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1st Act

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Sex Story: 1st Act - A young wife wants to get into acting and finds a small theater in New York doing a play about a young mixed race married couple that deals with the Husband coming home on a 72 hour pass before shipping out over seas. The young wife desires to be a good actress and finds out that acting is easier than she ever thought. (at least the love scenes)

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Interracial   Exhibitionism  

I guess I should try and tell you how I got into this situation. I did not plan on it, it just sort of happened. I had been married six months, and after the wedding we moved to New York City where my husband Jack had a job at a brokerage firm. He found an apartment that cost a fortune but then everything cost so much in the city.

Jack knew that I wanted to act in a play, and that was part of the reason that we decided to live in the city, so it would make it easy for me to find an acting job. I did not want to act for the money, although to get paid to act would be great. What I wanted was the experience so maybe one day I could be good enough to get into a real, high-class Broadway show.

In the six months that I went out to the "cattle calls," I had only been trying to get a bit part. So I did not expect the callback asking me to go back and read for the lead part in a play about a struggling couple with the husband going to fight overseas. The catch of the story was, it was based on a very good-looking black man and a very pretty white wife. The play was to show the modern troubles of a mixed marriage. They wanted the wife to be young because she was to be right out of high school (I had been out for a year) and they wanted to show that in today's life problems still did exist even in our open-minded times.

I was one of five women called back to read one last time for the part. I was so excited that night I was on a cloud, Jack was happy for me and I told him what they told me and he wished me luck. I showed up at 9 a.m., and already sitting in the waiting room were four other women, all of them lovely and, to my surprise, all blondes. I am a deep bright redhead (have been all my life). I was the last to read for the part.

I walked in the office and was handed a script. I read it and when I finished, the questions began. The first question they asked me was would I agree to dye my hair blonde. They wanted a deep contrast between the lead actor (who had read with me), who was as black as a black man could get. Next to me, there was a deed, deep black and white contrast. I was asked if I could work nude scenes because this play did have them in it because it was a husband and wife play. Since I have never had any problem showing off my body I quickly told them I didn't have a problem with that. I did let them know that my husband might, and I asked them if they would mind him coming to the rehearsals to watch if I got the part. They agreed and I knew as long as Jack was there, I would not have any problems with getting him to agree.

They told me they would call me later to let me know if I got the part or not and I went home higher than a kite. I just knew I would get the job by the way that I did my lines and handled the questions. The other women had gone right in and come right out; I went in and it was almost an hour before I walked out. By the time I got home the phone was ringing and, sure enough, I got the lead! I blurted it all out as Jack walked in the door. He was happy for me but, as I thought, he was not all that thrilled about me doing any nude scenes.

The next day I went back to pick up the script and the rehearsal schedule. That night both my husband and I read the script. I was reading it to learn the story line and, of course, to learn my lines. Jack, on the other hand, went straight to the nude scenes to see what they involved. Whenever he came across one or even just a sexy scene he, of course, had to read it to me and we talked about it. We found that there were no nude scenes in Act 1, just talking and three kisses (of course, Jack counted them for me to let me know). He found the first nude scene and it was followed with going to bed and having sex. The script also had "Simulated, under the covers" in big bold text.

In Act 3 we were to wake up and have morning sex before we got up, only this time I was to be the one on top. Again in big bold letters it had "(Simulated being covered from the back at the waist with back to audience)" on the script. There was to be a part where Ben (the other actor's stage name for the part) got under the covers to simulated performing oral sex on me, and then I return the favor. Jack read that and said, "Boy, there is a lot of sex in this play." I stopped reading my lines and said, "If you think about it, honey, it is just like us. I mean, don't we have morning sex and haven't I given you a morning blowjob?" Jack said, "Yeah, but that is us being married." I said, "That is the point, married couples do that, so if this is going to be a good play, we have to simulate it being real."

Now in all of my drama classes in high school I never had any bedroom scenes and I always wondered how actors acted that stuff out and make it look so real. I was finally going to get my chance to learn and to do just that. My first rehearsal was at 8 a.m. The schedule I was given gave us three weeks to rehearse and learn our parts. The first day we just went in and spent all day reading back and forth. Ben (Jason Kiel) and I paired up with the director to read. Ben was a seasoned actor and I had done 12 different plays in high school, so it was easy. When it came to the different things we had to do, Sara (the director) would read that section of the script.

I'll give you an idea. I would read, "Oh, honey, you're back," then Sara would read, "Linda, you run from the kitchen into Ben's arms, you kiss, Ben pulls back and says..." then Ben said, "Oh, I missed you so much, you were all I ever thought about." The next day we worked the stage holding the script as we ran through the parts. Every night Jack would ask me what happened during the day and of course I told him. We had Act 1 down pat in four days and we began Act 2 that had the first nude scene and simulated sex act. Again the first day of Act 2 practice we read and I told Jack that night that we were going to do our first run-through with script the next day. He called in and took a sick day to come in with me.

