Carree Loves Billy - Carree Goes to College

by Carree Wilson

Copyright© 2002 by Carree Wilson

Sex Story: Carree Wilson again tells her own story, this of the first time she and Bill, then her fiance', spent any time apart while at college and how she dealt with room-mates and life, and their beautiful, sexy reunion.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   True Story   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   .

I lost my William early in 2001. He was a writer who, one day, planned to use my diary, as a basis for true erotic stories. I kept the diary through our young courtship and beyond, William and I enjoyed reading erotic stories of this type.

He planned to use the pen name Billy Hand. As a means of therapy for dealing with his loss, I have taken up the project. Though not as accomplished a writer as William, I too, write professionally for travel and vacation guides. I hope you enjoy our stories as much as I did living them.

Whether you believe our stories or not, trust me when I say then have been embellished little.

Our sexual awakening is told in the CARREE LOVES BILLY series.

There are 10 separate other stories to be written, from Williams outlines, about specific days and events in our sexual lives. This is the fifth in the series. It tells the story of our lives away from each other for the first time at separate schools.

Not seeing each other everyday changed our perspective, and enhanced our feelings. It also let us see other people's lives and relationships through our love focused eyes and learned how to use those thoughts as building blocks for our lives together.

The final few days leading up to our departure to college was supposed to be a sex filled romp that would hold us over until we saw each other again. Ha, think again!

The details of life and love are totally different than those of life and school as you prepare to leave home for the first time. So many people you had to see, so many details you had to attend to. Not to mention, packing, deciding what to bring, and what not to bring. Turning your life's switch from "care free, fun and love filled", to "student, first semester, scared as hell," took both hands and all the strength you could muster.

As we got down to the final days of our summer it became increasingly obvious that we were not going to be able to make up for future lost time filling our cups from each others sex fonts. "Too busy" became the mantra of each cancelled meeting.

In the end, at our last late night phone conversation, we decided that since our Upstate New York schools were only 72 miles apart we could meet on the first Sunday before classes to say our official goodbyes. (Read -sex) Later, we were to find that there was a reason that freshmen students were summoned on the Wednesday before classes were to start, and those 5 days were still not going to be enough time to adjust to campus life, and life with new roommates; The roommates of which you had no choosing.

I was to live in a suite style dorm room. There were 3 small rooms and one larger common area. In the common area we could share refrigerator, stereo and the few pieces of furniture they provided. My roommates were to be Henny and Maria.

I asked upon our first meeting if "Henny" was short for Henrietta, and was given a cold, "No - guess again."

I never ventured another guess, but by the end of the first weekend, I heard the same question asked, and same answer given about 100 times. You would have thought she would have a better answer than that. She acted like it was a stupid question, but I didn't think it was. Although it was a little thing, she was off on the wrong foot with me.

Just before my Residence Life Council meeting, on Saturday night, I had to make a call to Bill and tell him that our planned meeting on Sunday would be impossible, unless he could make the trip all the way Upstate. There was no way I was going to be able to rent a car and drive the halfway to meet him. Bill had given me $50 and a phone number to rent a car for just such a liaison. Freshmen were not allowed to have a car on campus. Bill thought the rented car would give me transportation to see him, as well as a way to get any last minute odds and ends I might need. His good intentions were for naught. It seemed that both our campuses made it impossible to find free time for any such high jinx. I had spent all of Saturday scouting down, and waiting in lines for, my books for the first day of classes When I got back to my room Henny was reading a campus guide and without looking up said,

"Karen, a boy called and left a message for you to call him. I lost the number, sorry. In the future, please try to have an answering machine pick up your calls."

I stopped for a second to see if Henny was trying to be funny, or snotty. I was in the mood for neither. I couldn't decide whether to take her snottiness, or to confront it now. The pressure of being away from Bill and home got the best of me.

"Well, fuck you too, Henny Penny. My name is Carree, and you know it is. It's on the fucking door. There are just 3 of us behind that goddamn door and looking out for each other shouldn't be all that hard. Taking a phone message shouldn't kill you; I would have done it for you, or anyone under these new circumstances. If you had left the phone to ring more than 5 times, it would have picked up itself, and how could you have lost the number, I bet you haven't left the room," I said in an even voiced mini-tirade.

