Both Ways

by Drifter

Copyright© 2002 by Drifter

Sex Story: His gorgeous wife has appetites both ways which he supports fully...

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Swinging   .

A Circle of Friends

A New Beginning

Linda Johnson, Lin to her close friends, lay nude in her large bed, propped up on one elbow next to her husband of ten years... smiling down at him like the cat that ate the proverbial canary... John lay flat on his back in a euphoria that didn't come too often... totally spent in that best of ways, freshly fucked. Lin was feeling much the same way but in addition she had this feeling of accomplishment. It was she who had instigated the sex play that night. It was she who directed every step leading to the wonderful satiation they both now felt.

John wondered, thankfully, what had come over his darling wife. He might have guessed. He knew her to be a sensual, usually pretty horny lady whom he loved completely. But this had been different. This had been one of those "times of new beginnings" as he liked to think of them. These times had happened each time they had moved to a new town. As Lin found "that something special" she sought eagerly on each move. Something John was well aware of and approved of. Hell he adored that part of his Lin too. He thought he knew what had moved his wife so.

All of the moves from town to town, except the last one, had been when they had sold one car dealership so that they could buy a larger, more profitable one somewhere else. Now John had the Mercedes dealership in Centerville and they were rapidly becoming quiet wealthy. This last move had been planned like the others. The difference was they had to move the time scale up a year or so due to the mess Lin had gotten herself into. They had agreed to not talk about that and rarely did.

Now John smiled as he thought of how turned on his beautiful wife had been that night. From the time he got home from work to just moments ago when the two of them soared to the absolute best climax they had ever shared, Lin had been unusually aggressive. Hell she was like a stalking animal with her touches, her subtle comments, her flashing of one part of her exquisite body or the other until John had this grin permanently placed on his face... or at least for the evening. He knew when she got like this that the smartest thing he could do was simply go along for the breathtaking ride he knew to be approaching. Her prey was willing and ready to be consumed...

Lin had flashed her cute bare ass at John as she prepared dinner and he watched sitting across from her at the kitchen table. Each time she turned her extremely short flared skirt would fly up and reveal a fleeting glimpse of her perfectly formed ass... or her dark pubic hair so nicely trimmed. The loose blouse and short short skirt were obviously the only thing she wore. Even her feet were bare as she flitted here and there.

Each time she placed something on the table John was treated to a view of her perfect 34c breasts down her open blouse... with their excited engorged nipples.

Her nipples had been his first indication that something was up when John got home. They showed clearly through the thin silk blouse as she walked up and kissed him, welcoming him home, and John just smiled... knowing tonight was going to be special.

Now in the kitchen John was hard already and his manhood showed clearly through his pants. Lin had watched it grow as she teased him, loving the power she had over this part of their life. Now she said,

"Honey... why don't you go change and get out of that suit. Get comfortable lover... I think tonight you may be busy."

John blew her a kiss and headed off to do her bidding. He showered and drew on a pair of cut off jeans that were old and soft and clingy... a loose t shirt and he headed back down stairs. The jeans formed nicely around his half erect cock and as he walked into the kitchen again Lin's eyes slowly raked over it staring at his half hard cock and she smiled saying,

"I like your choice of clothing darling. I hope you feel rested and strong tonight."

John stroked his growing cock through his thin shorts as Lin watched... He knew from past delightful evenings that Lin wanted him to be silent... to let her do the talking... the directing... she was in control and he was hers to do with as she wished... and she had several wishes.

The table was set with a light dinner... she walked over to him and with out a word slid her hand inside the leg of his loose cut off jeans and wrapped her fingers around his now fully erect tool. She squeezed it lovingly and kissed him with a lot of tongue. His cock was now sticking out of his shorts in Lin's busy hand. John ran the back of his hand lightly over her cheek, then her hard nipples through the thin blouse. She ran her finger nails over the underside of his cock and he jerked reflexively. Then she pulled away and said,

"Sit down darling and eat... you will need your strength."

As they toyed with their food, eating slowly, Lin would pause and pull her blouse open baring her beautiful small breasts and touch her own nipples lightly... or pull on one... moments later after eating a bit more she turned in her chair and pulled one foot up on the seat, causing her legs to open and her skirt to ride up to her waist. Her delicious, very wet cunt, showed clearly through her trimmed pubic hair. With one finger she ran through her parted labia up to her swollen clit. Her finger came away wet with her copious juices. She slowly slid her finger into her mouth and sucked on it languorously. John felt his cock jump, still outside his shorts bobbing eagerly toward his mate.

