Jill and Ted's Sexcellent Adventure

by BiggerJim

Copyright© 2002 by BiggerJim

Sex Story: Ted gets out of hand during sex play. Jill straightens him out.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   BDSM   Spanking   Rough   Sadistic   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Size   .

"Hey, Hon," Ted called "what do you say we go out Saturday night? A little dinner, maybe a movie?" Ted and Jill were in their thirties, married for 12 years and very happy overall. Sex was conventional with a little oral thrown in for good measure. Lately, though, Ted has been getting "ideas". He's been surfing several Internet porn sites and has found that he likes the idea of B&D, anal, spanking, dildoes and vibrators. He was determined to get as much of this introduced to their lovemaking as possible. "Sounds good," Jill replied, "I can't wait!"

Ted was a man with a plan. He had shopped at an "Adult Boutique" in another town, and stashed his "toys" in a box under the bed. Come Saturday night, he planned to get Jill a little drunk and see what he could get away with. Who knows?, he thought, maybe Jill might even get into it.

Saturday night came, and Ted took extra effort to make the night nice. Dinner was great and they finished a bottle of Cabernet, with Jill drinking most of it. The movie theatre was almost empty, so they took a seat towards the rear. About halfway through, Ted started gently stroking Jill's nipple. Her sharp intake of breath, and rapidly rising nipple told Ted that he was on the right track. Ted's pinching, tweaking and tugging on Jill's nipples had her squirming in her seat. "Don't get me started if you're not going to finish," she whispered. "No problem," said Ted and he reach down between her spreading legs and lifted her dress.

Ted ran the tips of his finger over the outline of her steamy mound; his nails tracing the edges of her pussy as she lifter her crotch to meet his hand. Looking around to make sure that no one was paying them any attention, Jill slipped off her panties and stuffed them into her purse. Scooting back on the hard theater seat, she hiked her dress up and told Ted, "Get busy!"

Never one to need much encouragement, Ted gently teased her swelling clit. Having witnessed it several times, he could imagine it growing hard and red until it stuck a full quarter-inch above the folds of her dripping pussy. Moaning lowly, Jill urged, "C'mon...give it to meeeeee!" Shifting his hand, Ted slipped his middle finger into her wet slit, up to the second knuckle. He started to slowly fuck it in and out while frigging her clit with his thumb. "Is this what you had in mind?" he asked as he slipped a second finger into her. Jill's back arched and her mouth hung open as her first climax shuddered through her. She held on to his arm in a death grip while he calmly pumped his fingers in and out of her rhythmically throbbing pussy. "Yessssss..." Came the softly hissed reply. Ted slowly pulled his fingers out Jill's juicy crack. "You know," he continued, "I've got a throbbing cock that could use some attention".

Wordlessly, Jill unzipped him and pulled Ted's stiff cock from his pants. "Ooooh, you're right!" she said, as she fisted his pulsing erection. Tightly gripping his throbbing dick, she slowly pumped up and down, while watching the movie, not really paying attention to Ted. "Hey," he whispered, "I could use a little more enthusiasm here!" She turned to him and said, "What? Right here?" Shifting off her seat, she kneeled next to him and loving kissed the head of his cock. This brought a low moan from Ted and he leaned back and closed his eyes.

Jill licked Ted's cock up one side and down the other, slurping hungrily as she slid her lips over the head and down the shaft. Up and down her head bobbed as she pumped the base of his cock with one hand and milked his cum-heavy balls with the other. She knew he was ready to blow his load when his balls tightened up and his already stiff cock swelled and hardened even more. Grabbing Jill's hair he continued face-fucking her as be shot a steamy load of cum into her mouth and on her lips. "Things are definitely looking good tonight," he thought to himself.

Ted and Jill eyed each other hungrily as they left the theater and drove home. By silent mutual agreement, neither spoke a word. Shedding clothes they tumbled in the front door and crawled upstairs to the bedroom. Jill kneeled on the bed facing Ted as he stood there panting. "I'm very wet," she purred. "What are you going to do about it?" A low growl escaped his throat as he lunged forward and pinned Jill to the bed. "I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm going to tie you up and I'm going to lick your pussy until you scream. What do you think about that?" "I don't know about the tied up part, but I like the idea of a good tongue bath on my clit." She replied.

