Two Lonely People

by Von der Tann

Copyright© 2001 by Von der Tann

Sex Story: Loneliness in marriage is a hard thing to live with. They were both in the same boat, which brought them together one night.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Petting   Slow   .

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One Friday night after work, a few of us decided to hit one of the bars and have a few drinks and maybe dance some, before heading home for the weekend.

Normally I did not make this a practice, but my wife had some kind of appointment, so I figured it would be better than watching TV on a Friday night.

There were maybe twenty of us in total, and the crowd seemed to be out for a good time. The numbers were a little unbalanced, as there was maybe twelve guys with eight women. I was more interested in getting a beer, and relaxing. The first beer went down smoothly, and I ordered a second one. Once I got that, the waitress was there to take food orders. I got the normal tavern steak with fries.

Once supper was over, some of the people left, and the rest sort of converged on one or two tables. I was one of two from my section, and Ron was busy trying to make time with one of the women. The tables actually sat six people, and we filled two tables, with myself and a woman from sales left over. We sat at an adjacent table, but were not far away. It just sort of cut us out of the conversation.

Nancy, who I was sitting with, worked in another section, but we all basically knew each other, just not well.

One advantage of sitting with her, is that I did not have to buy a round. The other two tables, were ordering pitchers of draft beer, and they seemed to be having fun. Nancy and I were just talking, and we stuck to bottled beer.

I bought her one, and we were just talking about work, the economy and such stuff. Some of the others were beginning to dance some. So I asked Nancy to dance.

We had a couple of dances. They were playing county music, and I was having a good time.

Now, to bring you up to date with things. My name is Tim, and I am forty two years old. Not bad physical shape, but probably ten pounds over weight, but with decent muscle tone. A touch of grey in my dark brown hair. I stand about six one, and weigh in at about two ten. I have been married for twenty two years, and have just the one son. Ben is studying to be a doctor. Me I am an accountant.

My wife is thirty nine, and about ten years ago, it should be right on ten years, as she was twenty nine, worrying about turning thirty, she had a short affair. It was a rough time for me, as she was sure she was in love with this guy. She actually moved out for about a month.

I remember one bad argument we had, and she told me how great he was in bed. That hurt some more. But after about a month of living in an apartment, she suddenly wanted to come back home, and work on our marriage. Ben was twelve at the time, and I did not relish the thought of being a single Dad, so I agreed.

Later on, I found her diary, and read it on the sly. It gave me a inside look at her thinking. Basically she was feeling old, if you can do that at twenty nine, unappreciated and neglected. She admitted to her diary, that the sex was not that great, and she seldom got off with him. That was an ego booster for me, as she always got off with me.

We saw a counsellor for a bit, and eventually our marriage smoothed out, and things were good for awhile. I never brought it up, and never thought of revenge. Within a couple of years our marriage was back in the same groove. I say groove, not rut. A groove is more comfortable. One thing I guess I always resented, was through it all, I never saw the effort that she put into her affair, reflected in her relationship with me.

And with Ben off to University, my wife and I had definitely drifted apart some more. It is easy to blame her, but as I said, she certainly did not put a lot of effort into it, and over time, I adopted the same attitude. It was like I was lonely in my own house.

Nancy was a nice looking woman. Not striking by any means, but more of a cute face. A nose that turned up a bit, a nice smile, and eyes that seemed to vary between blue and green. She had a very nice laugh, and laughed easily. Her body was nice also. Medium sized breasts, and a nice curvy behind. I guessed and she later confirmed that she was thirty eight years old. She was a brunette, and stood maybe five four, and I would guess maybe around one twenty for her weight.

Like me she was married and had one child. Her daughter was eighteen and enrolled in a secretarial course.

It is funny, some of the things that go through your mind. At one point of the evening, we had just had a dance, and were sitting there, sipping our beers. She caught me staring at her wedding band and engagement ring. I saw her slowly put her other hand over them, blocking my view.

I looked up at her, and she just said, "Let's dance some more."

