Island Girl

by hotwetnshaved

Copyright© 2002 by hotwetnshaved

Incest Sex Story: a young girl who was reared by her lesbian aunt is sent to her uncle to further her"education"

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Incest   Uncle   Niece   Aunt   Water Sports   Exhibitionism   .

He was standing with his back to the bar wearing a black shirt with black trousers, the open neck of the shirt displaying the thick black curls of his chest hair and I shivered with anticipation as I saw his eyes devouring me.

I'd decided on a long black gown, cut daringly low and with a wrap around skirt, which split as I moved, revealing the tops of the black silk stockings Amelia had smoothed carefully over my thighs and clipped to the lacy black suspender straps of the black corset.

Not being used to wearing panties, I'd hesitated as she held out a tiny black thong but when she'd eased it up over my thighs and I felt the delicate lace caressing the lips of my hairless sex I'd decided that they felt rather nice and somehow aroused me even more than I had been before!

I felt deliciously wicked and seductive, ready for whatever he decided to do with me, or even better, do to me!

"You look gorgeous" he said softly and smiled as I kissed him on the cheek,

"Thank you, the clothes are beautiful, they must have cost a fortune"

"It's only money Emma and God knows I've got plenty of it"

"Can I have a drink please?"


"Ooh yes, it's my favourite drink, Lizzie drank it all the time"

"She rang earlier when you were... resting" he said with a smile and I giggled,

"Uncle Otto, I was in bed with Amelia and believe me, what we were doing certainly wasn't resting!"

"I was being polite" he laughed as he handed me the glass of champagne, "Did I make a good choice in employing her for you?"

"Mmm, yes, you sure did, I've never had a maid before, how did you know she likes girls?"

"My secretary told me about her when I mentioned I wanted a maid for you, she knows Lizzie and just assumed that if you'd been living on an island with her as your governess for the last five years, you'd be very much into girls"

I giggled again and nuzzled my lips into his neck,

"Girls and men" I whispered seductively, "Men with hard thick cocks like yours uncle Otto"

"You're incorrigible" he laughed and ran his hand down over my back to rest it lightly on my bottom.

"What have you got planned for me tonight?" I asked him, shivering at the intimacy of his fingers tracing the shape of the thong where it disappeared between the swellings of my buttocks.

He laughed again, that deep, sexy chuckle that made me shiver,

"What makes you think I've got anything planned?"

I pouted and looked up at him as I slipped a hand into my gown and eased a breast out of it's lacy shelter,

"Because you know I'm a horny little bitch uncle Otto" I grinned and looked at him as I pinched the nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

"You're so right" he laughed and rang a little silver bell on the bar.

Almost immediately, the door opened and Amelia walked in, she was wearing a short, white tunic over white hold up stockings and apart from very high heeled white shoes, she was completely naked, I could see clearly the dark circles of her nipples through the nylon tunic and he cleft of her vagina peeked out from beneath the hem.

In her right hand she held a dog leash, the other end of which was attached to a choker worn around the neck of another girl, this girl looked to be about the same age as me, sixteen or even younger and she wore only tight fitting white leather panties and shoes identical to those of Amelia.

"The other girl's called Amanda" my uncle said softly, "This little game is her idea to welcome you here"

"On the table" barked Amelia and Amanda immediately crawled up onto the table, posing on all fours with her sexy little bottom towards us.

"She's beautiful" I whispered admiring the pert buttocks only partially covered by the tight leather panties,

"What're they going to do?"

"You'll see" he whispered, "I don't even know what they've planned, but it looks like being very interesting"

Amelia stood beside the table and very slowly ran a hand down over the small of her friend's back, onto the white leather panties then down between her wide spread legs to where I noticed two very slight indentations, marring the smoothness of the leather as her fingers caressed it sensuously.

"Knees together" Amelia commanded and as the girl obeyed, gripped the waistband of the panties and began to draw them down over her hips.

"Are you getting hard uncle Otto?" I asked him,

"Feel for yourself" he replied and drew in his breath sharply as my hand found the shape of his erection and squeezed it,

"I hope it's all for me" I giggled and flicked my tongue into his ear,

As Amanda's panties were peeled away, I saw that something was buried in the little puckered bud of her anus, it was quite thick with a flared base which fitted perfectly, the contours of her body.

As the panties were lowered even further, another object was revealed, this time in her hairless vagina, it was a dildo exactly like the one Lizzie had given me for my fifteenth birthday last year.

Amelia smiled at me as she pulled the thick rubber phallus from Amanda's bottom and put it to her mouth, she moaned and dropped a hand to between her thighs as she sucked eagerly at the glistening black penis

"Are you wet?" my uncle asked softly and chuckled when I gave him the same answer he'd given me.

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