"We'll see" he said as, kneeling astride her body, he reached over to the nightstand and retrieved two pairs on handcuffs. "NO!" she said when she realized what he intended to do, and she tried to squirm out of his control. Ted set about the task, one wrist at a time and he eventually had her hands cuffed to the wrought iron headboard. Out of breath and flushed with the exertion, Ted stood back to admire his handiwork. "Where did these come from? Let me out of them! What are you going to do to me?" The questions tumbled from Jill's quivering lips. Ted, never wanting to be remembered as going back on his word said, "I told you. I'm going to lick your pussy and suck your clit until you scream." Jill clamped her legs shut tight and said, "No you're not! You're going to let me up right now!" Somehow, though, her protests didn't carry the same feeling of fear and outrage they started with. It dawned on Ted that Jill was getting a bit excited by this turn of events.

"Jill, dear," Ted said, "You really have no choice. You are tied up, helpless, at my pleasure, and I intend to enjoy this evening. The question is, will you?" Jill looked at Ted and seemed unable to process what he was saying. "Spread your legs, Jill, let me see your pussy." Jill, feeling a little strange because her clit was already throbbing and her pussy was juicer than it ever had been, refused. "OK," he said, " Let's try a different approach." Reaching under the bed, he retrieved the box of goodies and started rummaging around. Jill tried to lift her head up to see what was in the box. But was restrained by the handcuffs. Pulling out a black scarf he slowly dragged it over Jill's heated flesh. She squirmed under its touch and shivered as it danced across her rapidly hardening nipples. As he slowly worked his way to the top of her shoulder, he stopped, and then rapidly wound it around her head and over her eyes until she could not see. "Ted! I can't see a thing! Ted! Ted?" Ted remained silent as he rummaged through the box. Grasping two wooden clothespins in his hand he turned to her and said, "Jill, I told you to spread your legs and let me have some of that hot pussy of yours. Please do it now." Ted spoke gently but firmly. Jill, still not fully recognizing her predicament clamped her legs even tighter together and said "No."

Slowly, Ted lowered one clothespin over Jill's erect right nipple. Gently, he allowed the improvised nipple clamp to squeeze her tender flesh until he let it go. The wooden pincher stood straight up atop Jill's quivering tit... "Oooo! Oooo! Oww! Owwwwww! That pinches!!" Jill squeaked in surprise and anguish. Ted calmly walked to the other side of the bed and whispered to Jill, "Show me your hot, dripping pussy?" Jill's breathing slowed as she considered her options. The pinching pain in her nipple had subsided to a dull ache and she figured that she could tough it out. The one disconcerting aspect was that her pussy was aching for attention. She lay there wondering why, when Ted got tired of waiting for an answer. Slowly, he lowered the second clothespin over her budding left nipple. He lined it up precisely and let it go. SNAP! Jill arched her back off the bed as the star shine of pain exploded from her abused flesh. Her mouth was open in a silent scream as she flopped on the bed like a gaffed fish. "Whu-whu-whu," she mouthed incoherently. "I asked you, rather nicely, to show me your hot, dripping pussy, and I still don't see it," Ted intoned rather reasonably.

Shaking, her knees slowly parted as Jill's panting whistled between her clenched teeth. Her glistening cunt seethed in its own steamy juices, as her clit stood up proudly, like a miniature erection. Ted stared wonderingly, as he had never seen it this engorged before. "Very nice!" he said. "See? Give something and you get something." He went back to her right nipple and, giving it a gentle twist, slowly unclamped the clothespin from the mashed bud. "Ahhh..." Jill breathed a sigh of relief.

Ted repositioned himself between her legs and gently kissed her inner thighs. Working his moist lips gently around he, he teased her with his tongue, lips and cool breath. She moaned in frustration as she lifted her bottom off the bed, pushing her greedy muff into his face. Electricity shot through her as he rasped his tongue over her aching clit. It was like working a light switch: he licked and she levitated over the bed. Up. Down. Up. Down. Finally finding her voice she croaked, "Give it to me." Teasing her, he slipped his little finger past her outer pussy lips and gently massaged her entrance. "Yessssss..." she hissed, "More...more". Removing his finger, he shot his tongue into her gaping pussy and fucked her with his face.

Looking up, he could see her arms straining against the handcuffs. He knew she wanted her clit stroked while he lapped her cunt, but he would not allow it. Not yet anyway. Still lapping furiously, he reached over for the box of toys and withdrew a set of leg cuffs and some cord. Jill seemed not to notice what he was doing as he applied the cuffs. Perhaps it was because he was still busy, burrowing into her hungry pussy. She became acutely aware, however, when he sat up and lifted her legs up into the air. Attaching the cord to the leg straps, he pulled them up and back, and tied them off to the headboard. Standing back, he admired the view: Jill, her hands cuffed above her, lay with her back on the bed. Her legs were open at about a 45-degree angle, and pulled back so her knees were very near her ears. Jill was strangely silent, but not for long as Ted dove back into her wide-open beaver. He nibbled and sucked at her clit as if it was a miniature cock, the same way she gave him head. "Oh, my GOD!!!" she screamed. His head bobbed up and down on her rigid clit as the first orgasm washed over her. One, two, three, four, five: the waves of ecstasy radiated from her very core as she bucked her ass off of the bed. A minute later, he stood over her, enjoying watching the last ripples of her orgasm flow through her shuddering body.