"Listen blondie," she countered. "If you think I'm going to be your booking agent for every guy you want to meet or date, you're wrong. I didn't have a pen and by the time I found one, I forgot it. With your looks, I don't imagine you'll have to wait long for another call."

I wanted to rip her face off, but that wasn't me. I decided to take the high road and take the blame for getting off on the wrong foot.

"Listen Henny, I called you a name, you called me one. Let's end it right here.

We should be able to get along. I will look after your calls if you're not here, if you can do the same for Maria and I.

So, One might sense you have an issue with my being blonde and want to stereo type me. That is stupid.

Also, I'll only have one caller, which will be Bill, my future husband. He goes to school about 75 miles from here and if we remain roommates for more than few weeks, you will meet him.

If we have a problem, let's get it out in the open now. I don't know what I possible could have done to cause you to treat me like I am some burden on you,"

I said as I put all my cards on the table.

"I'm sorry for being so rotten, but MY boyfriend hasn't called me yet and I'm here 3 days now. He's not away at school, he's at home, and I sense NOT missing me. He's the best freind I have. I don't have the blonde hair, the big boobs, the confidant air that you do, to get another lover so easy," Henny sort of apologized.

"Well Henny, you would think that I flaunted myself or my situation, and I haven't." I started in.

"We have barely talked." I concluded, and then continued.

"If what you perceive as my "confidant air" offends you, I am sorry. But, I must tell you, I am scared shitless and about as far from confidant as possible. The only thing I have that is sure is my relationship with my fianc≠e. The fact that you lost his number pisses me off, but does not deter or diminish that confidence. We are forever. So if the fact that your boyfriend hasn't called has made you think that breaking me up with mine will make you feel better, try again. Like I said, we are forever. Take my phone, call your boyfriend on my dime, and ask him why he hasn't called you. When you get the answer, you will know and maybe you won't be so pissy. THEN maybe we can get off on the right foot and we can become friends, as long as we are going to live together."

That said, I turned, handed her my phone, went into my cubicle and closed the door.

I knew Bill would call me back, and I suspected that he was going to tell me the same thing I was going to tell him, that is was too hectic to get away. My asking him to drive all the way here would be selfish, and if he did come, I don't know when he and I would have time together, besides the evening, and I didn't want him getting back to his campus dorm late. His classes began Monday morning as well.

I had about a half hour to relax before my next pre planned "freshman welcome"

event put on by the Student Life Dept. I was chosen to take part in a program to help other frosh with problems. It was a 4-year thing of helping students get along with campus life. Those in their fourth year of the program were indoctrinating potential new members. We were chosen from personality profiles that were taken at orientation. I wasn't in love with being picked, and could have turned it down, but the Residence Life guide from orientation weekend said it cold open a lot of other doors for you. So, I would try it.

I had just lay back on the hardest bed I would ever sleep on and I heard a knock on the window. It was may other roommate, Maria.

Maria was a thin, dark haired Brooklyn Italian girl who clicked with me when we roomed on Orientation Weekend. We had hoped to be paired for the year and made the request when we mailed our registration forms in. Our pairing showed the good sense it was to attend the orientation. We both missed boyfriends that weekend, we both were in committed relationships, and we were 2 peas in a pod in many ways. There would be few conflicts with us.

I opened the blinds to answer her knock.

"Is Henny still here, still in a lousy mood waiting for the phone to ring?" she asked.

"Yes, and I assume you had a run in with her too. I just used more swear words than I had said in 4 years of high school, in just one sentence with her. She's taking her boyfriends inattentiveness out on us, I guess," I said. "I gave her my phone and told her to call on my dime, but I don't know if she will. The least she can do is sit in her own room. She's out in the common room, and I sure as hell don't want to sit out there with her, if all she is going to do is piss and moan."

"Tell you what", Maria said, "I'll come in, and you and I can both try to get her off the dime to call him, or forget about it for now."

