Tiffany Gets Filled Again

by Warthog

Copyright© 1999 by Warthog

Slut Wife Sex Story: Tiffany tells her husband about being unfaithful in a gang bang and is surprised that he wants to be part in one.

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What a time it's been since my experience at the automotive repair shop almost two years ago. The baby was born on time, healthy and very beautiful. We named her Jennifer but call her Jenny. Unlike her older brother Jeff who favors his father, Jenny has my features. It was therefore no surprise that she had blond hair and blue eyes.

It took a few months but I finally got my shape back, although my breasts remained large as a result of nursing Jenny. Hard work and watching my diet did the trick. My libido came back as well. After Jenny was born I lost interest in sex but the interest soon returned and the memories of what all those men did to me had me longing for a repeat performance. John noticed my new friskiness and was very pleased.

The auto shop experience changed me in certain ways. I found myself showing off my body more. John liked this as well. He encouraged me to dress sexier and I obliged him. I proudly told John what my new shape measured, 38DD-25- 36. I told him that I wouldn't complain if he told all his friends and of course he did. I continued to work hard on my body to keep my shape but I was pretty certain that my breast size would shrink once Jenny was weaned. Of course, I knew that I could always get pregnant again. I enjoyed the time I was pregnant with Jenny. Having another child appealed to me.

As a result of my new attitude toward sex and John's appreciation of that new attitude our time in bed was the best since we met. We learned what each other's fantasies were and used those as foreplay to sex. I was quite surprised to learn that John was turned on by the idea of me having sex with other men. Although he didn't say it I found out that he was also turned on by the idea of me being taken by several men at one time. I learned this when I related the story of how I was gang banged at the auto repair shop. Of course, I told the story as if it was my fantasy. I had never before seen him as wild as he was that night. I was afraid that his male parts would never be the same after he emptied what seemed like gallons into my pussy. He tested the spermicide to its limits.

For several weeks after that night, John would ask me to tell him about my gang bang fantasy. Each time I would give him a few more details of the story. He again came buckets when I told him that some of the men were black. Again the spermicide was strained beyond its specifications.

"Babe, the thought of you with a black man just blows me away," he said after an especially intense session of wild intercourse.

"Why," I asked?

"I don't know, I guess its just sort of risky," John replied.

"Why is it risky?"

"You might get pregnant. How would we explain that?"

"It is pretty intense, isn't it?"

"Yeah, and how," John agreed.

"Actually, I wasn't worried about getting pregnant because I already was pregnant," I added without thinking.

"Already pregnant?" John asked with a shocked expression.

I started to say that I was pregnant with Jenny but thought better of it.

"Baby, you are getting kinkier every day," he interrupted. "To think that a blue-eyed blonde married pregnant woman would allow herself to be gang banged by a group of black men. Man that is hot!"

"Well, they weren't all black men," I corrected.

John looked at me funny then said, "You know, this gang bang fantasy of yours sure has a lot of detail. It almost sounds like an experience rather than a fantasy."

The look on my face must have given me away.

"OK, lets have it," John demanded.

I tried to say something but nothing would come out. After a moment I burst into tears afraid that John would be angry and want a divorce. The whole story tumbled out at John's insistence. When I was finished I expected the worst from John but all he said was, "God, I wish I could have been there."

I looked at his face with my blood shot eyes for a clue as to his state of mind. John knew what a horny woman I was but I wasn't sure he could ever forgive a gang bang. When he smiled at me my heart jumped for joy and I hugged my husband tightly.

"You're not mad at me," I asked?

"No baby, I'm turned on," he said. He grabbed my hand and put it on his rock hard cock.

"Thank God," I said. "I would just die if you ever left me."

"Tiff, I will never ever leave you," he said.

I jump on top of my husband kissing and hugging him, grateful that I hadn't lost him. I told him that I loved him so much that I would do anything to make him happy.

John kissed me then said, "What if I asked you to repeat your gang bang so that I could watch or participate."

"I'll do anything for you, baby," was my reply. It was better than I would have ever dreamed. After my experience at the auto shop I knew that I was a slut for multiple cocks. If not for our increased sexual habits since the baby was born I would have certainly been tempted to act out the experience again. Now it seemed that I had my husband's interest and blessing. The question was when and where my next experience would happen.

