Mistress Femme Suprema's Birthday Jaunt

by Chris Bellows

Copyright© 2002 by Chris Bellows

Sex Story: One of the UK's most Dominant women takes her pony boys for a birthday chariot ride.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   BDSM   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Sadistic   .

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved.

Sunday afternoons are found to be most enjoyable for Mistress Femme Suprema. Particularly if the sun is bright and the temperature approaches insufferableness. For she knows it is then that her team quickly reaches a lather and to the pleasure afforded by the nasty bite of her short quirt is added the remarkably comforting sound of leather crisply striking naked wet flesh.

The stable girls have her chariot waiting. Her massive pony boys stand, their naked oiled flesh already beginning to perspire and glisten. Chosen not only for their height and incredibly muscled form, the Mistress has an eye for the well developed male phallus. Thus 'Randy Dan' and 'Long Lloyd', as the pony boys are called, are two of the most well endowed males in the county.

She notices the ponies stirring in harness as the sound of her boot heels crunch the specially ground gravel in the training yard. And as she tugs on 'Pretty Boy's' leash, the sound of his bells alerts the team that at long last their demanding Mistress approaches.

An irrepressible smile forms as the two well secured pony boys struggle in harness to turn their heads and look back at her. For with their slightest movements, two pairs of testicles swing heavily between their well separated thighs. The sight of helpless male genitals brings comfort to Mistress Suprema, and with her smile her hand twitches, adding a playful degree of tension to the leash.

Though encircled in leather and leashed, Mistress Suprema insists that the stretched scrotal sacs hang freely until she herself tightens the connecting thongs, thereby sending her message of complete control and signaling the ponies to prepare to dig in and roll. With their sacs pulled back, it will not only be the buttocks that are exposed to her firm whip hand. After all, speed and the occasional hill require encouragement, and the Mistress' knowing hands, tugging on reins with the left, and excoriating pink flesh with the right, always exact the proper level of effort to maintain speed.

"Come, Pretty Boy. You know the stable girls are only permitted to watch."

The naked male on the end of her leash is shy, as always. Pretty Boy's moniker comes from his youthful appearance. Having years before sacrificed his maleness to the dominant female, his physical development has been frozen in time. A genderless Peter Pan, his role is to serve his Mistress and serve he does. With clothing forever denied, Mistress Suprema enjoys leading him about by a leash hooked to a ring piercing the glans of his withered penis. His body has never developed any adult hair, and Mistress Suprema's maid removes any accumulation of 'peach fuzz' with a weekly application of a frighteningly sharp straight edged razor.

Pretty Boy follows the leash. He realizes he has no choice. Not only is his penis skewered, Mistress Suprema had what remained of his scrotal sac pierced and to it attached a pair of sizable golden bells. And the extreme humiliation of his bells announcing his presence to the insouciant stable girls is never tolerable.

Pretty Boy recalls the painful day in the doctor's office.

"We wouldn't want what's left to just disappear," he remembers her admonishing him as the heavily gauged loops were permanently sealed closed.

And she was correct of course. Without the weight of the golden loops and bells, the remaining pink pouch, where once his prized male organs nestled, would atrophy to nothing. This wouldn't do.

And so as Mistress and servant cross the training yard, the foreboding sound of leather boots is punctuated with the ringing of bells. And with the rhythmical jingling of Pretty Boy's arrival, the stable girls hear the oddly juxtaposed parade of black latex clad female and effeminate white skinned male and find time to step away from their busy chores to watch the magnificent owner exhibit her power.

All young and well developed, assembling the bevy of females required many months of interview and selection for Mistress Suprema. Finding females with the proper attitude to work the stables was a most interesting undertaking.

"A unique combination of concern and callousness," was how Mistress Suprema summed up the required psyche of the typical stable girl. A girl who could tenderly apply stinging lotion to the whipped buttocks and scrotums of the well worked pony boy and laugh with the resulting spasms of pain. A girl who could ensure that the pony boy was scrubbed, shaved and oiled to maximize his exposure and humiliation..., and take pride in so doing. A girl who understood the proper role of the male and enjoyed observing it being fulfilled.

And so whenever Mistress Suprema orders her favorite team prepared for a long journey, particularly on this Sunday afternoon of her birthday, the girls naturally assemble to watch. If they didn't desire to do so, Mistress Suprema would have chosen incorrectly.

'You boys aren't quite ready for me."

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