Voyeurism Happens

by Lacy Underalls

Copyright© 2001 by Lacy Underalls

Sex Story: Amy walked in on her roommate having sex, and the next day brings some suprises as they discuss the nights events.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   .

Jenn kissed her boyfriend goodbye one last time, then came back inside the small house and shut the door. Her roommate, Amy was sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal. Jenn sat across form her friend, biting on her lip as she tried to think of something to say.

"It's ok Jenn. I'm not freaked out or anything. I just wasn't ready for what I saw, you know? Kind of like seeing your parents naked the first time or..."

"Hey!" Jenn cut her off. "How the hell can you compare me to your parents, thank you very much." She was trying not to laugh at the comparison Amy had made. Amy made no attempt not to laugh, and soon tears were running down her face.

"Shit, I'm sorry Jenn, but walking in on you and Jeff was just so weird! Watching porn does not prepare a person for seeing it in real life. God, I can't quit laughing." She wiped more tears off her face as Jenn stared at her.

"Was it really that bad? Is my ass fat or something? Fuck this is embarrasing."

"Listen Jenn, I really didn't see much. It was pretty dark. Of course the smell..."

"Amy! Jesus, enough already! I think you've had your fill already. Can we call it even? Please?"

Amy thought for a moment, trying to drag this moment out to embarass Jenn as much as possible. "It's really fine, so let it go. I just wanted to give you a hard time. You do deserve it you know. Making my young, virgin eyes see something so obscene." Both girls broke out laughing this time, Amy even falling out of her chair holding her stomach.

"Thanks Amy. A lot of other people wouldn't be so nice about this situation. I really didn't think you were home though. Thank God Jeff didn't see you walk in, it would have destroyed whatever confidence he has. I don't think he'd ever come back if he found out."

"You sure he doesn't know?"

"He had a blindfold on Amy. It's his little fetish. He says it gets him off better, somethig about improving his senses."

"Oh my God! Jeff has a kinky side? I was suprised to see you two in anything other than the missionary position. The fact that you were on top is a victory for women's lib."

"Shut up Amy. We have a good sex life. We all can't be sluts like some people."

"You're right, it takes talent to be a good slut! And this slut is late for class. I'll see ya tonight." With that Amy was out the door, leaving Jenn alone.

Seven o'clock found Jenn and Amy cooking dinner. It was a tradition that every thursday night they had the house to themselves. No boyfriends, no homework, no nothing. After thirteen years of freindship it was their time to unwind from the week and catch up.

"Amy, can I ask you something?"

"I don't know, the last time you used that tone I lost a boyfriend."

"A boyfriend? What the hell are you talking about?"

"Aaron Jordan. You stole him from me in case you forgot."

"Amy, that was in sixth grade! Listen damn it i want to talk."

Amy snickered at Jenn's reaction. "You can always talk to me dummy, you know you don't have to ask." Amy turned her attention back to the television. Harrison Ford was beating up bad guys, and Amy loved Harrison Ford.

"It's about last night. I just wanted some answers, minus the laughter I hope." Jenn wasn't laughing, and Amy noticed rigth away. She grabbed the remote and turned Harrison off, which was a major feat for her.

"What do you want to know? I really didn't see much Jenn, you shouldn't let it bother you."

"Well", Amy took a deep breath, "it's not bothering me. That's what's bothering me." Jenn looked up at her friend, trying to find a reaction in Amy's eyes.

"So...what does that mean? I'm not a mind reader. Unless you're a guy with a hard on..."

"Amy please, no jokes. It didn't bother me...until you left." Again Jenn looked for any sign of reaction. There was only a smile.

"Shit! My little Jenn is an exhibitionist. I'll be damned. You liked that I saw you?"

"Well...yeah. I havn't...you know...like that since Jeff and I have been together."

"That would explain the noise after I left. And it's ok to say orgasmed Jenn. After all these years you still get shy. It's almost cute. So what's the big deal? Are you having a guilt trip about this? It's ok to have a fetish Jenn, just don't let it get you in trouble, at least not to much trouble." Amy reached over and turned the movie back on. Harrison was just so hot.


"Oh God, what know? Another confessoion? Should we send you to Jerry Springer, at least that would get us a free trip somewhere."

"Amy, I want to do it again." The remote control made quite a loud noise when it hit the floor. The look on Amy's face was priceless. Jenn was so nervous she couldn't help but laugh a little. Both of their faces had turned bright red.

"Did I hear you right? Please tell me I didn't break the remote for nothing."

"I want to do it again Amy. I have never felt that way before, ever. I want to feel like that again. You must think I'm sick." Jenn looked down at the floor. Amy's hand on her chin raised her head back up to eyelevel.

"If you're truly serious about this, of course I'll do it. I've done worse in the past, as I'm sure you could have guessed. Just let me know when, OK?" Amy gave her a reassuring smile, which Jenn returned right away.

"Now. Jeff is at home alone, and I know he'd be here in a flash if he thought he was gonna get laid."

"You think he's going to go for this?"

"Oh, never in a million years Amy. He's gonna be blinfolded and tied up though. I'll be right back!"

"Wait! Jenn..." Jenn was gone in a flash, not even slowing down asa she left the room. A few minutes later she was back.