Ted reached over and removed the almost forgotten clothespin from Jill's left nipple. The release of pressure caused her to sigh with a prolonged "Aaahhh". He untied her legs from the headboard and let her legs relax. Positioning himself at the top of the bed, straddling Jill's head, Ted used his cock like a lipstick, lubing her dried lips with pearls of his pre-cum. Back and forth he applied his sticky sap as Jill flicked her tongue out to lap the sweet nectar. "Ok, Babe, it's time to suck my cock, but I'm not going to let your hands go free, you've got to use just your mouth." Ted encouraged. Jill was usually only just fair at giving Ted a blowjob. Her usual technique was more like a few licks and a handjob, and she knew that if she kneaded his balls, Ted would shoot his hot load pretty quickly. Unfortunately, she lacked the use of her hands now, and had to rely on her tongue, lips and gently nipping teeth to get the job done.

Working up a mouthful of saliva, she started wetly licking his throbbing cock. Starting at the base, she swirled her tongue up the underside and around the bulbous head. Pouting her lips she slowly slid her sucking mouth down over his shaft, massaging it with her tongue as she went. By the time her lips bottomed out against his balls, the head was just skidding against the back of her throat. Up and down her head bobbed, working furiously on his rampant cock. "That's it," he encouraged, "Yessss." He could feel his orgasm building. Jill abandoned his cock and set about licking and gently mouthing his tightening balls. This, of course, drove Ted over the top. He watched in amazement as his spasming cock jetted thick semen across Jill's face, unaided by either hand or mouth. Webs of cum coated Jill's cheeks, chin and the tops of her tits. She was almost as surprised as he was with the amount of spunk his rapidly deflating cock spewed on her. "Nice job, Jill," he said breathlessly, "That was the best head I've ever had."

Ted went to the bathroom to get a warm washcloth. He cleaned his sticky jism from Jill's face and wiped the sheen of sweat from her body. The rough terry texture of the cloth soon had her nipples rock solid and her clit rising to attention.

"It's time to rethink this arrangement," he said, critically surveying Jill as she lay on her back: hands cuffed to the headboard, and feet loosely tethered with leather cuffs. "That can't be comfortable for a long period of time." Jill was quick to agree, "Yes, dear, my arms are getting tired, please take the handcuffs off." "Sure, just a minute," He replied. Delving once again into his box of assorted toys, he came back with a set of wide leather straps with buckles. "Hey!" Jill said, "I thought that you were going to release me!" Ted replied, "I said that I was going to remove the handcuffs. I didn't say anything about releasing you." Taking one strap, he tightly buckled it around her right wrist, and did the same around her left. Taking another, wider, strap, he cinched it tightly around her thigh, just above her knee; one to the left and one to the right. Anticipating a struggle, he removed the right handcuff and slowly bent her arm down until her right wrist was next to her thigh. The straps had matching buckles that allowed Ted to connect Jill's wrists to her thighs. He did so and repeated the procedure on the left. Untying her ankles, he flipped her over, and stood back to enjoy the view.

Jill lay face down on the bed, head turned to the side, looking at Ted in anticipation. She was on her knees, with her arms along her sides, the wrists strapped to the outside of her thighs. He had retied her feet to the bottom of the bed, and it was very plain that Jill wasn't going anywhere. Going into the spare bedroom, Ted came back with the stand mounted dressing mirror, which he set up next to the bed. Jill could see herself in the reflection, and her eyes widened at the sight. Seeing herself trussed up like this was turning her on in ways that she never imagined. "Looks nice, doesn't it?" Ted asked. "I-I-I guess so. What are you going to do now?" she asked.

Rooting through the collection he had assembled, Ted chose a flexible spanking paddle. It looked like a cross between a riding crop and a pancake turner. The shaft was made of leather, braided over a springy core. The flat "business end" was about palm-sized, with a smooth surface and braided edges. Even though she had not seen one before, Jill instinctively knew what it was for and started struggling against her bonds with renewed vigor. Ted slowly dragged the braided shaft gently across her back and thighs. Jill shivered as the stimulating surface glided over her damp crack. Using a light sawing motion, Ted teased Jill's cunt lips with the spanker. A low groan escaped hers lips as she rotated her hips to follow the rawhide tracings. Ted removed the paddle, raised it high and gave her a playful swat. "Ouch!" Jill exclaimed, more in shock than real pain.