She again ran her finger through her opening flower and this time she fed it to her near-panting husband. He sucked her finger deep... pleasurably for both of them. Again she retrieved more nectar on her finger. This time she rubbed it on the underside of John's throbbing cock. He sucked in his breath. Once more she scooped more pure elixir from her even wetter intersanctum and rubbed it all over his cock head, She felt him swell, tense up even more and she speeded up her tiny little strokes just under his cock head where she knew the effect so well. She looked him in his eyes and whispered huskily one word,


And he shot an enormous load. The first salvo hit her directly on her lips. She quickly licked it into her mouth and swallowed each drop. The next flew up into his plate on the remnants of his meal. the next, not so strong now, hit the kitchen floor... then the balance just slowly dripped off his cock onto his leg and the chair and Lin's talented hand.

She leaned over and kissed him deeply, sucking his tongue, tasting her own juices still on his tongue and lips. Then she said,

"I think we have had enough dinner, lets leave the dishes and I will clean them and your little mess up later darling."

She stood and he rose with her. She wrapped her long trim fingers around his limp cock and sighed,

"That's one sweetheart..."

Then she pulled his t shirt over his head and unbuttoned his shorts letting them drop. He stepped out of them and returned her favor dropping her clothes on top of the puddle of cum on the kitchen tile. She smiled and pulled his hand to her breasts. He caressed them softly, gently, lovingly, touching them so lightly Lin jumped with anticipation. After a moment of this delicious feather touch she smiled and said,

"Please go on up and wait for me sweetheart..."

John gladly headed for their large bed. It was only a few moments until she joined him. Just enough time for John to recall the last time this had occurred and he knew she had found someone. Someone like the others in previous small towns they had chosen to live and play in. This was her way of telling him she wanted someone else.

Soon she crawled on the bed beside him and kissed his lips sensuously once and then slid down lower until he felt her licking and biting him lightly on his abdomen just above his cock. This drove him... Just as she knew it would, his cock jumped and started to recover. She slid her red full lips over the head of his growing cock and slowly sucked and licked, deeper and deeper... she took it until it touched the back of her mouth at the entrance to her throat. He knew well what was coming and he groaned with pleasure and the waiting...

Her fingers slid up the back of his legs splayed out on either side of her athletic trim body... built like an ice skater... perfect ass and legs, small but delightful breasts... John felt her fingers between the cheeks of his ass and soon as he expected, and desired, he felt one small finger pressing against the rosebud of his anal passage. He sucked in his breath as it pressed harder and entered his rectum to the hilt. He jumped driving his cock deeper into her mouth, a little into her throat as she fucked his ass hole with her finger. Then he felt her lips pressing into his pubic hair... Oh God he thought as he knew she had deep throated him...

She began to fuck his cock with her mouth... deep into her throat each time... it was like another cunt right now and he fought to control his orgasm. Five... ten... minutes she pleasured him front and back and then she withdrew her two fingers and knew he was ready.

She released his cock from her mouth and stood up. John watched her as he had difficulty breathing without gasping. As he expected she moved to her dresser and opened THE drawer. He knew what she would do next as retrieved her toy... she squatted a little and pressed one end of the two headed dildo into her wet open cunt. It slid in easily and she gasped at her self pleasuring. Then she straightened up and attached the harness... between her legs to the part that went around her waist. She stood there and smiled at him as the 6 inch dildo stood out from her lithe body.

John pulled his knees up to his chest almost involuntarily as Lin crawled between them. He watched as she spread the ky generously over her "cock" and then into his asshole. He sighed as the thin rubber cock pressed against his ass at the same time it drove deeper into Lin's sensitive cunt and the small nub touched her clit. She gasped and lunged against it, driving her small cock deep into John's ass. John gasped, crying out "OH shit... " then he sighed deeply as she rested briefly before she fucked him to another of his and her deep climaxes. His cock rubbed between their bellies as she fucked into him hard, drew out slowly and then rammed back up his now relaxed ass. She kissed him, wrapped her hand around his swollen member and said,

"You can fuck my ass next darling..."

He couldn't control it any longer and shot his hot slick wad all over both of them... All over her sweet tits, her throat, his throat and stomach... Lin screamed and shivered as her climax began... she jerked and twisted to get more friction on her clit and deep in her cunt. She gasped over and over as wave after wave hit her... each time causing her hips to drive forward harder again and again until she strained against her husband... strained with ever muscle as tight as a violin string... ever nerve ending screaming for release from the excruciating pleasure.

