Twin Beach Surprize

by StarLover

Copyright© 2004 by StarLover

Incest Sex Story: My weekend with the Olsons

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Incest   Sister   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   .

Here's another of my fantasy, but for obvious reason this takes place in the future anytime after June 2004. Once again I sure I'm not alone.

It was a hot July Saturday, so I decided to drive to the beach, when I got there the sand was so hot that it would burn the skin off your feet. I found my spot on the crowded beach and started to take my T-shirt off when I noticed a beautiful blonde staring at me. I actually thought I had something wrong, so I continued to get undressed down to my Speedos. I then quickly ran to the water to cool off, the water was like ice against my chest.

After my refreshing swim I came back to my towel and laid down to get some sun, again I noticed the blonde looking at me. I lay down and pretended not to notice. I slowly drifted off to sleep when all of a sudden I felt a cold drop of water fall on my chest. I opened my eyes and there was this blonde standing over me dripping on my naked chest. I thought I died and gone to heaven.

She said her name was Ashley and wanted to sit next to me to have a chat. I didn't hesitate in helping her spread the towel out next to mine. She looked fantastic in her black bikini, which was barely covering her nipples. Her breasts were like an orange and her nipples were like an ice cube stuck on top. She was absolutely a 10 if ever I had seen one.

We started making conversation and soon I was lost in her body, I really wasn't listening at all. I was only thinking of that body and how to keep my cock from coming through my swimsuit. She noticed it too as she grabbed a quick feel and said that's pretty impressive. After that our conversation turned to sex, she told me she had just turned eighteen and loved to meet men and see how she could effect them.I told her she had all my attention, she then stood up and to my surprise she said that we should go somewhere more private. I stood up and said I would follow her anywhere as I was only thinking with my dick. Ashley said she had a place close by.As she stood before me I hurried to get dressed but that awesome body almost had me cumming in my shorts. She again had a quick feel of my now straining cock and again she smiled.

As we walked back to her place every so often she stop and grab my cock and say she was just making sure I was still interested but there was no need for that as I was ready, willing and able, she told me she had a roommate and I should expect the unexpected. I must have started to look a little worried when she turned to me and said her flat mate was her twin sister and her name was Mary and sometimes they would play together.

When we reached her place there was her sister sitting on the cough in just a bra and G-string and she was an exact double of Ashley I couldn't believe my eyes. Ashley introduced me to Mary; I stutter back my name was Pete, Ashley told me to make myself at home while she had a quick shower.

I sat down and before I knew what was happening Mary was grabbing my cock and rubbing it slowly. She said I can see why my sister brought you home. I must admit I was getting a little nervous by now. Mary offered me a drink which I eagerly accepted hoping to calm me down a little. I downed the first 2 drinks when Ashley walked out wearing only a smile.

I asked if I could have a quick shower and both girls followed me in and they starred while I got naked and jumped in.

As I showered I felt hands caressing my butt and I wasn't sure who's they were but the feeling was incredible. My cock quickly got back to it's full size and was ready go. Then a sexy voice said if you can guess the right girl you will get a pleasant surprise. To that I answered Mary she then spun me around and kissed me. Our mouths melted together and our tongues entwined, before I knew what was happening Mary was on her knees and sucking my cock for all she was worth. She then looked up at me with her beautiful eyes, I couldn't take it any longer and I blow my load over her face and tit's I didn't think I would ever stop cumming. Again she looked up at me and then licked me clean. I almost passed out the feeling was so intense. Mary then stood up and washed us both.

When we got out Ashley said I hope you still have plenty left as we are only getting started. We walked to the bedroom where both girls jump on the bed. I stood in the doorway staring at these girls and before I knew it my cock was back to attention.

The girls were going at it in the 69 position Ashley was on the bottom she stopped licking her sister and said to me don't just stand there get over here and help. With that I jumped on the bed and started to eat out Mary. Her pussy was as sweet as a new wine. Both girls then got on either side of me and headed south for my cock each taking turns sucking me while their fingers worked tirelessly on each other's pussies. The smell of sex filled the air. I was getting ready to cum again so I stopped them, I made them lay face to face on the bed with that I jumped between their legs and started licking the most tastiest pussies I have ever tried. I took turns licking and fingering them while they tongued each other like there was no tomorrow. After a few minutes of licking and fingering both girls screamed that they were cumming so I licked and fingered as hard as I could and before I knew it I was wearing a face full of the sweetest cum ever, I thought I was going to drown.

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