"It's worth a try," I said, "I'll meet you in there in a second."

I shut the window and gave Maria 10 seconds to go through the main door. We both opened the common room together, and Maria shouted out.

"That's it Henny, your roommates are sick of you moping. Let's call the boyfriend and get his story before he drives you nuts and makes the 3 of us crazy.

How can 3 girls have fun on this campus if one of us is miserable?"

Henny sat up startled, at first mad, then she smiled.

"I guess I've been a real cunt to the two of you. I'm really sorry. My relationship can be a pain in the ass, and I knew he could do this. God only knows what he might be up to. We don't have a big commitment to each other in that way."

Maria blushed. "Henny, I swear a little and don't care if you do, but that word is just not one I like, it's really demeaning to women in general. I'm not activist, but please refrain from that one word, OK?"

"Ditto from here," I added.

"Geez, sorry. I guess it is a little rough, and I don't really use it that much, only to describe the kind of female I have been today." Henny said, and smiled and cocked her head, saying, "Do you really think I should call him? I WOULD freak him out."

"Sure, go ahead, it wouldn't hurt. Tell him you're the only girl in the dorm not to hear from her guy," Maria said.

Henny laughed, "He said he wouldn't call until the goodbye sex wore off. Maybe it hasn't."

"It's been 4 days Henny, no girl is that good, unless you have special talents,"

Maria said. "Call him and tell him it wore off you. Make him worry a little."

I was a little surprised at Maria saying that to Henny, but apparently she liked the idea, she was dialing the phone. We heard her ask for Nick, and she flushed when someone picked up. I motioned Maria to my room and let Henny have her privacy.

We sat on the bed and shook hands; glad we nipped a problem in the bud.

"Hello sex is better than goodbye sex, any way" Maria confided. "I didn't see Jack for 5 minutes in my last 3 days home, he was so busy going away too. I don't think I'll see him until like Columbus Day or something, but the phone will have to do."

"It is a hard time to have a commitment, when you know you'll be apart. Sex is the last thing I worry about, well not the last thing," I laughed, "But, you know just seeing him, holding him, talking to him, you know, sharing the wavelengths.

He makes me whole," I said.

"Oh, that's so nice a sentiment," Maria said. "Jack and I are a lot like that. I just wish he were a bit less serious at times. He forgets we are still kids, at heart."

"Bill can be serious too, and almost too much. But, he does open up. When we're alone we have so much fun." I said, blushing as soon as I said it.

"I didn't mean that kind of alone, not that he's not fun then. Oh' hell. You know what I mean Maria." I said trying to stop from getting any deeper into our personal stuff.

There was a knock on the door, it was Henny, and she wanted to talk.

"Well, I'm glad I called. He said my phone doesn't work, he tried to call," she said. " I got this from his roommate, and he says he is on his way up here. It's only about 3 hours. I think he wants to stay the night. I should tell you guys that he and I are in no big love affair; we've just been handy to each other. He's a great guy, sort of like a brother I never had, ummm... that I sleep with."

"Whoa, slow down," Maria said. "As far as rules, I don't know anything about overnight guests. I think it's OK. As far as I'm concerned, I just want him out of here in the morning so I can get showered and everything. Come on, this is our room. Our bathroom is off the common room; it's going to be real hard to have guests. Do we all agree, and don't be afraid to speak your minds. I'll go along with a majority."

"Umm, this is going to be tough," I said. "I would like Bill to be able to stay here from time to time, but most times when he comes, I hope we can get a room. You know, maybe we can plan around the others going home or getting a room. But, if the 3 of us are here, boyfriends will have to be off limits for the most part. I think that's only fair."

"Yeah, I fully understand. I would never think of having him here in the morning, unless you guys were gone and I was going to be alone. I like my privacy, too.

He, or any other guy who stays, will have to get out during the night, or very early in the morning. I think that's fair," Henny said.

"Well," Maria began, "I'll go along with it this weekend Henny, sort of a test, like. But, yes, he does have to be out early. I like my privacy."

