by BBKradwell

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Sex Story: A tired, older man goes shopping and brings home the virginal, perky sales-clerk!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   Food   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

It was late at night. I couldn't sleep, as usual, and the only thing open, near me, was the 7-11. I was jonesing for a chocolate chip cookie! 3/ $1. Still the best deal on cookies in town.

I jumped into my little green Geo, and drove down to the convenience store to satiate my desires for cookies... and the new night clerk, Amber!

Amber was a lovely, 18 year old girl I'd known for years. I'd watched her grow up, next door to us. She was 5 feet of pure, untouched sexuality. I'd been trying to get into her pants since her birthday party. But, since I was over twice her age, I kinda figured she'd think I was too old for her! I saw her go off to make out with a boy her own age at her party and she never gave me a second look, so you can see why I figured what I had.

I'd seen her, in various states of undress, from my bedroom window, over the past year or so. With the blossoming of womanhood, only just beginning to show on her young body, now, she was definitely becoming a woman: Five foot, nothing, tall; 32-22-32! Lovely, small breasts curving down to a very narrow waist; tapering down to sexy, slim hips and a tight ass, that I would have killed to get my hands on. Luckily, it didn't come down to that.

She was wearing her "dirty-blond" hair up in pigtails, that night. God, she looked so cute! Just like she had at the age of 7, when she moved in next door to me and had come over to introduce herself. (Since that first day, she's always confided in me about everything.)

"Uncle Chris! How are you?" She always called me "Uncle," which shows you how close we were.

I smiled, but didn't say a word. She was wearing really short shorts and I could've sworn I saw her pussy lips poking out through the crotch of them. For sure, half of her ass cheeks were sticking out of the bottom of her tattered cut-offs. Apparently, the dress code was not being enforced that night.

"Why so quiet, tonight, Unc? Is that bulge in your shorts cutting off your air supply?"

I looked down & sure enuff, she was right! I had a monster stiffy!! And it was starting to hurt, too!!! (Good, old Viagrow.) I looked up at her and said it was none of her business, rather shocked at her sudden brazenness. Only just recently had we started to discuss sexual matters.

"It's OK, Chris." She continued, "I know you've been watching me strip for a while."

"But, only this past year have I seen anything to look at," I chided; truthfully, referring to the fact that she was slow in her sexual development.

"Ooooh, ho ho hohh! You are so gonna get it for that one, Mister," she countered.

I then poked her in the ribs, saying, "I know you are, but what am I?" I then stuck my tongue out at her.

She seemed to light up at the sight of my tongue, saying, "Oooo, is your cock as long as your tongue?"

"A bit longer... But you'll never know, young lady!" I said with a stern tone!

She then shocked me further, by saying, "Too bad. I could use a stiff cock. I've been so horny, lately. The poor carrots in my house just don't do the trick any more. Dammit!"

I was stunned by her words. Apparently, she'd been watching me having sex with my girlfriends, from her window, all these years. And it had turned her on, so much so, that she'd have to frig herself to sleep, on those nights.

"Listen, I get off work at 5:00am today. Are you still gonna be up?" she asked, fully knowing of my nocturnal habits. I hadn't slept at night for 15 years.

"Probably," I said. "Why?"

"There's something I want to give you," was all she said, as another customer came into the store.

I left, after saying, G'nite and drove home, forgetting about her "something" for me.

At 5:45am there was a soft knock at my door. It was Amber. She was still wearing her work clothes. She came in whispering something about not wanting her folks to know she was there, would I please not tell them she was there, or something like that. When I tried to ask her why the sudden need for secrecy, she put her index and middle fingers in my mouth and asked me to be quiet and taste her fingers... !

They tasted of cookies. Cookies and... something else. It was kind of tangy/sweet and slightly salty/bitter!

"What IS that?" I asked.

Without saying a word, she closed my front door, leaned back against the inside of the door and pulled down her shorts.

This threw me for a big loop, but when she said to look down, I gasped aloud!

She had no panties on! She had shaved her pussy!! And she had a chocolate chip cookie sticking out from between her vagina lips!!!

"I told you that those carrots weren't enough anymore," she groaned! When she said that, she started to shudder. She was having an orgasm!

"Nnnnnnaaaaaaaaahhhhhnnnnh!" She cried out, trying in vain to stifle the sound of her climax. Luckily, she'd closed the damn door. She would have awakened her parents, next door, for sure. There was cookie-goo dripping down her inner thighs. Pussy flavored, chocolate chip cookie-goo!

I quickly jumped to my knees to lick her thighs.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked, as I pulled out the fresh baked "dildo" from her smooth, dripping orifice!

She just nodded her head, and said "Lick me, eat me... FUCK ME, NOW, DAMMIT!!!"

So I did. I feasted on cookies'n'cum!!! A new taste sensation! I told Amber that this should be the next flavor from "Ben&Jerry's!" She just grunted and shivered again as I stuck my tongue on her clitoris, sending her into the throes of another orgasm!

When she calmed down, I asked her if she'd like to "help out an old man with a big problem?"

"How big... and what can I do?" she asked.

I just picked her little 90-pound body up, carried her to my bedroom, and put her half naked body on the double bed.

I took off my clothes and told her to remove her shirt. When she got a look at my erection, she let out a gasp. I asked if she was making fun of my little 7 incher, but she said no.

"It's much bigger than the carrots I've been using for the past two years," she proclaimed.

"What about all your boyfriends? Surely, they are much bigger than I am!" I asked her.

"I never let them get that far," she said. I guess her parents didn't want her fooling around, getting knocked-up. So she was still, technically, a virgin. So, that was what she wanted to "give" me: her cherry!

"It's also much bigger in person," she said, alluding to the fact that she'd been watching me through the window, too. "My mom said it's not more than 5 inches. I'd love for her to see this up close!"

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