Sam Falls Even Further From Grace

by Scorpio00155

Copyright© 2002 by Scorpio00155

Sex Story: It had been two months since Dan's wife Sam had fallen from grace with the man Steve in a night club. After much soul searching Dan and Sam agree to try the experience again, but their plans went very awry.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Reluctant   Rape   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   .

© Copyright 2002

It is rare for me to revisit a cast of characters, generally once a story is completed I move on to the next. However, in this case there has been such a demand for a follow on story that I felt compelled to attempt it. I'm afraid it is a little long and starts very slow.

It had been two months since my wife Sam's fall from grace with the man Steve in a night club. That night had been one of shock, guilt and inexplicable excitement for both of us. In certain ways it had improved our relationship in that Sam had promised to surrender herself to my carnal desires no matter what they may be or where I may wish to enact them. Yet in other ways a certain strain had crept into our marriage following that night, a strain that did not diminish with the passage of time. To a degree we tried to put the whole incident out of our minds, but it was hard for me to forget what I had witnessed and I believe it was equally as hard for Sam to simply forget how she had let herself be used by Steve.

For myself I still found it hard to believe how aroused I had become while watching another man fuck my wife. Try as I might I could not get the vision of his cock moving in her pussy out of my mind, nor, if I am being honest, how easily she had given in to him. Like many other men I had read the stories about men getting their wives to have sex with other men, however, I had never really lent such tales any credence. I brooded quietly for weeks about my part in what had happened as I tried to come to terms with the perverted pleasure watching Sam with another man had given me. In ten years of marriage I had never felt tempted to stray and, to my knowledge, neither had Sam, now I found myself torn between anger and disgust at what had happened and temptation to place Sam in a similar situation. In the stories the men let their wives move on to (or pushed them into) greater excesses, but despite Sam having promised to let another man play with her or even fuck her if I said she should, I could not bring myself to try such a thing.

A large part of my hesitation to put Sam into such a position again was fear, the fear of perhaps losing her to another or her leaving me because I placed such demands on her. Again, in stories, the men seemed to revel in seeing their wives with other men and there rarely seemed to be any adverse outcome, however, I dreaded what may happen to our relationship. Perversely I also became aroused when my thoughts strayed in this direction. Sam had tried to ease my conscience by telling me it was natural for a man to be excited to see his woman used by another man, only I had real doubts about this; not just about my arousal but about Sam. There was deep down inside me this nagging kernel of doubt that Sam actually wanted to be with other men because I did not satisfy her in some way. Perhaps my doubts and fears may have been laid to rest if I had discussed them with my wife, but after the first week we stopped talking about what had happened and I was too uncertain about my feelings to bring the subject up again.

So two months had passed, two months of great sex, but a growing tension between my wife and myself. Silly? Perhaps, but that was the situation and I seemed unable to move forward with the situation. However, Sam sensed what was affecting me and our relationship and came to a decision of her own.

"Dan," Sam said softly as we sat relaxing in the living room one evening, "we need to talk about what happened with Steve. I know it's been worrying you and it's coming between us."

My first instinct was to deny that there was anything wrong, but as fast as that thought came I realised that the only person I'd be fooling was myself. Looking at Sam I tried to sort my fragmented thoughts and fears into some sort of order, instead I found myself blurting them out in no particular order at all. While I spoke my wife listened with growing sadness on her face, a look that became pained when I voiced my concerns about not satisfying her. Breathlessly I wound down after a few minutes, somehow I felt better for letting loose the stream of my thoughts, but I also worried about how she would react.

"Why didn't you tell me all this before?" Sam sighed after a long moment of tense silence. "Dan, I made you a promise that night and I mean to keep it if you hold me to it, but I did not make that promise for any other reason than to show you how much you meant to me. Darling, I don't want another man, you more than satisfy me and if you don't want me to make good on that promise that is more than alright by me."

"Really?" I asked quietly, then sighed, "I've been a fool haven't I."

