At the Faraway Club

by Al Steiner

Copyright© 2004 by Al Steiner

Sex Story: Robin White has a reputation as the woman who will gladly give it up for the cost of a night at the Faraway Club. But lately it seems she's been losing her touch. One Saturday night she has no date at all but elects to try her luck at the Faraway alone. There she meets a handsome stranger with an agenda of his own. What follows is the most erotic experience of her young life.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   DomSub   Spanking   Rough   .

A Heritage County Tale

Robin White's evening was definitely starting to look up now. Until the handsome stranger had bought her that first drink at 10:30, she had been starting to think she was losing her touch. It was Saturday night, the party night, on a warm summer's evening and, for the first time in nearly a year now, no one, not a single male, had asked her to accompany him to the Faraway Club for a night of drinking, dancing, and, as was well known among the public servants of Marshall County, fornication after it was all over. Not one paramedic, EMT, firefighter, cop, or ER tech had wanted to experience her charms that night, this despite her well-earned reputation as the woman who willingly gave it up for the price of a night out. What was wrong with her? Was she losing her looks? Her charms? Had they all experienced her enough now that they didn't want her anymore? She had fretted over these questions for most of the previous week, stressing more about her lack of a date than she ever had about her unpaid bills, or her deteriorating relationship with her roommate, or any of the other hundred and five things she should have been worried about.

Still, date or no date, she simply could not stay away from the Faraway Club that night. The popular dance club in downtown Heritage-a place with an almost infamous reputation-was her weekend home. She never missed a Saturday there, not even the time she'd had the flu. She had even gone the week her father had died, accompanying John Mallet, one of the day watch Sheriff Deputies, the night before the funeral. And she had fucked him well afterwards, too. Just because no one happened to ask her out for this particular Saturday night, she was damned if she was going to sit home and watch her roommate study.

And so, feeling depressed, dejected, old and used up, the 25-year-old registration clerk from Valley Medical Center had driven her own vehicle downtown to Faraway, had walked alone to the front entrance of the club, and had paid her own cover charge for the first time in forever. She was dressed to kill, as was the usual case on weekends, sporting a strapless black mini-skirt that showed off her bulging boobs on the top and her slightly chunky, though well-muscled dancer's legs on the bottom.

The club was its usual loud, semi-chaotic self as she entered. Modern dance music boomed from the sound system while men and women, most between the ages of 21 and 30, most dressed in the latest trendy clothes, bumped and grinded out on the floor. The bartenders behind the large bar at the front of the room worked frantically to keep up with the endless stream of customers. Every cocktail table was filled, many with other regulars like her, men and women she knew well from running into them twice every week. Many of the men had experienced her sexual charms at one time or another. She saw John Mallet out there dancing with Jana Hansen. She even saw Jim Hartman, the divorced, reclusive paramedic whom she had initiated to this place not so very long before and who had taken her on return trips three times since. He was rubbing chests with Darlene Sandringham, one of the young nurses from the VMC-ER's swing shift. Robin, just two weeks before, had been the one to suggest they might have a little something in common in the first place. How ironic that Jim the hermit was now here with a date while she was going stag.

Since she did have many friends among the Faraway crowd it didn't take her long to find a table to sit at and some friendly conversation. All of her friends expressed disbelief at her inability to find a date and seemed to take a perverse delight in mentioning it to her again and again. A few of the regulars asked her to dance and she went willingly with them out onto the floor, displaying her usual tireless grace, but without an official date it just wasn't the same. The regulars she danced with all knew the peculiar set of rules she had established long ago. They could be friendly with her out on the floor, even overly friendly to a degree, but she would only leave the club with her date, would only sleep with her date when the evening was over. As such, her prospects for getting laid tonight seemed dim since all of the men who danced with her kept a respectful distance. Another rule was that she would allow only her date to buy drinks for her. Since no one else in here qualified as her date and since all were well conditioned to this rule, she found herself forced to spend her own money for her Long Island iced teas, and, as such, she drank very little since the fucking things cost seven bucks apiece.

