Husband's Dream

by Old52

Copyright© 2002 by Old52

Sex Story: Husband dreams of raping a woman, and his loving wife helps him fulfil his dreams at the expense of a poor innocent housewife and mother.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Rape   .

I think all men are not necessarily the brightest of creatures and are most certainly and totally obsessed with sex. Normal function of the laws of nature perhaps. If so my husband Stu is a typical man.

Oh he's a good man, a good father and a good and faithful husband. A great provider to boot. But as is the normal function of nature he is totally obsessed with sex. Ya he is a typical man.

I mean; with his undying interest in porn, I am simply in awe of the fact that he has never cheated on me. My duty throughout our marriage has been to please him and keep him satisfied in every way. Our sex life is good; even if there are things that I won't do for him. And I know he'd like more but he never pushes it and seems satisfied enough to stay true to me. Why shouldn't he? Girl friends and my own family say that I am like a slave to him; serving every need, every crazy whim and caring for him. Hell even some of the men we know just shake their heads at the way I run errands for him, help him with the yard work, and go along with whatever he wants to do.

True I do indulge him and let him do whatever he wants and go along with almost everything he does. Even to the point of sitting down and reading some porno stories with him that he occasionally gets from an acquaintance of ours. Along with some movies that our acquaintance gets for him as well. This is in addition to the various magazines that Stu picks up from the adult book stores. I can't say it interests me much, but then again; Stu seems to like it when I listen to him read a story to me. So I humor him.

My tolerance for indulging his whims and his inane interest in porn was about to be tested. And this is where this story of mine is about to get interesting. We were having a late lunch at a Denny's with the acquaintance, Kyle, that had been supplying the porn to Stu. Kyle and his wife, who was not present, were some years older than us and had been casual friend's for several years now, so I knew about them and found nothing unusual or very exciting about them. Just nice people, even though Kyle seemed to come up with those amateur porn films and pictures.

Lunch was nothing unusual and the chit chat was the usual small talk. Until Stu suddenly started talking about the porn and asking Kyle where he got the film and stories. Kyle just grinned and went on eating as Stu rambled on. Myself I was becoming a bit embarrassed; first of all I was afraid that others in the place might hear my husband, secondly, and most of all, I was embarrassed to have Kyle find out that Stu had been reading and showing me the stuff. Kyle was kind enough not to say anything or laugh at the redness of my face as Stu rambled on. Kyle was politely listening to Stu and trying to change the subject by every now and then asking me something. I was hoping that Stu would get the point, but he didn't. I could tell Kyle was not wanting to talk in public either and I don't think he was particularly interested as well. Not until Stu said something that jolted me, and made Kyle put his fork down and wipe his mouth.

My dear husband and father of two young teen daughters calmly and thoughtfully said how he wanted to rape a woman. Too say the least I was taken back with this one. As Stu rambled on saying how exciting and thrilling it must be to forcefully rape someone, Kyle sat back with an amused look on his face. Shortly Kyle would say the obvious about being locked up for twenty years. Naturally Stu had to agree this was the major draw back. After a slight pause my dear husband said that if he could be guaranteed he'd not get turned in he'd do it. Not stopping he went on to say after some thought that he'd have to have some way to document the event. Kyle just laughed and said that he should take me along to document it all. The conversion became more bizarre as Stu started talking to me about me letting him do it. Lord the man is like a little puppy dog when he is after me to let him do something. So I told him I wouldn't object and that I would wait the twenty years for him. Stu smiled at me and kissed me on my cheek telling Kyle how great I was; then as he sat back he softly said that he would pay $2,000 to find someone to rape. Someone that wouldn't turn him in.

Kyle told him he could find a hooker. To my surprise I heard myself reply then it wouldn't really be rape. As my husband agreed and addressed a now interested Kyle, I sat silently wondering where the hell that came from. Yet somewhere deep, deep inside me I found myself becoming--how shall I say this -- aroused at the thought. The thought that I was becoming aroused at such garbage both angered me and amused me. I had missed a good part of the conversion, and began to pay closer attention when my husband upped the money to $3,000. Kyle was sitting with his arms folded across his chest, his face looking out a window. After a few moments of silence on his part he leaned forward motioning for Stu to learn forward also.

Kyle said that he could arrange to have a young lady available for him for the $3,000; continuing on, he could guarantee that she'd would never turn Stu in to the police. My dear hubby let out a low sigh then sat back with a look I knew too well. I found myself beginning to become dizzy with the thought that my stupid husband was sitting there thinking about doing it. Finally Stu said it could be no hooker. Kyle assured him it wouldn't be. Then Stu thought a moment and told Kyle she couldn't be a fatty or to much of a pig. With that I couldn't take it any more and knowing my idiot husband had his mind already made up, I said that for that price she better be damned good looking. Then I cynically asked how Kyle could prove his promise that my husband wouldn't be turned in to the police. Kyle coolly answered that we could make a check out to him, assuring that if Stu went to prison so would he: And he wasn't going to prison.

