Silent Approval

by Mad Gerald

Copyright┬ę 1999 by Mad Gerald

Sex Story: Navy officer forced to submit to get her raise

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Blackmail   Anal Sex   .


Part One

I'm a Lieutenant in the US Navy, my names Sarah Wilson, I'm a tall brunette, well 5' 8" actually. I'm quite cuddly. With 38D breasts and I usually wear a size 14 (US) clothes. I wear glasses most of the time as I don't get on with contacts. I suppose you could say in and out of uniform, I'm quite a plain Jane.

Since joining the Navy I've worked hard. To the deficit of my personal life, No one ever seemed to make a move on me. So I kept myself busy. Got to work with some damn handsome guys in smart uniforms. Some of them so damn handsome I would give myself wrist strain in the evenings.

Just imagining them out of uniform. The higher the rank the better the orgasm. I suppose this is why I got myself a post on the pentagon staff.

Talk about repetitive strain injury, do you think I could sue?

Anyway I ended up adjutant to an admiral, I worked hard, did my best, after I'd been on his staff for about eight months. He invited me and some of the other officers to assist him at a reunion party.

I was part of his entourage. We stayed in a hotel.

Our first function was that evening at eight. I went straight to my room and got ready.

I showered, Then started to get into my dress uniform, Black panty hose, dress blouse, it was tight around my breasts, but it felt nice, My skirt was tight too, I always liked the way I couldn't open my legs fully in it. Sometimes just opening my legs till the skirt restrained them, it was enough to get my pussy to warm and moisten. I would get away with that at meetings.

if only some of those guys knew.

Occasionally I would excuse myself and frig myself stupid in the toilets. Smug with myself after, sitting there. my pussy still twinging.

I was just doing up my dress Jacket fastening the buttons over my tightly encased breast's. when the room phone went.


"Lieutenant Wilson, it's admiral Cartwright."

"Yes Sir!" I replied.

"Yes, Now get finished dressing I need you in my room in ten minutes Lieutenant!"

"Yes Sir!" he had put the phone down.

What the fuck I thought, why so early? I hurried and about ten minutes later I was in the lift.

I spread my legs again against my skirt Imagining him ordering me to suck him off and then fucking my wet pussy in uniform. I shut my legs taking a deep breath 'I've got to stop this' I reprimanded myself.

The lift doors opened. I got to his door. I knocked.

"Enter!" he barked. I did. the room was well furnished but mostly in darkness.

"Sir?" I queried looking about.

"Shut the door Lieutenant, and stand in the light!" I did he was sat in a chair facing me.

"Sir, you requested my presence Sir"

"Yes I did, Stand to attention Lieutenant." I snapped to attention. I waited.

"You have been actively seeking promotion, have you not?"

"Sir yes sir"

"If I was to tell you you had succeeded you would be pleased?"

"sir yes sir"

"Well lieutenant you have succeeded, pending my approval, would you like to know whether or not you have my approval Lieutenant?"

"Sir yes Sir"

"Well to achieve my approval Lieutenant, you would need to be the kind of officer who was loyal, duty bound, put the Navy first. do you get the picture Lieutenant?"

"Yes sir"

"Tell me lieutenant do you really want this promotion?"

"Yes sir"

"I've noticed something about you Lieutenant, do you want to know what that is?"

"Yes sir"

"You have a big ass lieutenant"

"I'm sorry sir, a what sir"

"A big ass!" I stood there in stunned silence.

"Now why do you think you having a big ass would have anything to do with your eligibility for promotion Lieutenant?"

"I... I'm sorry sir, I guess I need to work out more?"

"No bitch! If you want this promotion your going to have to do far better than that! I'm talking about spreading that big butt of yours and being very accommodating to your superior officer, That is if you want me to approve it?"

I couldn't believe what he had just said.

"I'm sorry sir, I'm not sure I understand?" I swallowed nervously. I'd heard of shit like this happening, just rumours, I felt myself trembling.

"I don't need to spell it out do I? I guess I do... I've passed your reports, I've taken a personal interest in furthering your career Lieutenant. What I want now is for you to ease that uniform skirt up off your big round ass, lower your prissy little pants. Ease those big stiff cheeks apart, and stand there to attention while I butt fuck the shit out of your worthless ass... or, you can turn around, leave and kiss your promotion and place on my staff goodbye as you go! does that make it clear Lieutenant?"

'I couldn't believe my ears, all the work I'd put in, the plans I had for the future, all of it hung here in the balance. I stared straight ahead as he sat in his chair, smoking a cigar, savouring my hard to hide humiliation, and distress. I knew he was a bastard, it was one of the things I admired in him. I'd never even contemplated the perverted act he had just described.'

