Fire and Ice

by Bowhuntress

Copyright© 2002 by Bowhuntress

Sex Story: Romantic night in front of the fire.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   .

The setting is just right. Soft candlelight, a blazing fire near by, a great dinner and a beautiful lady, this is going to be a night to remember. Returning after placing the dishes in the kitchen you sit across from her. There is nothing to say. You simply stare at her face. Her face is shaped like a heart framed with wavy brown hair. She's watching the flames dance. A tiny pink tongue slowly peeks out to wet her lips.

"Enjoy the dinner?" you ask.

Smiling and turning to face you she nods. "Yes. It was very good. Did you do it yourself?" Bo reaches for you hands. Taking them into hers she lightly touches your knuckles.

You say, "No, I must admit, I called it in", to which she smiles slightly. She'd known that.

"A mans hands can tell a lot about him you know" changing the subject.

"Oh? How so", you reply, watching her soft lashes flutter against her cheeks as she intently watches your hands.

"The skin." She pauses and touches the back of your hand lightly. "Weather its rough or smooth, dark bronze from the sun or ivory from the indoors." Slowly she turns your hand over in her hers. A finger lightly tickles your palm. "The palms are the real give a way. Are they rough and callused from hard labor? Are they smooth and soft hands of a businessman? A mixture of both?" The tiny pink tongue again wets Her lips. "The nails. Clipped short and neat? Or bitten and chewed." Her fingertip gently rubs a tiny circle over each of your own shortly clipped nails. "The fingers, are they short and pudgy" a trace of a smile touches her mouth "or long and strong?" Her own fingers lightly trace the length of yours. "Your hands, strong. Powerful." Looking up into your eyes she winks.

Chuckling, "Enough come let's sit in front of the fire." You grab your drinks and head to the living room.

Together you lower to the floor pillows placed in front of the fire. A contented sigh escapes her. Together you talk of everything under the sun. Weather, people, politics, childhoods, and travels. A chocolate dipped strawberry is placed by your mouth. Smiling you nip her fingers as you bite into the tasty fruit. Laughing Bo leans back and sighs again. "Its warm here"

"Ummhumm." you hum into her neck. Placing a soft kiss under her ear. "Lets cool it down a bit... hmm?" not waiting for an answer you dip your fingers into your drink and place an ice cube in your mouth. Before it can melt you return to her neck.

"OH!" she exclaims as the ice touches her warmed skin. Then "ahhh" as the cold water trickles down her neck.

"Better?" you ask, not much caring for the reply. The ice slips and slides over her neck till at last it escapes you. Again an exclamation as the slippery thing is caught by her bra. Smiling you ask, "Hmm, I should retrieve that hey?"

Kissing your way down her neck, down the vee of her blouse, you deftly unbutton her shirt. Her hand plays in your hair, and her long bare legs stroke your own demin clad ones. Softly you hear, "It's melting". Blouse open and spread apart the tiny ice cube rests at the front closure of her bra. Your tongue scoops it up and follows the line of her bra over one breast towards her shoulder where it melts into nothing. Kissing her ear you whisper softy "more?" and are quickly answered with a gentle nod.

You grin when a fresh new cube is dropped at that closure. Looking at Bo you catch that tiny pink tongue once again peep out to lick her lips. Head laid back on the pillows. Eyes closed. Hair spread about, she's lovely. You again scoop up the ice and travel over the other breast to the pulse in her throat. Trickles of water trail over her breasts. Upwards to her jaw line where it melts into nothing, you kiss her jaw. Kiss her lips. And wait... yes. There it is. That tiny pink tongue escapes to lick her lips again. This time it's greeted with your own. Just a soft meeting, fleeting. She smiles slightly. Kissing your way down her throat you stop at that closure. With a slight pause you tug it with your teeth, turning it so it pops open under the pressure. Falling to the sides it leaves her bare to your eyes.

Large white breasts topped with erect pink nipples beg for you attention. The firelight dances with shadows over her. Eyes closed, she waits. And waits. A fresh ice cube between your fingers touches Bo's nipple. Instantly it puckers and tightens. Drops of water race to the underneath of the swollen globe. She shifts her weight around and stills again. You take the ice round and round that pink nipple. Delighting in the tiny gasps that from Bo's lips. Not wanting to ignore the other tip you treat it with the same favors. Bo's hips begin to wiggle, and that tiny pink tongue tip seems to be making more of an appearance the usual. At long last that cube is gone too.

"Cold?" you tease. Bo nods. "Ah then lets warm you up." Leaning down you take a nipple into your mouth and Bo's back arches to you and she grasps your hair between her fingers. The heat from your mouth over that ice-cold nipple is heaven. Cupping her breast underneath with your hand you suckle and toy with her nipple. She tugs your head to her other breast and you gladly offer the same treatment. Teasing the nipple, and gently rolling it between your teeth. Sitting up some, you cup each breast in the palm of your large hand. Even your hands, as large as they are cannot contain them. Bo's face is flushed. Her pulse is pounding at the base of her throat. Leaning forward you kiss her face, neck, lips, and whisper "more?" a hissed "yes" is your answer.

Large hands leave her breasts and slid to the waist of her skirt. "Lift up" Her hips rise off the floor and the skirt slips easily over her legs to be discarded on the floor. Red satin panties remain. Again, an ice cube between your fingers, you trace the line of her leg from calve, slowly over her knee, up her thigh, over her tummy, back to her nipple. "Off with this", you tug the blouse and bra strap off her shoulders and discard those as well. You kiss her shoulders. Her neck. Gently bite and tug on that nipple. Slip your thumbs under the panty and wiggle those down her hips.

Now wearing nothing but firelight she gazes into your eyes. When that pink tongue appears you groan and pull your own shirt over your head. It is hot in here! Lying beside her you touch her. Anywhere. Breast. Neck. Lips. Eyelashes. Belly button. Getting to know her body. Your knuckles brush over the hairs of her sex. Gently you tug her hairs. Moving between her legs and placing a fresh ice cube in your mouth, you part her legs. The tip of your cold tongue touches her outer lips.

A tiny gasp and a shiver from her and you continue. With a soft hand you part her, open her to you. And that ice-cold tongue begins to explore. Your name is called from above. Ignoring it you let the ice escape from your teeth. It dances over her clit making her hiss and wiggle. Holding her still with your hands your tongue pushes the tiny sliver of ice inside of her. She moans and grips your hair. Rivers of cold water race towards her ass. Bo pushes at your shoulders hissing "its cold". Ice gone now, you continue.

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