As Maria finished my phone rang, and it was Bill. As I suspected, his coming to see me, or me going halfway to meet him was going to be out this weekend. We both bit off more than we could chew thinking we could prepare for school and see each other. "Each other" was not a problem and didn't need any work. The school part was where we needed to concentrate. We made no bones about the fact we would miss each other this weekend. The pressure of school was already a burden on our relationship. We would be testing how strong we were as a couple.

I went to my Residence Life Facilitator training seminar, Maria scouted out for more books, and Henny went in search of the women's sports director. Women's Soccer and Field Hockey were looking for walk-ons and she wanted to sign up. I asked her to get any Track info for me. Hopefully I could a least work out with the team and be a second for some events, at least enough to keep me in shape. I liked this better than any exercise class or self-induced physical regimen. Doing it as a team member made it much easier for me to stay in shape. Plus, I knew I was not kidding myself to think I was really good enough to compete on a week-to- week basis with the real athletes. I was fairly quick afoot and had decent stamina.

The only thing I lacked was that real sports competitive edge. The best thing about the running was that it kept my legs and my butt firm, my belly flat, and my shoulders and upper back from slouching, thus keeping my breasts up and out there. I wanted Bills plate to be full, and he kept in shape for me. We had both given each other gold medals for OUR marathons.

We finished our meeting at Residence Life about 8:45 and as we left the meeting hall, there was a sticky note on the meeting room doors little peek window,

"Carree, meet Maria at Newman Quad, called 8:30". I went out to check with the

"go-fer and pointer" who worked that hall, but she apparently left her post sometime after the call. Who could blame her, sitting there all day showing freshman where to go and what to do.

I rushed over to the Newman Quad and there sat Maria with 2 piles of books and a forlorn look on her face.

"Carree, thank God you made it. Can you help me with these? I feel so stupid. My art classes required so many books and workbooks! I had no idea. While I was waiting in lines and putting together the pile I had a little cart they let me take, but then they told me I couldn't leave the building with it. I tried to carry them, but I only made it this far, and there was a phone here. Do you hate me?" Maria said, near tears, it seemed.

I laughed at her frustration. "What were you going to do if I didn't show up?" I asked.

"I don't know. Unbutton my blouse a few buttons and roll my waist up a few inches to show some leg I guess," she laughed.

"I'm surprised some guy hasn't come along to offer help without all that," I said.

"Everyone else is buried in books too," she said. "Matter of fact, a guy said he had to come by here around 9 and if I was still here, he would help. Can you please help me Carree?" Maria was exasperated and embarrassed.

We divvied up the pile into 2 loads and made our way back to our dorm. She couldn't found a place further from our room to call and wait for me. We were just about 500 yards from "home" when we came upon Henny and Nick, her boyfriend. They were walking toward the same building from the other direction.

We saw Henny point and Nick ran ahead to meet us.

"Hen says you're her roomies and need some help. Let me take those." Nick said in a voice that would have melted butter. He was a dream.

"I can't let you take all of them," Maria said. "You're so nice to help."

Nick looked Maria in the eye and you could see he was melting her defenses right away. This guy was a hound, and had all the moves, looks, voice and demeanor to pull it off.

"I wasn't negotiating," Nick said. "I can take them, it's not a problem."

With that, he knelt and put the books from Maria's arms on a knee, arranging them from biggest to smallest, using the smaller ones to make a square load, and then he disarmed me with his eyes.

"Now yours, angel" he said as I bent to let him take them from me one at a time.

He built one large square load on his knee, and then hefted them up.

"I'll meet you at the door of the building," he said as he hurried with his large load in tow.

Henny was just catching up to us. "Isn't he a dreamboat, and he's like that naturally, without trying," Henny said.

"Henny, he IS a dish, and you say he's like a brother to you?" Maria said.

The 3 of us turned to walk up and meet Nick at the door as Henny spoke.

"We were in daycare together as babies and every grade in school. He's had girlfriends, and I've had boyfriends and when we are in between, besides always being friends, we sleep together. I know it's weird. It's probably why I never can keep a boyfriend for a long time. They feel threatened. But any girl who wants him, has to accept me too. We're friends. We'll always be friends," Henny said as she stopped to make a point with us.

