Devil In Her Eyes

by Pervetta

Copyright© 2001 by Pervetta

Sex Story: The story of a Mistress and a "preferred" slave, and his "special" treatment.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   DomSub   FemaleDom   .


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She came to him in the dead of the night. Darkness covering her movements. A long, black leather coat covering her body. Black boots sticking out just below the coat. Dark hair framing her Indian looking features, the high cut cheekbones, the dark eyes, aquiline nose.

She neared his bed and stopped as he lay in a deep sleep. She reached out to touch his forehead, brushing back the locks of sandy-colored hair from his forehead. She then bent to touch her lips to his. He roused slightly, moaning something she couldn't quite catch.

Running her hand down along his cheek, he stirred again, coming closer to the surface of wakefulness. Again she leaned to kiss his lips, pushing her tongue against his lips, parting them.

Coming slowly out of his slumber, he reached for her, pulling her head down closer to him. "Mistress! You've come!" he whispered.

"Yessssss... " she hissed. "I'm here."

She reached down jerking the covers off of his nude body. A chill touched his body and raised gooseflesh on him.

"Out!" she snapped at him, but not unkindly, for she had a soft spot for him.

He obeyed, getting quickly out of the bed. Wanting to please her in anyway he could. Knowing she was capable of causing him delicious pain. He scrambled to his feet and stood nude before her, his head bowed slightly in her presence. He did not look directly at her.

She reached her hand toward his face, running a long nail down the side of his jaw. Up over his lips where he tried to take her finger into his mouth, trying to taste her.

"No!" she told him. "You don't deserve it yet!"

"Please, Mistress?" he begged.

Of all her slaves, he was her special one. She kept coming back to him time after time. This time, she was going to give him a treat, but he wouldn't know it until she chose to reveal it.

"Come!" she whispered.

She grasped his arm and led him to another room. Her playroom, she called it. His excitement grew as she opened the door. It had been awhile since he had been here. She pointed to the opposite wall where cuffs had been attached to the wall.

"Put your back to the wall. Now!" she instructed him. He did, stepping back against the wall. He lifted his arms to place them into the cuffs. She snapped first one and then the other deftly shut around his wrists. Then she bent to snap the cuffs around his ankles.

Still in the coat, she crossed the room, the leather swishing with the movement of her body. The chains on the boots were jingling softly. Keeping her back to him, she picked up a small leather whip, slipping it into her pocket. Then the small leather band she would use to bind his cock and balls.

Tonight, unbeknownst to him, would be a night of unforgettable pleasure for him. She turned back to him and quickly crossed the room to him. She stopped in front of him, looking at him. Smirking slightly, as she looked him up and down.

Seeing her smirk, he dropped his head, afraid she would leave him as she had a few times before. For hours at a time, she had left him spread eagle on this wall, humiliating him. Naked to anyone who might come in. Unable to cover his nakedness if someone did come in.

Reaching into her pocket she withdrew the leather band and draped it over his shoulder, letting it slide down over him. She reached in to caress his face, as he closed his eyes to her touch. His head tilting down against her hand, longing for her touch.

She suddenly reached out and grasped his nipple, pinching it savagely. His eyes jerking open, the pain causing him to gasp, as her laughter filled the room. She stepped into him opening her coat and rubbing her body against him. Her breath warm against his neck, her cheek against his, her body sliding seductively against his. Like a cat rubbing against him. Her fingers twisting at his hard nipple. Pinching hard enough to cause him to moan aloud every now and then.

Her teeth suddenly clamped down on his shoulder as she gave a savage twist on his nipple. It felt like she was twisting it off his chest and he cried out. His hardening cock jumping against her leg as she raised her leg slightly, pushing against it, rubbing. Her hand reaching between them to wrap around his cock, tightening around it. Her nails digging into it making small crescent imprints.

She bent in front of him, taking the leather band and wrapping it securely around his hardening cock. Then wrapping it around his balls, confining them. The pressure already building.

When she finished binding him, she leaned in touching her tongue to him. The first twinges of pain/pleasure rocked through him as the blood began collecting in the head of his cock with nowhere to go. Her tongue running over him, making him harder, causing more of the pain/pleasure.

She stood in front of him, removing the small whip from her pocket. Her eyes glinting as she saw the head of his cock purpling from the constriction of blood. She snapped the small whip against his chest, just below his right nipple. A whelp appearing just below his nipple. Drawing back, she snapped it against the inside of his thigh, just under his throbbing cock.

He let out a scream, wanting to explode, but he knew he couldn't. She had trained him well. He would not give in to his pleasure until she allowed it. The whip snapped again. This time on the inside of the other thigh. He flinched, but did not cry out again.

"Ahhhhh...being stubborn, my love?" she queried.

With that, the whip cracked like a shot over the very tip of his cock. He screamed in agony as the gorged, over-sensitive head was struck. Having gotten her satisfaction of finally hearing him scream, she took the small cuff key from inside the coat. It was on a small chain around her neck, dangling between her breasts. She slipped the key into the cuff locks unlocking each one. He rubbed at his wrists, getting the blood flowing again.

Still throbbing below, because she hadn't released his confined cock and balls, he could feel his pulse throughout his body with each beat of his heart. He stood humbly before her, head down. She turned, leaving him standing awkwardly in the room. She reached for the door and he spoke timidly:

"Mistress? Have I displeased you?"

She turned looking at him over her shoulder. No emotion showing on her face, she left the room.

His cock and balls aching to be released, but he knew he could release himself until she was ready. The throbbing in his groin was becoming extremely painful now.

The door opened and she reentered the room. The coat gone, she was now nude. Her dark, patch of pussy hair immediately attracting his attention. She came a few feet into the room and stopped, boots still on her feet. She stopped and spread her legs apart. Feet about four feet apart. As he stood gazing at her pussy, a drop of blood suddenly splashed on the floor directly under her. His eyes went to her face, then back to the spot on the floor.

"Mistress?" he whined.

She crossed the room to him, leading him to the bed in the corner of the room. He remained standing as she undid the leather band from around his cock and balls. The rush of constricted blood almost causing him to pass out.

"Down!" she told him, as he began climbing onto the bed. The satin of the sheets cool and slick against his back as he lay down. He lay with his hands to his sides, staring straight at the ceiling. Not daring to look at her, afraid she would leave him. His excitement building as he thought of what was about to happen.

He had never fucked her while she was bleeding, but he had heard the other slaves telling of this pleasure. As of yet, none of them had experienced this with her. He would be the first. He could hardly contain his anticipation, but knew he mustn't show it.

She climbed onto the bed. He felt the bed shifting under him. She crawled closer to him; the smell of her reaching him. The heady perfume she wore arousing him even more. She took his hand and placed it between her legs. He felt a wetness as his finger slid back and forth over her clit. Her legs parting wider for him.

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