I'm a Good Girl

by JAX

Copyright© 2003 by JAX

Sex Story: I'll try most things, well at least once anyway

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I'm a good girl, but that's not how you would describe me, I bet. I feel if some guy takes you out and shows you a good time, who I'm I to deny him the pleasure of my body. It helps of course that I enjoy spreading my legs for them too. I'm now at college and the place is jumping with fit guys, most will give me the eye as they pass, for I've been told I'm worth a look. I stop growing at five four when I turned sixteen, but my bust kept on expanding for a year after that, finally stopping at thirty four inches with a 'C' cup. Although most guys say I have great pair of tits, I think my bum and legs are my best features; I look really great in a short skirt of tight Jeans.

I dated all sorts of guys, from jocks to nerds and usually enjoyed them all. In my opinion, you can't have a view on something unless you've given it a good try. I can remember the first time I dated a nerd, I was in my first year and this guy was in my science class. He looked the archetypal nerd, thick glasses, skinny body, but with a sharp brain. It wasn't that I found him sexual attractive or anything, it was more my inquisitive nature. It was a real eye opener, for a start I wasn't bored out of my brain with his sporting stories, but was engaged in an enthralling conversation about the state of the planet. When it came to the sex part of the evening, I found out that when it's dark and a guy is pumping between your legs, it felt no different from any other guy I have been with; which was very strange.

As I said before, there's not a lot I won't do at least once, if I don't enjoy it, then I won't do it again. But if I do, which general was the case, then ok, let's do it again. My first sexual experience was years ago with a guy down the road from where I lived. We fooled around for many months, kissing and petting, until one rainy day, when his parents were out, his hard cock, broke me in for the first time. After that we would do it any time we could, I got myself on the pill, but I still required any hard one to wear a condom before I would let it inside my pussy; a girl can't be too careful.

I suppose you want some intimate details of my perverted sex life, but to be honest there's not much to tell. I suppose I could give you details of some of my notable firsts, if you like. Ok let me think, right, I mentioned how I got first fucked, boringly my first blowjob was with the same guy. So ok, the first time I flashed my boobs off in public. I was at a party with a guy who's name I forgotten, when later in the evening, after everybody had downed a few, a couple of other girls and I were urged on to take our tops off. Now I have nothing to be ashamed of in the tit dept, so I was the first to take off my T-shirt and I carried on dancing in my half-cup bra. By now the guys were cheering us on and I can remember the guy I came with was not happy bunny about me flaunting myself, but by then I was flying. One of the other girls then lost her bra, I can remember thinking how small she was and why did she bother wearing one in the first place. Anyway not to be out flashed, off came my bra too, much to everybody's enjoyment, bar one of course. I can't remember if I fuck that guy that night or I let someone else take me home and do the dirty deed. Anyway, for the rest of the party I went topless and had lots of dance partners, happy to hold my naked torso in their arms.

Ok lets move on to my next first, oh yes I remember, during that party I was given a business card, which in truth I didn't even look at. Later, well in fact a few days later, I was digging my clothes out to be washed, when I came across this card again. It was a guy from the Media Dept., who wanted me to be a model for him and his students. I know I've said I was happy with my body, but to strip off in front of a class of strangers and have them photograph me, well I wasn't so sure about. I rang him up and arranged for him to take me out for a quiet drink and discuss it. It turn out he would be more than happy for me to pose just for him. Now I don't know about most girls, but some and that included me, have this fantasy about being a model. So a few days later I found myself standing topless in front of this guy while he photographed my boobs. It was a very charged atmosphere there in his studio and of course when he had finished with me I opened my legs for him. He was a very nice fit guy so I dated him for a few weeks afterwards too. Of course he wanted me to model for him again, this I was very happy to do just as long as my knickers stayed on in front of his lens; I think open legs shots are not very photogenic.

Ok let move on, oh yes you'll like this one, the first time and only time, I had two guys at once. I was seeing this guy, a second year student, who had a flat outside the campus, which he shared with this other guy. No I can't remember either or their names now, one might have been called Tom, or Bill. Anyway we came in one night from the pub and I was desperate for a fuck but his flat mate wouldn't take the hint. So I pounced on Tom or Bill, whatever and started to kiss him. Tom took the hint and we got it together, soon my top was off and Tom was giving my boobs the attention they deserved. His mate, whose name I probably never knew in the first place, was watching from his armchair. After some time, I looked over and I saw he had his cock out. Now there's nothing that gets me hornier than watching a guy pull on his hard cock. By now Tom had stripped me off completely and was making noises about pushing his cock into me. But before he could, I got up off the floor and walked over to his flatmate. I knelt down in front of him and watched at close quarters his hand move over his large cock. My juices already flowing now started to gush, I took this nice cock into my mouth, pushing my bum in to the air and waved it about as an invitation for Tom to take me from the rear. Not a slow guy, he slipped into me and together the three of us moved in harmony. The guy in my mouth came first, followed by me next and Tom brought up the rear, so to speak. I lay there very happy, then the two guys traded places and I was double-teamed again. I don't know why it's still the only time I've done that, I suppose it's the guys, trying to find two who won't be jealous of each other. I never had more than two guys either, if you think about it, each guy will probably want at least two goes at me, I think I may be a little sore by the end of the encounter.

Ok, what else, well there's not a lot really, I've fuck lots of guys, great fun at the time, but not very noteworthy to write about. Oh yes I did wank my brother off one time, I was having a shower one evening with no plans to go out. I headed for my room with the bath towel wrapped around my waist, when I met my younger brother. He has seen my tits before, I not shy about flashing them off in front of the family. Anyway, this night I felt a little frisky and with no prospect of getting fucked, so I afraid I backed him against the wall and fondled his fast growing cock. I bet he thought all his Christmas's had come at once for I let him fondle my tits too. I pulled out his impressive cock and wanked him until he came all over my hand. One day I might get the urge to let him between my legs, he has a very nice cock on him.

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