In truth she had been just about to leave in despair, to make the long drive home alone, almost completely sober and with no prospect for sexual relief except the vibrator in her nightstand drawer. That was when a hand tapped her on the shoulder and asked her if she would like to dance. It was a man she had never seen here before.

She didn't think too much of him at first. He was tall and reasonably good-looking, though obviously a bit squarer than what she was used to. He was dressed nicely, in a pair of navy blue slacks and a yellow shirt, and he was a little older than the majority of the crowd, seemingly in his mid-thirties. His brown hair was cut short and styled in a corporate professional sort of way. On his left ring finger was an expensive looking gold band.

She accepted the dance, since she accepted almost any dance on general principals, and, much to her surprise and delight, he danced rather well, much better than she would have thought based on first impressions. He moved his body perfectly in time to the beat, always seeming to put his hands in exactly the right spot. They stayed on the floor through three different songs, until both of them had a slight sheen of sweat on their foreheads. They didn't talk during this time, just enjoyed the motion and the rhythm. After that third song faded away her opinion of him went up considerably when he said the words she had been waiting all night to hear: "Can I buy you a drink?"

Of course she gave the appearance of playing hard to get. "You sure your wife won't mind?" she asked slyly, pointing to the ring on his finger.

He chuckled a little. "She doesn't seem to be making any objections, does she?"

Robin had to agree that she wasn't, and so, with the token protestation of flirting with a married man out of the way, she told him that she would love a drink.

She accompanied him to the bar, of course, never letting her drink pass through his hands. That was just a common sense safety precaution in these days of date-rape drugs. He either didn't notice her diligence in this or pretended not to. They found two empty chairs to sit at while she sipped at her fresh Long Island and he sipped from a rum and coke.

"I've never seen you around here before," she told him.

"I'm from Seattle," he said. "I'm only in Heritage for a few days on business. I fly out tomorrow morning."

"How'd you end up in the Faraway?"

"My hotel is right across the street," he said. "Since all my business has been done I thought I'd slip over here and check out a little of the nightlife."

"I see. So you're staying at the Stovington Suites then?"

"That's right."

The Stovington Suites was a four-star hotel, arguably the nicest in the Heritage metropolitan area. Standing 36 stories tall and overlooking the riverfront, it was the hotel that visiting dignitaries usually stayed in, including the President of the United States on those rare occasions he visited the Northern California area. The cheapest rooms there ran 150 dollars a night for weekday rates. "Nice place," she said, impressed.

He shrugged, disinterested. "It's all right," he told her. "The view is the best thing about it. My room is up on the 33rd floor."

"Thirty-three, huh?" she said, even more impressed now. Though she was not quite a member of high society she was savvy enough to know that the cheap rooms would not be located on the 33rd floor. She was also savvy enough to know just why he was mentioning his room across the street and his view. He was a married man, far from home on a business trip, and he had hopes of luring her up there to check it out in person. She was not exactly opposed to this idea. As a rule she stayed away from married men-there were just too many single men around who were willing to fulfill her considerable sexual appetite-but, like many other rules in life, she had been known to break it on occasion. If it turned out that he was a nice guy and if he continued to buy her Long Island iced teas at seven bucks a pop... well, why shouldn't she accompany him up to his room for a little fun? It wasn't like she was ever going to see him again. And there was one thing she had learned about sex from her many encounters-another general rule so to speak. Men who either were married or once had been tended to be much better in bed than men who had always been single, probably from the regular practice they got with a steady partner.

They finished their drinks and hit the dance floor once more, heading out there by unspoken consent. He wasted little time in letting her know he was interested in her body. His hands began to touch her a little longer, in more strategic places. His fingertips would glide down her flanks and onto the top of her ass, giving gentle strokes from time to time as they moved to the music. His legs would brush frequently against hers, the material of his slacks whispering against her bare thighs. His chest would bump gently into hers, allowing him to feel her large boobs against his body. She encouraged these touches the best she could, silently sending him the message they were not unwanted.

