Fantasy Meeting Between Cyber-Lovers

by Defiant

Copyright┬ę 2002 by Defiant

Sex Story: A fantasy first meeting between two cyber-lovers.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Petting   Cream Pie   .


I keep dreaming of our first meeting. I play it over and over in my mind...

I arrive at your house early in the morning and knock on your door. You open the door and I see you standing there in a very pretty, very long dress with high heels, and I see the exposed parts of your legs covered in white nylon.

I walk inside and you close and lock the door. We are both very nervous, and neither of us says a word. As if from some unseen and unheard cue, you bring your arms up and wrap them around my neck as I slide my arms around your waist and we draw each other close, bringing our lips together. We kiss long and slow and deep. With each passing second, our kiss becomes more passionate, more urgent. Our hands are roaming more and more aggressively over each other with each passing second, touching, exploring, feeling.

I slide the straps of your dress over your shoulders and you wriggle free of the confines of the light material, letting your dress fall to the floor around your feet. We break the kiss and I step back to look at you standing naked in front of me wearing only your white thigh highs and your high heels. The view is breathtaking.

You smile an almost wicked grin and sink to your knees. Your fingers work quickly removing my shoes, undoing my belt, and undoing my zipper. You remove my pants, then my underwear. You place your hands on my hips, smile lustfully into my eyes, and slowly slide my swollen member into your mouth. You slowly and lazily suck the head into your mouth, rolling your tongue all around it and then suddenly and without warning, slide me all the way down your throat. The feeling is incredible. Your mouth is so wet and tight as you slide me in and out of your mouth, faster and faster. You do such a skillful job that I cannot hold out for very long, and quickly erupt down your throat. You swallow every drop. The feeling is so intense that my legs almost give out from under me.

You slowly stand up and smile a very broad grin. I quickly pick you up in my arms and walk down the hall to your bedroom. I carefully lay you down on your bed and climb up next to you. I kiss your face and neck gently, and you moan a slight little sound. I lightly run my hands from your neck down to your breasts and gently cup first one, then the other, being careful not to touch your nipples, feeling their delicious weight against your chest. I slide my hand lower down your stomach feeling every inch along the way. I lightly rub my hand on and over your pelvis, delighting in the feeling of your smooth, hairless skin. I move my hand lower still, down to your thigh, and I gently caress and squeeze on it, then slide it over to the other and squeeze and caress it, as well. I move back and forth, rubbing and caressing your legs, kissing you deeply as I let my hands dance over your thighs.

I slowly slide my hand back upwards, gently rubbing over your pelvis and stomach, then sliding it up to cup your breast again. I take your nipple between my fingers and roll it, lightly pull it, and run my palm over it, making it stand up firmly. I break our kiss and lower my mouth to suck your nipple inside. I lick, flick, lightly bite, and suck on it. Your breathing gets deeper and harsher. I move my hand to your other nipple and begin to play with it, rolling it between my fingers and caressing it. I move my mouth over and lick your other nipple. Light, quick flicks at first, then flattening my tongue against it and licking it in long strokes. I suck your nipple into my mouth, gently hold it between my teeth, and flick it over and over with my tongue. I release my teeth and suck it deep into my mouth. I pull away slowly until it pops out of my mouth, standing firm and erect.

I slide my hand slowly back down your body until it rests between your thigh. I cup your pussy with my hand, feeling your heat. I let my fingers slide up and down, stroking the sides of your pussy, building your desire. I take one finger and lightly trace my way from the bottom of your wet pussy up to your clit, then back down again. I push a little harder and slip just inside of your folds, feeling your wetness, then slide it back up to your clit. I circle your clit a few times, and then slide it back down to the hot entrance of your sex. I slowly slide my finger inside of you, feeling your extreme heat and wetness, and your excited pussy grabs my finger, sucking it in deeper. I slide it in and out of you several times, coating it with your sticky, sweet fluids. I then remove my finger and slide another inside of you. I slowly work the new finger in and out of you, spreading your juices all over your opening and coating my finger. I withdraw my finger from you, and then reinsert both of my fingers into you. I rub lightly back and forth over your g-spot, slightly increasing the pressure on each stroke. As you start to buck your hips up against my hand, I slide my thumb to your clit. As I slide my fingers out of you, I rub downwards on your clit with my thumb. As I slide my fingers into you, I rub upwards on your clit. Slowly and steadily, I slide in and out, rubbing up and down. The more you move against my hand, the faster I slide in and out of you. Your breathing becomes jagged and you are practically panting and gasping at this point. Just a few more strokes and I feel your pussy clamp down on my fingers as your orgasm begins. I stop the motions of my hand and just hold my fingers in place, pressed against your g-spot as you ride the waves of your orgasm. When you finally come down, I slowly slide my fingers out of you, bring my hand to my mouth, and lick some of your juices off of my fingers. I bring my fingers to your mouth to offer you a taste. You hungrily suck the remainder of your sweet honey from my digits.

I slide lower on the bed, and move your legs open wider. I move myself between your legs, place my hands on your thighs, and push your legs open obscenely wide and hold them there. Slowly, I lower my face to your pussy. I stick my tongue out and lick you from the bottom to the top and back down again. I slide my tongue inside of your hot, wet hole and lick up all of the juice that is starting to flow out of you. I press my tongue flat against your pussy and lick from the bottom of your sweet pussy to the very top of your clit, circle it a few times, then slide it back down to your opening. I do this several times until I start to hear a low moaning from deep in your throat. Then I slide my tongue back up to your clit and suck it into my mouth. I hold your swollen clit with my lips and flick it over and over with my tongue, suck it deep into my mouth, then pull away until it pops back out. I lightly flick it with my tongue, blow on it, and suck it into my mouth again. Over and over, I suck your clit into my mouth then pull away until it pops out. When I feel your hands on the back of my head, I start to apply continuous, tight licks to every part of your clit, licking it around and around, up and down. I lick harder and harder as you pull my face tighter and tighter against your sweet pussy, until I feel your body tense up, and then go limp.

I stop licking, and plant several light kisses all over your pussy as you slowly come down from your orgasm.

When you have finally calmed down, I rise up and lay down next to you lightly running my hands over your body. You smile at me so sweetly and have such love and desire in your eyes that I couldn't refuse you anything that you asked for.

You start to speak, and ask me to please make love to you.

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