by L.A. Wicker

Copyright© 2003 by L.A. Wicker

Incest Sex Story: A sister raises her little brother from birth. She moves out and soon finds she has fallen for the one person she should not.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Incest   Brother   Sister   Petting   .

© 2003

Have you ever been in love so bad, your bones hurt. You think of the person day and night. They get in your brain, in your blood and in your soul. You dream of them, dreams of passionate love making.

Well, I've felt that way about one of the most beautiful, caring, and loving persons for most of my life. She's been there for me since the day I was born.

No, it's not my mother. But, my beautiful sister, Alana. She's ten years older than me. She has been my sister, my mother, my best friend, and secret love.

When my mother was carrying me, she drank booze, did drugs, and any other thing she could. She didn't want me, she wanted the man that shot his load in her belly. When he turned her down, she hated me from the minute I was born.

That's when, Alana, and I met. Nothing my mother did for me as a baby would comfort me. Alana, could walk into the room and people say I would start to smile, and wait for her to hold me, love me. She was always the one to soothe me, not our drunken mother.

Do to the fact my mother drank, and did so many drugs while she was carrying me, I turned out to be sick most of my life. One health problem after the other.

There was always something wrong with me. My, Alana, was always there holding me, making me feel better. Every night she would cuddle me against her warm body.

Every day after school, Alana, would run home as fast as she could, knowing our mother hadn't done anything for me. I'd be laying in the same diaper, Alana, had put on me before she left for school. And, I was never fed.

The years went by so fast. Alana, grew into the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life. She stands five foot eleven inches tall. Wonderful, light blue eyes that could melt ice. Her light brown hair goes just past her shoulders, and it has streaks of blonde running through it.

Alana, has a good medium build. Her breast are a very nice size 36d.d. She has a sexy flat tummy that I've laid my head on many, many times over the years.

I guess the part of her body I love the most is, her firm hips and sexy bottom.

Her hip bones stick out so nice, when she wears a bikini or panties around the house I can't help getting hard. One other thing I just about forgot about, her wonderful long, lean legs. Alana, could have been a model with little or no effort.

About the time, Alana, turned 18, mom met a man that was a pretty good guy.

He made sure I was taken care of or mom would catch hell from him. One of his favorite things to do was dump out mom's booze if she hadn't done anything for me.

Alana, had been working since she turned 15, and had saved enough money to get her own place. That was a day that broke my heart.

"You can't move," tears formed in my eyes, "I need you."

"Come on don't cry," she caressed my back, "Jerry, you can come see me every time I'm off from work."

I was crying harder, "Don't go. I need you Sissy."

By then, Alana, was crying, too, "Please don't, this is killing me. You know I love you. You can come see me a lot."

Alana, held me against her breast, rocking me until I had calmed down. She left that day breaking my heart in two. I was OK the next day, she came and took me to her new place. We had so much fun that day. It was like she had been gone a year and it had only been one night.

I ended up moving in with, Alana, a few months later. Mom's boy friend moved out, and, Alana, didn't think it would be safe me staying with mom.

She had a very small place with only one bedroom. So, we shared her bed for years. We would hug and cuddle at night just like we when I was a baby. I had always thought of, Alana, as a sister or mother, until I turned 15.

It was late one hot, steaming summer night. I had to get up and pee. When I started to get back in our bed is when my love for my sister changed. A light from the street shined across, Alana's, body. Displaying her wonderful body.

Her little night shirt was up to her neck. Exposing her full breast to my view. Her areola circles were a very soft pink, that blended into her breast like a fine oil painting. Her nipples looked like little pearls and they where very hard.

I know it was wrong but, I couldn't help myself. I started tracing around her wonderful nipples with my finger tips. Her flesh was so warm, soft, and inviting, making me touch her more. Slowly my fingers began to caress her tender nipples, gently rolling them in my fingers.

Alana's, back ached and she moaned, "oh yes..."

I jumped out of my skin until, I realized she was still sleeping. I moved my fingers down her long sexy body, stopping at her deep belly button. I again traced little circles around it. All I could think was, how nice it would be to lick it with my tongue. Again, she moaned softly.

Then I had a decision to make, to move to her tender sex or stop while I was ahead. I thought for one second, my hand moved between her long, slender legs. I moved my head to lay on her tummy. I did this all the time. Alana would caress my head and face as I laid on her. I cupped her damp love mound with my hand. Her heat soaked into my hand, along with her wetness. My nose picked up her scent, I moved my face lower. I needed to smell her, the sweet fragrance pulled me closer to her wet love. I had been with her all my life, but I had never smelled anything like this.

I put my nose against her, and inhaled as deep as I could. Her smell rushed up my nose, and into my brain. My head began to spin as I took in her aroma.

Closer, and closer I moved my inflamed nose between her legs. I had to get all of her scent. It had me in it's power.

I moved my fingers across her swollen clit, "Oh my God. Yes, yes." Alana, called out in her sleep as her hips pushed into my hand.

