Shoe Store Hotshots

by Pat Fairfield

Copyright© 2002 by Pat Fairfield

Sex Story: A couple take naughty public photos of themselves in a shoe store, helped by an understanding sales assistant. They retire to a backroom when things out front begin to get heated. This story is dedicated to a lovely lady who calls herself KreamKarmel, and who thinks she'd like to try something like this very soon. Good luck to her.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Black Couple   Exhibitionism   .

I'd been working in a department store last summer, in the shoe section as a sales assistant, to earn some extra money before school started again. The store was in a mall, with glass frontage looking out to where all the people streamed past. The various departments were laid out in inside, with the shoe department against a section of the rear wall. The wall itself and various free-standing diplays held the shoes, and if anyone wanted to try anything on then there were low benches to sit on and footstools to put their feet up.

There were usually two assistants at any one time, but at slow periods one would be given a break. Mid-afternoon on weekdays was a slow time, since most people came around in their lunch hour or after work. Right now I was in sole charge. Could I handle the pressure? You bet. Anything Al Bundy can do, I can do a whole lot better.

A couple stopped and looked at the wall display. I was already helping one customer, and another was browsing. The couple came closer. They were black, and he was athletic, wiry, quite dark, with head shaved to the skin. He wore a Houston Rockets t-shirt, and carried a camera.

I was paying more attention to her, though. She was big. Not so much tall, but broad and busty, and very beautiful. Fairer in complexion than her companion, she had the sweetest, most angelic face. Angelic, yet commanding, with a presence like she'd take no shit from anybody. High stiletto heels helped her to cut a figure that was statuesque, imposing. Quite a lot of dimpled thigh showed below the stretchy black mini-skirt that hugged her butt. Her red top was also stretchy and it scooped low across her chest to show the jiggling tops of her bosoms, uplifted by a sheer black bra. She wore her hair with extensions, tied back from her face in a single loose ponytail.

I said "Hi, I'll be with you in a minute" and they just nodded and looked at the wall selection. My present customer, a woman in her forties, had finally made her selection and was ready to pay. We moved to the counter and I wrapped her purchase. While swiping the customer's credit card, I saw my broad black goddess turn toward her partner. As he lifted his camera, she lifted her skirt. He snapped, she pulled her skirt down again. They were so slick about it that it only took two seconds, but with her back to me I'd been able to glimpse a completely bare bum. Thats right, no panties! None that I could see, anyway.

They did it so swiftly and expertly that scarcely anyone noticed we'd just been used as an unwitting backdrop for a pussy portrait.

My customer left, the other continued to browse. A couple more people came around, and of course on the store's main walkway there were always people going by. What these two were doing was quite daring, and risky.

I approached them and asked "Can I help you?" but she said "Not just now, thanks" and gave me a warm smile. Her face glowed and eyes sparkled, making me feel my day had just been brightened. I left them to it and went to assist the others, but kept watching them out of the corner of my eye.

She made a pretence of getting a fashion shoe out of the display and placing it beside the high-heels she already wore, to see how it would look. To do so, she had to bend over. I caught a glimpse of ass cheek as her skirt rode up her wide yet shapely thighs. Again her boyfriend snapped, this time from behind. People out on the walkway would have provided the backdrop for that photo. I caught a glimpse of the peach-like bulge of her vulva peeping between those massive upper thighs. Her peach was smooth and hairless. And right there in plain view. For about 0.78 seconds.

It seemed they were shooting "on location". Just why, I wasn't sure. What were they trying to prove?

I was intrigued by what was happening, and it was turning me on. For a start, she was a fine-looking woman with generous assets. Very thick in the middle, with large tummy roll barely contained by that stretchy skirt and top, she sure had a firm foundation for those mountainous tits. Being large in anything other than boobs usually seems to count against a woman, but not this one - she fell into a category that horny college kids such as myself would deem "extremely fuckable".

I didn't fully understand it then, and would figure this out more later, but an even bigger turn-on for me than mere appearance is the behaviour of a woman who exudes sexual confidence. A woman who knows what she wants, and makes a point of getting it. The very thought that this lady might be getting a sexual charge from displaying herself in public was enough to get me hard instantly. But right then this was only a hunch, yet to be confirmed.

