by Tom Land

Copyright© 2004 by Tom Land

Sex Story: Tom has been admiring the daughter of one of his co-worker's for several months. She puts the term "well-endowed" to new heights and Tom has been lusting for her and also wanting to find out her sexual orientation for a long time. A winter storm gives him a rare opportunity.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Petting   .

The first time I saw Stephanie she really got my attention and the subsequent times I laid eyes on Stephanie she got even more of my attention. She was what you call a "well stacked young lady". I didn't know at the time what size breasts Stephanie was sporting on her chest, but she was one of the better endowed young women in her early 20s that I'd ever seen. Little did I know then that Stephanie was an E-cup and yet, to be very honest, even though her tits looked very nice and very sexy, she didn't seem to look like a cow with those large knockers. She was just big in the chest.

I'd known Stephanie for about 3 years when I finally decided to see if she was a man/woman type of girl or if she was a lesbian, bisexual or what. I didn't know but I was so fucking horny to do her that I had to find out one way or the other. I finally managed to get at Stephanie one nasty winter evening when she needed to drive to a nearby city and it was snowing, sleeting and the whole nine yards. Her mom had stressed out on how Stephanie was going to get where she needed to go, and when I offered to drive Stephanie to her destination, I could tell that I'd just become her mother's new best friend. Actually, even though Stephanie wouldn't admit it, I knew she was glad that I was offering to take her out in that nasty winter storm as well and I hoped there would be a big payoff in the end for me.

I cursed the fact that it was so cold and snowing; as a result, Stephanie was all bundled up in a big winter coat while I wanted to enjoy her sexy large breasts underneath the sweater she was wearing. To try to coax Stephanie out of her coat, I turned the car heat up pretty high and soon Stephanie was unfastening her coat and then I saw that she'd pulled it back from her ample chest, showing me all the jewels she proudly had on her chest. I knew there was no chance of hard nipples with the car as warm as I had cranked it up, but maybe later in the evening, I'd get lucky. I got Stephanie safely where she was going -- and then I aced the deal by offering to stay in town and give her a ride back home as well. She couldn't believe my offer but she immediately accepted and I told her I'd be back to pick her up in two hours.

Sure enough, in two hours, Stephanie was ready to head for home, but the storm had grown so bad that there was no sensible way that we were going to be able to drive the forty miles back to where we both lived. I asked Stephanie what she wanted to do and she called her mom on the cell phone and cleared it for us to get a motel room and spend the night while the storm hopefully blew on over. Stephanie's mother was relieved that we were OK and she said it would be fine for us to get motel rooms and stay in the city until the next morning. Stephanie passed along her mom's comments and I pulled into a nearby Holiday Inn Express and tried to see if there were two rooms. There was only one room available and I took it, informing Stephanie that under the circumstances she was going to have to spend the night in the same room with me. She didn't seem initially too happy, but then I think the realities of our nasty weather and the risk of a trip home over bad snow-covered roads brought her to grips with the fact that at least we had a room in out of the weather. I almost asked her if she'd rather spend the night there in the car, but I didn't.

When we got into the motel room, we resolved that I'd spend the night on the couch and Stephanie would get the bed for the night. At least I was willing to take that arrangement initially in order to see what developed. Neither of us had come prepared to spend the night away from home, and I settled down to watch some late night television while Stephanie went ahead to get herself a shower. As I envisioned Stephanie there, naked and under the warm shower's water, I got my cock out while I knew there was no danger of being interrupted and stroked myself a bit but didn't bring myself off. I was hoping that I'd get to spend that cumload in another way.

When Stephanie came out of the bathroom, she was only in the jeans and pullover top that she'd had on earlier. I regretted that she hadn't brought a sexy nightie or some kind of sleepwear to put on, but she simply hadn't.

Before we realized it, both Stephanie and I were conversing about her recent years in college and I gradually worked the discussion around to try to determine what Stephanie's sexual orientation really was. I actually had no idea if she was bi or lesbian. Heck, even if she'd been a confirmed lesbian, I was willing to try to seduce her. The main thing I enjoyed was sitting there looking at Stephanie's sexy big E-cup titties underneath her top and just enjoy her healthy young sexiness and her nicely built and endowed body.

Before Stephanie knew it, I had maneuvered our talking around to her girlfriends and then the topic moved onto territory where I became pretty sure that Stephanie like guys. She might be bisexual too but at least I could tell that she was interested in men with horny cocks. She made some comments to me about what it took to get guys interested in her, and that was the opening I'd been waiting for.

In the fashion of passing along insights from one red-blooded male to a sexy female about what made guys tick, I was telling Stephanie not only what to do to get a man's interest but that I'd noticed she was a sexy young woman in her early 20s as well. I wanted Stephanie to know that I was very interested in her. It worked.

I could immediately tell that Stephanie was almost starved for a mature man's attention. It became so blatantly obvious, and I began to realize that what I'd taken as a hostility towards men in earlier months was really her self-protection against guys not asking her out. I'd been puzzled for several months why Stephanie didn't have guys wanting to date her, but then I would have dated her in a heartbeat.

"So, you really think if I do those things, I'll get some guys to ask me out and want to date me?" Stephanie asked me.

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