'I felt niaeve, did others do this, how many times had he suggested such things to other subordinates.

My mind went back to files I'd poured over on joining his staff.

Lieutenant Brooks who had resigned from this position three years ago and had been transferred to an island off Korea. She, she had said no! she was still there?

oh sweet jesus!'

"Is the proposition to difficult to understand Lieutenant?"

he asked his voice full of meaningful threat.

"No sir, not at all sir" I heard myself say. I swallowed again.

I felt sick. I realized what I was going to do then, self loathing rose in me, I swallowed again.

"I'm sorry sir, I... I would like to remain on your staff sir, and accept gratefully your approval for promotion sir!"

the room was silent.

My heart was pounding as he took the cigar from his mouth again.

"Good, good decision Lieutenant, you accept the terms on which my approval is based?" his voice had took on a urgent aspect now.

"Yes sir" my voice was a whisper.

"Good bitch, now you roll that skirt up and we can take a look at that big butt of yours!" I shuddered, 'Did he have to call me that?' my hands went to the hem and I pulled it up my thighs to bunch around my hips.

He stood up and walked around me, I could feel his eyes following it's progress.

"Now those hose and panties" his voice was behind me, strong and compelling. My fingers fumbled for the waist band of both under my skirt, I drew them down.

I felt the gusset of my pants leave my pussy. I stopped, leaving them around my upper thighs. I felt so strangely excited and terrified, I shut my eyes.

"Just as I imagined Lieutenant, when I interviewed you for a place on my staff, I chose you for your nice full ass, I like a woman with big firm cheeks. Clench your butt Lieutenant"

I did drawing them together hard, I felt my pussy react, I was getting turned on, I felt my face flush, I relaxed my backside.

"Put your hands back, spread it open!" I slid my hands back and gripped my buttocks and drew them slowly apart. I felt so depraved stood there holding my ass open for him to inspect. I heard him move behind me.

"Very nice, you ever had it in the ass before bitch?"

"No sir... do you have to... well can we not... do do something else Sir?" my voice wavered and stammered as I admitted my anal virginity.

(For that matter I'd not had it much anywhere else either)

"No we can not! I'm going to enjoy this Lieutenant, I'm going to force all my meat into your tiny, tight virgin anus, and you're going to put it in bitch, you're going to put it in and your not going to make a sound."

"You make a sound you have to take it up the ass again, and again. When you take it up the ass without a murmur then you get promoted. You understand?"

"Yes sir" I uttered my whole body tense as he came around to the front of me.

He had his cock in his hand, erect, his trouser flies open.

He slowly wanked it. It was about eight, nine inches and fat.

Fatter than any cock I'd seen before. The head glistened with pre cum, he worked the thick foreskin back and to.

It was laced with thick veins. I swallowed feeling my heart begin to speed up. It was far different than I'd imagined I'd never take it. It just wouldn't go in? How could possibly silently take that in my butt?

"Like it bitch? I wanted you to know what you'd be feeling.

So you'd know how wide your stuck up ass was being stretched." I shivered as he called me that, I could hear my own breathing now, was I really such a slut.

He smeared some gel over the head of it, it glistened and twitched as he smoothed it in, I felt my pussy twinge again.

The times I'd fantasized about him fucking me over his desk.

In his uniform, holding me down and shoving his older cock deep in my cunt. I squeezed my thighs together inadvertently.

my nipples were pressing to my bra desperate for attention.

He walked back behind me.

He traced the head of his cock across the back of my hand.

I tensed as he slid it up and down my open cleft.

"Put it in whore, take it and put it in your ass, not a sound."

I released my left cheek and wrapped my fingers around his girth, it was hot and rock hard.

I bent it down and felt the tip against the inner wall of my cleft, I bit my lower lip, and pressed it to my butt hole. I pulled it to me.

My hips were shaking as I went up on tip toe and pressed down, 'God he felt so hot against my anus.' I felt my ring begin to give, it began to hurt, it was burning, an ache that was awful.

"That's it, put it up your tight stuck up ass bitch! Get your fat butt on my meat, come on, that's it get on it"

I shuddered and suppressed a groan as he pressed forward.

I gripped his meat and tried to pull it back, I couldn't take it so fast, my ass felt like it was splitting. He wouldn't let me so I tried to rise off it.

"Stay fucking still bitch! I bet you haven't had a shit yet have you?

It's going to be so hot in there, I'm going to ram it all back up you.

Your going to hate every minute. My cock reaming your full ass!"

His strong hands gripped my hips and forced me back on it.

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