It was a message he received very well it seemed. Soon he was even closer to her, unabashedly rubbing himself against her, his hands now straying down onto her ass, giving it quick squeezes, even dipping down to the back of her thighs on occasion and stroking the skin there. She began to get turned on, feeling the familiar dampness in her panties, and she knew that if he asked her to go back to his room with him she would say yes. But he didn't ask. He simply kept dancing with her, kept rubbing his body on hers, and kept buying her fresh Long Islands every third or fourth dance. All of this was fine with her, however. She was getting both drunk and horny and her prospects of having the latter condition taken care of for her at some point during the night seemed assured.

It was during a slow dance that things really started to heat up between them. They held each other closely as they swayed slowly, sensuously to the soft rhythm. He held his face close to hers and she could feel his breath on her ears. His chest he kept firmly pressed against her breasts. His crotch he pushed slowly, purposefully into her stomach. There was absolutely no mistaking the feel of a turgid cock beneath those pants.

"You're a very sexy woman," he whispered softly into her ear.

"Thank you," she said coyly, cooing a little as his hands slid over her ass and onto the back of her thighs once more. She let her own hands drop down to his ass, touching it for the first time. It was a nice one, firm beneath her fingers, as if he regularly worked out. "You're kinda sexy yourself."

"Just kind of?" he asked playfully, giving another little grind against her.

"Okay," she amended. "Very sexy."

"Mmmm," he said. "That's nice to know." His lips slid down just a little and touched her skin just below her ear, planting a light kiss there. She felt the tip of his tongue reach out just for a second and then withdraw, leaving a small wet spot. The touch was electric, sending tingles through her.

"I just love the way you dance," she sighed, giving his ass one more squeeze and then moving her hands up to his back again, so she could pull him tighter against her.

"Do you?" he asked. "Do you like the feel of my hard cock pushing into you?"

"Oooh," she cooed, "you're talking dirty to me. And on such short notice too."

"Don't you like it when a man talks dirty to you?"

"Yes," she said. "I love it."

"You're just a nasty little girl, aren't you?" he asked, his lips touching her earlobe this time.

She could feel herself getting flushed with excitement now. "Yes," she told him. "I'm a nasty little girl."

"And you love the feel of my cock pushing into you, don't you?"

"Yes," she said, her lips going to his neck now. She licked at the slight dampness of his sweat, inhaling the scent of his cologne.

"You want to feel this cock sliding into your wet pussy, don't you?"

"Yes," she breathed. "I want you to fuck me."

"Because you're nothing but a little slut, aren't you?"

She trembled a little, feeling a pleasant sort of shame at his words. What he was saying was insulting, yet blackly exciting at the same time. Very rarely did anyone talk to her like this, especially on such short acquaintance. She groaned at his words, but didn't answer. He was insistent however.

"Aren't you?" he repeated, grinding into her again. "A little slut who wants me to fuck her like a bitch until you're begging me for more?"

"Yes," she admitted, feeling a gush of moisture flooding from her pussy as the word left her mouth.

"Say it," he told her.

"I'm a little slut."

"And what do you want me to do to you?"

"Fuck me," she said. "I want you to fuck me."

"Like a bitch?"

"Yes," she said, almost moaned. She was so very turned on now. "Like a bitch."

He put his lips gently against hers and kissed her, the tip of his tongue licking the underside of her mouth, gliding across her teeth, and then pulling back. She refused to allow him to break the kiss though. Her hands went to the back of his head and she pulled him back, thrusting her own tongue out and swirling it against his, sucking lightly on it. God, how she wanted this man, how she wanted him to treat her like the slut she was. No one had ever made her feel the way she was feeling now.

And then, just when she thought they were going to leave, the unexpected occurred. A woman appeared beside them. She was tall and solidly built, not fat, but somewhat Amazonian in stature. Her hair was a rich brunette, her breasts large and well rounded. She was wearing a conservative blue dress, the hem knee-length, the top showing only a small amount of cleavage, her well-muscled legs bare of nylons. She, like Robin's dancing partner, looked to be in her mid-thirties. Overall, she gave an impression of a well-manicured, professional woman. She looked at the two of them for a moment, a slight smile on her face, and then she said, "May I cut in?"