The song was one by Patsy Cline, and as we waltzed together, her body moulded right to mine, and she seemed to follow my lead with ease. Her body pressed against mine. I could feel the little bulge of her lower stomach against my thigh.

When the song ended, and as we were walking back to the table, I said to her, "You are fun to dance with."

She smiled at me, and I could see she liked the compliment.

Nancy seemed to be having fun also. We were still kind of by ourselves. Once one of the other people came over for a minute, and said, "What are you two talking about?"

Nancy was quick to say, "Tim, is explaining how our sales data ends up in the accounting records."

The woman just said, "Ugh."

Needless to say, she did not linger.

When she was gone, Nancy said, "I am having too much fun to put up with her."

We danced to another song. It was by Dwight Yoakim, and was a little faster. Nancy almost seemed to be shaking her breasts at me, as she shook to the music.

She saw me watching her chest, and just smiled at me.

When we sat down, she sort of placed her hand on mine. Not really holding hands, just touching.

The DJ was taking a break, so we could talk. Ron the guy I came over with, was making some headway with a girl from the mail room. Nancy noticed this also.

She said, "I am having a great time, beats going home to an empty house."

I just looked at her.

She explained, "Gary, my husband is away. He comes back tomorrow. Not that it would make much difference."

I replied, "I know the feeling, sometimes."

She just said, softly, "Go on."

I said, "Well if I was home, I would be in the den, working on the computer, and Judy, my wife, would be glued to the TV. Sometimes I hate that TV."

Nancy looked like she understood, and she said, "Been there, done that, Gary likes to watch his sports, and he always has to have his beer."

I just nodded in return.

She then said, "He has a small drinking problem, and that has kind of come between us some. I just miss the affection, God I miss that."

I said, "I know, that is what I miss, someone saying they are always there for you, is not the same as showing it."

She squeezed my hand, then asked, "So, what do you do?"

I shrugged, and said, "Not much, I mean sex, you can always do yourself, but still the affection is missing. So I mean like, it is just relief."

She squeezed my hand tighter and whispered, "Yes, me too."

I smiled at her, and then took a drink of my beer. The thought of her playing with herself, suddenly made its way into my mind. It did not stay for long, but I remember thinking, "I would love to watch her do it."

When I looked at her, she was watching me, and she said, "Penny for your thoughts."

I think I almost blushed.

She just said, "Oh."

Then she pulled me back to the dance floor.

It was a slow song, so she just molded her body close to mine. She felt real good in my arms. I pulled her a little tighter.

She just whispered, "I can handle a little closer, just let me breathe."

I squeezed her a little tighter, and a little closer. Again I could feel her rounded little stomach press against me.

The song was ending, just as I felt my cock start to respond. I was glad to sit back down, as I did not want her to think I was hitting on her.

We both took a drink.

Then Nancy, sort of held her beer bottle out to me, and said, "Let's drink to a little affection."

I clicked my bottle on hers and we drank a little toast.

Most of the work crowd had left now. I think Ron was going to get lucky, because as he left with the young one, he had his hand on her ass. The young one looked like she was a little loaded.

Nancy was watching with me, and commented, "Might be a little affection there tonight."

She sounded almost wistful.

I knew I was all right to drive, and figured Nancy was also. But I also knew another beer, and we would not be.

I did not want to leave, but knew I could not have any more to drink. I think she was having the same argument.

She solved the problem by saying, "Let's dance a few more, before we have to leave."

As the night was moving along, the DJ was putting in a lot more slow songs.

I held her close, and Nancy changed the way we held each other. Before we held one hand together by our chests. This time, she put both her arms around my neck some. She pressed close, and my hands just sort of stroked her sides.

Everyone we knew had left. It was like she checked this, as she was definitely looking around. She must have been satisfied, because she seemed to melt against me, her body touching mine from her tits to her knees. My one hand dropped slightly to touch her ass. I quickly moved it back up, but she did not seem to mind.

