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Shopping Day

by Mommys little Man

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Incest Sex Story: I take Mommy shopping at her department store and her exhibitionist ways are put on display.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Incest   Mother   Son   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Squirting   .

Saturday, March 30, 2024 8:22 AM

I take Mommy shopping at her department store and her exhibitionist ways are put on display

It was a dismal Saturday morning rainy and cold. I had outdoor plans but they were canceled. I was standing in the kitchen when Mommy shuffled in in her bathrobe and slippers. She was getting coffee when I came up behind her and ground my underwear covered cock into her ass through the robe. I kissed her on the neck spun her around and kissed her passionately like my lover. ( She is my lover so why not?) She returned the kiss with much passion as well. After I withdrew she said “ well good morning to you Sonny, What’s are your plans for today?” I explained that my round of golf was canceled due to the weather and my day was open “Great, you can take me shopping “ She said. Being a man who has been on many shopping trips with Mommy when I was younger, I said “ummmm”. “Ummmm nothing, you’re taking me and besides if you’re a good Sonny I will give you something nice.” said Mommy. I hoped that something nice meant Mommy’s sweet pussy. So I agreed.

After breakfast and getting ready Mommy appeared ready to go. She was wearing pretty sexy clothes for an older lady, a bit sexier than usual. She was wearing a blue jean almost mini skirt and a tight sweater that made her perfect little tits stand out. She looked quite hot! As I did a double take, she asked “ you like? “ I said Mommy you’re beautiful! I think you will get attention today.” The only attention I care about is yours Sonny “ she replied. “But all the men ogling me does get my pussy wet!” she confided. “Let’s go get your pussy wet “ I suggested.

We arrived at the store. Mommy said “ I’ll be in the ladies department give me an hour and meet me back here at the dressing rooms”

I looked at the men’s department for awhile and at the appointment time I made my way back to the dressing rooms. I sat down in the asshole chair. Every man who has ever gone clothes shopping with a woman knows what that seat is. As I waited a store associate, a pretty middle aged redhead walked up and explained to me that my mother would like my assistance in the dressing room #6 at the end of the hall. I rushed to the door and knocked. My mind was going another direction because I was worried about her having an issue or health problem.

I knocked at the dressing room door again, noticing that the rooms were very private. Mommy asked if it was me and told me to come in.To my surprise I was treated to a beautiful mature woman in almost slutty black lingerie, standing barefoot on the dressing room bench. Her standing on the bench made her a bit taller than me. I’m tall, over 6ft and Mommy is not, just about 5ft. I said “Wow Mommy I’m speechless.” My conservative mother, as far as I have known, doesn’t wear lingerie let alone the slutty kind. And trust me I have been a Mommy panty devote for many years. It has always been basic white granny panties, no frills edition. But now she had on a low cut nice bra that showed her areloa through the lace and black lacy panties that were cut very slim.The lace didnt quite cover the sides of her sweet little cunt. I took out my phone and said “ give us a twirl “, while taking a few pics. My cock instantly reacted to that beautiful sight. I reached out and fondled Mommy’s nipples through the bra material, pulled her close and kissed her passionately. We kissed passionately like teenagers. It was nice because of her new found height. Moving down her neck I released the bra strap and sucked her Hard nipples. I reached between her legs and her panties were soaked with her girl juice. Mommy said “ I want to keep you interested in this old gal”. “As if that’s an issue “ I retorted. Did you just want to tease me here or is there something else you want “ I asked. She sat down on the bench and said “ take that big cock out Sonny” “Yes Mommy” I said and I unbuckled my belt and Mommy unzipped my pants, pulled down my shorts, took my hardening cock and put her mouth around it. “Mmmmm” mewed Mommy “ your pre cum is the sweetest” She said with her mouth full of my growing member. I reminded Mommy as best I could that we had to be quiet. People would most likely frown upon our activities. My thoughts were lost in Mommy’s excellent oral skills. My Mommy can suck a cock better than anyone. Her little tongue swirls around my shaft like an excellent ballerina, swish, swirl, then she sucks my shaft down to my balls. I was ready to blow my wad in Mommy’s beautiful mouth in record time! I, with a little sadness, pulled her mouth off my cock because I wanted to put my cock in Mommy’s hot cunt. But first as always I had to lick my pussy, I was beginning to think it was mine by this point. Mommy remained on the bench as I sat on the floor, reached the gusset of her panties pulled it aside and put my tongue in Mommy’s beautiful cunt. I continued doing what I do best when Mommy reached out and grabbed my head. She laid me back onto the floor and moved off the bench to straddle my face with her wet pussy. I’ve been wanting Mommy to ride my face like a horse for awhile. It was a beautiful sight, Mommy’s pussy right there! As I licked, she bent down to suck my cock, which was sticking up like a tower. Omg I thought, we are 69ing!! My conservative, school teaching, church going mother, is acting like a teenager! I was in heaven and would have been happy to suck my sweet cunt until she came all over my face and I blew my load into her hungry mouth. But Mommy never fails to surprise me and she had other ideas. With much effort she withdrew her wanting pussy from my face, I was so disappointed as one of my truly favorite things in this world is eating that cunt! But in a flash she was pulling the crotch if those slutty panties aside and stuffing my cock into that tight pussy. She was riding me the reverse cowgirl way. I had to concentrate so I would not cum, I wanted Mommy to enjoy herself. Once she got it in and got a good rhythm, she would pull her little ass up and slam that little pussy down as far as she could. Mommy was grunting with each thrust downward very loudly. I politely shushed Mommy reminding her where we were again. She was in heaven, squeezing her nipples with her right hand while maintaining her balance by holding on to the bench with the other. Mommy was a woman possessed with fucking my hard cock. She was building up the pace. All I could do is watch and be prepared to catch her in case she misses with one of her pussy thrusts. About this time I reached over and rubbed her clit. That took her over the moon and she came with a gush all over the slutty panties. She stopped thrusting but I was so close to cumming that I grabbed her ass and pushed that ass up and down about 10 more times and filled my cunt with hot cum. That made Mommy cum again. I don’t think she had ever came twice in a row like that before. She finally crawled off me and my cock. She was spent. I helped her up onto the bench and reminded her that we should go soon to avoid being caught. As I looked down I saw that those slutty panties were covered in her juices and my thick cum. Mommy said “ well we broke them so I guess we have to buy them. I laughed and said” we will never get them clean.” “ That’s ok” replied Mommy “ I want them as momento, besides they smell wonderful.” “Let me sniff them” I said as she took them off, putting on her conservative white panties again. “Maybe they will be in the laundry basket “ She said with a gleam in her eye as she put them into her shopping basket.

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