John's rejuvenated cock managed to worm its way into my gooey pussy once again. We fucked hard for a second time like teenagers. I came twice and John pumped another load into me. Before he came he whispered in my ear, "Imagine that I'm one of your black men about shoot his load into your pussy and this time you aren't already pregnant."

The thought produced a white-hot blinding orgasm that seemed to ripple in waves throughout my body. I quaked and shuddered completely out of control. This pushed John over the edge and as his sperm shot up into me I imagined that he was my black man filling my unprotected womb with his sperm.

After we had calmed down I smiled and said to John, "I sure hope the spermicide is holding out OK or I would be knocked up with a black baby right now."

John just moaned at my lewdness. I teased further, "Perhaps I should stop using the spermicide. What do you think, honey?"

"My god woman, you are driving me insane," he said.

John was hard again. I immediately went down on my wonderful husband and gave him the best blowjob that I could. He was the best and he deserved the best. I sucked his cock for a few moments then removed my mouth to asked, "How do you like your nasty wife now that you know about her dirty past and infidelity?"

John moaned with each outrageous word as my hand continued to stroke his rock hard cock. I was a little concerned about bringing up how I had cheated on him but it seemed to really turn him on.

I sucked the head of his cock for another minute then said "Maybe I'll dress up real slutty one evening and go out looking for men."

John groaned at my statement as I continued to suck him. I could tell he was about to feed me his load.

All it took to finish him off was telling him, "I won't be using any spermicide, of course."

I quickly fastened my mouth around the purple head of his cock and feasted on the delicious sperm squirting into my parched mouth.

For the next several weeks our sex lives blossomed as we explored our new found shared fantasies. The first outgrowth of this was my new wardrobe. John encouraged and even helped me buy new things that as he said, "Enhanced my 'Built to get fucked' body." I agreed with him totally. Often I would stand in front of my floor length mirror and marvel at each curve and orifice knowing that they were perfect for exciting men into painful hardness. My face had that beautiful glow that seemed to yearn for something hard to fill my body. Men looked at my face and body and knew right away that I needed to be fucked.

John and I loved to go out and tease. I teased and John got hard watching. At first we just teased and then John would take me home and fuck the shit out of me. We both knew, however, that sooner or later, I would be fucked by someone else. Neither of us seemed in a big hurry for that. A long build up seemed appropriate and we were having too much fun. I continued to use my spermicide but I teased John that if he continued to pretend to be someone else that I would not use it. He loved this and pretended quite often to be a stranger. When this happened I wouldn't use the spermicide. On days that I was ovulating I would have to tell the stranger that I only fucked my husband. I wasn't ready to get pregnant just yet.

I was getting a bit tired of using the spermicide because of the mess. I told John that maybe condoms would work better. I didn't want to go on the pill because of health concerns. John agreed to try condoms. I don't think he really liked them that much but I did things to turn him on like telling him that I was a slut and whore and that he needed to protect himself from me. He also really went nuts when I made a big production of cleaning his sperm out of the condoms with my tongue. The ultimate was when I did this after he had ass fucked me. If he didn't know before he surely knew then that his precious angel was a very nasty slut.

A second fantasy that we had concerned my heavy breasts and the fact that they always seemed bloated with milk. Little Jenny was a hungry little girl but I think her mother was designed to feed an army of babies. John did his best to assist but he wasn't always around. When we fucked which was at least once a day we ended up completely soaked with my breast milk. I bought a pump to reduce the pressure but it wasn't much fun with a machine sucking the milk out of my tits. I longed for the human touch.

Our breast fantasy was soon filled when I got permission from John to get help with my breasts. It seemed that Tim our mailman had always been interested in me. I know he loved to stare at my large tits. I told John that I could get some midday relief by having Tim service my tits for me. John suspected that I would have more than my tits serviced and even encouraged it but I assured him that I would only give up my pussy when he was around.

When you love a man as much as I love John I just couldn't go all the way with another man if he wasn't there. I wanted to be able to look into his eyes while someone else was fucking me. We talked about it when I told John of my gang bang. Although my cheating was not planned I still felt bad about it. Despite John's suggestions to the contrary, I resolved to always have John with me. He said he'd be content to have me tell him everything that happened. I told him no deal. No one puts a cock in my body without his permission and presence.

