by Brad_rkt

Copyright© 2002 by Brad_rkt

Sex Story: A rape... kinda

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Rape   Torture   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Squirting   Violent   .

He popped the window, open as he had thought. Sliding slowly thru he felt his knife catch on the window sill, He reached back and un hooked him self, he was now inside of the house. So many nice thing he could steal if that was his goal, but he wasn't here for theft. There was a fire in his pants that only a warm pussy could cure. He walked through the house and found the one bed room. The door wide open. He peered in and saw a pretty young women asleep in her bed, little did she realize the night she was in for.

He took out his knife and slowly approached the bed. The knife was coldly placed on her neck. Instantly her eyes popped open and registered fear. He whispered "Do not yell or scream or I will cut your heart out, you are going to do as I say or you will have a long rough night". He started to run his knife down her chest, he could hear he whimpers and small cries as he got to her bra. He stuck the blade in cutting side up and sliced open her bra. This uncovered her small flat chest. He ran his hands over her puffy rosy red nipples that stood erect. The knife made its way down her belly and in the same way cut off her panties, with a great smile he said " bald pussy my favorite." He wrapped the Panties in to a ball and slowly started shoving them up inside of her pussy. He could feel how tight she was but did not care, he would not stop till they were in her. He informed her that she was going to suck his cock, then redefined it as him fucking her face. If she tried to bite him she would be very sorry.

He took of his pants and whipped out his cock it was eight inches and thick, her eyes bugged out of her head a little when she saw it. The words no where getting ready to come out of her mouth when the slap came to her face stinging like two hundred bees at once. Her protest had ended that quick, she opened her mouth and waited for his cock to rape her mouth. His hand snatched a handful of hair and started to lower his cock into her mouth. He felt his cock hit the back of her throat, pulled harder on the hair and shoved. She started to gag on his dick, but he could care less. He started to mercilessly fuck her mouth only taking it out to let her spit out the small amounts of vomit his cock had induced. The harder he fucked the more she gagged, tear ran down her face from the constant choke off of her air supply. Still he fucked harder his balls were slapping her chin with each thrust. He fucked till he felt his sack start to boil, then he buried his cock as deep as he could and came down her throat, causing her to gag more, but not spilling a drop of his seed.

He looked into her eyes to let her know that it was not over yet. Her removed the panties that he had so carefully deposited in her pussy. Licked the juice off them, they were soaking wet. Then he shoved them in her mouth. He warned if these panties leave your mouth, I will take my cell phone and shove it up your ass. The look in her eyes said she had had enough, she spit the panties to the side of the bed and said " you don't even have a cell phone you pussy." He smiled and removed a brand new Kyocera 2135 he purchased at the mall, as fast as she could he retrieved the panties and put them in her mo

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