Bank Teller

by Toby Jan

Copyright© 2002 by Toby Jan

Sex Story: Brian goes to the bank to conduct some business, and meets Pam; whom he can't take his eyes off of. They have dinner together, and desert at HER house.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   First   Oral Sex   .

Brian was running a little late but wanted to stop in at his bank before they closed so he could finish some afternoon shopping. The line wasn't too long so he just waited patiently for his turn. He looked around and waited until a teller called out "I can help you." Brian walked over to the teller and asked her to make a few transactions for him. Her name was Pam. She was probably mid 30's or so and very nice looking. She had dark auburn hair and very pretty green eyes. She was sitting on a chair and had on a light green blouse with a couple of buttons open at the top. Brian could also see that she was wearing a skirt that showed just a little of her nylon-covered legs as she sat behind the counter.

He told her he needed to transfer some money from his savings account to his checking account. He was going to purchase some electronics equipment and then celebrate over dinner at TGI Friday's, one of his favorite casual places. Pam was very pleasant and happy to assist him. When she was writing his account down on the transfer sheet, Brian couldn't help but look down the front of her blouse and catch a glimpse of her breasts. It wasn't like they were on display, but you could see into her blouse if she bent over just right. He must have been staring hard, because Pam looked up and caught him looking at her. Brian blushed and kind of just stood there. She just smiled at him and continued with the transaction. "Sign here Brian", she said, "and that will complete the transaction". Brian signed the paperwork for the transfer. "Is there anything else I can help you with today?" she asked? "I do need to take a few dollars out of my checking account." "No problem Brian" Pam said. She started writing on her log again, and when she looked up, she caught him checking out her blouse again. This time she blushed a little and she smiled. "Please sign here" she said as she slid the paperwork and a pen to him. "Anything else?" she asked. Brian didn't want to leave but he knew he had to make a couple of stops before calling it a day. "I just need to check my safety deposit box if you can help me with that" he said. "I can't leave my teller post for that, but I'd be happy to escort you over there." Pam asked me to step around the corner with her where another clerk would be able to help me. She introduced me to the other clerk and said that Kasey would be able to help me. He thanked her and watched her walk away. Just before she got back to her teller area, she turned around and caught Brian looking at her again. He quickly turned to Kasey and told her that he should check out his box now. Brian went in with her and got his box down and fumbled through it and told her he got what he needed. He really didn't have anything to do in it, he just wanted to spend a little more time looking at Pam. Kasey put the deposit box back into place and they left the safe area. Brian looked at Pam but she was busy helping another customer. He thanked Kasey and started to leave the bank. At the door Brian looked back, and caught Pam looking his way. He couldn't tell, but he thought he saw her blush.

Brian went over to the electronics store and selected a large screen television that he had his eye on for a long time. They were running a special sale with a great rebate and he just couldn't pass this up. This was going to be his treat to himself, something he rarely does. He paid for the equipment and set up delivery for next Wednesday. He was really excited about this purchase. So with that accomplished and since it was almost dinnertime, Brian decided to head over to Friday's for a drink and grab something to eat.

He thought he'd sit at the bar and have a drink first, then order from the bar menu. When Brian had just sat down, someone tapped him on his shoulder. It was Pam. "Hey Brian, did you finish what you were going to do today?" she asked. He told her that he did and what a pleasant surprise it was to see her here. "Well, I thought you mentioned Friday's at the bank and that sounded good to me too, so I decided to drop by when I got off work" she said. He asked her if she was alone and when she said she was Brian asked her if she would like to have dinner with him. She accepted the offer.

They moved to a small table near the back of one of the areas and talked and laughed and had a really nice time. They ate dinner and had a couple of drinks afterwards. They didn't know when this happened because they were both having such a wonderful time, but all of a sudden they were holding hands across the table. Pam looked so nice and was so much fun to be with. It may have been drinks or the atmosphere or maybe just the company, but they were having a great time.

"Tell me Brian" Pam asked, "did you like looking down my blouse today?" As she said this she kind of leaned forward to give Brian a nicer view. It was then that Pam stretched out her foot was started rubbing Brian's leg with it. She was rubbing it all up and down and smiling so sweetly at him as she was doing it. "Oh Pam, I really liked looking at you. I couldn't keep my eyes away from your blouse" he replied. She had taken her shoe off and was moving her foot up his leg and let it rest right between his legs. No doubt she could feel his arousal as her toes gently caressed his manhood. Brian began to feel her leg. It felt so sexy rubbing her legs through her nylons. The more he touched her legs, the more she was moving her foot in his crotch. Brian loved the feeling it was giving him. His grip on her hands must have been tight because the more aroused he got, the tighter he held her. The waitress came by and asked if they would like dessert. Brian, squirming in his seat, said, "I didn't think so". She asked if there would be anything else. Both Pam and Brian said at the same time, "check please".

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