Second Ride

by Brad_rkt

Copyright© 2002 by Brad_rkt

Sex Story: Jason takes his truck for another ride down campus and gets more then ever wanted

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Reluctant   Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Cream Pie   .

The Drive down the campus is what keeps me going back to college, one class a week. The drive in my truck gets me looks from ever girl walking on the campus. The bolder girls would walk over and say "hello". I liked the bold ones. I'm not going to say I am Gods gift to women average height and I am in fit shape with a six pack, so I am a good looking guy. It was one of these drives I ran across the wildest fuck of my life...

I spotted them walking together one I knew, one I had seen before and had been lusting after for weeks, I gave her a honk whenever I drove by her. This time the honk got me a response "hey stop" one of them bellowed, so stop I did. "Want to give us a ride to the dorms" Lorie asked. Which kind of threw me for a loop because I had heard that she was mad at me for never calling her after she took "the ride". Lori was a hottie tall, thin, short blonde hair, small perky tits and a tight pussy. "So who is this us I am giving a ride too" I asked. "Oh I'm sorry this is my friend Angelina," she said with a dirty little smirk. "Angelina hi I'm Jason " I shot back. To tell you this girl was hot would be an understatement, pretty face; she was Indian with the sexist shade of brown skin and deep brown eyes. She wore a short skirt showing off her great legs and a low cut top framing a pair of large firm tits. "To the dorms" I yelled and stomped on the gas getting a little fish tail out of the truck.

They asked me up for a beer, which is one thing I wont turn down. Climbing up the stairs behind Angelina I notice she was not wearing panties, her smooth bald pussy was making it hard for me to walk. We entered the dorm room I was told to take a seat while they got the beer. I sat there for ten minutes and nothing. I called for the girls

"In here" was there response with a giggle. I opened the bedroom door and saw them both standing naked on each side of the bed.

"We want you to strip naked and get on the bed Jason" Angelina asked. "Yes we do, because when I told Angelina how you fucked me used me and never called me, well she thought we should do the same to you." Lori explained. "We are going to used and abuse you do any thing we want to you.", she went on, "and then you're going to leave, ok?" "Sound like you two are really going to teach me a lesson." I said with a huge smile.

I striped off my shirt and got on the bed, they both started licking my tummy, my nipples and kissing my neck. They started to unbuckle my pants and pull down my boxer unleashing my cock.

My cock is 9 inches long and as thick as a soda can, most women get scared and I have to talk them in to fucking me but Lorie knew a head of time and I am sure Angelina had been filled in. They both picked a side and started licking my dick, with every slurp it grew longer and harder till I was totally rocked. Lori had the big mouth so she started to bob on the head of my cock while Angelina slowly licked my balls. I could feel my cock slide down Lories throat past her gag reflex; this was as deep as I had ever been in a girl's mouth. All the while Angelina was giving my balls the best tongue washing they had ever gotten.

I slowly started to finger Lorie as she sucked me off, her pussy was dripping wet and only getting worst with ever insertion of my fingers. Angelina was also fingering herself as she licked my balls and even ran her tongue across my asshole a few times shooting tingles up my spine. Lorie arched her back so I could finger fuck her harder, I started to slam my three finger in her and she moan load and deep with half my cock in her mouth. I kept pulling down hard on her cunt getting it read for my huge rod, stretching it so it would not rip when I penetrate her like it did last time. Her moans and yells got deeper and louder as she came all over my hand. She looked up at Angelina and with out a word they both stopped.

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