by Bowhuntress

Copyright© 2002 by Bowhuntress

Sex Story: Held captive, mildly drugged, on display, what awaits our captive?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Rape   Drunk/Drugged   Light Bond   Exhibitionism   School   .

How did I get into this? I'm in a strange room. My hands are tied behind my back. A dark blind fold over my eyes. A gag has been placed in my mouth. I've been stripped down to my panties and bra. I'm laying on the floor with my cheek pressed to the carpet.

Its true what they say. Deprived of one sense the others grow stronger. I could hear footfalls in the hall. What next? The last thing I could recall was drinking a glass of wine at a bar with a handsome older man. He was a professor of some collage I'd not heard of. I had felt ill. I remembered I went outside for some air, he escorted me. And I wake to find my self here, like this.

Taking stock of my body I realize I'm not hurt in anyway. I've not been beaten. Or raped. Yet, I'm scared. And my head hurts like hell. But I'm ok. I wait in darkness.

I hear the door creak open. From the back of my mind the insane thought comes to me that they could oil the door. Without a word I'm hauled to my feet. Swaying I'm held up. I'd surly fall if not for that. I'm lead down what I'll assume is a hall from the hollow sounds of our steps. Their heels click with each step, my bare feet pad silently on the cold tile. I hear movement when we reach another room. I can tell its well lit because my mask shows some light. Must be bright light. Gently I'm shoved, (if one can be shoved gently) down on a cold surface. Not a chair, but something flat and wide, a table? I can smell them, his cheap colone, a females overpowering perfume.

Another shove and I'm laying down on my back. Lifted up slightly and a large pillow is placed under my back, placing me in a reclining position. My back is arched, not at all comfortable. I hear the professors voice and I give a little start.

"I'm going to unbind your wrists, for but a moment. If you fight, you'll be harmed. If not, you'll be safe. I've not hurt you yet."

Not hurt me? Just drugged me kidnapped me and Goodness knows what's next. I give a little nod. The binding is cut and blood rushes into my numbed fingers. Causing them to burn a bit. One hand is seized and then the other. My arms are raised above my head and tied with straps to the table legs, about four feet apart at the wrists. Hmmm, this isn't good. I begin to struggle, but my attempts feel feeble. Must be the drug. That's why my mind is worried about oiling the door or how much her perfume costs, instead of how to get free. I stare at the colors I see in the blindfold, once again forgetting the world around me. I see purple dots and swirls mix with reds.

I feel my legs are pushed up and spread open at the knee. Oddly, I'm not concerned with being opened to the world. Straps are put over my thighs and somehow tied to the table. How this was done I've no clue for I couldn't see. My ankles were then strapped as well. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I should be deeply concerned about this. Yet the colors were pretty before my closed eyes. Was that a touch of yellow? The noises faded away and I drifted off to sleep.

Something woke me. What? Huh? Where am I? And why can't I move? My back aches. Slowly thought comes back to me... Oh Shit! What was that noise? I lift my head and get dizzy. I still can't see a thing but know there are people about. Hushed whispers could be heard and a few giggles.

The Professors voice drools out deep and loud. I jump a bit. He's standing close. I can't make out the words yet. I try to focus and suddenly I feel a finger slide into my mouth, no, not a finger, a straw, or a tube. A female voice hisses in my ear, "swallow or drown" And cold liquid shoots into my mouth with the gag in place and her fingers clamped on my nose shut I didn't have much of a choice. I gulped and gulped. Finally she released my nose and I sucked in air and the tube left my mouth. My brain screamed more drugs! Great. My mind can't think clearly now with more, what will happen? And quickly I could feel its effects. My limbs felt like lead, heavy. My head like a bowling ball, I couldn't even lift it again. Why try?

I hear a loud swish of a curtain and silence. Shocked silence. The professors voice rings out "as all of you are well aware this is a special school and your parents have selected this school for you for reasons of their own. You are a select few. An elite few if you will. Today is the final part of our Sex education class. And we have a live model. This is the female body..."

On and on the voice went about the curve of the leg the neck the shape and size of the head how it differs from a males. The arms, the muscles how they were all different.

I began to doze again the monotone and the drug both playing tricks on my brain. Where were my colors? I did so enjoy the colors. Well a model hey? I could be model. Besides, not like I could just walk out. Right? I give a little gagged laugh. Hystria?

