Discovery in Chicago
Chapter 3

Copyright© 2001 by Bogart

Sex Story: Chapter 3 - Story about a happily married woman who has never experienced sex outside of her marraige. Out of town at a business conference, her world turns upside down as she discovers a new side to her sexuality. First of a series.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Reluctant   Cheating   Slut Wife   Voyeurism  

Over the next few weeks Scott and Cheryl made love more often than they ever had in the past. Each time Scott would ask Cheryl to repeat what had happened to her in Chicago and it always led to tremendous climaxes for both of them.

Gradually, Cheryl sensed that Scott was not entirely comfortable with what had happened to her, despite his words to the contrary. She began to worry about the long-term effects the incident would have on their lives and she was determined to talk to him about it.

One night, after a love making session that was a little rougher than usual, she asked him about it.

"Scott, you seem to be almost angry with me about Chicago," she said. "I think you're starting to resent me... maybe it would have been better if it had just stayed a fantasy for you."

Scott turned to her and idly stroked her breasts. "I can't seem to get over it... even though you've told me all the details time and time again, I still feel a little jealous about what happened."

"Are you angry because I told you how many times I came?" Cheryl asked quietly.

"Kind of... I don't really know," said Scott.

Cheryl reached for his cock and whispered. "Are you upset because I asked to be fucked... asked them to make me come?"

"Stop that!" Scott said, irritably. Cheryl had a hurt expression on her face.

"I thought you liked it," she said.

"I do and I don't," said Scott. "I guess what's really bothering me is that I wasn't there."

"Well, I can't change that Scott," said Cheryl.

"Maybe we can," said Scott. "You know my annual convention is coming up this year in San Diego... maybe we could set things up so that I could be there this time."

"Are you crazy?" Cheryl gasped. " I didn't plan what happened in Chicago and I'm not going to possibly ruin our marriage by doing it again!"

Scott moved his hand between her legs and started to stroke her pussy. "I need this Cheryl... I'll never get past it until I see it with my own eyes."

Cheryl moaned softly as Scott's finger lightly touched her clit. "Don't tell me you don't want it" he whispered. " I can feel how wet you are just thinking about it."

"No Scott... please... no" Cheryl said in a soft voice. " Don't ask me to do it again." Despite her protest, Cheryl spread her legs wider as Scott continued to stroke and tease her pussy.

"Alright honey... I won't force you to do anything you don't want to do," Scott said. " I won't ask you to spread you legs for someone else's cock... to open your mouth for someone else's cock while I fuck you from behind."

Cheryl spread her legs wider and began to pant. Scott's fingers began to circle her now erect clit. "Yesssss!" Scott purred. "You want to get fucked... you want to beg for their cocks... make you come again and again... let them bury their cocks deep in you cunt... be their whore for the evening..."

Cheryl bit her lower lip as she felt her orgasm build. Scott moved swiftly into position and buried his cock into her wet pussy. "You want it, don't you?" He asked, feeling his own release building. "You want to filled with cock..."

"Oh God... yes! " Cheryl screamed as she came. "I'll let them fuck me with their big cocks... I'll fuck them all!"

Scott's cock jerked inside of Cheryl as he heard her cry out. He came so hard that his balls actually ached.

Scott leaned over Cheryl and gently moved the hair out of her face.

"When we get to San Diego, you have to promise to do whatever I ask," said Scott. Cheryl looked deeply into her husband's eyes and nodded her head in agreement.

Four weeks later Scott and Cheryl's plane landed in San Diego. When their cab approached the hotel, Scott leaned over and whispered to Cheryl. "Remember your promise honey... whatever I ask". Cheryl looked nervously toward Scott and squeezed his hand in response.

The first two days of the convention were fairly routine and Cheryl took the opportunity to relax and get some sun at the hotel pool. She noticed that Scott had picked a place that was quite a distance from the convention center and that no guests from their hotel seemed to have any connection with the convention.

On the morning of the third day as he was getting dressed, Scott told Cheryl that he would be back early and that they would be going out for dinner and drinks that evening. Cheryl kissed him goodbye and wondered if Scott had abandoned any plans that he might have had for her.