Robin shot her a look of annoyance. How dare she try to cut in on her dance now, when she was as worked up as she was likely to get without removing her clothes. "No," she told her coldly. "I don't think so."

The woman's smile turned into a smirk. The look in her eyes became slightly dangerous. "I wasn't talking to you," she answered. "I was talking to him."

"Huh?" she said numbly, not quite understanding.

It quickly became clear what she meant, however. Before she really realized it was happening, the man was gone and the woman had her arms around her, pulling her close, dancing with her. Another woman! What in the hell? And it was a woman who towered over her. Robin was barely five feet, four inches tall. This woman was damn near six feet. Her arms held her tightly around the waist, so that getting away from her would be a chore.

"Uh... what exactly is going on here?" Robin asked, her voice tough to mask the sudden nervousness she felt.

"I'm dancing with you," she said simply. "Do you have a problem with that?"

Robin looked at her, trying to read the expression in her face. It was impossible. "Well," she said slowly, "I don't usually dance with other women. I don't really... you know... swing that way."

"Oh no?" she asked, pulling her a little tighter. "You don't like the way my boobs feel against you? The way my hands feel, squeezing you?"

Robin swallowed, feeling herself tremble just a little. "No," she said. "I really don't." But even as the words left her mouth, she knew she was lying. Though it was hard to admit to herself, she did kind of like the way this woman's body felt against her. It was strong, like the man she had just been dancing with, but it was also soft, a stark contrast to his.

"You don't sound so convincing," the woman said with another smirk. "Have you been with a woman before?"

"No," she said firmly. "I told you, I don't swing that way."

The woman looked directly into her eyes, as if she was probing into her very soul. "You're lying to me," she said. "I can tell."

She trembled again, turning her eyes away from that gaze. How did this woman know? How could she know? It had only happened once, back when she was in high school, something she rarely even thought about anymore. She had been working in a hair-cutting salon, running the cash register and sweeping up the hair from the floor between customers. The manager had been an athletic woman in her thirties, pretty, well-built, divorced. She had invited her to stay after work one night for a free hair cut and style. While doing the job she had produced a bottle of rum and a six-pack of cola, offering some to her young charge. By the time the cut and style was finished Robin had been half-drunk, a relatively new experience for her back then. The talk had turned to intimacies she had shared with her various boyfriends. And before she knew what was happening, the talk had turned to kissing, to sliding their tongues in and out of each other's mouths. Her shirt had gone to the floor, then her bra. She had wanted to stop the woman from going any further but her mouth on her nipples had just felt too good. That led to her jeans being slid off and a wet, knowing mouth between her legs, bringing her to a series of sharp orgasms unlike anything she had experienced to that point in her life. And then it had been over, never to be repeated or offered again. She had worked another month there and then moved on to different pastures, burying the incident as deeply as possible. At least until now. What was happening here? Who was this woman? And what had happened to the man she'd been dancing with? Why wasn't he stopping this from happening?

"It's okay," the woman said now, leaning closer, so her lips were against Robin's ear. "I know what it's like. We don't like to talk about such things. But when we experience them, it's something special... isn't it?"

"Yes," Robin said, confused, horny, unsure of herself. "I mean... uh no. Uh... I mean, I have to go now." She tried to twist out of the woman's arms but they held fast, pinning her even tighter against her body.

"Don't leave," the woman told her, her voice turning hard again. "You didn't seem to mind rubbing your body against my husband. Why should you mind rubbing it against me?"

"Your... your... your husband?" she stammered, feeling a bolt of adrenaline shoot through her. Was that was this was about? Was all of this touchy-feely a prelude to taking her out in the parking lot to kick her ass?

"My husband," she confirmed, her hands dipping down now to touch Robin's thighs. "He probably mentioned to you that we were in town on business."

"I didn't know he was married," she blurted. "Really. If I had..."

"Please dear," she said, amused. "Let's not cheapen our relationship with more lies. Of course you knew he was married. You just didn't know his wife was here."