I pulled away from her as fast as I could, turning on my side, acting like I was sleeping. I fell asleep until morning. When I awoke I was facing, Alana's, back.

My cock was at full hardness, pressing into the crack of her glorious ass. My arm was around her thin waist, with my hand holding her tender breast.

I tried to move away from her, only having her pulling me closer to her. Alana, pushed her warm bottom into my stiff cock, while her hand pushed my fingers on her nipples. It was a great morning. From then on I never knew how we would wake up in the morning.

Most of the time, my cock would be buried in the crack of her ass. Other times she would be laying her head on my waist, with her mouth only inches from my hurting cock. Alana's, hot breath on my cock turned me on so much. Many times she would be dreaming, panting for air making me even harder. My cock pole would press on her mouth, as she dreamed her lips would touch me.

It was my 18th. Birthday, "So, baby brother, what do you want for your birthday present?"

I thought to myself, "A night of love making with you, would be nice." But, I told her, "How about a date with my beautiful sister." I pulled her into my arms, hugging her tight.

"MMMmmm that would be nice," she pushed her hips into mine, "you sure did turn into a great looking man." She placed a soft kiss on my lips.

"What shall I wear for you, birthday boy?" She ask with a sexy smile.

"How about... no, you wouldn't." I said.

"What? Anything you want, I'll wear." Alana said, as she ran her fingers through my thick, black hair.

"How about... Your short, short mini skirt." I said.

She giggled and hugged me, "I should have known, the way you look at me when I wear it."

"Shit, can you blame me. You look so sexy I wish you weren't..." I stopped talking.

"You wish I weren't what?" Alana, gave me a firm motherly look.

"I wish you weren't my sister." I felt like I was going to die telling her that. But, I wanted her so bad.

"You know brother's and sister's can have fun together." She said, looking into my eyes.

I just made a funny face and said, "Yeah sure."

"OK, I guess I'll show you tomorrow night," She said, "I'm taking a shower and heading to bed. Are you going soon?"

"I'll meet you there sexy lady," I patted her ass, "I'm going to find out how fun sister's can be."

"You should already know how I feel." She stated.

"What in the heck are you talking about." I ask.

"How do I put this? The last three years or so... your night time 'petting me'. It has been so fun." She giggled.

"What? I..." I couldn't talk.

Alana just smiled, "It's fine, I've love it as much as you do." And she headed off to take her shower.

I waited in bed for my lovely sister, then she came into our room. Only wearing a sexy smile, and a very small pair of pink panties. She turned around in a circle, giving me a good look at her. The panties looked a size to small. They just did cover her sex. Alana's wonderful ass ran out the sides of the small panties.

"How do I look?" she smiled moving to the bed laying on her side. Her back was towards me, "hold me like you do at night, when you think I'm sleeping."

I moved against her soft, warm body. My arm across her waist," Bullshit, like you really do at night. I need you to hold me, Jerry. Pull your 'thing' out and caress my breast."

I pulled my hard cock out, running it between her long legs, "Oh yes, that's it.

That's my boy."

"Your boy?" I ask, kinda pissed off.

She turned to face me, "I didn't mean it in a bad way. I... I just..."

I cut in, "What tell me Sis. It's OK."

She had little tears forming in her pretty blue eyes, "I've raised you sence the day mom brought you home. I feel like you're my... My."

I hugged her close, as she cried, "I feel like you're my... son."

"Oh Sis, you feel that to. So many times I've wanted to hug you and call you, Mom."

We held each other so close hugging, and caressing each other. We fell asleep in each others arms. As we had done so many times before. But, tonight I held my new 'Mother'. Tomorrow night there was a good chance she would be my lover.

The next morning I woke up with, Alana, laying across my hips. Her sexy love mound was pressed into my thigh. I could feel her wetness and heat coming through her thin panties. Her breast filled my hands, I gently touched her nipples.

"Oh baby brother. You're killing me. But, I love it." Alana said, looking into my eyes.

I turned to face her, my cock found it's way between her legs, "You are so pretty," I kissed her on the lips, "and I must say, very nice, and wet today." I moved my cock on her pussy.

"You better watch out, mister," she pushed into my hard cock, "Mommy will give you a good spanking."

"I almost forgot about that." I said.

Alana, pushed more on my cock, "MMMM I never, I like you calling me Mom. It... umm it..."

"It what, Mommy?" I grabbed her hips, "what does it do Mommy?"

"It makes me," she kissed me, "it makes me burn inside. You're like my little boy.

I've raised you from a baby, now you hold me, like I'm your sexy lover."

I kissed her, "Mommy, you are my sexy lover." I moved on top of her. My cock went to her panty covered, pussy slit.

"PLEASE, don't call me that any more." She begged.

"Why Mommy? Does it make you burn, Mommy?" I teased.

"Yes. It does. Please, stop." Her hips thrust upward.

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