"You've been owed a good spanking for a long time," Ted declared, "and now it's time to pay up." Smack! The paddle descended again, with a little more authority. Ted asked, "You've been a very bad girl. How many spanks do you deserve? I think that 30 is a good place to start." "Thirty?! No, no, I've not been bad at all! I certainly don't deserve 30 whacks," she said. "No?' he replied, "Well, then, how many do YOU think you deserve?" With a mischievous grin she said, "None! I've been very good!" Ted laughed, "Now that's just another lie, and I'll have to add five more!" he said, raising the paddle. "Wait! I'm sorry. Wait a minute. Let me think...I'm probably not half as bad as you think, so how about half the original thirty?" Jill was thinking quickly, trying to sound reasonable. It was all she could do, since she was the one tied up with her ass in the air and he had the means to punish her. "Hmm...fifteen, huh?" Ted pondered. "OK. You've got a deal." He leaned down and kissed her passionately. "After every stroke," he said, "you must call the count. Do you understand? If you lose track, I will have to start over again." "I understand," she said.

Ted moved to the side of the bed and turned the mirror away, so Jill could not see what was happening. He did this so she could not anticipate when and where the blows would fall. Raising his hand high, he brought the paddle swiftly down. Crack! Jill howled in surprise and pain. Ted waited. "Yow! That stings!" she said. "Sorry," replied Ted, "that was not the right response. The correct response was 'one'. I'll have to start over." Jill started, "Hold on there just-WHACK-Owwww!" Ted waited. "One" hissed Jill. "Good," Ted replied. Crack. "Two." Crack. "Three." Crack (harder). "Ooooww...four!" Ted delivered another five rhythmically, and then stopped. Jill, her eyes screwed shut, brow furrowed in pain, flinched when the paddle should have fallen, but didn't. "Six to go," he pronounced, "and your ass is a very lovely shade of pink." "So tell me, do you, --" Whack! Ted added a fresh stripe to Jill's glowing butt. Surprise fought with pain for control of Jill's reaction. "Ten," she whimpered. CRACK! The paddle fell again. "Eleven." "I didn't hear you, what was that?" Ted asked. I said "Elev--" CRACK! "OWWW!!!" she howled, "I mean TWELVE!!!" "Good, he said, I was afraid that you were going to lose count there." Taking a deep breath and rearing back Ted gently tapped Jill's glowing rear. "Ohh! I mean Thirteen!" Reversing the paddle in his grip, Ted slipped the hot braided handle into Jill's steamy pussy. "Ohhh...OHHH! MMMMmmmm" she moaned. "That's nice." Jill moaned and hummed contentedly as Ted worked the knobby shaft in and out. Ted, however, didn't forget the two more swats he owed Jill and decided to "freehand" a little bit. Smack! His palm came down on Jill's crimson right ass cheek. "Ha! Fourteen!" she exclaimed, "I bet you were trying to distract me and fool me into losing my count. Right?" Ted was silent. "Ted...Ted?" she asked. She knew he was there, because he was still fucking her with the paddle handle. Slowly, gently, he withdrew the handle and leaned down over Jill's hot ass. He gently placed a kiss on her left butt cheek. "Fifteen," she whispered. Jill was amazed at what she saw when Ted replaced the dressing mirror. Her ass was a patchwork of reds and pinks. She could almost see the heat radiating from her glowing cheeks.

Reaching back into the box, Ted retrieved a bar, about 2 feet long with snap rings at each end. These he fixed to the straps on Jill's thighs, acting like a spreader bar. Her ass was sticking up in the air, and the spreader bar held her legs open enough to allow Ted and unimpeded view. Her red-glowing ass cheeks framed Jill's dripping pussy and tightly clenched asshole. Dipping again into the box, he took out a small vibrator that featured an egg-shaped head on a thin flexible shaft. He set the speed on low, and started gently playing it around the pouting lips of Jill's swollen pussy. She jumped as if stung. Rocking her hips back and forth, anticipating where the buzzing head would rub next, Jill gently humped her hungry cunt back against the vibrator.

