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Sex Story: He met her while driving and gave her a ride

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Fisting   Size   .

The Drive down the campus is what keeps me going back to college one class a week. The long drive in my truck got me looks from every girl walking on the campus. The bolder girls would walk over and say 'hello'. I liked the bold ones. I'm not gonna say I am God's gift to women, average high and I am in fit shape with a six pack, so I am a good looking guy. It was on one of these drives I ran across one of the best lovers I ever would have...

She wore a purple sun dress that came to just below her knees, her body looked great from the distance I saw it, I would guess she was 5'8 Fire Red hair down to her ass,135 lbs and a firm c cup from what I could tell. I slowed the truck to take a look, she turned to me and said "take a picture it will last longer" I had a good laugh at that one, I don't normally get rebuffed that hard. I slowly crept next to her asking her name... she said "Julie" I came back with my name Jason. You need a ride to your class, Julie fires back "yeah you might be a good ride".

She hiked her dress and jumped in, she was even hotter up close.

"well where do you need to go" I asked her "your place" she said I couldn't get the truck in reverse fast enough. The drive to my house was one of tiny kisses on my neck and rubbing my dick. We walked thru the door of my place and starting making out I mean porno kissing so hard it just made me harder. I lifted her sun dress and to my surprise she had on only a thong, and those tits weren't c cups they were full blown D cups and firm as hell. I started for her tits licking at sucking them very hard she ran her hand down my pants and started to unbuckle me, she got me unzipped and squirmed out of my grip and hit her knees, slide me out of my jeans and then grabbed hold of my boxers. I had to stop her I backed up.

I said listen I need to tell you some thing so you do not freak out when you see it, I have a big cock, She said "I fucked many of those before"not like mine I told her. I whipped it out, my cock is 9 inches long and as thick as a soda can, I could see her eyes start to bug, then she says "that's not to bad" so I brung it to her mouth and she tries to put it in, my cock fills her mouth completely and she only gets in the head she starts to gag on it, she yells "shit, that's the thickest cock I have ever seen " she starts to lick the sides like an ice cream cone and my cock just starts to throb. She licks under my balls and across my asshole sending chills up my spine, she starts jacking my off with both hands, I tell her I want to get in side of her! She give me the looks, its the look when you know she wants you to eat her pussy. I pick her up and thrown her on the couch. I take my hand and I rip off her thong, she yells in delight. Her bald pussy is staring at me I lift her legs back and start to lick her from her asshole to her clit each time I feel her snatch getting wetter. I take my tounge and lock it on her clit sucking and licking like a machine she starts to moan and yell, the harder I lick the more she yells about three minutes she starts to cum and shake and yell but I keep on sucking I know what has to be done for me to fuck her.

I start to finger her pussy 2 fingers in and out she moans as I penetrate her. fucking a little harder I add the third finger she makes a noise like this hurts but feels so good. At the same time. I slowly start to stretch her pussy with my fingers. she takes the forth finger like nothing as I slowly start to make room for my cock. she takes all the finger down to the knuckles cumming about ever time I slam them in her. I slowly add the thumb and push she starts to yell..."oh god no" still I keep pushing "OH god yes push it harder please" her pussy

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