The next awkward moment soon came. She pulled her head back, and we looked into each others eyes. I know I wanted to kiss her, and she looked like she wanted to kiss me. I was married, she was married. I had not kissed another woman in years. Nancy?

She put her head back to my chest, and squeezed me tightly. I could feel her breathing faster, and I could actually feel her heart beating rapidly against my chest.

My hands were resting right on the top of her hips. It almost seemed like she suddenly gave a little upward movement to try and get my hands lower on her ass.

She shifted again, and her lips were closer to my ear. I turned her slightly so her back was away from the crowd, and let my hand drop and I gave her ass a quick, little rub.

I heard her breath catch, as she seemed to hold it, as my hand rubbed her ass. Then as I lifted my hand back to her hip, she suddenly leaned more on me.

She said, "I want you to kiss me."

I pulled back some.

She said, "Right here."

So, I just leaned down and our lips met. Hers parted quickly to give me access, and I opened, and let my tongue gently enter her mouth. Her tongue silently dueled with mine, as my lips covered hers.

Passion, I would not call it that. It was more like two people, suddenly were tasting affection. Two people, two bodies starving for affection, suddenly feeling it. She quickly broke the kiss and pulled back.

She laid her head back on my chest as we moved to the music.

She just whispered, "God."

She then shivered in my arms.

When the song ended we sat down quickly. Her face was a little flushed. Instead of sitting across from me, she sat beside me. She put her head on my shoulder, then quickly kissed my cheek.

Her head moved back, close to my ear, and she whispered, "I hope you do not think I am teasing you. It's just been so long, since I felt that kind of affection. I think I am teasing myself."

She took a breath, and then said, "God, I am teasing you. I'm sorry, it's just that."

I gently put my finger on her lip and stopped her.

I whispered back, "Don't, don't, it's nothing bad. Just two of us that have needs, mostly just to be held and cared for."

She had her hand on my thigh, and she squeezed it,

She whispered back at me, "Yes, you would understand, I mean I just wanted a good time tonight. I need to think, I need a kiss, I need..."

I leaned over and kissed her, I let my tongue worm into her mouth to find hers. She melted against me, and returned the kiss.

Then she pulled back. I should say we pulled back.

She whispered, "I need time, Oh, I want you, but I don't want you. What are we doing? Tim what are we doing?"

I squeezed her close, and said, "Tonight, we are just getting some needed affection, then it will be home to think this out."

She snuggled close and whispered back, "Promise?"

I nodded.

The Patsy Cline song came back on and she said, "One more dance?"

I quickly pulled her to the floor and into my embrace. She snuggled close, and we just enjoyed a nice slow dance. She pressed against me even a little after the song ended.

She then whispered, "As much as I hate to say it, we had better call it a night."

We gathered up our stuff and walked out to the parking lot. She had her car, and I walked her over to it. I admired her ass as she walked out ahead of me. She had on a skirt, which came to about three inches above her knee.

Once we were at her car, she unlocked it, then turned and held out her arms. I quickly took her in my arms and kissed her again. The kiss was long, wet and there was lots of tongue.

Once we broke apart, she whispered, "Forgive me."

With that she gripped my hard cock through my pants. It was a gentle feel, like she was sizing it up.

She then whispered, "I had to do that."

Then she stepped back a bit, and quickly tugged her skirt up. When her crotch came into view, she took my hand, and placed it right over her cunt.

She said, "Tit for tat."

I just felt her heat and her wetness right through her panty hose and underwear.

I did like she did, and only gave her a little squeeze and then pulled my hand away.

She was watching me, her eyes shining.

I gave her another peck, and said, "I won't be alone tonight, when I look after myself."

She just smiled and nodded in agreement.

Then it was see you Monday, and she got in her car and drove off.

Once I was home, it was right in the shower, and it felt real nice when I let my cock shoot my cum at the drain.

Then off to bed.

Monday at work I did not get a chance to see her. At noon time, I was going to walk down to the little park and find a street vendor and get a sausage on a bun for dinner.