"We both have." She smiled reassuringly. "I should not have let you brood on it for so long, but I think I was as afraid as you about the whole thing."

"Afraid?" I blurted.

"Yes," she replied, "afraid. Afraid you would leave me because of what happened. Afraid that you would shut me out, and you have been shutting me out Dan, even when we have sex you seem distant and I was scared by that."

"Sam, despite everything," I said lowering my eyes to the floor, "I still get turned on at the idea of... you know..."

"Me with other men?" she finished for me.

"Yes." I sighed. "I think about it and your promise and sometimes, well sometimes I want you to do it. When I have those thoughts I get to feeling that there's something wrong with me."

"I think I understand," she answered softly, "and there's nothing wrong with you Dan. I sometimes wonder how it would feel if you did take me up on that promise and I admit that it does give me a tingle of excitement. Dan it's no different to watching a porn video and we both get turned on by that."

"Of course it's different," I said in surprise and doubt, "it's not some porn queen on a T.V. screen I'm watching, it's you, my wife."

"And the porn queen is someone else's wife or girlfriend." Sam replied. "Dan, we have to move past this. Either we try to forget it ever happened and I don't think either of us can do that; or we face up to it and decide whether we will try never to do such a thing again; or we add it as something in our sex life. I will go with whatever you decide."

And so the ball was back in my court and I was torn between guilt and fear and arousal. It had come as a major surprise to discover myself getting turned on as we had talked, but I could not deny the sensation of my cock slowly growing harder. Looking at Sam I wondered if I could take seeing her being touched by another man again, at the same time I admitted that I desired to see such a thing happening. I remembered Sam's promise of that night 'Dan, I'd do it for you, I'd even let others fuck me if it was what you wanted', I remembered telling her that I didn't want to see her fucking another man, just being played with. Now I wondered if I had meant what I'd said, seeing my wife being played with by a stranger had been exciting, but later, as the memories kept coming back I realise that it had been seeing another man's cock pumping in her pussy that gave me the biggest turn-on. Had my angry and violent reaction of that night really been because of the guy's actions or because of my own guilt at how they'd made me feel?

Sam remained quiet while my thoughts boiled within my brain, but her eyes were focused on me as though reading those very thoughts. Being brutally honest with myself for the first time since that night I finally admitted to myself that the idea of seeing Sam being fucked was what excited me the most. It disgusted me to discover this perverted side of myself, but I could no longer deny it or deny that I wanted to make it happen. Strangely I felt much of the tension that had been building in me since that night ease as I made that admission to myself. Looking at Sam I drew a deep breath and smiled gently at her.

"Sam," I said slowly, "I've learnt something about myself that I'm not too happy to have discovered, but I can't deny it any longer. It did turn me on seeing you being played with, but I now realise that it excited me even more seeing Steve fuck you."

"And you want to see me fucked again?" she asked in a low voice.

"I don't honestly know." I sighed. "Sam, I could say that I only want to try someone playing with your body, but I'm honestly not sure that I would step in to stop things if they went too far, a part of me seems to want you to be fucked by another man. All I can say is that I feel that I want to try watching again, I want to see another man handling your body."

"Dan," Sam smiled at me, "I'll do whatever you want of me, I love you that much. If you really think you want to try this what say we take things as they come, if you step in and stop whoever it is from fucking me then that's okay, but if you don't step in and let them fuck me then that's fine too."

"You really mean that?" I asked in surprise. "You're not just agreeing to make me happy or something?"

"Yes, I mean it," she laughed, "and I am agreeing to it to make you happy too. One thing though Dan, how easy do you want me to be?"

"Easy?" I asked not catching on to her meaning.

"Easy," she smiled, "as in do I just give in without a struggle or do I make them work for everything they get."

"I think it would be more exciting to see them having to work for what they get." I laughed as the penny finally dropped.

"So when do we do this?" she asked.

"How about this weekend?" I replied.

