Steve and Claire and Debbie and Jason

by BiggerJim

Copyright© 2002 by BiggerJim

Sex Story: This was our first time having sex with another couple. It was the best vacation we ever had.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Swinging   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Fisting   .

Hi. My name is Steve and I want to tell you about the first time my wife, Claire, and I had sex with another couple. We were vacationing with our friends, Debbie and Jason. The house we rented on the beach at North Carolina's Outer Banks was perfect and we were four days into the trip when rain induced boredom started to set in.

I was playing "cabana boy": keeping everyone in drinks and food. While we were not drunk, we were certainly relaxed, and I was really only joking when I held up the deck of cards and suggested a friendly game of strip poker.

Much to my surprise, Claire piped up by announcing, "You're full of crap. You would ever do such a thing." Debbie and Jason were silent on the matter, but I could see that they were exchanging questioning looks.

Not wanting to back down from Claire in front of our friends, I called her bluff and invited her to put her money where her mouth is. "All right, here are the rules, then," I announced. "Everyone starts with the same amount of clothes. The game is simple five-card draw. Winner of each hand gets to remove an item of clothing from the loser."

"Works for me!" Claire announced. I was still convinced that she wasn't serious, so I went along.

"What about you guys?" I asked Debbie and Jason. "Are you in or are you out?"

After another long look at each other they turned to me and both nodded. "We're in," Debbie declared.

After another round of drinks, and the necessary clothing adjustments to make sure that we all started evenly, the dealing began. We sat boy-girl around the table; Jason across from me and Claire on my left.

I drew a pair of tens, discarded three and picked up the third ten. At the showdown, I was high with three-of-a-kind and Claire was low with a busted flush; four hearts and a diamond. "Aha!" I exclaimed. "Here's where you get yours, Claire. I think that I want your shirt."

This was no big deal, as the bikini she'd been wearing all week covered less. She stood in front of my with her hands in the air as I slowly lifted her t-shirt. I made sure to brush up against her nipples as I did so, and by the time she sat down, the little nubs had sprung to life.

Debbie won the next hand and Claire lost again. Claire marched over to Debbie and asked, "OK, Deb, what's it gonna be?"

With an evil look that I had never seen in Debbie's eye she said, "The bra, I think. Yes. Definitely the bra."

Now, it didn't take a rocket scientist to tell that the game got down and dirty right then. Debbie should have probably taken Claire's shorts, so she would still be substantially covered, but she chose to leave Claire topless, with her rapidly hardening nipples out for all to see.

Jason lost the next hand to Claire. "I really like those shorts, Jason," Claire crooned. Jason stood and Clair took his pants. For some reason, though, she seemed to have difficulty removing them past the bulge in front, so she had to do a bit of "trouser wrestling to get them off.

Debbie was watching the exchange and her breathing was getting heavy. Wheather that was because she was mad or turned-on, I couldn't tell. Turning to me she said, "Deal."

My first five cards were four deuces and a queen. I tossed the queen and picked up an ace. I groaned for effect, like I had not filled the hand I was looking for. When all cards had been dealt, Claire had a pair of sixes, Jason had a three threes and Debbie had three jacks. "I've got two pairs," I announced. Debbie's excitement showed, her three-of-a-kind beating my two pair. "I have a pair of twos," I revealed. "And another pair of twos."

Debbie looked confused, and Jason had to explain. "He doesn't really have two pairs, he's got four-of-a-kind. You didn't win."

I love doing this to piss people off. It makes them play stupidly, and I wanted Debbie to make mistakes. Since Claire was the "loser" I took her shorts, making sure to rub her crotch in an obvious manner. Her panties were soaked.

Jason, lucky devil, won the next hand, and Debbie lost. "Gimme the shirt," he said as he peeled her out of it. Like Claire, her nipples were rock hard.

I dealt again and couldn't have asked for better. Claire won and Debbie lost. "You know, Debbie," Claire said. "I really like that bra. Come on over here and let me have it.

