Valley of the Centaurs

by Michaelmt1

Copyright© 2003 by Michaelmt1

Sex Story: Cassie is a worrior, some what of an Amazon. She choose a dangerous path which changes her life, and her. Not quite beastiality not quite simple romance. This is actually the second story I ever wrote. It is fantasy, which is my prefered writing and reading. As awalys I love to hear feed back. This is written as a stand alone story but I wonder if it should be developed.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Mind Control   Hypnosis   Magic   Fiction   Science Fiction   Zoophilia   Bestiality   Transformation   .

A new dawn rose over the entry to the valley of the Centaurs. The tropical rain forest ambled on for as far as the eye could see. Mist was burning off the low-lying lakes clouding areas of the forest adding to the eerie landscape. The cry of a strange bird startled Cassie as she pondered her decision. Should she transverse the valley or march for ten days to skirt this unknown place.

She could be home in half the time if she were brave and willing to face the great-unknown perils of this valley. This place had long held great mystery for her people. The Aberon are race of fighter women ruled by a great Matriarch who presided over a society in which women are the dominant sex. Cassie like most of her race was a powerful looking woman. At six foot eight and two hundred and twenty pounds there were few that would challenge her.

Auburn hair cascaded down her body to her waist, deep green eyes highlighted her olive complexion all combined to give the ability to conceal her self in battle. She was muscular, her body perfectly proportioned from her small breasts, to her athletic calves she was every inch a soldier.

The battle against the Ibu had been running well but Cassie had become separated from her squad and forced behind enemy lines. The only thing she could do was to return home and rejoin her squad. Now she had the choice the Valley or the Ibu. The Ibu she knew well a race of dominant males who for a century had raged intermittent war on the Fallon (her people) to fall into their hands would be certain death, or worse still a life as a slave to some Ibu male. The Valley was a place of mystery for the last century none had been know to enter the valley. Not Ibu or Fallon. It was a place of religious significance to both cultures. History records that none that entered here have ever returned.

In the end her decision was made easier as a patrol of Ibu made near to her, she had no choice but to enter the valley.

Cassie had picked a mark to make true east, knowing that this was the direction to her home land.

Progress was slow if only for the reason this skilled fighter was taking that extreme. There was ample food and fresh water to be fond as she traversed this tropical wonderland. Nothing she saw or heard gave any clue as to the supposed mystery of this place. The more she marched, the more comfortable she became. Just as she was beginning to doubt this place had any thing to hide she heard a sound from the bushes ahead.

Her reflexes saw her respond to being a stealthy stalker. Blending in to the foliage she approaches the small clearing with more than a little apprehension. Before her was a clearing, by a by a small lake. A waterfall fed the lake from some unseen precipice its spray bathing the area in broken light and rainbow after rainbow seemed to appear and then disappear, only to reform in yet another place. The cascading light show was so captivating that she almost failed to notice two people at the end of the clearing.

Cassie did a mental double take these were not people but some sort of strange hybrid of animal and human. Clearly from the waist up these were human and stunningly attractive at that. She drew a sharp breath at the beauties that were before her. From the waist down though the two resembled horses. The male was covered in sleek black hair, with powerful legs that ended in jet black hoofs. The female who at Cassies height was still a good six inched shorter than the male. She was likewise covered in hair but this was brown, yet she seemed every inch as strong as the male.

The two creatures before were clearly intention upon each other. They seemed to be circling each other to some preordained choreographed pattern. It was a dance of some sort. From the way they moved and looked at each other she could tell they were mates. Her mind told her that from the way in which they moved that they were not merely dumb animals. Where these the dominant creatures of this valley it was clear that in one on one combat the Ibu or the Fallon would be no match for these creatures.

She must learn as much as she can from these two so as to give the Fallon the advantage over their old enemies. There was no option but to stay and watch these two follow them and learn.

The dance of the creatures was captivating. Their hands danced over each others bodies like butterflies flitting from body part to body part. His hands caressed her small breasts and as he did so she could see the nipples of the creature harden and grow the nipples seem to stand out a good inch. The female creature danced her hands over the males groin and as Cassie watched his penis grew. It seem to come from within him It grew and grew till it was hanging a good twelve inches from his waist. It was some how human in appearance but the skin was jet black like his covering of hair.

As she watched to two fondle each other she felt a warm feeling developing in her own pussy and instinctively her hand went down to rub her already erect clit. The malesí penis was becoming erect from the ministrations of the female. It stood out in front of him seeming to be more powerful than any male she had ever seen.

Their erotic dance had brought them no more than ten feet from where she his concealed in the low bushes around the clearing. Cassie could see the glistening fluids forming on the end of the grand cock and watched with a mixture of awe and disbelief as the female took his massive cock in her mouth and sucked it to its base. It was clear that the female was becoming equally aroused as the male, her vagina was flame red and juices were pooling on the ground beneath her.

The female released the prized piece of meat from her mouth and turned from the male bending at the waist to present her pulsating womanhood to the male. He needed no words of encouragement as he inched his cock deep inside her. Cassie now was also creating a pool of her own juices on the ground. With each stroke the centaur took upon his mate Cassie plunged more and more of her own hand into her pussy. She could not take her eyes off them. She wanted to feel that cock inside her she wanted to suck on the females clit and drink the cum as it oozed from her pussy. She realised that the creatures were about to orgasm as she frantically reamed herself. As they came so did she in a violet orgasm that betrayed her position in the bushes.

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