Haircut: A Walk Along The River

by JAX

Copyright© 2004 by JAX

Incest Sex Story: I lay on my bed the house quiet now that everybody has left. I was naked, my legs spread just as my brother had left me. Just as soon as our mother had left for work he walked into my room and demanded that I 'strip off and spread 'em'.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   .

After I posted 'Hair Cut' I had numerous mails asking me if my ex wife did anything more with her brother. Well to be honest I don't know but that doesn't stop me speculating.

I lay on my bed the house quiet now that everybody has left. I was naked, my legs spread just as my brother had left me. Just as soon as our mother had left for work he walked into my room and demanded that I 'strip off and spread 'em'. There was nothing loving about it, it was just raw sex. I was only wearing a short t-shirt and that soon hit the floor then he was thrusting between my spread thighs until he spurted deep inside me. He just pulled out, zipped up and left, the front door slammed mere minutes later. My own fingers began to work between my legs and soon I too was having a nice orgasm.

My boyfriend John was picking me up later and I suspect we would go out somewhere as the sun was shining and it was lovely and warm. I had a shower and quickly dressed before he arrived.

"Hi J," he said with a big smile and kissed me.

"Hi, are we going out?" I asked.

"Sure," he said and I could see a twinkle in his eyes, "lets go upstairs and sort out what you're going to wear."

This was becoming a normal thing that he would supervise what I wore when we went out so I didn't argue I just lead the way to my room.

"It's too hot to wear Jeans," I said for I knew that he liked me in them.

"You could wear your white ones," he said.

"Yes I suppose," I agreed, "but I'm taking a skirt just in case I get too hot."

"Yeah ok," he said.

I rummaged through my draws and came out with my Jeans and pulled them on. Next I took off my top and bra and waited for his next instructions.

"Of course we could stay in," he leered, looking at my naked bust.

"No I want to go out," I said, "it's lovely out there."

"Ok, ok, what top have you got?" he asked tearing his eyes away from my naked bust and onto the bed littered with my clothes.

"I've got this little sun top," I said holding it up," or how about this?"

I picked up a denim waistcoat.

"Yeah, try that on," he said his voice slightly hoarse so I knew he like it.

There was only two buttons holding it together and in truth I would look better with a bit of uplift from a bra but I knew that was out of the question.

"You look good," he said.

I turned and looked at myself in the mirror. The top button was between my breasts leaving a lot of naked flesh on show above.

"Right lets go," he said taking my hand.

It was hot inside his Mini but it soon cooled down as we drove long. We parked up beside the river and walked hand in hand alone the towpath until we came to the Pub. There were a lot of people out enjoying the hot weather and I could see I was getting my fair share of looks. We sat outside and had a beer while we watched the boats go by.

"So can I?" I asked

"What?" he said looking back towards me.

"Drive your car," I said.

I've been having lessons now for some weeks but I needed a lot more practice before I was ready to take my test.

"Well I don't know," he said.

"I'll be ever so good and careful," I said.

"I like you being ever so good," he chuckled.

"I will," I smiled seductively.

"Ok just suppose I agree," he leered, "just what are you going to do for me?"

"Well," I mused, picking at my top button, "I could let you take my picture like you want."

My top button became undone and drew his eyes from mine.

"Yes," he said licking his lips.

My fingers were now picking at the second button.

"I would always leave my bra off when I'm driving," I offered knowing he would like that, but his eyes and attention were fixed on that second button.

I hadn't intended to actual undo it, I was just teasing, but it did and I could feel my bust spring apart now they were no longer confined.

"Ok here's the deal," he said tearing his eyes away from my partially bust, "first, when driving you never wear a bra and you undo as many buttons as I deem fit. Second, I take a whole roll of black and white pictures of you dressed again as I deemed fit and thirdly you walk back to the car as you are."

"I take it that these pictures you're going to take will be of me with no clothes on," I chuckled.

"May be," he said with a big smile, "as I said, as I deemed fit."

"And you expect me to walk back to the car with my tits hanging out," I said.

"That's right," he smiled.

"Ok, you've got a deal," I said, "and I'll drive us home then."

"Ok," he said and got up after downing the last of his beer.

It was even hotter on the walk back and a slight breeze had sprung up that kept opening my top. I stared straight ahead keeping my shoulders straight and trying not to catch any ones eyes, but suddenly there seemed to be a lot of young guys walking by and I could tell they were all having a good look. Once we were back at the car I started to button up but John stopped me.

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