So, one day I asked Tim to come in from his route for a cold drink. He didn't hesitate. To his delight I was wearing short denim cutoffs and a thin ribbed crop top. I wasn't wearing a bra and my nipples were visible through the material. I sat Tim down and brought him a soda on ice. For a day I had been giving Jenny milk from bottles that I had stored after using the pump. My breasts were painfully full of milk making them about as large and firm as they had ever been. They stood out proudly away from my chest and barely moved, as the skin was so tight. I had purposely avoided milking my tits so that they would stand out and so that there would be plenty for Tim if he wanted it.

Tim had a hard time keeping his eyes off my globes. I wanted it that way. I sat down next to him at the kitchen table hard enough to jolt my body. My tits wobbled despite being so full. The pressure was enough to cause one nipple to spring a leak. Tim stared at it as though it was the most incredible thing he had ever seen. I followed his gaze and said, "Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry Tim."

I jumped up quickly to get something to cover up with and that caused the other nipple to open up. I couldn't find anything to cover up (on purpose). Tim's eyes followed me around the kitchen as my top began to get soaked. Milk was now running down my bare belly and into my shorts. I began to pretend to get flustered. Finally I simply pulled my top over my head and fastened my mouth around a nipple to catch the flow. The other breast continued to flow, however.

I looked over at Tim who still had a look of awe on his face and said, "Help me, Tim."

Tim jumped up and stuttered, "What should I do?"

"Come here," I said.

Tim rushed to my side and as I offered him my left breast I said, "Suck this one."

Tim just stood there not knowing if he should.

Finally, as milk was dripping all over the floor I said, "Please Tim, help me."

Finally Tim made his decision and clamped his mouth over my tit and began to suck. I continued to work on the other tit and immediately climaxed in a mind numbing orgasm. Tim became worried that something was wrong so he backed away.

"No baby," I said. "Its OK." I lead him to the living room couch and sat him down. The milk slowed to a dribble but my tits were still very full.

I straddled Tim across his lap facing him and offered my breasts to him. I said, "Please Tim, my tits are so full. I need you to relieve the pressure."

Tim understood and spent the next ten minutes nursing my poor swollen tits down to a comfortable size. He was a very contented man when I finally pulled away from him and thanked him. I explained to him that they get over filled like this occasionally. I asked if he would mind servicing me a couple of times a week. I wasn't surprised when his smile answered for him.

Every since that day Tim has helped occasionally to drain my tits to a comfortable level. I usually feed him the same way sitting facing him on his lap. It always produces a very large bulge in his pants, which feels great against my pussy mound. I have been tempted to break my promise to John especially when Tim fondles my ass while nursing me, but the feelings pass quickly. I usually orgasm at least once while Tim sucks me.

I told John, "Someday I want to feel that bulge of Tim's in person."

John said, "Go for it."

"Not without you," I replied.

Our biggest fantasy had to be another gang bang for me. We would trade stories about how this might happen. Much of it seemed far-fetched, but we both knew in the back of our minds that it had happened once and that it would eventually happen again.

I would occasionally bring up the fact that I wouldn't require the men to wear a condom while being gang banged unless of course John participated. If John did fuck me then he and only he would be required to wear one. This never failed to get John off. It got me off as well. Neither of us could imagine why it turned us on. We both were responsible adults and knew that this type of action was wrong. Nevertheless, it thrilled us every time the concept of me having unprotected sex came up. Sometimes I would add it to the fantasy. Sometimes John would.

These thrills were made doubly intense when the subject of me being taken by a black man came up. We both would have the most intense orgasms and then cuddle up together and imagine what life would be like if I gave birth to a black baby. Both John and I are very fair people, both blue eyed and light hair. Mine is light blond and John's is light brown. There is no way that we could produce anything but a very white baby. It would be obvious that if I gave birth to a black child that someone other than John had to be the father. Every time we pondered the possibilities it just made the next time we used this fantasy more intense.

One day John came home from work a little late and told me of a local adult book store that a coworker of his knew about. He said that he just had to check it out so he went by after work. I could tell that he was excited. Fortunately Jenny was asleep and Jeff was over at a friend's house. John's cock was tenting his pants so I suggested, "Tell me all about it while I suck you off."

John told me about all the things that they offered. They rented and sold adult videos. They also sold adult books, magazines, sex toys and sexy outfits for men and women. When he talked about the movie booths he really got excited. I had heard about such places but I wasn't aware that we had them in our town. He talked about how much fun it would be for us to go down there and see what developed. The thought of this caused him to fill my mouth with his cream. I lapped it all up and cleaned him off.