When Scott returned to their room, he had a couple of shopping bags with him.

"Here is what I want you to wear tonight" he told Cheryl. "Get dressed and I'll be back shortly".

Cheryl looked at the clothes Scott had spread out on the bed. There was an extremely short cocktail dress that was semi-transparent on top; black spike heels and a small wisp of fabric with two hooks on the side that she realized was a thong. Cheryl swallowed hard and started to dress.

Scott came back about an hour later and let out a low whistle when he saw Cheryl in the dress. He asked her to move around the room as he watched the effect. The sheer black material on top clearly showed her breasts and pink nipples when she moved and the heels made her ass jut out in a sexy manner. The overall effect was exactly what he intended.

"Jesus Scott... I feel half naked in this thing," said Cheryl.

Scott took her in his arms.

"You look fantastic honey. Remember your promise?"

Cheryl nodded her head slightly and shivered at what the evening might bring.

Scott took her to an elegant restaurant for dinner and couldn't help but notice the stares of the waiters and customers when they came near their table. Cheryl noticed too and was embarrassed by all the attention.

After dinner, Scott helped her into a cab and gave the driver the address of the convention hotel headquarters. Scott moved close to Cheryl and whispered in her ear.

" From this point on your name is Brenda and I just met you this evening", said Scott.

Cheryl squeezed his hand tightly and whispered back.

"I don't think I can go through with this Scott... I know I promised but I just can't do it!"

Scott looked deeply into her eyes.

" I would never let anything happen to you honey... trust me. If at any time you want out, just say the word and I'll put an end to it".

"End to what?" Cheryl asked.

Scott didn't answer as the cab had pulled up to the hotel. Walking through the lobby Scott steered her toward the elevator. Cheryl noticed the looks she was getting and thought that she looked like a hooker escorting a customer to her room. It suddenly dawned on her that this is exactly what Scott had intended.

Scott pushed the button for the penthouse floor and the elevator quickly began its ascent. Cheryl turned to question Scott but he silenced her with a kiss and moved both hands under her dress to feel her ass. When the doors opened, Scott put his arm around her and walked her to an ornate set of double doors and lightly knocked.

The door opened and Scott broke into a grin as he introduced Cheryl to his friend Mark. Mark was a colleague from the company branch office in Texas. They often spoke on the phone but only met in person at the annual convention.

"Hey bud... I'd like you to meet Brenda. I just met her this evening and thought I'd bring her up for a drink."

Mark took Cheryl's hand to his lips and kissed it lightly while his eyes moved slowly up and down her body.

"Nice to meet you," Mark grinned. "Can I offer you a drink"?

Cheryl sat down on the edge of the bed and nodded yes. She was so nervous that she didn't trust her voice.

Mark moved to the mini-bar and whispered to Scott. "Is she a pro?"

"No, not at all", said Scott. "We just met in the lobby bar about an hour ago." "She's here on business but she flies back tomorrow".

"Well, that doesn't leave us much time does it?" Mark smiled.

Scott turned on the radio and chose on easy listening station. He extended his hand to Cheryl and asked, "Can I have this dance?"

Cheryl stood up and moved into the familiar arms of her husband. Scott held her tight and moved slowly to the music. He moved his hands down her back, lifted her short skirt and began to squeeze and caress her ass.

"I'm so fucking horny" Scott whispered in her ear. "Are you babe?"

Cheryl didn't answer but pressed her mound into Scott in response. He slowly turned her so that Mark could see her bare ass. Cheryl buried her face in Scott's shoulder as she was fully exposed to Mark's gaze.

"Nice ass..." said Mark.

Cheryl heard a rustle of clothing began to struggle in Scott's arms.

"What is he doing?" She whispered into Scott's ear. "I don't think I can do this... please Scott... let's go!"

Scott held her fast and began to pull down the straps of her dress. "You promised babe... it's too late now... look at the effect you're having on Mark."

Scott turned Cheryl around as her flimsy dress fell to the ground leaving her in heels and thong. She kept her eyes closed as Scott moved his hands over her breasts. He was delighted to find her nipples rock hard. Cheryl could feel his erection pressing against her behind.

"Open your eyes babe... look at him," Scott whispered.

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