"Umm, don't get the wrong idea. If he has a girlfriend, or me a boyfriend, or anything, we don't 'do it' then. We aren't swingers or anything. Nothing weird like that. I know it's a strange relationship. I'll explain more as we get to know each other, OK?" Henny said.

Maria and I didn't know what to make of Henny and her arrangement, but I knew Nick was a hunk, and he looked like the type to be sniffing buttholes and humping legs, in a dog sense. (That's so unfair for me to categorize like that, but that's what it reminds me of) But, his looks and whole package were disarming. Henny was good looking in a frumpy sexy sort of way. She certainly would have no problem finding a guy to be interested in her. But Nick, here was a guy who could have most any girl he wanted. My own first impression said he and Henny were in love and just too jaded by the "friendship" thing to come to grips with it.

We got to the door of our Hall and Nick sat patiently waiting for us. I think he went so swiftly ahead to be sure Henny had a chance to explain a little about them.

"Nick, thank you so much for bailing me out," Maria said. "My name is Maria,"

she said as she shook his hand.

Henny piped up, "And this is Carree. She's the one who let me use her phone when I found mine was dead."

Nick turned and took my hand to shake it, and his eyes, oh my god, those eyes, just unraveled me. "So nice to meet you Carree." Nick said, "Hen said her roommates were special, but I had no idea," as he picked up the load of books to go with the load of crap he just shoveled.

We got inside the common room and Nick was pointed to Maria's door and he set the books on her bed. We each went to our rooms and left Nick alone in the common as we freshened up. Maria and I may have seen Nick as a hound, but we made sure we looked good for him. Ahh, vanity.

Soon the four of us were sitting in the common room chit-chatting about school and life's experiences. Nick was going to Community College back home and planned to join Henny here at the SUNY school with the lesser expensive CC credits he needed to get started on his major. All the while we talked Henny snuggled close to Nick and you could see she was either really missing him, homesick, or horny. It may very well have been all three. I was pretty well convinced that the 2 of them were just afraid to commit to each other. I've had guy friends who were special and so very close, like Jerry Bennett, who I went all through all grades of school with, but the thought of sleeping with them was not an option.

"I don't know about the rest of you, but I am starved" Maria said, "And the last meal is served at Frazier Hall at 9:55, if you aren't in line by then, sorry, no food.

We have 20 minutes to get there."

"You and Carree go ahead," Henny said, not waiting to find if I was hungry too.

"Nick and I just shared a pizza he brought from home in his van. It was cold, but it was home."

I was a little affamato, but not starved, but was willing to let them have time alone. Knowing Nick had a van, I kind of knew where he would sleep once he left Hennys bed.

Maria and I went to Frazier and had a bountiful dinner of salad and Jell-O. We would have had more, but it was all that was left. As the school year went on, they had more and more food left over each day, as students began to grow weary of college food. But tonight, the pickings were slim.

After our sumptuous dinner we strolled back to our dorm stopping at 2 frosh parties on campus. Both parties had signs up telling where the booze parties, off campus, were. As tempting as it sounded, tonight was to be an early night for me, and Maria as well. With just Sunday to prepare for our first full week of classes, a hangover was not in the mix, plus my drink of choice was champagne. Those keg parties were pretty much champagne free.

As we let ourselves into our room it was dark. We put on the lights and saw Hennys door was closed. We were not sure whether to assume they were in there, it was only 11:15, or were checking out parties on or off campus. We put on the TV to catch the end of the news and SNL. We whispered back and forth deciding whether we were alone, or if dirty deeds were quietly being done behind Hennys door. I reminded Maria that it was none of our business, but it didn't keep me from wondering.

By midnight I was nodding off and caught Maria doing the same. I told her

"goodnight" and went off to my room, closing the door after visiting the community john. I heard Maria turn off the TV and saw the light go out in the common room and heard her door click shut. In the stone silence of the room, I heard loud whispering from the other side of Hennys wall. It was hard to make out what was being said, but in a few minutes there was no doubt what they were doing.

