Your Ass Is Mine

by BiggerJim

Copyright© 2002 by BiggerJim

Sex Story: I'm beginning to think that Sandy intentionally makes mistakes, just so I can punish her.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   MaleDom   Spanking   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Sandy always paid her debts. It's one of the things I like about her. When she owes me something; she always pays up, even when she doesn't want to. The same is true, fortunately, when I have to punish her.

You see, Sandy gets very naughty at times. You wouldn't think of it, to look at her. She is very average looking, with a fine, ripe body usually hidden under sensible clothes. She is a librarian, and looks almost stereotypical.

When she gets home, however, the reality is much different. She knows that while I am a sweet guy, I have certain rules. When the rules are broken, punishment is swift and sure. She thinks that I don't know that she actually likes the "sentences" I hand out. But I do know. It's hard not to see how her skin flushes and her breathing comes in short rasps when I tell her that she's been "bad" and that I'll "see to her" later.

Take yesterday, for example. Sandy knows that the mortgage needs to be paid on the 14th of every month. I make sure that there's always enough money in the checking account. Her job is to write the checks and get them in the mail. Yesterday morning I got a call from the bank Manager, reminding me that the mortgage hadn't been paid that month. Nothing nasty, mind you, just a courtesy call to make sure that something that important hadn't been lost or overlooked. I apologized and advised him that I would take him a check right away.

Going to the desk, I consulted the checkbook and found that no check had been written. I wrote a check and drove it down to the bank. Sandy was home when I got back.

"Oh. There you are! I was wondering where you went." Sandy chirped as I came in the front door.

"I had to run a special errand. I got a call from the bank. The mortgage hasn't been paid. I had to write a check and hand carry it down there. I was very embarrassed." Frowning, I faced her squarely and looked her in the eye.

"Oh. I thought I mailed them a check last week." A bead of sweat broke out on her upper lip as she spoke. She knew that she had forgotten to pay it.

"Well, I took care of it. Later I'll take care of you." I stalked off to the den to read the paper and let Sandy stew for a bit.

Dinner was served with a false sense of normalcy on Sandy's part. She took great pains to act like nothing had happened or would happen. I chatted amiably, and let her think that I had forgotten. I hadn't forgotten. I never forget.

When dinner was cleared and cleaned up, Sandy started to get comfortable in front of the TV. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"Watching TV," she replied.

"No you're not. You've got a major corrective action coming and it's coming now. Get upstairs."

Meekly Sandy turned off the TV and went up to the bedroom. Knowing what I expect, she was kneeling naked at the foot of the bed when I entered the room. Standing over her I began to explain the situation.

"I entrusted you to take care of the bills, and you have broken that trust. Tonight's punishment will be light, but memorable. Do you understand?"

"Yes," she replied. "I've been naughty and I need to be punished."

"Good. Now, take down my pants and suck my cock!"

Scrambling to comply, Sandy unbuckled my belt, and slid my jeans down around my ankles. Kneeling in front of me she lovingly took my cock in her mouth and gently sucked as it grew thicker and longer. She expertly ran her tongue up and down the shaft and nibbled at the purple head of my aching dick.

"Nice start" I said. "Let's move to the bed." Shucking my belt and jeans, I laid on the bed. Sandy kneeled next to me and went back to work on my rigid rod. "This is part one of your punishment. It ends when I shoot my hot load of cum onto your face. Do you understand?"

She silently nodded her understanding as she went about her work. What she didn't see was that I had coiled my belt in my right hand as she slurped up and down my throbbing cock. Without any warning, I raised the belt and brought it down sharply on her upturned ass.

"Owww... jeez!" she howled in pain and surprise.

"I said that this was part one, but I never said that I was going to make it easy. Get back to work on my dick while I get back to work on your ass."

Like a maniac, she turned her attention back to my dick. She furiously licked the head, while she jacked off my shaft with the other, trying desperately to get me to cum as quickly as possible.

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