"Ooohh...A little horny?" Ted asked. "Stop teasing me," She pleaded. Ted turned the speed up a bit, and slowly drove the head of the vibrator deep into Jill's pussy. "YESSSSssssss" she moaned. When it bottomed out, he slowly withdrew it and held the jittery knob against the outer entrance to her quivering bush as Jill ground back onto the electric prod. Taking the hint, Ted started firmly fucking Jill's pussy with the thin wand. While it was exciting, Jill was not at all satisfied. The pencil thin shaft just didn't have the girth to fill Jill's void the way it needed to be filled and it only served to heighten her level of frustration. While constantly pistoning the vibrator in an out of her, Ted turned the control to "max" and, even deep inside her, it sounded like a swarm of angry bees. Slipping the loudly buzzing stick out of her deep pussy, he gently applied it to her swollen clit. "AAAAHHHHH," she cried and tried to squirm away, but Ted followed her clit mercilessly with the instrument of pleasure.

Finally trapping the vibrator between her clit and his palm, he pinned it there as Jill writhed on the bed. "OHMIGOD...I can't stand it! Please stop, please, please, please". Holding her there, balanced on his palm for a few seconds more, he finally relented and she slumped (as best she could, being trussed up like she was) in relief.

"Your clit has had enough attention, for now," Ted said, "But it looks like your pussy is still very hungry." She looked at him in the mirror's reflection and nodded to him as her mouth spoke a silent "Yes." Humming to himself, he pulled the box of sexual accessories up on to the bed and rummaged through it. "Hmm, where is that thing...I know I got one...Aha! Here we go." Jill's eyes flew wide open when she saw the huge dildo. It was a massive piece of sculpted rubber: flesh colored with a set of heavy balls the size of plums. Ropy veins ribbed the length of the dong, ending at a large bulbous head. "This dildo was sculpted from a mold taken of a porn star's cock. It's just like the real thing." Jill shook her head mutely, trying to say "No" while unable to get her breath. She found the sight of the pink monster both frightening and exciting at the same time.

After lubing up the dildo, Ted applied a large dab to Jill's hungry pussy as well. Almost unconsciously, her hips ground against his hand as she finally found her voice. "Please, please...don't put that huge cock into me. There's no way I can take it," she pleaded. Ted simply smiled as he worked a second, then a third finger in her pussy. "No, you'll eventually take all of it. I'm sure," he softly said. Jill jumped reflexively as Ted started rubbing her clit with the head and veiny side of the fake cock. She couldn't help it, but her hungry pussy betrayed her. As Ted pushed the head against the opening of her wet cunt, she pushed back against it. Slowly, yet with a firm hand, Ted forced the head into Jill's stretched-out hole.

"Ohhhhh...Ohhhh...MMMpppffff...".she huffed and puffed and pushed as the head broke through her entrance and popped into her. "Ah. There we go, I knew you could do it." Gently, with short strokes, he started stuffing the meat stick deeper and deeper. Three inches, four inches...Ted could see the sweat beading on Jill's forehead as she watched the "show" in the mirror. To Jill, it was as if she was detached from the action. What was happening in the mirror was not happening to her. That was, until Ted re-introduced the vibrator to her clit. Set to a slow buzz, it started Jill rocking back onto the immense dong that impaled her. "Oh my God...don't you dare stop. C'mon! Give it to meeee," she cried as her hands strained against the leather restraints.

Ted could tell that she wanted something, anything to push her over the edge into the explosive orgasm that was surely building. Ted removed the giant fuck stick and played the vibrator over her distended pussy lips. Her labia, sore from the stretching they received reacted greedily to the wild buzzing. Her pussy sucked at the vibrating tip with hunger as Ted used his other hand to dunk the dildo into the lube jar. Once it was good and slick, he ditched the vibrator and reinserted the monster cock into her ready cunt. This time, once the head was in, he didn't stop the slow and steady push. Every half-inch forced another, "Oh-Oh-Oh" from Jill's panting mouth. Five inches...six inches...seven inches. Her voice ratcheted up an octave, "OH-OH-OH-Oooooohhhhh." As she engulfed eight inches, the sound changed into a muted hiss. When the big dick finally bottomed out at a little over nine inches, she stopped making any noise at all and just shook. That's when Ted started pumping. Long slow strokes. The huge rubber dick sawed in and out as Jill shook and moaned. Drool pooled under her open mouth as she watched her pussy performing magic tricks; making the slick fuck pole appear and disappear. Ted was disappointed that he couldn't stuff the last 3 inches in. He had hoped to see the large rubber balls slap against Jill's clit as he slit it in good and deep.

Much to his surprise, though, Jill actually started to take an active interest in the thorough fucking she was getting. Ted held the dildo still as Jill started rocking back into it. "Yes!" she hissed as she shagged herself deeper and deeper. Her pussy seemed to stretch to accommodate the rubber invader as another inch and a half disappeared up her hungry cunt.

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