That night, assuming, they had already "done it" once before we got back, Henny got her self good and fucked at least 2 more times. It's hard to believe I could have slept through one of them, but I was that tired. Henny was as loud as I am when I cum at the end of Bills tongue, and she made no effort to stifle it. Nick kept giving her loud shushes, but she apparently had little or no control. I assume the last time I heard Henny, she was on her knees, getting it from behind, with her hands on my wall. She was announcing her orgasm, almost in my ear. Needless to say, it made me horny to hear the sex from the other side. I missed Bill and this was going to have to do.

She was not listening to Nick when he was shushing her, nor did she care. My fingers were deep in my pussy, while my other thumb and forefinger milked my clit. I came quietly, much as I did at home, when I was alone in my room. Trying not to get excited and influenced by their screwing was impossible. I was tense and I missed Bill already. By the time I came the second time on Hennys third screw, I was wishing to have Bills cock to play with and suck on. To feel that hard cock in my mouth as it shot its load to the back of my throat was what I was wishing for. I worried for a second that my craving made me a pervert, but I realized that it was only Bill I craved. For a split second I thought of myself with Nick, and as hunky, and as much as he made my loins ache earlier with just his eyes and smile, the thought of anyone else's penis but Bills made me chill. I missed, not just A penis, but Bills, and the way Bill loved me. To be sure, the image of 2 people screwing on the other side of my wall made me hot, and got me to orgasm. But it was Bill that I wanted. My second orgasm, caused by Henny almost shouting sexual cheers in my ear, my third overall, wore me to a frazzle and I drifted off into deep sleep.

I heard some noises a few hours later in the common room that woke me. As deep a sleep as my finger play had gotten me into, sleeping in a strange bed kept my senses wary. I cleared my head and realized it was Nick leaving. A glance at my clock told me it was 5:15 a.m. I was glad Nick had enough common sense and decency to be gone when we all got up. I heard them argue a little, with Nick saying he definitely had to go, and Henny wanting him to stay longer. God, hadn't she had enough? Then I heard the door swing open and then close, followed by the outer door to our Hall, both open and close. I just closed my eyes when I heard our door open and close again and the outer door do the same. My interest was piqued.

I parted 2 slats of the Venetians and saw Henny, in pajamas, running to Nick, who was no more than 100 feet from the door. They embraced and kissed for a long time. Apparently Henny was not going to see him for a while, and frankly, if Bill had to leave in the middle of the night, I wouldn't want him to go either. What happened next made me feel like the dirty voyeur, but I couldn't turn away.

Henny broke her kiss with Nick, and in the pre dawn light I saw her squat down and unzip his jeans. Henny looked around to make sure no one was else was stirring (who stirs at 5:15 in the morning?) She drew out his penis and proceeded to give him a blowjob right there in between the Halls. I wondered if she was going to finish him right there, but then she stood and turned around, lowering her bottoms and bending over. Nick, still fully dressed, with only his cock out, slammed into her pussy, but Henny was quiet this time, realizing that waking the Quad to see her screwing just might be embarrassing. Nick came in about 20 seconds, obviously primed by her sucking. Henny went from a bend to a squat, and I assume was letting Nick run out of her. He went to the front of her and she took his penis back in her mouth, apparently cleaning it for the ride home. She finished doing that and Nick stuffed it back in his pants, while she continued to squat. Nick reached into his pocket and took out a napkin, or his handkerchief and handed it to her. She wiped herself and pulled up her bottoms and kissed Nick again. They hugged and he was on his way. She stood, with arms folded in the cool morning air just before the sun broke the horizon, waving goodbye to her friend. She walked, albeit a little funny, back up to the Hall entrance. Through my open window I could hear keys jiggling in her hand, and her humming a song of contentment.

In a way, I was astonished at what I saw, in a way I was jealous. I was happy for Henny. She was the most homesick of the 3 of us, the most insecure of the three.

But she knew that she was the one who was satiated the most right now. She was the first to get off with her guy at school and face the first week of school with a smile on her face. I had another orgasm in her honor.