That evening in bed was awesome. John found an old sex magazine that had a story about adult video arcades. We read it together. It was about a couple that visited an arcade. The wife was inexperienced with such things but with the encouragement of her husband she became an expert by the time an arcade full of men were through with her. The irony was that she never laid eyes on any of them. She sucked and fucked them through holes cut in the arcade booth walls called appropriately 'glory holes'. Her husband was with her in the booth the entire time and with each penetration of her body she kept eye contact with her husband. I liked that. She went home full of cum and very satisfied.

John and I had some of the best sex ever that night. We wondered if we should try that at our local place. It became one of our fantasies. Each time we used it both of us had incredible orgasms. I loved the look on John's face as I cleaned his abundant load out of the condom.

The next day our daily routines continued and our fantasies were set aside. Domestic activities including a school function for Jeff kept John and I busy for the next few days. By the time the weekend rolled around we were horny as hell.

That Friday night we finally had time to ourselves and we attacked each other. I went for John's cock and savored its taste and feeling in my mouth. John spun me around and pounced on my pussy. We ate each other for half an hour. I had two orgasms and John fed me his sperm once. God, I love to taste my man. Afterward we cuddled together resting.

John said, "Let's talk about glory holes."

"Ooohh yeah," I said.

"Why don't we go down to that arcade tomorrow night and see if their booths have them," John suggested.

"Sounds like a plan to me," I returned.

"I hope the booths have them," added John.

"Me too," I said. "Maybe something will pop through one of them."

"Now what would you do if something did pop through," John asked.

"Ooohh, I don't know," I teased.

John was hard again so I crawled on top of him and took his cock back into my mouth. I took him to the root and nuzzled his soft pubic hair with my nose and forehead. My tongue licked his balls for a while until I needed to breathe again. I lifted off John's cock leaving a nice fresh condom behind. I had gotten good at that trick and sometimes John didn't even realize that I had done it. It was especially important tonight because I was near my peak time for ovulation.

"I think I want to be someone else tonight," said John as he realized that I had outfitted him with a condom.

"Sorry, only my husband can have me tonight," I said playing our little game and tipping John off that I was ovulating.

"Maybe, I want to see my wife pregnant again," he said smiling.

I looked into his eyes deeply and lost myself. I could tell from his eyes that he was serious. At that point I couldn't imagine being more in love with a man than I was with John. I too was ready to have another baby but I decided to tease my husband. I crawled up John's body and then backed onto his sheathed tool. I kissed him and said, "I think that can be arranged but I want to wait and do it tomorrow night at the arcade."

John smiled and began to pump me hard. He said, "I was hoping that our glory hole fantasy might come true tomorrow night."

"It still can," I moaned as his cock sawed into me.

"Are you sure," John asked obviously concerned about the risk?

"Sure, I'm looking forward to being a glory hole whore," I said.

John seemed to relax when he recognized I was playing our little game. He said, "I'd love to see you impaled on a couple of black cocks."

"Umm," I groaned. John had upped the ante on me.

I raised, "I'd like that too but only if you let THEM knock me up instead of you. You should wear a condom but I don't want the black men to use condoms and I don't want to know who the father is."

John went wild and clutched me tight as he had the most intense orgasm I'd ever seen him have. It was enough to sweep me away with him. Afterward, I collapsed on top of him and rested. We were both a sticky sweaty mess but it had been well worth it.

After our heartbeats had return to normal I slipped off John. I slide down his body and removed the flooded condom. I got between his legs, licked his shrinking tool clean and kissed it. I then push John's legs up to his chest and gave his asshole a good reaming. There isn't anything in this world that I wouldn't do for my man. Finally, I kissed up John's chest and found his mouth. We kissed each other wetly for several minutes. When we broke the kiss I said, "John, I love you so much."

John stroked my hair as I cleaned out his condom. He said, "I love you too, baby." "You are the most fantastic woman in the whole world and I can't believe how lucky I am to be married to you."

"I'm the lucky one baby," I said. When I had finished sucking all the come out of John's condom I asked, "When you are rested baby, will you ass fuck me."