"Look, I'm sorry but... Uhhhng." She grunted as the woman's fingers suddenly went up the back of her skirt and dug into her ass, just below the edge of her panties.

"You've been a very bad girl, haven't you?" she asked. "A slutty little bitch, if I read this right."

"I'm going to scream if you don't let me go," Robin said. She was afraid, but below the fear, just beneath the surface, she was aroused too. She liked the way this woman's hands were digging into her flesh. She liked to be treated like a bad girl and called filthy names.

"You're not going to scream," the woman said, her tongue sticking out and licking wetly down the side of Robin's neck. "You're going to come back to our room with us, aren't you?"

"No," Robin said, shuddering, feeling another gush of moisture between her legs. God, what was happening here?

"Yes," she insisted, her hands squeezing and kneading Robin's ass in a deliciously rough manner. "You're going to come back to our room with us right now and we're going to treat you like the slutty little bitch you are and you're going to love it, aren't you?"

"Uhhhh," Robin groaned, feeling the tongue licking at her neck again, feeling the tits pushing into hers, most of all feeling those soft hands squeezing her ass so harshly.

"Aren't you?"

"Yes," she said, almost sobbing. "Yes, I am."

"Let's go," the woman said, instantly breaking the embrace. She took Robin by the hand and led her across the dance floor, toward the front door. Her husband, still sporting an impressive bulge in his dress pants, fell in behind them and followed them out.

They walked silently across the quiet downtown street, in through the main entrance to the Stovington Suites Hotel. The plush lobby was almost completely deserted. A single night clerk sat behind the main desk, reading a novel. She looked up as they entered, gave a quick, professional smile, and then went back to reading. Near the elevators a security guard was stationed behind a small podium. He looked like he was half asleep. Robin allowed herself to be led up to this podium, still unable to believe what she was doing. She had actually accompanied total strangers across the street and was preparing to go up to a hotel room with them. Total strangers who were planning to treat her like "a slutty bitch," as the woman had put it. Was she mad? Did she have a death wish? Was this not the stupidest thing she had ever done in her life? Yes, it undoubtedly was, but she had also never been more turned on her life. She wanted to be treated like a slutty bitch. She wanted to be treated like a bad girl. It was sick and twisted, she was sure, but she wanted it and was going to have it.

The man showed the security guard the plastic, magnetic card that allowed him entry to his room. The guard gave it a cursory glance and waved them past, wishing them a pleasant evening. The elevator doors opened immediately when the button was pushed. The car was completely empty at this time of night. They led her inside and the woman pushed the button for floor number 33.

The moment the doors slid shut the woman put her hand on the back of Robin's neck and pushed. With a startled squeal, she fell to her knees, so she was looking right at the bulging crotch of the man.

"Take his cock out and suck it," the woman ordered.

The fear was back, fighting with the arousal for top billing among her emotions. She had pushed her down! And now she wanted her to suck him off in an elevator? An elevator that might stop at any floor on the way up and let someone else inside? She opened her mouth to protest, to tell them they were taking this just a little too far, but before anything could come out of it, the woman grabbed her roughly by the hair and pulled, jerking her head back.

"Take his cock out and suck it," she repeated. "Don't make me tell you again."

Her hands trembling, she reached out and put her fingers on his zipper. She unzipped it, exposing a pair of black briefs beneath. She reached inside and pulled the elastic to one side, allowing his cock to spring free. She pulled it out through the fly, exposing it to the air. It was a good-sized cock, not the largest she'd ever seen, but not the smallest either. It was hard as a diamond, the tip leaking clear pre-cum.

"Put it in your mouth," the woman snapped, giving another tug to her hair. This elevator ride isn't going to last forever." With that she pushed her forward.

The tip of his cock hit her right below the nose, leaving a smear of wetness behind. Instinctively-for she had had many a cock shoved in her face in her time-she opened up and slurped him in. He moaned in pleasure as she swallowed him, driving her mouth down as deep as she could without gagging. The woman released her hair as she started to bob up and down on him but the man quickly grabbed it in her place, pulling her head back and forth, guiding her motions. She felt so nasty and depraved, so slutty. And she was loving it. There was absolutely no denying it. She loved the way these two were treating her.