Then she went completely limp as her climax peaked, as she went over the edge to oblivion. She lay on top of John as dead weight. He would have been concerned had they not done this several times before. He knew she would come out of it ready to continue soon. He would fuck her ass as she had said, and then they would join in straight, if hard driving, intercourse until he filled her treasure trove full of his essence. The only thing remaining in the ritual after that was his going down on his lady lovingly to enjoy the feel, the scent and the taste of her inner and outer labia, her rigid little cock-like clit, her perineum and her dark pucker. He would saver it all as he cleaned his lady of their mixed Champaign... and his lady came over... and over... and over...

It was minutes after this that Lin slowly propped herself up on her elbow... looking at her husband with loving, appreciative eyes as he lay there barely conscious. But soon enough John looked up at her and his eyes focused again, his mind began to function cognitively rather than only sensually once again. John smiled and asked,

"Who is she?

The Pursuit Begins

John waited a moment for his lovely wife to respond then he repeated himself,

"Who is she?"

Lin smiled... then laughed softly... then giggled and lay down on top of her husband.

"You know me far too well."

"And love you far too much?"

"Never too much... that is not possible... and not near as much as I adore you."

Again John said softly as his hands filled with her cute bare ass cheeks,


"Ann Brown is her name... she teaches at the Jr College, Art I believe. Her husband is Robert Brown, I think he is the President of the Junior College where Ann teaches."

"I know him... we met at the Chamber of Commerce weekly meeting a few weeks ago, Nice guy. But he is a little older than I would have thought."

"He is older than Ann... she is about 32... Darling, I want you to get to know him better... become fast friends with him so we can have them over for dinner... perhaps a swim or something, and soon please. Will you do that for me, please darling... It isn't essential but would make things easier I think..."

"I would be delighted to do that... and more."

"No more will be needed unless I miss my bet. I think Ann and I have a lot in common."

"Oh I'm sure you do darling... if not I bet you will soon. Tell me about her."

Lin laughed huskily then and started,

"She is darling... petite, but very well proportioned, sexy as hell actually. A redhead... in both places... We met at Aerobics class and later showered together. I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of her. Sweetheart... her pussy looks so kissable... it was trimmed. I got so wet thinking about her during our shower. I noticed she looked me over pretty good too. It may be my overactive libido talking but I think she wants me too. Oh God I hope so. I miss that so much... I love you darling and I love fucking you but I miss Sandy so much."

"Speaking of Sandy..."

"Don't worry honey... I will never seduce a empty headed bimbo like Sandy again. You know how sorry I am about all of that. If you hadn't stepped in with her husband... the preacher, it could have really gotten nasty. I never dreamed she would tell him about us.'

John smiled and kissed her lightly and said,

"Shhh... that's all over... just include it in your book of things not to do during seduction and love affairs..."

They both laughed and John spoke,

"I will invite Robert to the country club this week end... maybe you and Ann can join us for dinner afterwards."

"Thank you darling... I do love you... and I appreciate how lucky I am to have a husband like you who understands my... appetites."

After a pause she continued

"Ann is brilliant... and unless I miss my guess, is no stranger to what I am after. I promise I will be careful this time."

"I know you will my love... good hunting... now I am wiped out honey... it was fantastic... every minute of it. But now lets sleep." and he kissed his lady goodnight.

Lin sighed loudly as she cycled down slowly... the last thing she remembered was Ann... nude... in the shower...

The next morning around eleven, Lin was interrupted as she tried to organize her photographic studio in the quarters above the garage. It had once been a two bedroom apartment with kitchen and bath, but now was the beginning of Lin's new studio. She had been a free lance photographer for years.

As she picked up the phone she heard John say,

"Robert and I have a tee time of 9 am Saturday. He also accepted our invitation for dinner... he and Ann and You and I... although I doubt if you will know Robert and I are there."

"Thank you darling... I will make it up to you... you know that."

"I do... I do... and I look forward to it..."

It was Friday... Lin stood there looking out the window at the country side open behind their home. It was really beautiful if somewhat isolated... just as Lin had searched for... she had not wanted any near neighbors.

Now she thought about Ann, lovely tempting Ann... and she looked for her purse. As she found it she knew Ann's card was exactly where she put it... as she pulled it out she felt a small tingle in her awakening clitoris.

"Hello Ann... Hi this is Lin... from aerobics"

"Oh hi Lin... I'm really glad to hear from you."

