I Can't Believe

by JAX

Copyright© 2003 by JAX

Incest Sex Story: I couldn't believe it as I watched my older brother and his two friends fuck my drunken sister

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Safe Sex   .

I can't believe this really happened, but it did. I'm the middle of three siblings; Jerry my elder brother is at college now, while Hazel is a year younger then me. Hazel seemed to blossom so quickly, one minutes she was some scrawny teenager, the next she was a very well filled out young girl. I don't know what size she is, but her small waist makes her tits and hips look good.

Both Hazel and I wanted to go to this rave in town, but Mum wouldn't hear of it unless Jerry went too. Jerry said ok as long as he could bring along his two mates, Tom and Les, so it was all arranged. It was great, a good local band and plenty of dancing. Once we had arrived, my brother and his mates split from us, only turning up every now and again, to bring us some alco-pops from the 18+ bar next door. By the end of the evening both Hazel and I had more to drinks then was good for us, I felt a little sick and I suspect Hazel did too.

We all piled into Mum's car; my brother was driving, with me beside him, leaving Hazel in between Tom and Les in the back seat. About half way home, my brother announced that we couldn't go home, what with Hazel and me in such a state. Tom said that his folks were away for the weekend and we could all crash there. It was all agreed and my brother used his mobile phone to ring home and tell Mum so she wouldn't worry about us. All the way to Tom's place I could hear Hazel giggling from the back seat. I looked behind me and in light of the passing street lamp, I could see both the guys had their arms around Hazel. As soon as we arrived, I headed for the loo to be sick, while the rest went into the lounge for more drinks.

I don't remember how long I was in the loo, but I must have brought up most of what I had drunk and felt a lot better; I washed my face and went to find the rest. I had almost got to the lounge door when again I heard Hazel drunken giggles.

"Stop that," she said. I heard a guy's reply, but not the words. I poked my head around the half open door. My sister Hazel was lying flat out on the couch with one of the guys half-lying on top of her. My brother was sitting on the floor with the other guy, the lights were dimmed and their backs towards me, so I couldn't say who was who. Even in the low light I could see Hazel's short skirt was well rucked up, enough for me to see most of her thighs. The guy on top of hazel, bend down and kissed her, I could now see it was Tom. Hazel didn't stop him, in fact, her arms went around his neck and pulled him closer.

"More drinks," shouted my brother. Les got up from the floor and picked up a bottle from a nearby table. Every one held their glasses out to be filled, then they all drank. Tom and Hazel started kissing again, I could see his hand sliding up and down her exposed thigh, but still she hugged him. Soon I could see his hand move up her body until he was cupping her large tits.

"Stop that," she said again, and pushed him away.

"She need another drink," offered my brother from the floor.

"Yeah," agreed Les, pouring a large one into Hazel's glass and almost forcing her to drink it. Afterwards Tom kissed her again, but when his hand started to fondle her tits, she again pushed him off.

"Les, why don't you go around and hold her arms for Tom," my brother offered. Les got up from the floor and grabbed both of Hazel's wrists and pulled them above her head.

"No, stop that," Hazel mumbled drunkenly.

Now Tom's hands could cup and squeeze her without interference. I couldn't believe it, my brother was egging on his mates with his own sister, even helping them by getting her drunk and having her held down.

I noticed that Tom's weight on her had made Hazel's legs part slightly and he was now wiggling to get in between them proper. I could see his nearest hand to me, was stroking her thigh, while his other was squeezing her tits. Things were rapidly getting out of hand, and if my brother didn't stop things soon, it'll be too late. But he seemed in no mood to stop things now, quite the reverse in fact; he was still egging on Tom to fondle our buxom sister.

"That's right Tom," he said, "give her tits a good going over."

Les had transferred both of Hazel's wrist to one hand and with the other he pulled up Hazel's top and bra, leaving her tits bare for Tom and him to fondle. Tom had now finally stopped kissing Hazel's lips; instead he was kissing her body; it looked like the drinks had finally got to her.

"Looks like she ready for it," suggested my brother, agreeing with my observation.

"Yeah," agreed Tom, he unzipped himself and lowered his Jeans, then he moved her knickers aside to allow him access.

"Go for it man," urged Les from mere inches away. Tom found the right place and pushed forward slowly, then all of a sudden he was fully inserted.

"Yes," he sighed.

"Go man, fuck her hard," encourage my brother. I could see Tom's white bum, thrusting back and forth as he fuck my young sister. I don't know how much Hazel was aware of what was going on, for her head was lolling about on its side, and she was making grunting noises in time with Tom's thrusts.

"Don't come in her, you wanker," ordered my brother, "here use this," and he threw Tom a condom.

"Yeah thanks man," grunted Tom, who pulled out long enough to roll it on, then he pushed back inside her.

"Les, get Tom's Polaroid camera," my brother yelled out, "this needs to be recorded."

"Yeah, good idea mate," he responded, letting go of her limp wrist and coming up with the required item in seconds. Two flashes later Tom had come.

"Get out of the way, it's my turn," said an inpatient Les, handing over the camera to my brother He quickly replaced Tom between my sister's legs, rolled on a condom and thrust into her. My brother put the camera up to his eye and it flashed.

"Yeah man, she's nice and tight," Les observed, "great tits too," his hands filled with her twin orbs. He didn't last long at all, ten hard thrusts and he pulled out with a long sigh.

"Yeah that was great man," he said. I thought that would be it, but I was wrong, my brother then got up, handed the camera back to Les, rolled on a condom onto his own hard cock and moved between our sister's still wide open legs.

"Yeah man, give your sister one," laughed Les, putting the camera up to his eye and took a picture. My brother thrust in and out for some minutes before he too shot his load.

"Yeah, nothing like a bit of incest," he grinned at his two friends. All three then got up, still laughing and left her there; I had to hide quickly or they would have caught me.

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