As the elevator continued to rise to the 33rd floor, the woman dropped to her knees behind her. Her hands came around to the front of Robin's dress and she grabbed it, yanking the front down, exposing her tits. She put her hands on them, squeezing them roughly, kneading them, her fingers tweaking the nipples. Robin felt delicious tingles spreading through her body. She loved her tits to be played with, the rougher the better, and this woman was being incredibly rough with them.

The woman's mouth was back on her neck now, licking, sucking, even biting. "You love this, you little slut, don't you?"

Robin didn't answer, just kept sucking and slurping on the cock in her mouth, letting it go further and further down her throat with each stroke.

"Don't you?" the woman demanded, giving an extra-hard tweak on her nipples, a bite on her neck that was deep enough to hurt.

"Mmmm hmmmm," Robin grunted. It was quite obvious that she loved it.

"Yes," the woman said. "You know you do. You're just a little slutty whore, aren't you? You're going to be our bitch tonight, aren't you?"

Robin let the cock slip from her mouth long enough to moan, "Yes!" She was shaking with desire now. God, she loved being talked to like this, being treated like this.

"Say it," the woman said. "I want to hear it from your mouth."

"I'm your bitch," she gasped, the cock slipping in and then back out of her mouth.

"Yes, you are. And you're going to do everything we tell you, aren't you, bitch?"

"Yes! Oh yes!"

The woman stood up suddenly and yanked Robin to her feet by the hair. The man quickly reached down and stuffed his turgid cock, wet with her saliva, back into his pants and zipped up. Robin reached for the front of her dress to pull it up over her tits but the woman reached out and slapped her hands back down.

"Leave it down, bitch," she told her. "I want to look at those boobies while we walk to the room."

"But... but... what if someone... you know... sees us?" she asked, blushing.

The woman shrugged. "How many people have you showed those slutty tits to in your life? What difference does one more make?"

Before she could answer, the elevator came to a stop and the doors slid open. The hallway outside was empty. As they walked to room 3312, they encountered no one. Robin was surprised to find that she was actually disappointed. It was depraved, but she had wanted someone to see her, to see the slutty girl being walked to the room to be treated like a bitch.

The man used his access card to open the door and they led her inside. As she had suspected, the room was not one of the cheap ones-it was a suite. A huge, king-size bed sat in the middle of the room, the covers turned back, a chocolate patty resting on the pillow. A sitting room was opposite the bed, opulent furniture and a stocked bar taking up space here. Next to the bathroom was a sunken hot tub with fragrant steam wafting out of it. The curtains were standing wide open, showing an impressive view of the downtown high-rises and the waterfront, including the 1930s era drawbridge that was the symbol of downtown Heritage. The room had the desired effect on her, making her feel she was in the presence of powerful people, people who were used to taking what they wanted from life.

As had been the case in the elevator, the moment the door shut behind them, the woman grabbed Robin, this time roughly by the shoulders. Instead of pushing her down, however, she spun her around to face her. Her hands slid up, over her neck, squeezing just enough to show who was in control, and then onto her face. She pulled Robin's face to hers and kissed her hard, her tongue jamming brutally into her mouth, her teeth nipping at her lips. Robin moaned again, returning the kiss, swirling her tongue around, enjoying the taste and feel of a woman's mouth against hers. The woman's left hand dropped down from her face, trailing over her tits, and then was suddenly up under her dress, the fingers pushing against the crotch of her panties, right over her pussy lips.

She pulled her mouth from Robin's but kept her hand in place, squeezing and rubbing her pussy through the panties. "You're wet, you little slut," she said. "You're absolutely soaking."

"Mmmm," Robin groaned, pushing her crotch harder into that hand, feeling the pleasure radiating through her.

"You love this shit, don't you, slut? You love being treated like a nasty little whore, don't you?"

"Yes," Robin groaned. "I'm a whore. I'm a nasty whore."