"That's two days away," she commented, "but I guess if we are going to try this the sooner we do it the easier it may be."

We spent the rest of that evening just talking, voicing our doubts, fears and excitement of the past couple of months. At the same time we made tentative plans for what was to come, for myself I felt uncertain and eager in equal measure as we talked about where to go and how we would arrange events. It was a sensation that stayed with me through the next two days, I know my mind wasn't fully on my work and I was thankful that those two days were relatively quiet in the office. Then Friday evening was upon us.

When I got home Friday evening Sam was in the bath and my stomach did a flip-flop at the thought that she was getting ready to go out and be seduced because I had asked her to. At the same time my cock grew hard within the confines of my clothes for the very same reason. Entering the bathroom I gazed longingly and lovingly at my wife as she lay part submerged in the warm, bubbly water. As I admired her body I could not fail to notice that her nipples were already hard in arousal, and I felt a moment of doubt at seeing how turned on she already was by what we had planned for that night.

"I'll be out in a minute." Sam's warm voice cut across my thoughts.

"Okay love." I responded lamely while retreating to the bedroom.

Sam had already laid out her clothes for the evening on the bed, I was not surprised to see the wrap-over dress, that thing was designed to be seduced in. I was surprised to see that she had not put out a bra and the panties she was going to wear were so minuscule as to be almost non-existent. Beside the panties was a pair of self grip stockings and a pair of four inch high heels stood by the side of the bed. My conscience pricked me even as my cock grew harder.

"All yours." Sam's voice sounding from the bedroom doorway made me jump.

"Uh, thanks." I muttered.

As I lay in a warm bath a few minutes later with my cock waving above the water's surface I wondered if I could go through with this. Yet the excitement rising in me, let alone the sight of my already rigid cock told me that I could, at least for now. Then I wondered how Sam felt about what was about to happen, her hard nipples spoke of her arousal, but did she also have the same doubts and nervousness that I had? Should I give her the chance to back out of this? I was still pondering this when I got out of the bath and started drying myself off.

The bedroom was empty when I got there and Sam's clothes were gone. Dressing in trousers and shirt I decided that I would have to give Sam the chance to back out of what we had planned for the night. Having reached that decision I felt a lot easier and after a quick brush of my hair and a dash of cologne I headed downstairs to join my wife. She was in the kitchen sipping at a glass of wine when I got downstairs and I stopped in the doorway to look at her, one look at her and my excitement surged to a new level. My resolve of mere moments previously to give her the chance to back out went out the window as I stared at her.

The dress she wore shimmered and slid with every move she made, the mere knowledge that all that held it closed was a silken belt did nothing to ease my excitement. Looking down I saw her shapely stocking clad legs, the dress was already slipping open as she sat on a stool with her ankles crossed. Letting my eyes rise up her body I smiled at the sight of her nipples pushing at the material of the dress; my eyes reached her face to see that she had used very little make-up, just enough to show, but not enough to look garish. Her head turned and our eyes met, her hazel eyes seemed to sparkle with excitement and I knew that even had I voiced my earlier resolve her response would have been in the negative. Almost as a side thought I noted that her shoulder length brown hair was tied back in a ponytail and I wondered if this was to ensure that it would not block my view in any way. The excitement in her eyes had given me another moment of doubt, but my own excitement pushed this aside.

"Want one?" she asked waving her glass gently and smiling.

"Better not," I smiled back, "I'm driving don't forget."

"Well I guess it's time then." She said.

Draining her glass Sam slid off the stool, straightened her dress and came to where I stood in the doorway.

"Unless you are having second thoughts that is." She said looking up at my face.

"I was when I came down, but now... no." I grinned down at her. "You?"

"No, but I do feel nervous." She admitted.

Leaning down I kissed her, straightening I teasingly ran my hands over her boobs. She looked down at my hands then up at my face and laughed. As we left the house a few moments later I knew that no matter how the night went I would feel guilt about it later, but for now I was almost eager to put my wife in the hands of another.

