Annette and Gail

by heryankee

Copyright© 2003 by heryankee

Sex Story: Annette and I swap with her married sister and husband

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Swinging   Lactation   Pregnancy   .

I had just come back from Nam when I met Annette. I was 21 and she was 19. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She stood about 5'4" tall and had a beautiful face. Her body was that of a goddess. Her long blonde hair reached down to her waist and her breasts were not to be believed. I met her at one of the dance clubs that were popular then we quickly became an item. However even in that time of free love she was not free with her sexual favors.

We had been dating six months and I had met and gotten to know here family. Her parents were very nice. Her Married sister Gail was about 5'10" with waist length blonde hair a great ass and small breasts. Her 12 year old sister showed promise of being as beautiful as the other 2 sisters. Gail's husband David was a nice guy and their son Sam, was a great, little one year old boy.

After six months, the lack of sex in our relationship was beginning to wear on me. But Annette was nice and I thought I might be in love with her so I was patient. The one day her parents went away for the weekend and Annette had to watch Rose, her little sister.

I did not know but Annette had decided that this was the time that we would make love. She had gone to the doctor the month before and gotten the pill. Her mother knew about it and told her if she loved me it was ok. But Annette did not tell me this, until that evening.

That evening Annette made dinner for the three of us (Annette, Rose, and I) Rose the smart 12 year old that she was, left us in the living room and went into her room to watch TV. We watched television and whenever I started to try to more than kiss Annette she kept telling me to wait until Rose was asleep.

I was kissing Annette and caressing her breasts through her blouse. My tongue was buried in her mouth, and my fingers began to fumble with the buttons on her blouse. Annette stood up and said.

"I'm going to put Rose to bed now. Please wait."

With that, she left me on the couch and she went into Rose's room. In a little while Annette came out giggling. She told me that Rose thought she was in a hurry for her to go to sleep so that Annette and I could fool around. She also told me that Rose thought it would be cool if we did. Annette sat next to me and kissed me deeply. I began to caress her breasts. Then she did something she had never done before. She put her hand on my lap and began to caress my hard cock. She looked at me and asked.

"Would you like to spend the night with me?"

I could only nod and smile.

"Give me about 15 minutes to get ready."

As she looked into my eyes, she said.

"Then come to bed"

I watched her hair sway on her back as she walked into her parent's bedroom. I waited for what seemed like hours I never new 15 minutes could be so long. The finally the time was up and I knocked on the door.

"Come in."

There she stood, wearing a white silk nightgown, her long blonde hair framing her face and the nightgown outlining her large stiff nippled breasts. The room itself was romantic and candle lit. The bet made up with white satin sheets.

I could not help but ask "What if your parents come back?"

"Don't worry mom knows, she told me to make sure Rose was asleep and that she would keep dad away the whole weekend. We talked about it and she went with me to the doctor to get the pill. Just please be gentle with me."

She walked up to me and I took her in my arms my tongue penetrated her mouth and we shared a deep passionate kiss. Her hands fumbled with my shirt as she began to undress me. Before long we were both nude and lying on the bed. She explored my body with her hands followed by her lips and tongue. The she took my hardness in her mouth and began to lick and suck on it she tasted my pre-cum and sucked even harder. I pushed her off gently wanting her to have my cum in her vagina the first time.

Then I began caressing her beautiful body for the first time. I rubbed my thumbs across her stiff pink nipples. I sucked them into my mouth tasted their sweetness and caressed them with my tongue. After she was moaning form the pleasure of my caresses, my tongue trailed lower, across her abdomen and down to her blonde covered mound. I kissed her nether lips and licked them then I licked and sucked her clit until she screamed out her orgasm. We were both surprised her by the intensity of her orgasm and me by the speed with which it occurred.

She immediately pulled me up between her legs and guided me to her entrance. She whispered to me.

"Please be gentle you are my first, but I want you and need you now."

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