The woman removed her hand and pulled back, prompting a grunt of displeasure from Robin. It was ignored. She licked her fingers and then slowly backed up, until her legs were against the foot of the bed. She lay back on it, her calves dangling over, and then leaned back, so she was resting on her elbows. She spread her legs wide and reached down, grabbing the hem of her dress. She pulled it up, first exposing her tanned thighs and then her crotch. She was not wearing any panties. Her pubic hair was shaved from around her lips, leaving them bare, only a single black tuft growing above them. The lips were swollen and very wet, the clit protruding from its hood.

The man was suddenly standing behind her again, his cock bulge pushing into her ass, his hot breath in her ear. "Get between her legs and eat her," he ordered.

Her mouth opened to protest. Though the woman's pussy looked very appealing, she had never put her mouth on one before and wasn't sure if she should really cross that particular line. But before so much as a syllable could come forth, the man's hands were on the back of her hair, pulling it roughly.

"Do it," he said, pushing her forward, continuing to pull her hair. He shoved her down to her knees once more so she was leaning over the foot of the bed, her head inches from the woman's crotch. She could smell the sharp musk of her juices now, a smell not unlike her own, but at the same time, startlingly different.

"Yes," the woman said, reaching out her own hand and taking over the duty of grabbing her hair. "Eat me. Make me cum like a good little slut."

The man let go of her hair and the woman pulled harder on it, dragging her face forward, mashing it directly into her slippery lips and rubbing it around. Robin's mouth was now full of the smell and taste of her, another woman's juices saturating her face. She gasped in pleasure and fear, trying at first to keep her mouth closed. A sharp yank on her hair soon changed her mind however. She stuck out her pink tongue and started to lick, hesitantly at first, just brushing the lips.

"Eat me, goddammit!" the woman barked. "Eat me like you mean it! I'm never going to cum like this!"

She started to lick harder, her strokes more firm, the taste now filling her mouth, and she found she loved it. She loved the feel of the soft lips against her tongue. She loved the almost overpowering odor of aroused pussy in her nose.

"That's the way, you little slut," the woman said, tugging on her hair again. "Just like that. Up and down. Stick your tongue inside me now."

She plunged her tongue inside experimentally, an action that elicited a pleasurable groan from the woman. She licked up and down a few more times and then did it again, and then again.

"Yes, you fucking slut-whore," the woman moaned. "Eat that pussy, you nasty fucking bitch. You cunt. Suck it all up."

She sucked it all up, become more and more aroused with each filthy, nasty word that came out of the woman's mouth.

Meanwhile, the man was still behind her, his bulge pushing into her ass. His hands reached around and found her tits, squeezing and kneading them, pushing and pulling them, being rough with them. She ground her ass back against him as she licked and sucked, making little moans in the back of her throat.

"I love these big fat titties," the man said over the top of her, talking to his wife.

"Yeah," she said with a shrug. "They're all right. Slut boobies."

"Nothing wrong with slut boobies," he said, giving an extra-hard squeeze of the boobies in question.

Robin kept up her tongue action, alternating between plunging it inside the woman and lapping up between her lips. Every once in a while she would swirl it around the clit, knowing, from the times she had been eaten, how good that particular sensation felt. She had the overpowering urge to please this woman to the best of her abilities. She couldn't wait to feel her cumming against her face.

The man's hands gave one final squeeze of her tits and then fell away. She felt his crotch back away from her ass as well. Before she had time to wonder where he was going, his hands grabbed the back of her skirt and lifted it up over the top of her panties. He rubbed the cheeks of her ass for a second, sliding a finger under the elastic an inch or so, just enough to make her wish he'd put it further up. He then grabbed the top of them and yanked them down, exposing her bare ass to the air. Without fanfare or comment, he continued pulling them down her legs. She lifted her knees for him, one by one, so he could get them the rest of the way off. He pulled them over her shoes, which she was still wearing, and dropped them to the floor. His hand went back to her ass cheeks. He caressed them gently, lovingly for a moment and then, suddenly, shockingly, he raised it up and slapped down on the left cheek, hard, hard enough to sting.

She gave a shocked squeal at the sharp pain, but it was not a squeal of displeasure by any means.