We had chosen a club about ten miles from where we lived, though we had been there before we were by no means regulars and we would be unlikely to bump into anyone we may know. The drive there was made in a sort of excitingly nervous silence, from time to time my eyes would drift down to her legs as I drove. True to form the dress had slipped wide open as she had entered the car and I could see her flimsy panties, the gusset already appeared to be a little damp. It didn't take long to reach the club, but it took almost as long as the trip to find a place to park. Still, within thirty minutes of leaving home we were stepping through the doorway into the dimly lit, loud atmosphere of the place.

For a moment we stood near the entrance just letting ourselves get adjusted to the noise and the lower light level. Although well filled the place certainly wasn't packed, which surprised me for eight thirty on a Friday evening. I was even more surprised to see that almost half of the tables were empty, but this worked in our favour as I spotted a free table in a corner of the room that had a number of points it could been seen from without any problem at all. Of course if whoever eventually picked her up wasn't as daring as Steve there would be nothing to see anyway. Thinking about her being picked up made me realise it was time for us to separate, looking at my wife I gave a nervous smile, nodded to the table in the corner and made my way to the bar. As I sat sipping at a beer a few minutes later my wife appeared at the other end of the bar, I watched her order a drink which she took to the table I had pointed out to her. Easing my way around the bar I settled myself onto a stool that gave an even better view of the table and my wife. I had to suppress a grin as I saw that I would have no trouble seeing what went on above and below the table.

Thirty minutes later I began to wonder if there would be anything to see at all. I had nursed my beer like a miser while watching both the club and the table at which my wife was sitting, no-one had even seemed to look her way and the club seemed to be emptying rather than filling as the time passed. Sam was looking around the club, her glass all but empty and I was sure she too was wondering if we were wasting our evening. Then a man appeared at the bar beside me, leaning over he asked the barman what the woman at the corner table was drinking. Lord knows how the barman remembered, but he did and told the man, my ears pricked up when the man ordered a large vodka and tonic to be sent to her table. Out of the corner of my eye I watched the drink being taken to Sam, she spoke to the barman who nodded to the man beside me. The man saw Sam looking his way, nodded, raised his own glass and smiled, Sam smiled back and raised the glass that had been brought to her. With that response the man left the bar and went over to Sam's table, he spoke to her and she gave a reply; the man sat at the table with her and they struck up a conversation.

Waving the barman over I ordered another drink while keeping an eye on the table. As I sipped my beer Sam and the man got up to dance, since the music was racy I was not expecting anything to happen yet so I let my eyes sort of drift around the place. When a couple of other men came to the bar I gave them a quick glance then let my attention wander back to the dance floor. Sam and her companion were jumping around to the music along with about a dozen other couples, both of them seemed to be having fun.

"Think he'll score?" One of the recent arrivals at the bar commented to his companion.

"Bloody hope so," the other replied, "she's a right cracker."

"A bit on the small side though." The first one observed.

"They're all the same size lying down." The second man laughed.

Out of the corner of my eye I looked at the pair then followed their gaze out to the dance floor, the comment about size and the direction of their gaze confirmed that it was my wife they were talking about. The hairs at the back of my neck prickled as it dawned on me that all three men were together and that the man with Sam was the 'pick-up' guy. Based on their conversation they were expecting their friend to seduce the woman he was with then share her with them. Something like this happening had never occurred to either of us, now I was faced with the decision of bringing things to a halt or risk Sam being gang-banged. Even as I had these thoughts I became aware that my cock was uncomfortably hard, surprised by this I wriggled surreptitiously on the bar stool to ease my cock into a more comfortable position. Turning my attention back to the dance floor I saw Sam and the man returning to the table laughing and talking like old friends. Glancing to my side I noted the two men watching my wife and their friend intently. My stomach was in knots of nervous excitement as I tried to decide whether to 'rescue' Sam or to wait and see what happened.