We did the reading and when it came to the part where we were to be on the bed, Sara asked me if I ever simulated sex before in a play. I told her no, that in high school we could not have any sex scenes. She said, "OK, tell you what. Let's put down the scripts and I'll show you how it is done under the covers. We want the audience to believe it is happening, yet we all know this is acting. Why don't you have your husband come up here? I want him to see how this is done just so he knows it is true acting."

I turned to Jack and motioned for him to come up on stage with us. Sara had me lay down on the bed on my back (I was clothed) and she positioned my legs up with my knees bent. She said, "It is very important to keep your knees up to hold the blanket up so the only movement seen by the audience is from Ben's rear which he will bounce up and down, simulating the act." Once I was ready she had Ben get up between my legs and said, "OK, for today and tomorrow we will not use a blanket. I want to see acting, I want you to make us believe you two are doing it. Now Ben is going to place his groin right here," Sara said, putting her hand on my tummy. "His groin will never be touching yours. If there is any contact whatsoever, it will be up here on your tummy. Now when you get to the part where he lifts your legs up and places them on his shoulders, your groin will be lifted way above his. There will not be any contact. I put on a real play and there will not be any thing going on but acting. You two got that?"

I was shocked when she said that! I mean, I sure as hell was not going o do anything, but I was glad she said that for Ben's sake, I mean Jason Kiel. I looked at my husband sitting in a chair watching me like a bird watching his prey. We did it and read the lines. I gave my best rendition of having wild sex and climaxing, but everything I did was not enough for Sara. She wanted me louder and much more vocal. The script just said "long wild passionate sex with Ben on top." By the time we finished for her, my throat was sore and dry.

One other thing happened in the rehearsal later in the afternoon. I was so turned on by what we were doing that I actually did have a climax; in fact, I had two of them. I guess it was the crotch of my jeans against me as I laid there being bounced on the bed moaning and pretending to climax. In fact, the times that I did climax I was not acting but Sara afterward wanted me to do it again, only louder and to talk dirty to Ben.

By the time back home, I was on fire. We walked into the apartment and we attacked each other. It turned my husband on as much as it did me. Afterwards we talked about it and he was going to take his three-week vacation because he was not going to let me go to rehearsal alone. He wanted to watch and make sure that nothing happened. I assured him that I could handle it and it was just acting (I did not tell him I climaxed on the bed under Ben) but he, being the loving and protecting husband, wanted to just make sure.

The next day we read again and ran through the motions. By day three I had my part memorized and so did Ben. In the morning we ran through it clothed and after lunch Sara announced, "OK, kids, this is it. Today we run through it in the nude. This time, when you kiss in the living room and make your way to the bedroom, I want to see the clothes come off. I want the bra off just past the doorway and I want Linda's panties off here at the end of the bed and Ben's underwear off just as you lift up the covers. I want the audience to just get a glimpse of your dick before you lay down and get into the kissing. Wait, let's leave the bottoms on for this time. Let's go, now go."

I was sweaty and almost shaking, I had never seen a black man naked before and while I had prepared myself for this, I was still a little shook up. I bobbled my lines badly and it was so bad that Sara pulled me aside and actually asked me if I could do it or not; she was ready to put in the understudy if I could not get with it. I assured her that I could and we started again. I managed to do the lines right and as we walked and I took off Ben's clothes as he took mine off I was so sexually turned on I knew that if I did have to take my panties off then that they would stick to my crotch and my husband would know just how turned on I was. What really got to me was seeing the package in Ben's shorts; he had on bikini briefs and they were bulging with him. Just as we were about to get in the bed the soundman called for Sara to stop a moment; the wireless microphones in the headboard were not working.

He came out on stage and began fiddling with the three microphones while we just stood there waiting. I only had on my panties and Ben had on his briefs that were bulging. I could clearly see the outline of his dick. It was hard for me not to stare at it. I was glad that I would never have to take anything that size in me. (My God, what was I thinking?! I mean, of course not, this was just acting, we were not putting on a sex show. I would never allow myself to do a sex show, I don't care how much it paid or how turned on I got.) The soundman finished and Sara got us back into position.

I reached for the covers to pull back when Sara yelled out, "No! Leave them on, I want to run through this scene this time without them, that way we all know what you have to do and your husband and Jason's girlfriend (her name is Rose) can see what will be going on under the covers, I want to see Ben in the right position." We began kissing again and Ben laid me down on my back as he worked my breast with his big black hand. We had always done that part with my bra and shirt on before then. I was hot as I had ever been in my life; his fingers ignited my breast and nipples that sent waves of pleasure straight down between my legs.