Debbie, resigned to her fate, walked around the table and presented herself to Claire. What Claire did next shocked us all. With he back of her hand, Claire ran her knuckles over Debbie's nipples, through the fabric of the bra. As Debbie's breath hissed in, Claire reached around Debbie and unhooked her bra. With the bra off, Debbie's nipples were sticking in Claire' face. Claire planted a wet kiss on Debbie's right nipple and turned back to the table.

"Are we gonna play, or what?" Claire asked as the three of us sat there in shock. Debbie returned to her seat and I dealt another hand.

Jason won and Debbie, her luck really running out, lost. "I'll take your pants, Honey." He said. As he slid her shorts down, revealing a bright red thong, I noticed that ran a finger into her crotch. While pretending to have problems getting her pants off, he managed to give her pussy lips a good rubbing. Debbie's white-knuckled grip on the table told me that she was really enjoying the attention.

Not to be left totally out, I had my first loss. Claire won and took my shirt stopping to nibble on my nipples as she pulled the shirt over my head. The tent on my shorts showed that her tender ministrations were having the desired effect.

Debbie's luck seemed to be turning as she won the next hand. Poor Claire lost and, being down to her last piece of clothing, knew what was coming. Claire walked over to Debbie and said, "I believe that you'll be wanting these?"

"Yes, I do." Debbie replied.

Claire spun around and bent over, presenting her ass to Debbie. "Well, are you going to collect or not?" she asked. With shaking hands, Debbie reached over and slid Claire's panties down. Since her legs were spread, the panties did not come down easily. Once they were past her crotch, we could see Claire's wet swollen pussy lips sticking out. With a wiggle, the panties came off and Claire sat down.

"Well," Jason said, sweat beading on his forehead and a large bulge lurking in his lap. "I guess that the game is over. Claire has nothing else to bet with.

"Sure I do," Claire replied. "If I lose, I'll give head to the winner!"

The game had entered a whole new territory. I could see that Jason was hungry to see if he could get my wife's face in his crotch. I didn't think that Debbie was going to go for it, until Claire said, "That is, if Debbie has the nerve."

I'll hand it to Claire; she knew what buttons to push. Debbie blushed and, figuring that she still had her thong, she could play a few more hands safely.

"I'm in!" Debbie replied. "Deal the damn cards."

I dealt. I won. Debbie lost her thong. As I removed it, I made sure to look at Claire as I sawed the thong string across Debbie's clit. Claire smiled wickedly as Debbie squirmed and danced and finally shed the thong.

Everyone looked nervous as I dealt the next hand. Jason took it and poor Claire was the loser. I have never seen Jason happier in my life. Debbie looked a little pissed.

"Sorry, Debbie," Jason said. "I have to collect. It's the rules."

"Fair is fair," she replied as Jason turned to Claire.

"Pay up," Jason demanded, and Claire kneeled in front of him.

Freeing his straining cock, she tentatively licked the head. Jason moaned his pleasure and rocked his dick forward into Claire's willing mouth. As Claire slurped Jason's throbbing pole, I looked at Debbie. Her hand was busy, burrowing frantically in her lap as she sought to satiate her burning desire.

I figured that nothing ventured was nothing gained, so I walked over to where Debbie was seated and pulled out my swollen dick. With it waving in her face, she took only a second to make up her mind and ran her wet tongue up the underside and around the head.

I looked at Jason and he looked at me. "Do you mind?" I asked, in my most gentlemanly manner.

Laughing, he said, "Not at all, my friend. Enjoy yourself."

"Thank you, kind sir," I mockingly replied.

Boy, I'll tell you, Debbie could suck cock! She artfully laved the entire length of my quivering shaft as she plumped my aching balls with her fingertips. My knees were shaking as the pressure built. Shifting attention to the sensitive underside of my dickhead, she jacked me furiously with her right hand.

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