I walked by the sales department, and Nancy was still at her desk. She glanced up and waved. She got right up and came over.

She asked, "You going out?"

I said, "Yes, I am walking down to the park. There is a sausage wagon there, and they have great sausages."

She then asked, "Can you wait a couple of minutes, and I will go with you?"

I waited and in a matter of a couple of minutes, she was ready. Today she had on a sweater and slacks.

We did not say much walking down to the park. Once we got a sausage and bun, we found a bench off by itself and sat and ate our lunches.

Once we were done, she said, "They're excellent."

I just nodded and then started to say something.

She started at the same time, so I stopped. She stopped also.

Then she said, "Ladies first. I just wanted you to know that I had a great time Friday night. I have felt great about it all weekend. Not one regret."

I smiled at her and said, "I guess I wanted to say pretty much the same thing. I had a real good time, and like you I just have good feelings about it."

She just looked pleased.

Our talking then turned to normal work type stuff. She was busy as there was a big push on some items, with lots of advertising.

She opened her purse and checked her planner, and then said, "How about we do this again on Thursday?"

I agreed and we set a date.

I did not see much of her during the week. It was drawing close to month end, and reports had to be done, plus we were monitoring the results of the current sales drive.

It was Thursday noon before I knew it. Nancy phoned about eleven thirty to ensure that our date was still on.

We met outside, and walked down to the park. Then it was get a sausage and find our bench. It was occupied at first by an older man. We just stood close by, and ate standing up.

She had mustard on hers, and at one point a bit ran down the side of her mouth.

I teasingly said, "Want me to lick that up?"

She just leaned her face over, and so I did it. I slowly licked the mustard from her face.

She just smiled at me.

The old gentleman got up from our bench and as he walked by us, he said, "Good to see married people still in love."

We walked over to the bench and sat down. Nancy was almost laughing.

She said, "He thought we were married."

I nodded and held up my hand with my wedding ring on it. I then pointed at her hand.

I said, "Natural mistake."

Nancy quickly covered her hand so that her rings did not show.

She said, "So, you going out after work, tomorrow?"

I slowly nodded and said, "Yes, I had a great time last week, I guess I'm hoping maybe, for some more great company."

She smiled and said, "I want to go, and would definitely have a better time if you were there to dance with, and..."

She just let it hang there.

I said softly, "I am free all weekend. My wife has gone to Denver. She is taking some stuff out to our son, and is staying with a friend for the weekend."

Nancy seemed to almost blush as I said that.

She then almost whispered, as she said, "So, I never did find out about last Friday, I mean afterwards, like when you got home, I mean did you, you know, do anything, and think of me?"

I gave a little, guilty smile and gave a little nod.

She grinned from ear to ear, and said, "Maybe a little more than a nod. I mean I asked you."

I smiled at her and said, "Tit for tat again?"

She quickly nodded in agreement.

So I said, "As soon as I was home, I went right in the shower. I played with it under the water. I remembered your touch and pretended you were doing it. I shot a big load down the drain."

She smiled a big smile and said, "Interesting, I like what you pretended."

She then looked quickly around, and said softly, "Once I got in the car, I was so wet. When I got out on the street, there was practically no traffic, so..."

She stopped and she was blushing slightly.

I waited patiently.

She then said, "I poked a hole in the crotch of my panty hose, ruined them. But I got the crotch of my panties aside, and, and believe it or not, I made myself cum, driving down the street."

She was looking down at her lap as she made this confession.

She then said, "Once I got home, it was junk the panty hose, put the wet panties away, where they would not be discovered, and wash up."

She took a breath, and then said, "Once I was under the covers, I did it again."

I smiled and nodded.

Nancy lived in another part of the city, but we figured if we were almost like dating on Friday night, then she would leave her car home, and I would drop her off.

Friday was busy and I did not have a lot of time to think, other than I was looking forward to seeing her. It was a nice sunny day, and when we first got to the tavern, we all sat outside on the deck. Nancy waited for me at the door, and that way, we looked like we had just arrived, and we sat together.