Lin smiled to herself as she enjoyed Ann's warm voice and her enthusiasm.

"I understand our husbands are playing golf Saturday... I was wondering... would you like to meet me for lunch at CHARLEYS Saturday and then maybe a little shopping."

"You are a mind reader Lin, would you believe I was thinking about calling you for something similar. I was delighted to meet you... at aerobics... seems the only people I know here are college types... students or faculty... yes I would love to meet you for lunch... and get to know you..."

"Great Ann... I knew you were my kind of lady... I will look forward to it. Shall we say 1 pm at CHARLEYS."

As she hung the phone up her hand was shaking... she smiled as she hugged herself and whispered to the room,

"She will be mine... and soon. Oh God I hope soon... I want her so..."

When Lin walked into CHARLEYS at 5 minutes before 1, she saw Ann standing just inside with her back to her. Lin ran her eyes over her sweet target... A flowered print silk blouse, a short mini skirt, hose, and heels... her ass looked so good in that tight little skirt Lin wanted to grab it in both hands... soon she thought.

Lin's outfit wasn't much different. She had chosen one of her shortest skirts but not that one. Save that one for later... They both looked like a pair of dreams looking for a place to happen...

Lin stepped up very close behind Ann until her breasts touched her back and she moved her lips even closer to Ann's ear and whispered,

"Hi sailor, want to have a good time?"

Ann turned to face Lin and their breasts and arms brushed lightly. Neither of them backed away as they found each others hands.

Ann's eyes twinkled with delight and she said,

"Lin honey... right on time... and I love your opening darling..."

"Just a hangover from my working days..."

They both laughed and the matre d' asked Ann if they were ready for their table. Ann nodded and they were led to a small table for two off to one side, As they followed the young man Ann said,

"I love CHARLEYS... it is so cozy don't you think Lin?"

Lin agreed... it was the kind of place most people would take someone they were trying to seduce. Dimly lit, expensive, a non-intrusive staff and good food and service. She hoped she and Ann would meet here often...

They continued to hit it off immediately. A couple of martinis... a small luncheon and lots of talk. It seemed they were constantly touching each other and then Lin said,

"Ann darling, I hope you don't mind... I am a real toucher. I guess it has bothered some people but my family was always very demonstrative."

Ann picked up Lin's hand in hers and squeezed it lightly,

"Lin... we are so much alike... I love to touch and hug and all that... Don't worry, " and she continued holding Lin's hand as she stroked it softly. Lin was excited... it couldn't be going better. But not too fast... don't scare your future lover away by moving too soon...

They talked about movies, plays, shopping, men, the college, what Ann taught, fine art... oil and water color and sketching... they talked about Lin's photography... Lin brought up a photography course she had taken... nude studies of the female form. Ann had taken a art course similar and then she smiled at LIN and offered,

"And I worked during college posing for stuff like that."

"Nude... you didn't?"

"I did... was great money and I have to admit I enjoyed it... I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist at heart."

"Well my love, you certainly have the body for it... I couldn't help notice in the shower... you are gorgeous... I bet you drove people crazy."

"Aren't you sweet... thank you but Lin... I didn't miss how good you looked au natural... yummy... too bad you didn't model. They would have loved you."

They squeezed each others hand and just smiled at each other. Then Lin noticed the time... it was almost time to meet the men for cocktails before dinner at the club. John had driven to pick Robert up for golf so they decided they would drop Lin's car to make it work out even.

Lin pulled into the garage and motioned for Ann to come inside to "freshen up". They walked directly to the master bedroom suite on the way to the bathroom there and Lin noticed on the bed, her doubled ended dildo with the strap on harness was laying there. Lin was surprised and was genuinely shook as she quickly picked it up and put it back in her drawer. She apologized profusely and knew she had put it back in the drawer earlier that morning after cleaning it. Then it dawned on her, John had put it there...

Ann watched and as Lin apologized she said,

"Please don't apologize Lin... someday when we know each other better I want to hear how you and your husband use that."

After that comment her mild anger with John disappeared and was replaced with gratitude.

Soon Ann drove toward the country club saying,

"Wish we could afford this place... colleges just don't pay THAT well..."

"It's nice... Ann you can be my guest anytime you like... maybe we can go swimming there soon. But I really prefer our pool at home."

As they walked into the bar looking for their husbands heads turned and a lot of people enjoyed what they saw. The guys were standing in the bar waiting for them.

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