Over the next hour I watched Sam and her companion drinking, chatting and dancing to the racy music. At one point I had to go out to the toilet, when I got back Sam and the man were sat at the table again with fresh drinks in their hands. Luckily my stool was still free and I sat back at the bar with relief, then I looked around the club and noted that there were even fewer people around. Puzzled by this I waved the barman over.

"Could I have another beer please." I said. "It's quiet tonight."

"Yeah," he responded while pulling my beer, "there's a concert of some sort on tonight, most of them are either there or heading there."

He handed me my frothing glass then turned to the two men beside me, they ordered drinks then asked about a back room. Part of my mind noted that the music had changed to a slow tempo, but my attention was focussed on the conversation beside me. From what I could hear of it the three men were well known regulars at the club and seemingly very friendly with the barman. Their conversation was low voiced so it was hard to hear it all without making it obvious that I was listening, but one thing became clear, there was a room these guys used quite often somewhere in the rear of the club. The thought that Sam may be whisked away to this room where I could neither watch or protect her worried me; I was all set to get up and put a stop to the events unrolling when I felt a touch at my elbow. Glancing round I saw one of the men grinning at me.

"Can I buy you a drink?" he asked.

"Uh, yeah, I guess." I responded feeling flustered.

"You here alone?" he asked after ordering the drinks.

"I was supposed to meet someone," I lied, "but they didn't turn up."

"So I guess you're at a loose end then." He said. "By the way, the name's Alan and my friend here is John."

"I'm Dan." I answered. "And yes, I am at a loose end especially as there's almost no-one here tonight."

Looking towards the dance floor I saw Sam dancing close to her companion, he clearly wasn't used to dancing with such a short woman, nevertheless his hands were doing the stroking thing on her back. Even as I watched he let his hands slide further down her back and although he had to bend over a little they finally came to rest on her buttocks. Sam leant back and made some comment to him to which he laughed and gave a squeeze at her backside. She laughed then snuggled back to his chest, as she did so her companion looked over to the bar and grinned at his two companions.

"Fancy some of that?" Alan asked with a laugh.

"Pardon?" I replied with puzzlement.

"Fancy that little dish with our friend over there." He expanded.

"Well I wouldn't say no." I replied grinning while butterflies bounced around in my stomach.

"Well just keep your eye on those two." John leant over and laughed.

I had every intention of keeping my eye on 'those two', but as the conversation drifted into general lewd jokes and chat I wondered what Alan had meant by his question. The implication in his words seemed to be that once their friend had seduced the woman she would be available to all, but I just couldn't believe that could happen. Half listening to the pair beside me I watched as the man played with Sam's buttocks on the almost deserted dance floor. A few tracks later he bent his knees and kissed Sam full on the lips, and not a gentle peck, it was a full blown french kiss that my wife did not pull away from. They sort of stood there swaying and kissing for a few minutes before coming up for air. I saw Sam laugh and make a comment, the man laughed and replied then took her hand and led her back to the table.

There were fresh drinks already at the table and as they sat down side by side I glanced under the table to see her dress slide off her legs. Raising my eyes I saw them sipping at their drinks, between sips they were laughing and joking; soon the glasses were empty and Sam seemed to suggest they get back to dancing. Her companion responded with a shake of his head and what looked like 'I can think of something better'. My wife gave him a puzzled look as he leant over, then he was kissing her. Keeping half an eye on what was happening at the table I ordered a round of drinks for myself and the two men.

"Not long now." John laughed quietly.

"With luck she won't be easy." Alan grinned.

"Why with luck?" I asked confused by his comment.

"It's more fun when they have to be sort of persuaded." Alan answered with a huge grin.

Looking back to the table I saw the man was still kissing Sam, one of his hands was on her shoulder as she leant back in her chair. Moments later his hand began to move downwards, my cock throbbed as I watched his hand slide down over her dress to come to rest on one of her tits. As he began to gently squeeze her small but firm flesh through her dress Sam reached up and took hold of his wrist, parting their lips she said something to the man, though she did not push his hand away. Clearly he decided that her not pushing his hand away was a signal that she 'wanted it', but did not want to appear too easy. Grinning at her he gave her boob a squeeze then leant back in to kiss her and though Sam's hand still gripped his wrist she neither pushed him away or pulled back from the kiss.

