouble and was about to swing at the man holding her but Tall and Skinny used his long legs, made it across the room to her in two strides and quickly grabbed both of her wrists. "We're bigger and stronger than you and there are two of us. So do what your told," Blondie whispered into her ear. Molly looked at Tall and Skinny; he hadn't put his shirt on. She considered kicking him in the nuts but was scared of what Blondie might do if she did. "I'm gonna uncover your mouth now. If you scream, I swear I will beat the shit out of you," Blondie whispered. He then slowly uncovered her mouth.

"Who... who are you?" Molly managed to get out.

"Don't worry about that right now," Blondie said as he held her around the neck with one arm. The other hand moved to her breast. "Who the fuck are you?" he asked as he began to fondle her tit.

"I'm Molly Sheridan," she told the man.

"Why are you here?" Tall and Skinny asked.

"I live here," she told the two men. Tall and Skinny released her hands but stayed in front of her.

"I thought she lived here," Tall and Skinny said pointing to the still sleeping Sonora.

"She does. She's my sister," Molly said. "We share the apartment."

Molly heard Blondie laugh behind her. It wasn't much comfort. "Well now, looks like we get two for the price of one," he stated as he slid his hand into her robe.

"Please don't do this," Molly begged as he grabbed her small breast and squeezed it. Tall and Skinny ignored her, reached out and pulled open her robe.

"Nice!" Tall and Skinny said with a smile.

"No! Please!" Molly begged again.

Blondie gave no warning. He pulled his hand away from her breast. His arm slid behind her again and then she felt it. Blondie hit her hard with a kidney punch. The air was knocked from Molly's lungs and her knees went weak. Blondie released her and she fell to her knees and tried to catch her breath. Tall and Skinny laughed and began undoing his pants.

"I think I'll do this one in the mouth. She's already down there after all." He laughed as he pulled his pants and underwear down to his waist. Blondie kneeled down behind Molly, reached around and grabbed the collar of her robe and pulled it off her shoulders and down her arms. Molly had no time to react. Blondie threw the robe into the corner and then grabbed her arms.

"Put him your mouth, cunt," he ordered, pinning her arms behind her. Molly started to cry as Tall and Skinny came forward.

"Sonora!" Molly looked over at her sister, hoping for some protection.

"Don't worry about your sister. We already had our fun with her," Blondie said and pushed her forward. Tall and Skinny's cock slapped her nose and slid her along one of her cheeks. Molly felt the wetness of his cock and could smell the sex already on it. She began to cry as she worried for herself and for her older sibling. Blondie held her long brown hair and pulled her up again. This time, Tall and Skinny took a hold of his cock and kept it in place. Blondie pushed Molly towards the cock once more. It hit her lips. Seeing no other option Molly opened her mouth and the cock slid in. Blondie kept hold of her hair and forced her to take the cock completely into her mouth as Tall and Skinny released it. Molly gagged as the head of the cock rubbed the back of her throat. When Blondie let up a little, she pulled back just slightly, so the tip wasn't in her throat and wrapped her lips around the hard cock. "Oh yes!" Tall and Skinny cried as she began sucking.

Blondie stayed behind her and held her in place as Molly continued to suck Tall and Skinny's cock. Tall and Skinny moaned and groaned and cheered Molly on. Finally, having seen enough, Blondie pulled her away from Tall and Skinny's cock. Tall and Skinny started to protest. "Get on your knees. I want some of this pussy," Blondie told him. Molly realized he was going to fuck her. She considered screaming. Maybe Sonora would wake up. Maybe Shelby would wake up. Could the three of them overpower these two men? Molly knew she couldn't endanger her sisters like that. Right now, she didn't think these men knew about Shelby. Maybe they would leave her alone. She couldn't risk it.

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