Tonight we were more in with the main group. Ron was there again, and he and I talked some. He introduced me to Joyce the girl from the mail room. Ron was married and everyone at work knew he played around. I don't know why, but the thought crossed my mind, "Did he ever hit on Nancy."

I had a couple of beers, and then ordered something to eat. Once the food was done, and the table cleared, some of them ordered a pitcher of draft beer. Nancy took her purse and got up. I waited until she was gone, and then did the same. I waited at the bar, while she visited the washroom. When she came back, she waited there with me.

Our chairs were soon occupied by others, and then we made our way back to the table. This made it possible for us to sit at the next table. We were still close enough to the group to be a part of it, but also away enough so we could drink bottled beer, and talk.

I noticed that Nancy did not have hose on. She had a skirt that was a little shorter than last week. She also had a button up blouse on. It was kind of a heavy material. She looked very nice.

About nine O'clock, the DJ started playing some tunes, and the group moved back inside, soon people were dancing. I danced with Nancy a couple of times, then also danced with another woman who was there, and worked in my department. I did that to be polite, and also to make it look like I was spreading myself around.

When I got back from dancing with the other lady, Nancy whispered to me, "O.K. you have me jealous."

I just laughed at her, then said, "She does not understand me."

Nancy winked at me, and said, "I think I do."

We were just having fun, and enjoying each others company. On the slow dances she would mould her body right close to mine. She would put her arms right around my neck and just let me hold her however I wanted.

One of the people from the advertising department was having a party at one of their houses, so the bunch soon left. Nancy said she was going home, and I told them I had a couple of things to do, and might drop by later. Soon they were all gone.

Once they were all gone, Nancy took my hand and picked up her purse. She led me around the other side of the place, and found us a little booth, that was basically off by itself.

She said to me, "I noticed this one time on a trip to the washroom."

I just said, "Cozy."

We were a little leery about dancing with her purse at the table. I told her I would take it out to the car. She wanted to use the washroom first. She was soon back and let me take her purse out to the car. I slipped it into the trunk and locked it up.

Once I was back, she said, "Now for some serious dancing."

We danced a lot over the next hour or so. Once the DJ took a break we had a chance to talk.

I asked her, "I meant to ask you before, Ron runs around a lot, did he ever hit on you?"

She smiled and said, "Ron hits on everyone, if you wear a skirt, Ron has hit on you."

She then added, "In case you are wondering, no, he did not have any success."

She then slid closer and put her hand on mine. She just kind of leaned close and put her head on my shoulder.

She whispered, "Now, maybe someone like you might have more success."

I turned and kissed her lightly on the forehead.

She then said, "Did I mention, Gary is out of town again tonight. He won't get home until late tomorrow."

I smiled and said, "No, I don't think you mentioned that."

She then said, "So, we are both free, and I don't know about you, but I could be easy, and I want to have fun."

I just said, "Show me a little affection, and I should be easy too."

Nancy gave me a wicked little smile, and said, "Affection, now that is in my plans."

Friday nights at this tavern were always a little slow, there was a group out by the tables, and the regulars at the bar. Some couples from the group were dancing, but we had our corner mostly to ourselves. We got up to dance, and I noticed that her blouse was unbuttoned a bit. Some cleavage was showing. Now I hadn't noticed her do that. A slow song came on and as she danced close to me, she gave a little bounce. It made my hand slide down low on her hip. I slid my hand a little lower and softly rubbed her ass cheek. She just danced closer.

No one was paying any attention to us. The waitress came by and said to just wave her down if we wanted anything.

The next faster song, we were dancing, and I noticed another button was undone, and as she moved, I was sure that she had no bra on, as I could seen her tits moving under her blouse and the vee of her blouse was showing quite a bit of bare breast. She seemed to shake them right at me, like she was hoping they would fall out of her top.

When she saw me watching her tits, she just smiled at me.

I walked over to the waitress and asked for a couple more beers. Back at the table, Nancy was waiting and she slid right over close to me.