I awoke again when I feel a sharp point at my hip. I know better than to move. Instantly, I feel my panties cut in one simple snip of the cold scissors at my right hip. His voice drones on about the shape of a females hips, the cold scissors trace an line over my flat stomach to the other hip where he snips again. He gives a gentle tug and the panties are history. Slowly my brain registers the fact that if there are no panties then I'm open to the world. A world I cannot see. I jerk my legs, the straps dig into my thighs. My legs can't move at all. The scissors trace an invisible line up my side and over my rib cage, to the center of my breasts and up to my shoulders. I shiver. Snip. The bra strap is cut... snip so is the left side the scissors return to the center of my breast where he snips again and my bra is tugged free. I'd now naked. My nipples pucker in the cool air, in the drugged state of my mind I can feel them both tighten and harden. The cold scissors gently scrape the underside of my full breast. He moves the scissors to touch my right nipple.

His voice goes on... "The female breast have more fat stored in their..."

and on the entire time he circles my nipple with the cold steel. He moves to the other nipple "... the nipple severs a duel purpose, for milk as we know, also it is a sexual..."

on and on. I can only think of that cold steel spiraling around my nipple.

I am aware that I'm nude before a group of people who are going to learn about sex, one way or another, through me. I shiver. Fear? Anticipation? Gods am I being turned on? Lord help, me I am! The choice has been taken away from me. I can either enjoy this, or go insane. What? My brain isn't working right at all. My thoughts battle each other through the haze of the drug. Finally I give up and just feel. I can see in my minds eye the room. I can see my body laying nude and open to all. I see the young teens, faces bright and eager. I see the professor. I see my hard nipple and shiver again.

The scissors clang by my ear. He's dropped them to the table. I hear a latex glove snap over his fingers. The sounds seem to echo in the room. His hand touches my pubic hair and I jump. He gently tugs at them not pulling just touching. I relax again. (more help from the drug)

His voice goes on "... in some cultures the pubic hair is shaved, considered unsightly, some its... " On and on the monotone continues. I'm aware that I'm on display. That there are a room full of strangers staring at me. At my breasts, at my pussy. I'm helpless. I can do nothing. I feel his fingers begin to move over me. I feel him open my outer lips and spread them wide his voice tells the importance of the females layers... I hear him mutter something about my being dry and dispite all, I blush.

His finger touches me with a cold wet cream... He slides his finger around my pussy all the while talking. Is my body responding? I feel wetter, I can feel my muscles clench and release around his finger. I can feel my body begin to respond. "the female creates her own wetness as it enables the male penis to..."on and on. He begins to name parts of my vagina while he strokes it and touches.

His fingers plays over my clit slowly round and round while the talks of it... "... ah yes, see her body begin to respond? Her nipples grow even more tight, her pussy wetter? Can you see?" Yes even blind folded I could see. I could see his fingers playing in my cunt. Like a third person I could see myself and was very arroused by it all. Could see how the clit rises up out of its hood, begging for attention. My breasts now ached to be touched. Suckled. My cunt ached to be fucked. I moaned. I hear shifting in chairs and a few negative responds. "alright then, stand up come on, approach..."

chairs were shoved back with gusto and I hear people near. So near I can feel their breaths on my legs. My body. I clench and unclench my pussy I'm shocked I'm so turned on... Yes Mr. professor I'd wet alright. I squirm "see her body movements, she cannot help them, this is a primal signal to the male that the female is ready to mate..."

on his voice goes... I really don't care anymore. Ready to mate hell. My brain screams I want to be fucked! He slides his finger into my pussy. At last my hips swirl and move agaisnt his hand. My brain screams, what are you doing??? He talks on, all the while moving his fingers inside of me... "the opening of the female vagina can open up to...", gods it was driving me insane, "... of course for the birthing of the off spring... as well as..."

I moaned. He slid another finger into me and yet another... Then suddenly stopped. A whine escapes my throat. My hips still. I wait. His voice rang out loud and my mind cringed at what he said at the same time my body rejoiced. He said "Alright, I want you all to get hands on... I want you to touch and explore, feel free to ask questions. And test the body, gauge her responds too you see what you do and how it effects her..."

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