I Know It's Over

by Curbstonesetter

Copyright© 2024 by Curbstonesetter

Erotica Sex Story: He thought she’d left him to move on with her life. She returned to him because she regretted not having told him goodbye before she left. Her return renewed their past emotions and love.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Oral Sex   .

Author’s Note: This story is a complete work of fiction from the get go and is intended solely for the readers to enjoy. My thanks to EasySpeak for the work of editing this story so that it makes sense and makes it easier to read and understand.

Author’s Note: This story was inspired by a couple of songs by Ray Price, “For The Good Times” and “I Won’t Mention It Again”. Ray Price’s music is generally heard on radio stations featuring Classic Country Music but, his music is more than that. It can be considered whatever type of music the listener chooses. Regardless, it always seems to carry a message and the message in his two songs is celebrated here in this story. And the voice of Ray Price is celebrated in this story, too. What a great musical artist he was. His music and lyrics can be found on the internet. RIP. Ray Price.

We met when I was working as a Materials Engineer and she was an entry level Computer System Engineer. I had joined the company we worked for, about two years before she did and I worked closely with the head of the department she came to work for.

I had worked with Ned Packard, her department head and direct supervisor. Ned had been the department head all during the time I had been on board with the company and very much longer before that.

Ned was an old hand at his job and he knew all of the methods of getting any of my day to day data into the mainframe computer. He could also get the data back out but, it was only in one format that was nearly next to useless for my purposes. I really needed the data in an EXCEL file with pivot tables that could be easily manipulated for materials analysis.

Even though the data was in the mainframe, the data could only be retrieved for reporting of the results to our customer on our standard Engineering test reports. When it was required by the customer it was sent to them as part of the regular documentation package to comply with their purchase order requirements and our company policy.

I kept telling him, “Ned, we have a treasure trove, a veritable gold mine, of information in the mainframe that could be extremely useful to the company if we could just retrieve it in digital form other than only for customer reporting purposes.

If we could get it out in other formats it would allow us to generate run downs on all of the materials we use here for trends, statistical analysis, materials utilization analysis and a number of other purposes as well.”

Ned always told me, “Walt, I only have people working in my department who are data entry clerks. They are good quality people but, they are not trained in computer programming. They are not capable of writing and developing a program for us to get you the information in the variety of formats that will be best usable for your purposes, Walt.

Not only that, it will take at least one Computer System Engineer and some other ancillary help to do that programing for the mainframe. Until upper management allows me to hire those extra people to do that work there ain’t nothing I can do. We’ll just have to put up with the situation as it is now.”

“Ok, Ned. Put that on your wish list. If you do succeed in getting management to pop for you to hire those extra people to do that work I have something else I would like to have done, too.”

“Oh no, this isn’t another one of your over the moon programs you want to have done is it, Walt?”

“Ned, if you succeed in getting that done, can my desktop computer be configured to access the mainframe to download the data once it has done the operation’s I need to have done for my work. It would be great if the data were available to me in digital form rather than just a paper print out.

Once the data has been entered into the computer it really doesn’t make any sense to have to re-input the data for my Engineering Reports, materials reports and proposals to management? It is worse when you begin to think about transcription errors that are inevitable to occur on entering the data again.”

“Why don’t you look for a pre-canned program for your desktop that will do all the operations of the database you want to have done, Walt?”

“Ned, you know that my desktop doesn’t have the capability to even download a database program like that, let alone store and query the data. It can barely send and receive EMAILs. I also know that the Accounting people would like to have a database program to help them and HR could also use one to track employees and their employment records.”

We haven’t even talked about QA who would like to have a program to evaluate vendors, vendor audits and vendor performance, too. So it’s not just me that could use and benefit from a database program like that, Ned. I’m sure that Manufacturing could also use the program to track good product and rejected product as well as manufacturing performance.”

“Alright, Walt. I’ll include that in my next quarterly AFE, (Authorization For Expenditure) the first of the next quarter. Just don’t expect that you’re going to get your gold mine program in the sky anytime soon though, Walt, Is the Director of your Department willing to authorize and support his part of the program if we do get the go ahead to develop it?”

“I’ll have to talk to him about that and have him let you know. He’s the one that is pushing me to get some of this information put together so he ought to be willing to at least pick up our part of the tab for the program.

The other department heads should be willing to pick up part of the tab, too. I know they would benefit from the use of that program if it meets their needs and they can see how it will help their productivity.”

That next quarter Ned submitted the AFE to upper management for the extra people he needed for the program and he was waiting for a response from them who had to run it by the other department heads.

