Long Distance Cyberpunk Sex - Cover

Long Distance Cyberpunk Sex

by EveryDenial

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Erotica Sex Story: My best friend is across the country for school. Her boyfriend has technology that lets her feel what I feel. Of course, she misses having him inside her so what else is a bestie supposed to do when prompted to try the technology

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fiction   Science Fiction   Sharing   Masturbation   .

-----This Story uses elements from the game Cyberpunk 2077-----

“Huh?” I said out loud and opened my eyes.

I heard my phone vibrating on the bathroom counter, much earlier than I expected it to. I stepped out from under the running water and picked up my phone briefly to link it to my holo. Once it was connected I leaned back in the shower and let the water run down my body.

“Hello? Did you pick up?” I heard her voice say in my head.

“Yeah I picked up. You know you’re early right?” I moaned and closed my eyes.

“You’d think after 7 months I’d get use to the time change.” She giggled in her bubbly way. “Am I interrupting?”

“Mel, Do you know what time it is here?” I asked her.

“It’s uh ... It’s 10 am here, so its 7 am there?”

“And after living with me for 3 years, what do I always do at 7am?”

“Shower, or eating? ... Shower. It’s definitely shower. I’ve walked in on you enough times.” She laughed.

“Exactly. All week you’ve called me at 7:30 when I’m on my way out the door. Why so early today?” I groaned and opened my eyes.

“Sorry, I had a really good day yesterday and I wanted to tell someone all about it.” Melody said excitedly. “Are you okay to talk? Is it okay if I start talking?”

“I’m listening.” I groaned and started washing my hair.

“Okay, so yesterday morning---”

I was trying to listen to her, but she kept going on and on as she usually did. Eventually, I just closed my eyes and started masturbating to pass the time. It was easy to do because I had a vivid imagination and was well practiced in getting myself off subtly. Before she even finished talking my orgasm had come and gone.

“Are you still there?” she asked.

“Mhm.” I replied, pretending I had been listening the whole time.

“Okay. Well, anyway, that’s how my day went.” She said happily.

“You said you wanted to tell someone, why not Steve? Your boyfriend?”

“I tell him later, silly. You know him and I call at night so we can dirty talk and sext.”

“How are you holding up without having your pussy stuffed daily?” I asked, remembering all the times I’d have to fall asleep to the sound of her moaning and him groaning.

“It’s been hard. The calls we have are nice and all but I it’s been months and I wish he could come visit me.”

“They won’t let the corpo-rat out of his cage?” I laughed.

“Hey! Don’t be mean to him.”

“What? He’s a corporate tool and you know it.” I teased.

“He is not! He’s a wonderful guy.” She insisted.

“You only say that because you haven’t seen the corpo side like I have.”

“You never gave him a chance. You never gave any guy I’ve dated a chance. Why can’t you just be happy that I’m happy?” She whined.

“Fine, fine.” I sighed. “If he makes you happy then it makes me happy.”

“You’re not just saying that are you?”

“No, I’m not.”


“I promise.”

“Good.” She said happily.

We ended our conversation a few minutes later and I got out of the shower. Got myself ready for the day like usual and went to work.


My life was a normal routine. Great ready, Work, eat, sleep, and repeat. Every morning Mel would call and give me an update about how her previous day went. Her and I had been best friends for years. Met in high school, roommates in college, then roommates after that. We did everything together and became comfortable, like sisters. As we grew up we moved on to do our own things when the time was right.

I become a model and saleswoman for Jingui, a high-end clothing brand. My days were spent posing and strutting for photographers or working the floor and helping shoppers. It was something I fell into accidentally but soon found myself thriving in.

I never thought of myself as attractive, but people have told me otherwise all my life. My short 5’1” stature matched my small perky breasts, which was popular in the fashion industry. My eyes were a vibrant green and my blonde hair was long. It was easy for me to attract the attention of others.

Melody was more about helping people. She was studying to work at Trauma Team to be able to save lives. Her bubbly personality was infectious, which would definitely help when dealing with trauma victims. I’d been the test dummy for her medical training many times.

During her additional time at school, she met Steve. It was her first relationship, but I didn’t get along with him very well. He was a nice guy, but he worked for a major company and was very strict and business minded. I tried to be supportive, but I didn’t trust him and felt like he was hiding something.

He came over all the time while we were living together and I learned to tolerate him. I’d usually stay out of their way while they were together but we had a small apartment and I couldn’t help but hear them.

But now Melody has been gone for months while doing her final training across the country. I’ve had the apartment to myself, which was nice. But I was starting to miss having her around, I almost missed Steve too. The daily phone calls she made were nice and all but I wished she was actually here.


It was nearing midnight when my phone started to buzz. I was lying in bed watching TV, waiting to fall asleep. I grabbed my phone and saw the caller ID was Melody.

“Hey Mel.” I said and answered the call.

“Hey, sorry to call you so late.” She sounded out of breath.

“Don’t worry about it, what’s going on?” I asked and turned off the TV.

“So, this is probably going to sound a bit weird, but...” She paused.


“But I’m going to ask a really weird favor of you. You know Steve, right?” She asked.

“Your boyfriend? How could I forget?”

“Well his company has been working on this new prototype technology that will let a person feel the same sensation and feelings another person is experiencing.” She said nervously.

“Wait, are you telling me they can read a person’s brainwaves or whatever and send the signals to another person?” I asked.

“Kind of. While the person experiencing the signal may feel one way, the other receiving the signal and feeling everything may react another way. Like, someone could feel a tickle on their side and not laugh while the other person can feel the sensations in the same spot and it would make them laugh because they are ticklish there.” She explained.

“Okay, so, why are you telling me this?” I asked.

“Well he sent me the receiving side of the shard yesterday and we tried it out tonight. He thought that if he jerked himself off with the sending end it would give me an orgasm, but we both knew that wouldn’t work.”

“Oh, no. Where are you going with this?”

“Well, if you could use the sending shard while he, you know, did his thing, with you ... it might work. Right? Or am I just being crazy?”

“Are you asking me to me to let your boyfriend fuck me?” I asked bluntly.

“Yes...” She mumbled. “The theory if that if he fucks you, I’ll feel it here.”

“Why can’t you do it with another girl?”

“I don’t trust anyone else to have sex with him. I know you don’t like him too much so it’s not like anything else will happen.”

“Okay, and if this prototype works, what are you expecting to happen?”

“I expect to experience the full range of feelings. The pleasure you’ll be feeling, his cock sliding in and out, the warmth of his body, everything.” She said cheerfully.

“Mel, this is crazy. Even for you.”

“Please, just try it. I miss him and his cock so much and it’ll just be a one time thing. Then I’ll be back in a few months for the real thing.”

“One time, no strings attached.” I agreed.

“Yes, absolutely!” She said excitedly.

“You’re the best!” She cheered.


It was the following evening and I heard a knock at my door.

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