As soon as the waitress disappeared after bringing the beers, Nancy said, "Kiss me."

I pulled her close to me and my lips met hers. Her mouth parted and her tongue did not wait for me. It pushed right into my mouth. She was actually kissing me.

As our lips parted, another nice slow song came on. She just pulled me out of the booth. As I followed her to the little spot where we danced, I was sure her skirt was shorter. It was now about halfway up her thigh. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me close. I reached for her back and felt her waist. There was a little roll, where she had rolled the skirt up some. She just giggled when she felt me do it.

Then she lowered one hand and took my hand in hers. She brought it to the front of her blouse, and sort of guided it in between us.

She whispered, "Touch me."

I slipped my hand a little further and let my fingers slip inside her blouse. My fingers soon found a bare nipple and I squeezed it between my fingers.

She just danced, allowing me to caress her tit.

Then she reached up and kissed me again. She just opened her mouth against me, and waited for my tongue. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and let it wrestle with hers. She made a little moan right into my mouth.

When the song ended, it took us a little while to part.

Back at the table, I kissed her again. This time, I just nibbled on her lower lip, and then licked all around her lips.

When I stopped, she giggled and said, "I like the way you lick lips. You like licking lips?"

I just nodded.

Another slow song came on, and we danced again, this time she pressed right up against me and wiggled her butt. I spent the whole dance slowly rubbing her ass. I wanted to pull her skirt up, but it was too tight.

She must have sensed this because she said, "Next week, I'll wear a sun dress."

I kissed her and caressed her firm ass. She moaned and shoved her tongue into my mouth. She flicked the end of my tongue with hers, then she sucked my tongue into her mouth. She was actually sucking my tongue.

When our lips parted, she whispered, "I like doing things with my mouth also."

The next song was another slow one. She reached for one of my hands and moved it to the front of her blouse. I moved away a bit, and then just put my hand right into her blouse. I gently squeezed her tit. Her nipple was hard and pressing into my palm. I could tell from the feel, that she had good sized nipples.

She whispered, "If you can't do one, do the other."

I kissed her lightly.

When our lips parted, she said, "I guess it was a waste, taking my panties off."

I just said to her, "Maybe next week, this week can be practice, just to see how it feels."

She whispered back to me, "I have never done it before. But I like being bare assed for you."

I found her nipple with my fingers and gave it a little tug and rolled it with my thumb and finger.

She just gave a little moan.

It was getting close to eleven O'clock, so once that song ended we sat down. As she slid into the booth, Nancy let her skirt slide up. It ended up just below her crotch. When I slid in beside her, she cocked one leg and I could see her bare cunt. Well pretty much. The lighting was bad, so it was more like the outline of it.

She leaned over and whispered to me, "You can't get at it much in here, do you want to leave?"

I just said softly back to her, "I guess, if you want me to get at that."

She just whispered softly, "Touch it."

I lowered my hand to her crotch, and cupped her cunt. I could feel that she was soaked with her juice. My cock gave a lurch in my pants when I felt her wetness. I could feel a wet spot on my underwear also, as my cock leaked pre-cum a bit.

I said softly, "Wet, very wet, for me?"

She just shuddered against me, and said, "Let's get out of here."

She adjusted her clothes, and we walked out of the tavern.

We just got out the door, and she leaned against me and said, "God, I feel it running down my leg."

When we got to my car, I unlocked the passenger side door, and as she slid in, she let her skirt pull right up. I quickly went around to my side. She leaned over and unlocked my door. Leaning over I could see right down her blouse.

I got in, and she just said, "Take your cock out."

I was in no mood to argue. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. There was just a little light from the street light. Nancy saw it, and quickly gripped my cock in her hand.

She just gave a little moan, and said, "Tim, I can't wait, I want it, please."

I unsnapped my pants and spread out the sides. I said to her, "You are going to have to move. I have to get over there."