A couple of months later I happened to see Ned at lunch and he told me, “Walt, miracles never cease to happen. You must be living a charmed life or someone has sprinkled their ‘foo foo’ dust all over you and your proposal.

Upper management has approved the AFE and they have authorized me to hire only one Computer System Engineer and only one Computer Programmer to kick the project off. I have talked to HR and they are looking for the personnel we are going to need to get your database program off the ground. They also want to use the program to track employees’ records, too.”

Not long after that, Ned called me and said, “Walt, I have gotten a new Computer System Engineer in my office for our project. When you get time, drop by my office and you can meet her.

I expect that we are going to need a lot of input from you to get your portion of the database up and running efficiently and in a timely manner. If we don’t make this program work upper management will likely kill the entire program.”

“Ok, Ned. I’ll come by your office in the next day or two to meet your new people.” A couple of days later I had a little available time and I walked over to the other end of the building to Ned’s office and lightly tapped on his door.

He looked up from his work and said, “Oh, Hi, Walt. Come with me and I’ll introduce you to Gina. I have only hired one person and HR is still looking for another person as a Computer Programmer to work with Gina and to help with the input of the programming data.

Oh and just so you know, the department heads of Accounting and QA have learned about the database program. Like you said they want to be able to use it, too, for their purposes. We are going to have several sections of the overall program now.”

We stepped out of his office, over to an adjacent cubicle and stepped inside. There sat a gorgeous looking young woman and Ned said to her, “Gina, this is Walt Landry who is our Lead Materials Engineer. He has been the main instigator for the database program you’re working on.

Walt, this is Gina Fairchild who has just joined the company as a Computer System Engineer. She has been assigned the responsibility for the development and the implementation of the database program that upper management has authorized us to develop. She is going to need a lot of help from you to get it started and then to get it operating efficiently in the manner you need it to operate.”

Gina stood up behind her desk and extended her hand to shake hands with me. When she stood up, I couldn’t get over just how pretty and how shapely she was along with her beautiful face and her shining brown hair. She was wearing a pair of well-tailored slacks and a beautiful tailored form fitting blouse that complimented the color of her slacks and showed off her magnificent breasts.

Her entire outfit really accentuated her fabulous figure. She had a beautiful face with her light brown shoulder length hair that perfectly framed her pretty face. Her light brown eyes were sparkling as she greeted me graciously and very warmly.

I greeted her in the similar manner and looked into her pretty brown eyes. I felt like we made an instant connection with one another as I told her, “I’m looking forward to working with you, Gina.”

She immediately responded with a very warm, almost sultry, and disarming smile on her face. “I have been looking forward to working with you since I came on board here and was told about this project, Walt. Ned told me that you were the guy who really pushed for the development of this program.”

At that time Ned interjected and told her, “Walt, as our Materials Engineer, is pretty persistent and persuasive, Gina, and I know he has some really specific ideas of the data he wants the materials section of the database to contain and how it should be structured.”

“That’s true, Ned, but I’m sure that Gina has not had the time to progress to the point where she is ready to structure the program to cover the materials data yet. When she gets to that point I can come over here from my office and spend the time necessary to help her structure the materials section of the program in the most usable form for our purposes.”

I turned and looked at her and said. “When you get to that point, Gina, call me in my office or send me an EMAIL and I’ll come over here to your office and work with you to get it structured properly.”

“I’ll do that, Walt. And thanks in advance for your help.” With that, Ned and I each returned to our offices. About a month later, I received a phone call from Gina and she asked, “Walt, do you have the time to come to my office so we can begin to structure the materials section of the database program the way that is best usable for you and your department?”

“Sure, Gina. I have a couple of things I need to finish up here that I’m presently working on and I’ll be there within an hour.” I finished up the things I was doing and I walked over to Gina’s office to begin helping her with the many items to program into the database.

By the time we were finished setting up those items it was lunch time and I invited Gina to go to lunch with me. She accepted and we went to a local restaurant and we had our lunch. During our lunch we had a very pleasant conversation with one another.

We talked and laughed and were very comfortable with each other’s company. I really enjoyed being with Gina and I think she really enjoyed being with me, too. I sure hoped we could do it again.

After lunch, we returned to work and I told Gina, “When you need further help on the project give me a call and I’ll come to your office and help you with your input of the program.

I know some of the terms I gave you seem to be somewhat bewildering and you may want to have some explanation of them. But, they can be pretty easy to understand once you become familiar with the jargon. After returning from lunch Gina and I each returned to our own offices.