We kissed for a while and then we got into position. I had my knees raised and Ben, of course, moved up above me never touching my groin or me. He motioned as if we were making love and I gave an Academy Award performance as I made everyone there think that I was enjoying the lovemaking. When we got to the part where Ben reached down and pulled up my legs to place on his shoulders, I was actually having my own little climax as I acted out that part. Ben's groin never touched me. The next part was for him to pull out, lay on his back and I was to go under the covers and pretend to give him oral sex.

When he laid down I turned and as I went down his body Sara said, "OK, stop right at his belly button and bob your head up and down so it will look like you are actually giving Ben some head. Ben will go through his lines and when he acts as if he comes again, then you change places. You will come up from under the covers, turn around and let him know it is his turn, he will get under the covers, between your legs and place his chin on your belly button, you will go through a climax and then spoon as you talk and go to sleep."

It was then that Ben said, "That is nasty. I don't never go down on a woman after sex, that's just nasty as hell." Sara said, "Ben, you are not going to, you are going to act as if you are. I know you don't do it in real life, but this is not real, so suck it up and act." He said, "You don't get it, ain't no black man going to go down on a woman that he just did." Sara said, "No, you don't get it. Linda is not a woman, she is your wife and she just went down on your messy dick that just came out of her because she loves you, now since you love her as much you are going to go down on her and show the world that you love your wife the same, now either get with it or let your stand-in take your place. You knew this was in the script weeks ago, now act."

We did it and I could tell that Ben did not like acting out that part. I was glad that no one would see his face under the covers. We did it exactly as Sara wanted and when we got to the part where he spooned me, I could feel his very hard dick through his shorts against my ass cheeks and I hate to admit it, but I loved the feeling.

When Sara called out to close the scene she also yelled for the prop people to bring us two robes. They handed them to us as we got up from the bed, Ben had a huge hard-on and he turned his back to everyone as he put his robe on to hide it from view. Sara said, "Good job, kids, and listen up everyone. Remember, this is acting, and if all you boys here don't have a hard-on, then Linda and Ben did not do their job right. And if you don't have a hard-on, Ben, I need to find another actor. I want this part to be extremely erotic; this is a man and wife who love each other, they have been apart for months and will be again, they have three days to make love and work out their family problems, so deal with it, and if you can't let me know and I'll pay you what I owe you and you can leave. I do not want any snickering and/or nasty comments. Linda is a great actor and Ben has control." Turning to my husband she said, "Are you content with the scene? Are you comfortable that this is acting and nothing more, Jack?"

Everyone was looking at my husband as I was, and Jack said, "Yeah, sure, it was acting. They didn't touch and, believe me, I was watching. I have to tell you, though, if I had not seen it with my own eyes I would surely have believed that it was real." Sara smiled and said "Jack, honey, it's called acting, we act to make it look real. OK, let's take five and we'll do it again." I said, "I'm going to my dressing room. I'll be right back." I wanted Jack to come with me because I wanted sex so bad I asked for it. I knew that if Jack was dumb enough to not come with me that I would have to masturbate before going back out there.

I went in closed the door and leaning against it I put my hand in my panties and touched my very wet soaked vagina. I was just getting into it when I heard a tap on the door, I heard Jack's voice and I quickly opened to door. I said, "What took you so long? Come here, I need you, and I need you now." I began kissing him as he took me to my daybed. He had his hand in my panties and his fingers inside me fucking me like crazy. I grabbed for his cock and was getting his pants down. He broke the kiss and said, "Give me a blowjob, honey, that was so hot, I need to get off." I thought to myself, "Isn't it just like a man? He wants to get off, he wants a blow job, he wants, he wants... what about what I want?" I needed to fuck, oh well I could at least masturbate as I sucked him off, besides I loved doing that anyway.

We got his pants down to the floor and I knelt down making love to his cock with my lips and mouth. I worked my pussy like a woman possessed, Jack put his hands on top of my head and began fucking my mouth, sliding his cock down my throat just the way I love it. I felt a cool breeze and turned my eyes to the doorway. Sara and Ben were standing there, I saw Sara reach for the handle and close the door. I pulled back and said, "Jesus, Jack, you forgot to lock the fucking door, Dammit, Jack, they saw us." Jack just grabbed my head and pulled me back to him. I saw his dick coming at my face and I knew that the only thing that was going to stop him was for him to get off. I resigned myself to the fact that they had seen us, and if they could not understand a husband and wife doing this it was just their problem to deal with. I came hard as Jack pulsed his sperm down my throat.

He finished as I did and as I pulled back off of him, he pulled up his pants and said, "I'm sorry, honey, I got so turned on and you had me going nuts. I couldn't stop, I should have locked the door. Are you mad?" I stood up as I pulled my soaking panties up and said, "I'm not mad, I understand. Hey, they can handle it. Remember, they are actors." I heard a knock on the door and Sara's voice, "On the set, Linda, we're waiting." I slipped on my robe and we walked back on stage. Sara came over to me and said into my ear, "Sorry, honey, next time, lock the door."

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