"Go up into my bathroom Amy. He's going to be here in about ten minutes, so we don't have much time. He can't know you're here or he'll make us go back to his place. If you have to pee or get something to drink do it now. If he here's noises he'll get suspicious. Especially when he's blindfolded." Jenn ran into the kitchen and left Amy to try and figure out what the hell she had gotten into.

"What the hell." Amy gulped down the remainder of her margarita and headed upstairs. She was flushing the toilet when she heard a faint knock on their front door. She tried in vain but couldn't make out what was being said downstairs. Five minutes later footsteps approached the door to the bedroom. Amy had to unbutton the top of her shirt. She was starting to sweat. She had never really been into voyeurism, even watching porn didn't really do anything for her. This however was affecting her in a big way. It was different when the performers knew you were watching, or at least one of them did. Jeff walked into the bedroom wearing only his boxers. Amy had to stiffle a giggle at that. She couldn't believe Jenn could work that fast. Her roommate walked in right behind him carrying his clothes. She still had on her bathrobe from earlier.

"Sit down on the bed Jeff. You know how this works." He sat down with his back to the bathroom. Jenn opened her nightstand and took out a piece of cloth. It took a minute before Amy realised it was a blinfold. As Jenn wrapped it around his head she looked towards the bathroom, giving Amy a wink.

"What about Amy? You sure she's gone for the night?"

"Yes! I told you she's at a friend's house for the night. They had to study for something." She tied the cloth tightly around his head. She had tried it on herself many times and knew he couldn't see through it.

"I'll bet they're studying." That got him a smack to the head. Jenn tried not to laugh at the comment. Amy stucj her hand out the door, middle finger proudly raised in response to his comments.

"Ok big boy, lay down so I can get to work." As Jeff laid down on his back Amy got her forst shock of the night. Jeff was well hung. His boxers were stretched tight by a nice sized erection. Amy crossed her arms, squeezing her breasts as she did so. Amy tied his hands to the frame with two more pieces of cloth. Once they were secure she pulled his boxers off. Amy's jaw dropped when she saw his cock. She had known many men, but Jeff was bigger than any of her best memories.

"Shit Jenn, if I had that I'd never leave the bedroom", she thought to herself. Jenn grabbed two more pieces and tied his feet up as well. She knew what she was doing, and he couldn't really move as a result. Jenn stood at the end of the bed, looking at her man immobilized on the bed. She smiled at Amy through the crack in the door and started to walk towards her.

"What's up woman. I'm ready to be served here." Jeff couldn't see, but he could still talk up a storm.

"In a moment! I have to prepare myself ya big dummy." Jenn pushed the bathroom door open slowly, so it wouldn't squeak. She grabbed Amy's hand and pulled her into the bedroom, so that Amy was standing next to the bed, on Jeff's right side. Jenn walked back to the end of the bed, facing her boyfriend. "You ready big boy?" She winked at Amy again, a smile of pure joy, and nervousness, appeared on her face.

"Bring it on woman! Make a man out of me!" Amy caught herself staring at Jeff's cock again. It was twitching. She heard Jenn let out a deep breath. She looked back at her friend and smiled, saying it was ok without using words. Jenn loosened the knot holding that was holding her robe shut. She never lost eye contact with Amy, looking for a reaction as she dropped the robe to the floor. Jenn smiled as Amy's jaw dropped. They had never really seen each other nude. Once or twice when they were younger, but that was along time ago. Amy had been with many men, but had never seen another woman like this before. Jenn was magnificient to look at. She almost forgot about Jeff. Jenn's nipples were hardening before her eyes, and the breasts they accented were so perfect. Amy thought of herself as in good shape, but this body before her was beyond comparison. Jenn's breasts did not sag, at all. Her eyes wandered lower and saw a six pack surrounding Jenn's bellybutton. A little lower and her mons came into view. There was no hair for it to hide behind, she was smooth. It looked like a wax job. Her lips were swollen, protruding from between her thighs.

"Beautiful." Amy hadn't meant that to be spoken out loud, but it did squeak out as a whisper. She looked up and saw Jenn's eyes wide open, a look of panic on her face. It took a moment for Amy to realize what she had done.

"Jenn? Are you ok? You sounded real funny there." Jenn looked at Amy and almost started laughing.

"I'm ok, I had a problem with my robe...uh...now just shut up and be a good boy. If you start talking I delay even more, got it?" Jenn looked at Amy and shrugged her shoulders. She never was quick witted under pressure. Jenn took another deep breath and climbed up on the bed, between Jeff's legs. She grabbed the base of his cock and aimed it at the ceiling. She made sure to turn her head so Amy could see his head slip between her lips. Amy felt a shudder run up her back as Jenn's pulled off and ran her tongue down the shaft to his balls. Jenn smiled at her. Amy could tell how thrilled her friend was at being voyeured. If Jenn only knew what this was doing to Amy!

"Damn that feels good Babe. You are so hot tonight." Jenn pulled of him again, frowning at her boyfriend.

"Didn't I tell you not to talk young man?" She tried to sound stern and domineering, but it didn't come off very well. At least Amy didn't think so.

"Oh, don't be mad at me Jenn. It's just that you havn't been this hot since we talked about our fantasies. To bad Amy isn't here or we could..." Jenn cut him off fast.

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