She lifted off the seat and braced herself. Fortunately I have bench seats. I reached down and shoved the seat back as far as it would go and slid across, getting away from the steering wheel. Once I was clear of it, she quickly moved to sit on me.

Her skirt was up around her waist, and she bent her knees and straddled me right there on the seat. She jabbed with her hips a couple of times. The first time my cock slid up her front. She groaned in frustration and tried again. This time my cock slipped right across her hole and missed again. She just reached and grabbed it, and put it right at her cunt hole. Then she sat down on it. My cock was driven deep into her hot, wet cunt in one quick shove. Her wetness let me slip right in. Nancy gave a deep sigh of satisfaction, and just sat there with me buried deep in her.

Her cunt muscles kept moving though, and they were squeezing my cock. She was facing me, so I quickly unbuttoned her blouse and took a nipple in my mouth. As I did this, she started to raise and lower her hips on me. She did not have a lot of room and not much leverage either. She was fucking me with short, little strokes. I sucked a nipple into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue.

She gasped, "My clit is right on your cock. I am going to cum quick."

She was fucking up and down with little, short strokes, and she was gasping in my ear. She was actually panting in my ear from her exertion and her arousal. She pressed her chest forward, trying to get more tit in my mouth. I just sucked as much of her tit and nipple into my mouth that I could. One hand came up and held my head, while the other she put on my shoulder to balance herself.

She moaned, "God, Tim, I am so fucking close. I can't hold it anymore."

Suddenly she jammed her hips down on me, and her cunt muscles went crazy on my shaft. Her spasms rolled through her cunt walls, and milked my cock. It was like her cunt was sucking my cock. She pulled her tit out of my mouth, and tilted my head with her hand and mashed her mouth to mine. She was gasping and kissing me at the same time. Her mouth was open, kissing me, licking me and trying to breathe all at once.

Her cunt was squeezing my cock, and I felt my nuts beginning to pull up, getting ready to pump my cum out of them. I gave a little jab up at her, moving just a little. Her hips had me pinned there pretty good. Another attempt at a jab, and my cock erupted into her. I think that set her off again, as her cunt was suddenly spasming again. She was slobbering over my mouth, still trying to kiss me and breathe through her mouth at the same time.

Finally her clutching cunt drained me, and her spasms slowed to gradually stop.

She kissed me deeply and then said, "I guess you have figured out, that I needed that bad."

I kissed her lightly and said, "It's the most intense fuck I ever had."

She then said, "Let me get untangled here, and you can take me to your place for the night."

She managed to get herself lifted enough so that I could slide over. My cock was still about half erect and slipped from her with a very wet plop. Once it was out, I managed to get to one side of her, and she did a little half turn, and that freed me to slide over some more. This gave her room to sit down. She pulled her legs up and flexed them as best she could once she had her ass on the seat.

The lighting was bad, but I could feel the dampness on my crotch. I lifted my ass, and managed to get my pants back together, and pulled the zipper up. Everywhere my hands touched seemed to be wet.

I said to her, "God, I am soaked down there."

She just laughed, then said, "I was leaking like a fawcet."

She then asked, "Any tissues in here, anywhere?"

I reached under the seat, and passed her a small box of tissues. She took a few, and I saw her hand go under the short skirt.

I started the car, and headed for my place. Nancy slid over and sat close with her hand on my thigh.

Once there, we crawled out, and I opened the trunk and got her purse. We were soon in the house.

Nancy immediately asked, "Where's the can?"

I showed her to the bathroom, and she quickly hiked her skirt and sat down. She never asked me to leave, and the way she looked at me, told me she didn't mind if I stayed. She plucked the tissues from her crotch and let them fall into the toilet bowl. Then she just watched, as gob after gob of my cum dripped from her hole and into the water below. Then suddenly a flow of urine flooded out of her.

With this, she said, "I want to shower."

My answer was, "Me too."

I rounded up towels and we were soon in the shower together. Our fuck in the car has taken the edge off, so we just enjoyed a slow shower. I washed her and enjoyed touching her. It was so natural, just having fun, touching and playing in the shower. I got on my knees in front of her, and washed her legs and her crotch. She helped with washing her crotch, and four hands soaped and rinsed her mound.

