Birthday Wish

by Becky

Copyright© 1999 by Becky

Sex Story: A husband has a birthday wish that is to get his wife to play any role he wants

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Coercion   Slut Wife   MaleDom   Humiliation   Oral Sex   .

My name is Marie and I have been married for five years to my Husband Jake. I have a part time job as a secretary for a lawyer and Jake is the manager of a department store. On the surface everything would seem okay in our marriage but the truth is that our home life has become very dull and routine. I have been planning for Jake's 28th birthday but didn't have any fresh ideas. My best friend Susan suggested I place numbered ping-pong balls in a basket and have Jake pick a number at random. The number would correspond to an expensive gift I knew Jake would like. Then using my own credit card, we would go out and purchase his present. I told Jake about the idea and placed eight numbered balls in a basket. I gave the corresponding list to Jake. Ball#1 was for a new 40" color TV. Ball#2 was for a new Remington shotgun. Ball#3 was for a small 9 foot row boat with trolling motor. And so forth. Jake was very pleased and said he could hardly wait until his birthday to pick his present.

About two weeks before his birthday Jake wanted to add four balls of his own. Each ball represented a sexual fantasy for him. Jake explained that along with other parts of our marriage, the sex was becoming routine and he always had some strong fantasies he would love to live out. As an example he explained that one fantasy was for us to go parking at the local make-out picnic pond and for me to give him oral sex right there in the car. When I heard that, I said absolutely no. I have never kissed a man on his private parts and didn't plan on starting. In addition, to my thinking, sex was done late Friday or Saturday night, in our bedroom, lights out and under the sheets. Jake said there was three other fantasies written down but he wanted them to be a surprise. With that, he placed balls number 9 through 12 into the basket.

I talked with Susan about Jake's request. Needless to say she thought the idea was great and accused me of being a 23 year old party poop. She bet that I probally didn't even own anything sexy to wear. I bragged that Jake had bought me a red Teddie two years ago but I had worn it only once. I have a small figure but my breast are larger than they should be. I have always worn long bulky skirts and very baggy loose tops to conceal my large breast. The one time I tried the red Teddie on, I felt very embarrassed to see myself in the mirror with long auburn hair down to my waist and my breast completely filling out the Teddie, showing all that cleavage.

For one week I refused to accept the balls Jake had placed into the basket. However after 7 days of his begging and Susan encouraging me to do it, I finally agreed. Jake went wild. Every morning before work he kissed me dozens of times and thanked me. On returning home that afternoon it was more kissing plus a small present like candy or flowers. Jake was acting like a six year old waiting for Christmas. I was becoming a wreck. Susan came over one day and we had a long talk. I was afraid his fantasies would be stuff like having sex in the living room during the day, or oral sex at the make-out pond. Susan told me she and her husband had sex all over the house, all the time. My mouth fell open. Susan explained that a week ago after I told her about Jake's make-out fantasy, she and her husband went that very night. Susan guaranteed me they had steamed up the car windows. At this point I choked on the coffee I was drinking.

I couldn't believe this was my best friend telling me this story. I must of had the look of shock on my face. It was several moments before I regained my composure. In a flash I remembered the rest of Jake's make-out pond fantasy. I Looked right at Susan and while shaking my head sideways told her- I hoped she did not due what I was thinking ! Susan leaned close to my face and whispered in my ear that she had sucked her husbands cock hard until he exploded cum all over inside the car. That was when I dropped my coffee cup on the floor. Susan was laughing so much she almost spilled her coffee. I certainly didn't use language like that. After we cleaned up the mess, she was getting ready to go home. Susan told me to loosen up a little. She said I was a beautiful young woman and should get rid of the frumpy skirts and bulky tops and show off more of myself. Her exact words went something like; dress up sexy and turn my husband on. She also wanted to know what the rest of my husband's fantasies were because she and her husband were planning to do them all, as soon as he recovered from the make-out pond adventure.