Gee what a surprise! My husband was totally convinced and eager to do his thing -- raping some woman. He looked quickly over to me for my support. Again with that puppy dog look on his face. Hell, I guess I am just a softy but I just can't say no to him. So after shaking my head in disbelief I told him I would go along with it all. And I would go along! Kyle looked at the two of us for a moment then excused himself to go make a call. Stu hugged and kissed me like a little kid getting his favorite Christmas toy. By the time Kyle came back Stu had already worked out some things he planned to do with the poor woman. For my part I told him to go ahead -- he wasn't ever going to do it with me.

Kyle came back, and I was hoping that he had changed his mind or something. He hadn't. He gave us an address and told us that he told this woman, Shirley, we would be over around 9:30 a.m. after the kids were gone to school; to purchase some cosmetics from her. We were told that we could stay until 3 p.m., no later. Stu already had the check written and in Kyle's hand before Kyle finished. Damn thing about it, I think I would have been disappointed if Stu chickened out. That thought bothered me and after we left Kyle I sat in our car wondering what was wrong with me.

I wondered what was wrong with me most of the night right up until we went to bed. Stu on the other hand was packing a bag of goodies and readying three cameras. The man was a hyper little kid waiting for Christmas morning. As for myself I fell asleep and slept like a baby.

The next morning however found me totally on edge and short tempered with my kids as I got them off to school. I found myself wondering how the other mother was feeling as she got her kids off to school. As Stu hustled me out to the car I began to feel a knot in my stomach and was growing more and more anxious. It was less than a half hour when we came to the address we were told to go, but the ride was long and guilt ridden for me. Stu my horny husband was even a bit nervous and silent. When we pulled into the driveway Stu stopped the car; for the first time he voiced the thought that this may not be such a great idea. Gee men are such quick thinkers!! But-- his only fear that the lady Kyle arranged for him might be a dog. Maybe he should have thought harder about the possibility of spending twenty years in jail!! Then again I might have thought about the fact that I might have been spending the same time in jail as well.

Stu rang the door bell and a rather breath taking young Latino woman a bit younger than us warmly greeted us. Stu, I think, must have been overwhelmed by his good luck, and stood speechless. After a moment of embarrassing silence I introduced ourselves and told, Shirley, that Kyle had sent us. We followed the slender figure with long flowing black hair into the house. Shirley cheerfully offered us coffee and invited us into the kitchen where she had some brochures to show us. As I struggled with things to say Stu stood strangely still and silent. At this point I was sure nothing was going to happen. And you know, I was relieved. Very relieved. The small talk between me and Shirley became easier and more pleasurable. I even found out that she was Kyle's daughter-in-law. A fact I found somewhat perverse considering what Kyle knew he was setting up for his daughter-in-law. Certain that Stu had given up his fantasy, I began to excuse ourselves.

Shirley smiled brightly handing me some brochures to take with me, then turned to Stu with a cheery-- it has been a pleasure to meet you. With that Stu suddenly grabbed her by her shoulders pulling at her blouse. A startled Shirley pulled away. Stu hung on and spun her around with such a force that the frightened woman went crashing to the floor hitting her head hard enough to render her semi-conscience. For a moment I stood with my mouth hanging open and trembling with shock. Stu looked up at me and yelled for me to get a camera from his bag. He kept on yelling at me as he began to unbutton the young Latino's blouse.

Stu had the young thing laying bare breasted by the time I got the camera. My hands felt like they had boxing gloves on and I was all thumbs as I focused the camera on the semi-nude figure. I watched my husband slip off Shirley's skirt and panties; then as he beamed up at me motioning me to take a picture I found myself relaxing more and was becoming happy once more for my husband; and glad I could help in making his life more pleasurable. As he ran his hands over the moaning woman's body I had to admit Shirley was a real foxy lady. I wondered if my breasts ever stood so full, upright and pointy as Shirley's. Well someday they'd flop off to the side when she laid on her back when she got older. I jealously hoped. There was no pubic hair to cover her womanhood. It was like looking at an eight year old, only more matured. Nice thing about not having hair between your legs is that anytime someone holds your legs up and apart, the camera can see all the pinkness-- well you know what I mean.

Stu wanted to make sure that Shirley was awake and totally aware of what was going to happen to her. So Stu played with her breasts as he tied her arms behind her back, until she regained her senses. Fully awake Shirley was horrified and teary eyed begging Stu to not harm her. When she couldn't get Stu to stop spreading her and working himself between her legs, she turned and pleaded with me. Her big Brown eyes looked soulfully at me with tears running down her cheeks. Her pleas were heart jerking. I was moved. I really was moved!! Oh not to pity. Oh no not pity, but excitement. Rare excitement that I never had felt before. As I scanned my husband's nude body and his erection, I felt I had never lived before. I looked back at Shirley and sarcastically told her to enjoy it, then I told Stu to do it to her.

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