In the morning I was the first up about 10:30 and Maria followed about a half hour later. We made some small talk and she finally got a shit-eating grin on her face and asked:

"Did their cavorting keep you awake last night? If not, you must sleep like the dead. Apparently she doesn't care who hears her. Wow, it was quite a show."

"Oh Yeah, I heard them. God Bless her. It was quite inspirational." I said.

"Believe me, I know what you mean. I miss Jack too." Maria intimated.

"You didn't happen to see them when they left together this morning, did you?"

Maria asked.

I was embarrassed to say that I spied. "No, I didn't. I figured he left early, why?"

"She did him again, outside, not fifty yards away from the building. I couldn't fully see both of them, all of the time, from my window, but it was obvious what was going on. I looked out when I heard her leave about 10 seconds after he did,"

Maria said.

"Well," I said, "One of us will be in a good mood today. God, I miss Bill, but the inspiration was welcome last night," I admitted.

"Yes, we can be naughty little creatures can't we," Maria said agreeing with me.

Frazier didn't open until noon for breakfast (I'm sorry, back home we call that LUNCH), so I decided to shower, but just as I was going in Maria passed me.

Now we had 2 stalls, but I wasn't ready for community nudity yet. I realized that some days it was going to be unavoidable. But, today, I let Maria finish. When she was done I went in took my shower, with Maria agreeing to wait and go to Frazier with me. I was halfway through my shower when Henny paraded in to shower herself.

"Hi Carree. Umm, sorry if we got a little loud last night, I really needed it. I won't be seeing him for a while. So... Hey, nice shave job! You go baldie for your boyfriend, or do it for your self?" Henny asked, giving my nude body the once over.

"Ah... Um...It's for both of us," I said uncomfortably as I turned away.

"Hey, don't go shy on me, Carree. Living together like this, we have to get used to it. Nothing is private. You're beautiful and have nothing to be ashamed of,"

Henny paused, then added. "I say nothing is private because,... Nick said you were watching us screw in the Quad this morning. He saw the blinds part. Don't be embarrassed. If I cared I wouldn't have done it outside."

I was stunned and embarrassed, almost to tears. "I am so sorry, Henny. I just looked out to make sure everything was OK, and then one thing led to another and..."

"Don't sweat it, Carree. I needed a good dicking, and I got it. I don't do those things with every guy I go out with, just Nick. He's special. Please understand, I'm no slut or whore." Henny defended herself.

I was still uncomfortable. "I can't judge you Henny, and I don't." I said. "What you two did was private, and I was a bad person to keep looking. I even denied it to Maria, who also saw you. So, lets just drop it, OK?"

There was a long pause as Henny thought about our words, standing there in the nude watching my backside as I spoke. "Thanks Carree," Henny said. She paused a long time and I turned to hear the rest of what I knew she wanted to say.

"Thanks for not judging me, and letting it drop with Maria. I appreciate it. It was one of the few times I didn't feel guilty about sex, up until Nick said you were peeking. Now, it all feels good again."

I smiled at her, "Take a shower and come to breakfast with us, OK?"

She smiled and said "Sure!"

I finished my shower and met Maria in the common room and asked her to wait for Henny, too. We all went to breakfast and the incident was never brought up again. Nick came and stayed over one other time before Columbus Day. Maria and I went to a party that night and stayed out until 3 a.m. When we got back, all as quiet in Hennys room and in the morning, when we got up, Nick was gone and no one heard a thing, except the walls.

I had not seen Bill since August 31st, the Wednesday before Labor Day. It was now October 7th and we had our first break for, of all things, Columbus Day. We had classes on Labor Day and get Columbus Day off. Go figure New York State schools!

All of the plans Bill and I had made, to get together on weekends from time to time were dashed by studies and Bills internship with Time, Inc. Using the school computers he was able to get pieces to edit, and was submitting "Campus Life"

articles, which was a monthly feature, and "Youth in America" articles, a twice monthly feature. He hadn't been published yet, but felt he was close. He was excited that the critiquing of his pieces had gotten less and less negative and more positive. He had one "contributing to" credit in the magazine, and I missed it at the newsstand. I ferreted it out of the library to make sure I had it to show him that I had seen it. He was so proud.

