My Wife Rose and the Stray Dog

by Demon

Copyright© 2002 by Demon

Sex Story: Sex with a stray dog in the local park

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Blackmail   Heterosexual   True Story   Interracial   Bestiality   .

This is what happened to me not so long ago with a stray dog.

I was on the Internet reading stories from white shadow and was slowly getting turned on, I removed my knickers and was finger fucking myself, then started thinking of Max my Doberman dog that died last Christmas. When I decided to get a drink, as my mouth was dry thinking of all the fun times we had. I looked in the cupboard for a coke; there was none, so off I went to the off-licence, at the bottom of my street next to the park.

As I was walking down there was a Great Dane that keeped trying to push his noise up my skirt and sniffing me, and I could feel him trying to lick my pussy. That's when I realised I had no knickers on feeling his tongue touch my pussy. So there I was pushing him away and closing the door of the off-licence, he was still there when I came out and followed me in the park, were I try and get away from him.

I tried to hide in the bushes from him, and the next thing I know was when I felt him licking my pussy from behind where I was hiding from him. He had is noise right between my bum cheeks, as I was just stood there slightly bent over looking out for him. It felt nice and there was no one around so I turned around to him and looked at this big dog. There were people over the other side of the park, and it was only early in the evening 8:30pm so I got in deeper into the bushes where we could not be seen.

So there I was no knickers, knee length skirt and a T-shirt. This big dog pushing his noise, underneath my skirt and will not stop trying to lick my pussy. I was slightly bent over hands on my knees. The dog was making me orgasm and weak at the knee's, so I got on my hands and knees and was letting him lick my pussy and asshole, its was great and better then reading about it.

I had no intention of letting him mount me in the public park, but he had his own ideas and he tried to mount me. This then had my mind racing with the idea of a stray dog hung like a horse wanting to fuck me. I did not have a chance to think anymore because it was too late he had found my pussy and was ramming his huge cock deep into my wet pussy.

He was ramming it in as hard and fast as he could, I was cumming again and again, this must of lasted for 20 minutes or more. I must of come about 10 times and was cumming like a waterfall, even before he came in me. I was getting sore with him ramming his cock so hard up my pussy and his knot pushing in and out of me.

Then I was on fire when his knot tied with me and he started to cum and cum, there was bucket of his semen guessing out like a waterfall. I was trying to get up off the floor and pull his knot out, I found I was tied with him, his knot felt like a softball and much bigger then my Doberman, because when I wanted his knot out of me I could get it out.

The next thing I knew was someone pissing nearby when the dog started barking, I could have died when this black guy from my street walked in with us, his eyes were popping out of his head. He walked around me and said, "you fucking hot bitch I want some of this". Then he walked around to face me with the biggest black cock I had seen "suck on this Dog fucker"

I had never been unfaithful on my husband before, but had no choice but to suck him off. I sucked him till he came and then he helped me with the dog. The dog came out with a pop and dog semen was everywhere. Then the black guy was trying to get me to fuck with him but I said I have to go and off like a shot home. I never saw the dog after that or the black guy.


On Thursday evening when my husband went to darts, I was stand at the front door, when this black guy from the other night stopped. Hi my name is Alan just in case you would like to know. I was so embarrassed standing there in my black miniskirt, black fishnet stockings and black high heels. So he stopped and started talking to me in a sarcastic way.

The neighbours were out looking over at me and talking, so I told him to go away. He said "only if you come to my flat within the next 10 to 15 minutes, I agreed just to get rid of him.

Then that when it donned on me that I would have to go or he might tell people in the neighbourhood what I was doing the other night. I waited till the neighbour wasn't looking, and then walked down the back ally to the back of the flat where he lived.

My nipples were visible through my top. I was still wearing my tight black miniskirt, and black fishnet stockings. My skirt was too short to cover much. I knocked on the front door shaking like a leaf.

A white guy answered the door with Alan behind him, he told me to come in to the flat, I quickly went in before someone seen me but was thinking there two of then what's he playing at. After I got in the living room, I saw two black guys sitting on the sofa. The white guy asked Alan "Is this the girl you told us about?" I could of die there and then.

Alan said, "Yes! Isn't she Hot or what?"

He said, "Yeah, she is beautiful!" The white guy was about 6 feet tall and had brown hair. "I'm Mark. He is John," as Mark pointed to a black guy.

What's your name?" a huge black guy about 6 foot 5" asked me.

I relied, "I'm Rose. Now what going on here"? The guys just laughed.

They drank some beer and smoked pot. Mark suddenly pulled videotape out and put it in the VCR. He said "I've got this in mind for you, and put a hardcore porn movie in the VCR and pushed play.

I was so embarrassed when I saw Two black guys fuck a white girl, one in her pussy and the other one fucking her asshole on the screen. I closed my eyes and only heard moaning and crying out in lust from the screen. So I sat on a chair by myself and I opened my eyes and saw Mark sitting between my legs just looking at my pussy jerking off with his 9 inch cock and John was sitting with a 10 inch black cock in his hand. Alan was sitting opposite me, holding his ten inch black cock in his hand wanking it.

Alan was getting excited. I was watching Mark's cock while John was licking and sucking my breasts. I was so horny I touched his black cock and put it in my month through I tried not to chock on it, Alan came over trying to put his cock into my mouth also. Alan said, "You love black cock, don't you?"

The screen was showing this white girl about to take the biggest black cock I had ever seen and the cocks were huge just inch from enter her tight pussy.

Alan said, "My lovely Dog fucker. You're the prettiest and sexiest girl I've ever seen. Suck my cock and fulfil my dreams."

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