His two companions made some comments at this, but I wasn't really paying too much attention to them. Fascinated I watched the man playing with Sam's tit, his fingers squeezed her flesh firmly through her dress, his palm rolling and pressing down over her excited nipple. Then I saw Sam stiffen, glancing down I saw the man's other hand sliding up her leg, this was no slow stroking rise, his hand brushed up the inside of her stockinged leg until it came to a stop on her panties. Sam's legs closed around his hand and looking up I saw her straining against the man's hand, mouth and body, obviously she was attempting to push him off but with little success. Looking back under the table I saw his wrist pulling up then pushing down against the pressure of her closed thighs as though rubbing at her pussy.

"You watch Dan," Alan said digging me in the ribs, "it won't be long before her legs open again."

Above the table Sam was still pushing against her companion, though her strength was no match for his and gradually her pushes seemed to become weaker. Below the table her thighs were still tightly clasped around his hand, yet his wrist was still moving and making his hand rub on her pussy. Then I heard a 'yes' from John as Sam's thighs eased their pressure just a little giving their friend more room to move. Nor was he slow in taking advantage of this, his wrist rose and fell faster while I noted his tendons flexing which made it clear that he was now able to move his fingers on her as well. My heart pounded as I watched the man's hand rubbing at her panties and gradually Sam's legs began to open. Looking up I suppressed a gasp, the man's other hand was inside the top of Sam's dress, her protesting hand had fallen away to her side, the material was moving to the motions of his hand on her naked boob.

"Hey Glen," Alan commented to the barman, "better go get the room opened up."

"Blow that," the barman replied, "it's dead tonight, I'll just shut the place up."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the barman leave the bar, but my attention was drawn back to what was happening to my wife below the table. Her companion was now sliding his hand up and down her pussy over her tiny panties, with each movement Sam's legs would open a fraction wider. Although she still struggled against him her resistance was little more than token and the man obviously sensed this. His hand slid off her pussy onto one of her thighs and with a gentle pressure he pulled her leg wide, as though connected her other leg moved open. Then his hand was back at her pussy, the material of her panties was pulled tight over her mound and the outline of her pussy lips could be seen pressing at the clearly damp material. I looked up to see the man parting their lips, his face moved round to her ear and he spoke to Sam. She turned her face to his and made some sort of weak reply, but he just nodded to her and I saw Sam tense, I looked down in time to see her raising her bottom from the seat. In the space of a heartbeat the man had pulled her panties from under her onto her thighs, moments later he had pushed her panties down her legs to her ankles.

I was momentarily distracted by the barman crossing my cone of vision, but I refocused on the table in time to see the man's hand sliding back onto my wife's pussy. As his fingers started to probe at her clearly wet hole Sam's hand came up to weakly grasp at his wrist as though to stop him. I glanced up as he parted their lips again, his eyes looking deep into hers as though showing her that she was not in control; glancing down I saw his hand moving forward despite Sam's grip on his wrist. Two of his fingers pressed between her puffy lips then moved on to sink slowly into her pussy, Sam pushed at his wrist one last time then released her grip. With an almost triumphant thrust his fingers plunged all the way into her pussy and Sam's body shivered with obvious excitement. His thumb stretched up to her clit as his fingers began to move in and out of her pussy in a steady rhythm that drove her to a climax within minutes.