She giggled and said, "Make sure that is good and clean."

Once she had turned around and rinsed her cunt, she turned back to face me. I just leaned forward, and ran my tongue the length of her slit.

Then I said, "Yes, soap free."

We switched places and she soaped up my cock and balls. She played with them for quite awhile, and seemed to like just looking at it.

I wanted to ask her if I was bigger than her husband, but let that thought leave my mind, without being spoken.

Finally we were done, and she much like me, popped the head of my cock into her mouth, and proclaimed me soap free.

Then we towelled off, and walked around the house nude. I got us each a beer, and Nancy found some chips. As she paraded around, I looked her over. She had a very good shape, and her tits had little or no sag. I guessed she must work out some. She just had a little pot belly, more of a slight bulge, which was low on her stomach. I remembered the feel of it while we danced.

She saw me looking and just smiled at me.

She then gave a little laugh and said, "Can we eat chips in your bed?"

I nodded and then she said, "So, lead the way, I am new here."

So we went off to the bedroom. We sat on the bed, cross-legged and ate some chips and drank beer. Nancy was not at all bothered by being nude around me. Sitting cross-legged like we were, had her cunt lips opened up a bit, and as I glanced down at her, I could see some of her pink insides. She kept her public hair trimmed short, and it looked like it was just up top of her cunt. She saw me looking at her, but did not say anything.

I did not eat much of the chips, while she seemed to have more. Once she was done, she pointed to the bag.

I said, "No, I don't want any more. I am thinking of eating something else."

She smiled and said, "Tell me more."

I stared right at her cunt, and said softly, "I want to taste you."

She then said, "Do you have any idea, how long it has been since someone did that to me?"

I shook my head, and said, "Miss it?"

She said, "Gary used to do it some, but just as foreplay, I don't think he liked it. He just did it so that I would suck him. But it has been years, and yes I miss it."

I said to her, "I would like it to be wet first, so I can taste the juice first."

She giggled, and lay back. She spread her legs, and quickly reached down, and spread her lips. There was some moisture already. She put her finger in her hole and got a bit of moisture, and moved her finger right to her clit.

As she rubbed herself, she said, "I did this last week, thinking about you watching me. Oh, I'm getting wet."

I moved closer and watched her play with her clit. Her finger was moving rapidly, stroking her button. I was watching that and also her cunt hole. A little puddle of her milky juice was collecting there.

I whispered, "Just a bit more. I can see some juice, and I want to lick it up."

She just said, "Hurry, before I make myself cum. I have a quick trigger tonight."

I just moved closer, laying between her legs. I crawled up to her and blew on her fingers. Then I said, "I want that taste."

She moved her fingers, and spread a little wider. She lifted her legs some as she spread, and opened her crotch to me.

I slid forward, and sticking out my tongue, I aimed right at her hole, and dipped the end on my tongue into the puddle of juice. It was hot and sweet on my tongue, and once I had that first taste of her, I quickly licked up the puddle.

She put her hands in my hair and gently caressed my scalp, as I licked at her cunt lovingly.

She moaned, then said, "Oh, yes, eat me up."

I had cleaned up her juice, so I pulled on one of her cunt lips with my lips, and then sucked it right into my mouth. Her lip was smooth and slippery, and I sucked it a bit, and then moved to the other one. This one already had a sheen of her juice on it, and I sucked it into my mouth, enjoying her slippery juice. I actually nibbled on it gently. Nancy's hips were starting to move and her grip on my head was beginning to tighten some.

I released her lips and found her hole again. I licked up her cream, and then leaving a bit on my tongue, I slowly moved my tongue up her slit, going slowly until I reached her passion marble. Once I got there, I quickly sucked it the whole area into my mouth, and used my tongue to strum her clit.

Her hands pulled me tight to her crotch, and her hips bucked in response to what I was doing.

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