I knew John was ready because I felt him get hard as we kissed. John didn't say anything he simply acted. He sat up and grabbed my legs twisting me over on my stomach. He knelt between my outstretched legs and pulled open my ass cheeks. Before he mounted me he swabbed my asshole with his tongue and lubricated it up by licking the goo dripping from my pussy and transferring it into my rosebud. A moment later, he eased his tool into my back door and began to roughly fuck my ass just like I like it. I knew he enjoyed fucking my ass because he could fuck me bareback. John fucked me for fifteen minutes giving me two orgasms before signaling that he was about to cum. I scooted forward as he straightened up and wheeled around to take his cock in my mouth. Our timing was perfect as he dumped his load just as my mouth engulfed his tool. I savored my husband's sperm before swallowing it and cleaning his cock. We both fell back into bed cuddled and fell asleep.

We awoke to our usual Saturday routine. Jeff had a sporting event scheduled so we attended that. During the game John asked me what I thought about going to the video arcade that night. I told him I wouldn't miss it for the world.

I called my friend Judy and told her that John and I wanted to go out that night. I asked if she would watch Jeff and Jenny and she agreed. She even suggested that they stay the night so we wouldn't have to wake them to take them home. It would give Jeff more time to spend with Jimmy, his friend and Judy's son. With that set I fed the kids and drove them to Judy's.

When I returned home John had already laid out my clothes. There wasn't much to the outfit and certainly no underwear. The top and skirt were white lace and slightly see through. The top was sleeveless, low cut and ended just below my breasts exposing my tanned belly. Thin shoulder straps kept everything in check. Although the material gave a little it was purchased back before my breasts had filled out. The result was a fully packed look, the kind of look that John and most men go nuts over.

The skirt was flared and short and very frilly. Exposure was easy with only a slight twirl. The white lace gave me a pure innocent look but nothing could be further from the truth. The outfit was finished off with white thigh highs and six-inch white platform sandals. The stocking tops were easily visible, as the skirt was really short. I made it that way by turning under the waist and inch or two.

I teased up my hair and put on an extra layer of makeup. John took one look at me wanted me immediately. I told him that he'd get his through a glory hole. I grabbed my little white purse and headed for the door.

John asked, "Have you got any condoms in that tiny purse."

"Oh," I said as I passed through the door. Over my shoulder I said, "I don't need any condoms, only you do."

"I see," said John slightly puzzled as he followed me out to the car.

We headed for the adult shop. Before we got out of the car, John reached into the glove compartment and pulled out at least a dozen condoms and packed his pockets. I looked at him with a slightly amused look and said, "You figure on needing all those tonight, stud."

"Somebody might," he said.

We entered the place and I must admit that I was a little nervous. That went away when I saw about fifteen necks snap in my direction and look me up and down. My pussy immediately started oozing. I saw myself in a large mirror on one wall and realized again that I was designed for one thing and that was fucking. No man could resist my body. They had difficulty choosing what to gaze at. It might be my flawlessly beautiful face with my crystal blue eyes and framed by my long silky blond hair. Perhaps it was my 38DD tits that bulged out of my top, my nipples clearly noticeable through the thin material. On the other hand it might be my flat tanned belly or my tight rounded ass. My long slender legs encased in the white stockings and my fuck- me six-inch sandals may have been noticed as well. Normally I am a very modest woman but even I knew a fuck bunny when I saw one. Every man in the joint knew that I was going to get fucked tonight. What they probably wouldn't expect is that I was going to get knocked up tonight as well. As it turned out I was serious with John about ovulating. I had taken my temperature and that night was ground zero. I love teasing my husband but I knew he be tickled about me getting pregnant.

For these reasons I expected that we'd go into a booth and I'd tease John some more before letting my beloved husband dump his wonderful sperm deep into my womb knocking me up.

John purchased several dollars worth of tokens so that we could use the arcade. I slowly followed him into the back room where the booths were, smiling at the men as they watched me. It would be fun I thought to let everyone of them fuck my body through one of those holes. It was dark in the arcade. I couldn't see very well but John found an empty booth.

He pulled me in, closed and locked the door.

I said, "I thought that we would be in separate booths."

"We can do that later," he said. "For now we'll save tokens by watching the video together."

"OK," I agreed, not really sure what I expected. I did notice the glory holes in each wall and was surprised that they were bigger than I thought.

John put a load of coins in the slot and the video started. At first the light was too bright but my eyes soon adjusted. On the screen a woman and two men were having sex. The men were fucking her at both ends. I immediately thought back to the auto shop and those wonderful feelings. My pussy started dripping and I wanted John's cock. I put my arms around him and kissed him hard. I rubbed my crotch on his leg like a female bitch in heat. I whispered, "I want you to fuck me."

"OK, but first I want a blow job," my husband demanded.

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