She moved between two display stands, and her companion followed. With people filing past behind her, she quickly pulled down the neckline of her top, hooking her fingertips into her bra cups to bring them down too. It was as if a dam had burst, causing a tidal wave of pillowy brown flesh to cascade out. A twin flash of gold - pierced nipples! Goddamn! If she was fuckable, then they were certainly suckable!

No time to contemplate further, he'd snapped the photo and she quickly got everything stowed back inside again.

I approached them.

"Excuse me, but I've seen what you two are up to".

She drew herself up in a way that made her more imposing still, and looked me straight in the eye. A challenging look, even indignant, as if it was I that owed her an explanation and not the other way round. Inwardly I quailed slightly.

"A-a-and... I thought I'd ask you again if you need any help?"

"Help - how?" she asked warily.

"Help you get some photo's like you've never got before".

They looked at each other. Then back at me.

"What kinda photo's you talkin' 'bout?"

"You know. Your privates, in public. That's if it's what you want..."

A short pause.

"Okay, here's the deal. We're trying to get daring pix. Me showing what I got, with regular folks passing by in the background. So people will know what risks we took to snap them. You help us to pose them, you get a ring-side seat. Okay?"


I saw the other sales assistant return from his break. Great! He could look after the other customers while I gave these two some special attention.

"Okay, lets see what I can do. May I suggest that you first try on some shoes? Wait here a minute".

I quickly darted into the stockroom and grabbed a few pairs of ladies shoes at random.

I returned, ushered her to a bench and placed a footstool in front of her. The bench was located so that she had her back to people going past. They would be in the shot but not able to see what she was doing.

I placed her foot on the stool and fitted a shoe. At least that was what I was pretending to do. I was actually looking straight up her cellulite-covered inner thighs to her naked pussy. With one foot up on the fitting stool and one on the floor, her legs were slightly parted. I could see her big puffy mound and the start of her cleft. Smooth as a baby's bottom, not a pubic hair in sight.

Her boyfriend waited until some people were passing behind her, then she opened her legs wide and he pressed the shutter of his camera. They heard the click and probably wondered "What was that?" but couldn't see anything out of the ordinary.

I could though. Opening her legs and leaning back slightly had exposed the whole length of her cleft. Kneeling before her and holding a shoe up to her foot, I was treated to a close-up look at the entrance of her gaping vagina, and could see the wee button of her clit peeping from under its hood. I was so close I could almost smell it, and it was giving me goose-bumps.

They took some more shots like that, and if people passed by in a way that might give them a frontal view of her then she just closed her legs again and they were none the wiser.

This was working out well. She was going to be featured in some great flashing photo's, which showed people strolling behind her plus me in the foreground looking right up her. I think she might have liked me looking at her fanny from so close, because she was getting a bit breathless and for the next shot she tried to finger herself. This was not easy to do discreetly, but she opened her legs, reached down with one hand and slid her middle finger up and down her cleft while he got the shot.

"Hon, try your toy" he suggested.

She opened her handbag and took out a long thin vibrator. She didn't turn it on, but simply reached under her thigh and positioned it at her entrance. Waiting until the right moment, she opened her legs and penetrated herself with it until half its length had disappeared into her body. She held that pose until he got the shot (about 1.25 sec.) then whipped it out again.

"Damn, I'd like something bigger" she said under her breath. "And warmer, too".

"Let's go and see what's on these other racks, shall we" I said, leading them to the on-floor displays.

The three of us stood between two racks, which were tall enough to hide our torsos but we could still be seen over the top. And of course, people walking past either end could look right down the passage in between.

"Give me the camera, so you can both be in the shot" I suggested.

We picked our moment, so that people were passing behind them while they faced me. First, she lifted her skirt to show her smooth plump pubes, and at the same moment he pulled down his shorts to show his cock. Contrary to expectations that black men should all be well-hung, his dark rod was middling yet useful in size, and extremely erect.

Next she held his cock in her hand for about 2 seconds, followed by another of his hand caressing the front of her naked crotch. All these photos captured people strolling past in the background, unaware of the touching going on before them.

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