As she jerked and shuddered on his probing fingers I sensed more than saw movement out of the corner of my eye. When I looked that way I saw the barman returning to the bar, behind him the rest of the club was empty. Surprised I looked back to table where Sam's companion was still finger fucking her, his other hands still playing with her boobs inside her dress while his lips were firmly locked to hers. Sam was no longer pushing at him, instead her arms were around him drawing the man tighter to her as he teased her body towards another orgasm. At that moment his hand came out of the top of her dress, I watched as it slid down to her waist then tugged at the flimsy material that held it closed. Sam must have felt him tugging the belt open, but she made no protest, his hands pushed the material open to reveal her naked body and still Sam made no protest. For all she knew the club was still full of people yet as her body was revealed her only action was to press tighter to the man.

"Here we go." The barman commented.

"Yeah." Alan added eagerly.

Although I heard their words my full attention was on what was happening to my wife. Having opened her dress wide the man had moved his hand to his shirt and while the fingers of his other hand plunged and writhed in Sam's pussy he opened his shirt. He almost had to force her arms away to get his shirt off, but once he'd managed that he pulled her arms back around his now naked upper body. If Sam noticed that his shirt was gone she showed no sign of it, her hands rubbed across his bare back almost frantically. Next he pushed his shoes off using his feet, at the same time his hand was busy at the fastening of his trousers. He raised up a little and somehow managed to push his trousers and underpants down his thighs while still finger fucking Sam. With a couple of kicks he got the garments off, almost as an aside I noticed that Sam had freed her feet from her panties. His hand moved up to take hold of one of her wrists, with a slow deliberate motion he drew her hand down over his now naked body to his cock. Her hand closed around his erection without any hesitation, slowly her hand moved up and down on him, wanking him as he fingered her.

Minutes later Sam climaxed again, her hand moving in sharp jerks on the man's cock as she trembled to the force of her pleasure. Still fingering Sam the man parted their lips, his hand went to the back of her head and pressed down. This time Sam hesitated, but his moving fingers were driving her back up the peak of pleasure and as though her last resistance had crumbled she lowered her head to his lap. I watched with bated breath as her mouth closed around the man's cock, slowly she slid her lips down his shaft until his cock pressed to the back of her throat then started to rise again. His hand remained at the back of her head pushing her down and pulling her back by her ponytail as though guiding her in the speed he wanted. In a few brief seconds my wife was sucking at him at the pace that seemed to please him most and he released his hold on her hair to lean back in his chair. His fingers never left her pussy, but his face told a story of triumph and sheer pleasure.

He leant back savouring the feel of my wife's mouth on his hard flesh for a few minutes then took hold of her ponytail again. I thought that this signalled that he was about to climax, but I was wrong, as Sam's mouth slide down on his pole he pushed down on her head. Sam gagged then squealed as the man forced her head down beyond the point she had been stopping, forcing his cock part way into her throat. He held her against her struggles for a while then let her rise up his cock, I thought Sam would stop at this point, but instead she reached the cap of his cock then surrendered to the pressure of his hand pushing her down on him again. Once again she gagged as his cock pushed part way into her throat, but this time there was no squeal, it was as though Sam was going to let him use her as he wished. He let her rise again, at the same time his fingers moved faster in her pussy and on her clit, I could see her body trembling into another climax as he pushed her head down again. This time Sam barely gagged as his meat pushed into her throat and this time her companion did not stop pushing down until her lips were pressed into his pubic hairs. Holding her still he savoured the feel of his cock buried to the hilt in her mouth while she shook in a sudden orgasm. He waited for her orgasm to subside a little then moved her head up only to push her back down when her lips were half way up his shaft.

"Fan... fucking... tastic!" Alan laughed loudly.

I gulped with excitement as the man with Sam released his hold on her hair, leant back and enjoyed her motions without guidance from him. As for Sam she was sliding her mouth up and down on his erection, making it sink all the way into her throat before pulling back almost to the cap only to push down on it again. Her movements became faster and firmer as I stared in excited disbelief and I was sure that the man intended coming deep in her throat. That was not his intention, however, taking hold of her ponytail again he almost pulled her off his cock then none too gently pushed her up to her feet. He rose to tower over her, his hands pushing her dress from her shoulders then turned her to face away from him before pushing her down onto the table. Sam seemed to move as though in a dream as he pressed her down onto the hard wooden surface, in the position they were in I could see her entire right profile. It didn't need her gasp of pleasure to know he was pushing his cock into her pussy, I could clearly see it happening, just as I could see Sam pushing her lower body back to accept his entry.