"Yeah!" said the woman, who was panting now. "Spank the bitch. Show her what we do to sluts."

"I intend to," he said calmly, his hand coming down on her again, this time on the right cheek. He then did it again, and again, slapping her every two or three seconds, sending warm waves of painful pleasure throughout her body. "You hear that, bitch?" he asked her. "This is what we do to nasty little sluts like you. How do you like it?"

"Mmmm," she couldn't help but moan, relishing the depravity of what was going on here, loving the way they treated nasty little sluts like her.

"You'd better make her cum or I'm gonna use my belt too," he said, smacking her ass again, and again.

Taking his words to heart, she began to go for broke in the woman's crotch. She gave one final lick of her lips, plunged her tongue inside one last time, and then began to lick at the swollen clit, lashing it up and down aggressively. The woman moaned out her approval of this action. Her hands tightened in Robin's hair, pulling her even harder against her. Her legs came up and wrapped around her back, adding their force to her restraint. And still the man kept raining blows down on her bare ass, the sharp slaps resounding through the suite, echoing off the walls, her ass cheeks undoubtedly turning as red as an apple.

As suddenly as it began, the spanking ended. She sensed the man fumbling around behind her and then she heard the jingling of a belt buckle being released. This was followed a second later by the sound of a zipper being drawn down. Next, his hand inserted itself between her thighs and pushed them apart, opening her up for plunder. The head of his cock touched her wet lips, sliding up and down just a little, causing glorious pleasure to blossom in her congested pussy.

"You want this hard cock in your cunt, don't you, slut?" he asked her.

"Oh God," she groaned, shuddering again, almost losing concentration on keeping her tongue and the woman's clit in contact.

"Don't you?" he repeated, taking the cock and slapping it against her pussy now.

"Yes!" she yelled, even though her firm, formerly unbreakable rule of sex was to never do it without the man wearing a rubber. She was so turned on right now she simply didn't give a flying fuck about pregnancy, about disease, about anything except feeling that cylinder of hot flesh slide into her wanting pussy. "Fuck me with it! Put it in me! Fuck me hard!"

His hands grabbed her by the ass and, a second later, his cock slid into her body in one, harsh, brutal thrust, penetrating her to the hilt, the head slamming into her cervix. "Like that, bitch?" he asked her. "Is that the way you like it?"

"Yes!" she screamed. "Fuck me hard! Treat me like a bitch!"

He began to drive his cock in and out of her like a piston at high rev, his balls slapping against her body, his fingers digging into her ass. The sheer power of his thrusts was frightening and intensely pleasurable. She felt controlled, possessed, totally at the mercy of these powerful people. And she was loving every second of it.

"Get your mouth back on my clit, whore!" the woman commanded, yanking her hair again, this time hard enough to tear some from her head.

"Yeah, you slut," the man told her. "Get your fuckin' face back down!" With that he put one of his hands on the back of her neck and helped push her down. With his other hand he began to slap at her ass again, his cock still moving in and out of her body at a suicidal pace.

She took the woman's clit between her lips once more and, this time, began to suck on it as if it were a nipple. The effect on the woman was immediate and intense. She screamed a stream of very unladylike profanity out into the room and began to buck up and down on the bed. Her legs tightened even more, so that Robin had a hard time breathing.

"Yesssss, you cunt," the woman cried. "I'm gonna cum all over your slutty face!"

Robin herself was now beyond words. Between the pussy juices being smeared on her face, the clit in her sucking mouth, and the hard cock slamming into her dripping pussy, she was in a state of complete sensory overload. She could feel her juices running down her legs, probably dripping on the floor. The overload increased exponentially when the man stopped slapping her ass and reached around in front of her, his fingers finding her clit. He began to rub it forcefully, flicking it back and forth, starting the machinery of her own orgasm into action.

"Put your fingers in my cunt!" the woman yelled at her, her voice broken, out of breath.

She obeyed, sliding first one, then two, then three fingers into her saturated chasm, feeling, for the first time in her life, the clench of a woman's muscles drawing her deeper.

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