The next week was rough for me. I studied the 12 balls to figure out some way to cheat. Then I rationalized that the chances were better for me to pick numbers 1 through 8. Every night Jake would kiss balls 9 through 12 and place them gently back into the basket. Jake's birthday was on Wednesday and we had agreed in advance to buy his present on Saturday, or if one of those dreaded number 9-12 balls showed up to act it out on Saturday. Wednesday evening after supper Susan and her Husband came over. It was like a party atmosphere. Me, hoping for a number 1-8 and everybody else for the other numbers. Twice the big event was called off at the last moment because I needed to make an emergency run to the bathroom. Finally it was time. I stood on a chair holding the basket. Jake reached in and pulled out a ping-pong ball. Jake, Susan and her husband started screaming like crazed kids at a concert. It was ball number 10.

Jake got out his notebook and read aloud fantasy number 10. I was to dress up in a short, tight dress designed to show off all my "assets". The outfit was to include lots of make-up and high heels. Then Jake and I would go for a long drive in the country, have dinner at a restaurant and return home. I was to walk and act sexy plus everybody that saw me was to think I was a hooker. I said no way. Just plain no! For the next hour, everybody reminded me that I had agreed to go along with the drawing.The following night after work, Jake along with Susan and her husband went to the mall and bought stuff for me to wear. On Saturday Susan was to help prepare me.

Bright and early Saturday morning Susan came over. The guys left for a few hours. I took a bath and shaved my legs. Susan handed me a note from Jake stating I was to shave everything completely bald. I have to admit it was fun and seemed very naughty. Ten minutes later I looked like a little girl down there. Susan helped me put on shimmery powder blue colored stockings with matching garter belt. I put on a short blue skirt that flared out at the bottom. The skirt came to about 3 inches above my knees and barely concealed the top of my stockings. Susan handed me a white sleeveless silk blouse that tied under my breast and showed all my tummy.

I wasn't wearing a bra, however the tied blouse held my large breast in place. The blouse had no buttons and with the slightest breeze showed a lot. Susan helped me step into a pair of white high heels. Then we got down to the serious business of transforming my looks. One hour later and I couldn't even recognize myself. I had long bright red stick-on fake nails. Bright red glossy lip stick. Lots of eye shadow and liner. By 10:00 a.m. I was finished. Looking in the mirror I told Susan that I couldn't possibly go out like this. The skirt was way to short. My outfit emphasized my breast and as I looked in the mirror, all I could see was boobs. I was practically falling out of the silk blouse. I practiced sitting on my bed in front of the mirror. Susan watched me with curiosity. I crossed my legs and let out a shriek. I jumped up and shouted no-way was I wearing this outfit. Susan asked what was wrong. I asked her to sit in a chair and watch me sit and cross my legs. As I did this, Susan started laughing. After a few moments her laughing slowed a little and she giggling she could see the tops of my stockings and the garters. Then she turned a little red and said nobody would doubt I was a woman because she also got a good look at a naked bald twat. I jumped up again and stated the whole deal was off.

The guys were just coming into the house so I headed downstairs to tell Jake no-way. Susan just stood there giggling. As I started down the stairs the fellows were headed up. Suddenly they stopped dead in there tracks. Jake's mouth was wide open. Susan's husband let out a low WOW! Susan grabbed my arm and dragged me back into the bedroom. She was still giggling. She said I was being silly and that standing at the top of the stairs with that short skirt on just gave the guys an unobstructed view of my bald pussy. After about 10 minutes of extreme embarrassment, I asked the guys to wait in the kitchen while I came down the stairs. It took every body to help change my mind and go for the drive. By that time Susan and her husband were practically making out in my kitchen and left for there house. My outfit had a great effect on her husband. As she left she asked to borrow it.

Finally it was time for a ride in the country. We took the Ford station wagon because it has a bench seat and Jake wanted me to sit close to him. It took about 20 minutes before we were on the highway and heading east. I'm surprised Jake didn't smash the car because he spent more time staring at me than the road. I tried sitting in every position but found it was impossible not to show to much leg and the top of my stockings. Twice truckers drove past and blew there air horns. About 25 miles down the road Jake reminded me that I was playing the role of a cheap hooker and to act the part. A short while later we saw a migrant farm worker thumbing and Jake announced he was going to give him a lift. I was just starting to feel a little comfortable and the thought of a strange man in the car was to much. I told Jake not to pick him up, but Jake just ignored me and pulled off the road.

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