The whole week leading up to Friday the 7th I cringed every time the phone rang, in fear it was Bill canceling again. I know he missed me like crazy. We had phone sex a couple times, and he told me about all the times he was frustrated and horny, missing me, jerking off. My story about Henny in the Quad got him off as well as it did me. But we needed the real thing. He called on Thursday night as promised.

I held my breath not wanting to hear a change in plans, but he said, "I've got a surprise for you!!"

The sound of his voice had me hot, but his words made me hotter.

"I just got off the phone from 3 phone calls. Number one, I talked to your Mom and Dad and said I was going to bring you home for the weekend, and they need not bother coming for you. I will deliver you early Saturday afternoon. I spoke to my Mom and Dad and told them to expect me Saturday afternoon. Then I also spoke to a real nice hotel in Syracuse and told them that we would be arriving in the early evening on Friday for a nice stay in their honeymoon suite, and would be returning on Monday night in a regular room with a king size bed. Since your first class isn't until 11:00 on Monday, and mine isn't until noon, we can leave at 7 on Monday and get you to school in plenty of time, and I can do the same. But, that's 2 whole nights alone, just you and me. What do you think?"

"Oh Bill, I have my hands in my pants already. I NEED you so bad right now. We can never go this long again. It's not just the sex; it's just seeing YOU. God, I need to hold you! (I was starting to cry) I need to hear your voice, to feel your skin against mine, and then, IT'S THE SEX!! But I don't want anyone but you.

Ever since I saw Henny in the Quad with her boyfriend, I have ached for you," I said.

Bill paused at my words and said, "I thought you made that story up, just to get me hot and we could do it on the phone together!".

"No, I couldn't make something like that up. It happened!! It made you as hot as it did me. We did it on the phone when I was telling you; imagine what I was doing when I watched them. But, I need you now. You can take me now, Bill. I don't want to wait till we are married." I admitted.

"Carree, think about what you're saying. You know I would love to be inside you, inside your pussy, making you happy, making me happy. But, we've waited this long, let's keep waiting making it as special as it should be. Plus, you never know the consequences. I got a note from Jerry Bennett, and Julie is pregnant. He wants your email, but I told him we would see him this weekend. Julie's prep school may not let her carry to term at school. The only thing saving her is that she's a second year student. But, she still may have to leave before the semester finishes.

They are screwed," Bill said.

Bills words grounded me, and took me out of my horny little dream. Jerry Bennett was my oldest pal in school. Julie was a year older and went to a 2 year Prep school to get ready for a Law degree. What would happen to her plans now,...

their plans now? I didn't know Julie all that well, but I knew Jerry was playing in his band almost every weekend to help save money for his own college. He confided that they would get married after his fourth year and then work while she got her Masters. All their plans were shot to shit, unless she did something about the baby, and I doubted Jerry would let that happen. I left Bill with a long pause on the phone.

"Oh shit, Bill. That's awful. In the paper Mom sent me about the Columbus Day Parade, Jerry's band is playing at The Aud on Sunday. I'm looking forward to hearing them and seeing him. Damn, this can't be true, can it? I asked.

"That's what he told me Tuesday night and in my mind, I was so proud, that we had been so good, Care. We don't have to do it to make love. God, you know I want to. But this one is hitting home. I wasn't even going to tell you until we were home. Come on, let's be the hot virgins, we know we can make each other hot and happy." Bill told me.

"Oh, I know you're right, and now I really know you're right. I probably would have changed my mind anyway," I said.

"Yeah, you big tease!" Bill kidded, always finding away to make me smile.

"Let's cut this call short and save some bucks, and I'll see you after your last class on Friday, 3:20 right? Be packed and ready to go! I love you, madly" Bill said.

"Oh, I love you even "madly-er". Take THAT you English Lit major. Work on putting fuck in the dictionary, I expect to use it a lot times on Friday night, OK?

Yes, 3:20 is the end of my last class. Follow the signs to Hall Hall. I'll be looking for you," I finished.

"Goodbye, my sweet," he said as he hung the phone up.

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