Me, Mom, & the NFL

by L.A. Wicker

Copyright© 2003 by L.A. Wicker

Incest Sex Story: Football star claims his true prize.

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This story is old, I know there are mistakes in it.

As I pump my twelve inch cock in and out of her, I look down to her face. Still filled with passion after all the times we have made love. Sometimes three or four times a day, I can never get enough of her.

I have been top of this beautiful lady so many times in the past ten years. Each time I make love to her, it always feels like our first night together.

It all started about ten years ago...

I had finished college and was the Number One draft pick in the N.F.L. It was great having so many teams and people wanting me.

Reporters wanted interviews, the people wanted me to sign everything from football cards to girls having me sign their panties.

The draft came and I was picked and signed with a new team from down south. They offered me two million a year plus a secret bonus of five million cash and they had flown my beautiful Mother in town to surprise me.

She was only 37 years old and looked about 19. Her long curly blonde hair, big blue eyes and her body. Mom had one of the hottest set of tits I had ever seen, 38 dd. A thin waist and my favorite part of her, was that sexy tight ass and full hips.

Mom had got knocked up with me when she was only 15 and in high school. The man was one of her teachers. A married man with 5 kids. So, she raised me on her own with no help from anybody.

I was in my Hotel Suite when I herd the knock at my door, I opened it and there she was, the true love of my life, Mom.

We hugged for what seemed to be hours, " Did you hear how much they are going to pay me."

She looked at me and smiled, " Yes, baby I'm so happy for you."

" For us Mom," I pulled her into me tighter, " You are going to share it all with me." Her body felt so good pressed into me, as it always had.

I looked at her with a big smile, " We have a big dinner party to go to tonight, I can show you off."

" I'm glad I brought my new dress along." She replied.

" Does it look good... ," I took a deep breath, " and sexy?"

With a sly smile " Yes, very sexy, a summer mini skirt."

We sat and talked about every thing from money to moving down south. What kinds of cars we were going to buy, how big our house was going to be. Then It was time for us to get ready for dinner, she went to her room.

I took a shower. The whole time I thought of how good she still looked. Remembering some of the times when I was at home and I had got some good peeks at her body.

Looking down I saw my cock in full hardness, " Hold on big boy," I said, " That's Mom your getting hard for."

When I got finished, I stood in front of a full length mirror. Standing six foot six inches tall, and 250 pounds that was hard as a rock from all the years of weight lifting.

My cock was my best asset. It was twelve long inches and four inches around. It stayed hard day and night. It didn't matter if I had fucked three or four girls a night. It was like nothing made it happy.

" What woman could resist having this between her legs." As I rubbed my cock.

I went to Mom's room to get her for dinner, she looked like a college co-ed. Hot, sexy and ready to catch her a man.

The owner of the team, Mr. Chadwick, was an old Southern guy. He would say anything he wanted and not think about it again. When he saw me with my Mom the poor guy thought she was some babe a had just picked up.

" Damn son, where in hell's name did you find hot little number?" He took a breath, " I bet we hear screaming from your room tonight." And then he laughed.

We moved to the dimly lighted dance floor, Mom elbowed me in the side and ask, " Why didn't you tell him who I am?"

I patted her sexy ass and said, " Because your my hot little number tonight."

" Do you really think I'm sexy?" She ask.

Looking into her blue eyes and pulling her hips to mine " Mom, if I had just met you, you not being my mother, I would already have you in my room fu... making love to you like a mad man. You are the sexiest woman I have ever known."

With a puzzled look on her face, " How long have you seen me this way?"

" Since I knew what females were for. And what men could do to them." I replied.

With a little smile on her face," What would you do to me... fuck me or make love to me."

" Well, the way I'm starting to feel now," My hands found her sexy ass, " I mite have to fuck you real good and hard, then make love to you."

After that Mom and I looked at each other with a new look, lust for each other. We danced and danced the night away.

I walked Mom to her room, then I looked into her sexy eyes and ask, " Do I get a good night kiss?"

She leaned against the wall and gave me a little smile. When my lips touched hers, Our tongues wrapped together like two snakes and my cock lost control. Before I knew what was going, I was at full hardness and pushing between her legs.

My hands were caressing her beautiful ass as my cock humped her pussy. Harder I pushed into her wet pussy, my pants and her wet panties kept us apart.

" Oh Mom, I'm so fucking horny for you," I reached down and unzipped my pants, " PLEASE help me."

Mom looked down to see my giant cock for the first time. I could see the shock and fear on her face, " How did you ever get that thing so big, I could never get something like that inside me."

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