"That's it," Alan crowed, "Geoff's done it again. We'd better get ready guys."

In amazement I half watched the three other men strip off their clothing while watching their friend Geoff fucking my wife with hard thrusts that were driving her crazy with ecstasy. It wasn't until I was naked myself that I realised that I had even moved a finger, but as I stood staring at Sam being fucked my dream like state faded. Looking at the now naked Alan, John and Glen I wondered how they would react if I tried to stop things, looking back at Sam there was no mistaking the pleasure she was receiving. I looked at the three waiting men again and this time I couldn't hold back a gasp when I saw the sheer size of Glen's cock.

"I get to feeling inadequate whenever I see that fucking beast of Glen's." Alan commented. "Good job he's into cum sucking and sloppy lasts, that thing would ruin it for the rest of us otherwise."

The three of them laughed at this while I just stared at this pole sticking out of the barman's body. Glen's cock was much longer than my meagre eight inches, but it wasn't just the length that was stunning, the girth was massive. Sam's cries of pleasure came to me as I had the thought that there was no way that she could take that monster prick. My eyes were drawn back to the action at the table, Sam had her back arched with Geoff pulling her back towards him by her ponytail, her voice was raised in a wail of ecstasy while Geoff held himself thrust deep inside her. The clenching of Geoff's buttocks made it clear that he was filling my wife with his sperm, a shiver ran through me as I watched them climax together as I knew that once Geoff was done with her his friends would take over. Even as I had that thought Geoff released his hold on Sam's ponytail, and as she flopped down onto the table trembling and gasping as he pulled his cock from her.

I had expected the men to leap on Sam once their friend was done, but instead they moved to the table and stood watching as Sam recovered. It slowly dawned on me that they were waiting for her to realise what was coming, they had no intention of fucking her while she was on a high, they wanted her to know that she was about to become the plaything of all five men in the room. They wanted her to know it and I suspected they wanted her to try and resist it happening. Sam looked like a porcelain doll as she lay there gasping for breath, gradually her breathing eased and some of the orgasmic flush faded from her skin. Her eyes opened and she looked around her, her eyes went wide when she saw the bodies surrounding her, her eyes flicked from cock to cock not even noting faces.

With a gasping croak Sam tried to get off the table, whether to escape or whether to get at those cocks I don't know, but she had barely moved when Alan, John and Glen took hold of her and lifted her bodily off the table to lower her onto the cheaply carpeted floor. Alan placed himself at her head, his cock pointing down at her face as he leant forward over her, Sam tried to turn her head away, but John took hold of her chin and pushed her head back. Laughing Alan pressed his cap to her lips and as my wife gave a mewling cry of 'no' pushed his cock past her lips into her mouth.

"Get in there mate." He grinned at me and pointed at her pussy.

Sam was struggling under the men, but between them Glen and John held her pinned to the floor, nearby Geoff stood watching while he smoked a cigarette. Moving between my wife's thrashing legs I pressed my cock to her pussy while Alan forced more of his cock into her mouth, then I was in her and I felt the strangeness of another man's juices squelching around my cock as I sank it into her to the hilt. Making sounds of protest around the flesh in her mouth Sam continued to try and resist what was happening, but she was unable to escape or stop herself being taken. Despite my feeling of shock at what was happening I found myself fucking Sam with hard thrusts thus making myself an active participant in her rape, for rape is what it technically was now. At her head Alan sighed, looking up I saw my wife's lips pressed to his groin, he had his entire length buried in her mouth and throat. The sight of this thrilled me and I thrust harder and faster, and to my dismay Sam's struggles grew weaker as the minutes passed until at last she began to groan not in protest but in pleasure.

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