Hot Tub Birthday Blast

by Chas

Copyright© 2003 by Chas

Sex Story: A taped football game allows me to spend some quality time in the hot tub with my wife and 2 other wives. Things progressed from a little teasing to a small orgy while the 2 oblivious husbands watched TV. Finally my wife is able to distract them.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Cheating   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Exhibitionism   .

This event happened a few weeks before my birthday in February. My wife and I, along with 2 other couples went out to dinner. I'm 5'8" tall, work out regularly and am in pretty good shape. My wife Pam, a personal trainer, is in excellent physical shape. Her flat muscled abdomen is especially attractive. She has a flower tattoo around her belly button and often wears crop top shirts to show it off. The other couples with us were Mike and Cathy, and Dave and Julie. Cathy is tall, blond, and attractive with a vibrant personality an engaging smile. Julie is tall, brunette, a real sweetheart, and she has a great pair long of legs. She tries to act like a shy, innocent Catholic girl but she's actually fairly wild on the inside. The place we went to eat was one of those 'Bring your own drinks" so we stocked up with plenty of beer and 3 bottles of wine. The girls were really enjoying themselves and had polished off two of the wine bottles in no time. After dinner we stopped over at Dave and Julie's house to play some cards and have a few more drinks. While we were at dinner, Mike had been taping the Redskins postseason game. Mike and Dave really wanted to watch the game so we headed off to Mike and Cathy's house. Mike and Cathy have a split-level house with the den with the TV on the first floor. Off a second floor deck they have a hot tub. Mike and Dave settled themselves into the den with a cooler of beer and munchies and started watching the tape of the game. Cathy said she was going up to the tub with Julie and my wife. Having the choice of watching a tape of a game or joining 3 lovely ladies in the hot tub, I immediately went up to the tub.

We get together with these couples often to play cards, have a few drinks, talk, and generally have a good time. We have on occasion got into some good-natured sexual discussions and mild flirting. Two weeks prior I had given Cathy and article from a men's magazine which discussed penis length, girth, and angle, and what that all implied to lovemaking. My wife was over Cathy's house a week later and saw a metal tape measure on Cathy's nightstand. Pam was teasing Cathy about this while we were at dinner. This must have really peaked Julie's interest because once we were in the tub she started asking to me to "show us your girth." Now sitting in a hot tub with 3 lovely women while their husbands watched a game on TV and being asked to "show my girth" was definitely affecting my girth. I pulled off my bathing suit and handed it to Julie. Instead of being shocked, she threw my suit onto to the deck and said" OK, so stand up out of the bubbles and show me your girth." I replied that there would have to be at least a few more suits off before I would stand up. My wife Pam immediately stripped off her suit and tossed it to the deck. So now my wife and I started teasing Julie and Cathy to remove their suits as well. Julie starts to put on her sweet, innocent routine but pretty soon she too tosses her suit to the deck. Cathy not wanting to be left out does the same.

So now I'm naked in a hot tub with 3 naked women while their husbands are still watching the game. Julie continues her chanting of "show me your girth" while I tease back for her to sit up out of the bubbles. After a little while of this I give in and ask her if she's ready. I warn her that my girth has enlarged in the meantime. I slide over closer to her and gradually stand out of the water. My wife meantime has put her hand on my shoulder and is sliding it down towards my butt. For a second Julie is just staring and seems to be in a little shock that I called her bluff. Cathy meanwhile is just taking it all in. Julie's shock doesn't last long as she grabs hold of my cock and replies" Yes, it's an excellent girth." She slowly starts stroking her hand up and down my now rock hard shaft. My wife meanwhile is caressing my butt and is trying to work a finger up my asshole while pleasuring herself with her other hand. Julie next slowly lowers her lips to my cock and starts licking around the head. Cathy has moved in close to watch all the action and has grabbed onto the back of my thigh with one hand while also pleasuring herself with her free hand. Cathy moves up, gently pushes Julie aside and deep throats me down to the base of my cock. Cathy starts sucking while at the same time swirling her very talented tongue around. As an aside, both Cathy and Julie can tie a cherry stem into a knot in their mouth, as I was to discover another evening. I started moaning that I'm not going to last much longer. Julie says she asked for the girth first and gently pushes Cathy away. Cathy feeling no pain, attempts to push Julie away but instead ends up pushing Julie and I to the other side of the tub. We both end up going under and as I try to surface, I'm rewarded with a handful of Julie's perky tits and her lap on t

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