A couple of weeks later on a Friday, Gina called and asked that I visit her in her office again to help her. She asked me to explain some of the terms that I had given her and wanted to know if the order in which they appeared in the database could be changed. I told her some of them could not because their meaning was somewhat contingent on the other terms in that group.

Their order was also generally dictated by convention. Other of the terms could be placed in almost any order as long as they remained in that general group. I showed her the convention of the terms that were relative to one another. Gina being so bright understood the reason for the grouping and had no further problem with it.

“Thank you, Walt. Your explanation helps significantly because I didn’t want to just put the terms in the database and then later have to come back and rearrange the order of their placement in the database. I sure don’t want to have to go back and do the work over again.”

After we had agreed on the order of placement of the terms in the database we began to talk about ourselves, our jobs and how well she liked her job so far. Gina responded to me, “Oh, yes, Walt, I have really enjoyed this job. It has been very challenging to put this database together. I just want to make sure it is done right for your purposes and in accordance with your requirements.”

I asked her, “Gina, are you free tomorrow evening to go out to eat with me and then go to a movie or out to a dance club afterward?”

Her face and her sparkling brown eyes lit up and she quickly replied, “Sure, Walt. I’d love to go with you.” She gave me her home address and her personal phone number. We agreed on what time she would be ready for me to pick her up. The next evening I picked her up at her house and we went to a great local steak house that I had been to and eaten at several times in the past.

When we got to the restaurant and were seated I had the time to take in and admire just how beautiful she was in her form fitting dress. Her make up was meticulously done as was her hair and it was shining in the soft light of the restaurant.

We both very much enjoyed our meal and during the meal I asked her, “Gina the five theater cinema is only a few blocks away or there is a dance club a little further away. Where would you like to go this evening after we have finished our meal here?”

She replied with a bright smile, “There is a movie that I have been wanting to see and I have checked. It’s playing at the cinema. It’s a romantic comedy and if you would like to go see it, I would prefer to go to the movie with you tonight, Walt.” Looking at her watch, she said, “The movie doesn’t begin for about an hour so we have plenty of time to finish our meal and then catch the movie when it starts.”

“Ok, Gina. When we finish our meal and leave here that’s where we’ll go when we leave.” I said with a broad smile on my face. We finished our meal in time to arrive at the theater, bought our tickets and chose our seats before the movie began. Before the movie, we sat and chatted and then the house lights went down and the movie began to flash on the screen.

Once the movie began, Gina leaned over in her seat toward me and cuddled up to me. I put my arm around her shoulders and she just kind of wiggled and softly purred her approval to me as I pulled her tightly to me. I thought I felt her shiver slightly when I pulled her shoulders to me.

During the comedic scenes of the movie, we both laughed at the dialog and in the romantic scenes Gina got very quiet. She would look at me and I had no alternative but to pull her even tighter to me and kiss her.

To show her acceptance she immediately kissed me in return. Each time I kissed her she wiggled in her seat and I figured that maybe she was getting more pleasure than just our kissing was giving her.

After the movie ended we sat for a couple of moments and I said to her, “I have really enjoyed the movie with you tonight, Gina. Thank you for suggesting that we come here to see it this evening.”

“I really enjoyed it, too, Walt, and thank you for bringing me here to see it this evening.” With that we left our seats and made our way out of the theater. I took her back to her home and I was hoping that she would invite me to come in for a late evening drink. I just took her in my arms and kissed her.

I thanked her again for going out to eat with me and to the movie also. She kissed me back and she said good night, Walt. I left her and turned to go on back to my home. Gina and I went out with each other occasionally but, we didn’t really get serious about one another.

After I had been with the company for three more years, I was promoted to Manager of the department reporting to the Director of the department. In the meeting I had with the Director, he told me that he was planning to retire soon and I was his choice to replace him when he did retire. I thanked him for his confidence in me and told him he could rest assured when he did retire from the company he would be leaving the department in good hands.

The week I received my promotion I stopped by Gina’s office and asked her, “Hey, Gina, I received a promotion to Manager of my Department and I would like to take you out and have you celebrate with me. Would you like to go out with me to eat this weekend? Then we can take in a movie or go dancing after we have eaten our meal. If so, would Saturday evening be good for you?”

Her face and eyes lit up with acceptance and she quickly said, “Yeah, Walt. I’d love to go with you Saturday evening.”

“Would you like to catch a movie or go to a dance club after we have had our meal?”

“Since we have never gone to a dance club I’d rather go there than to a movie. I’ve never had the chance to dance with you and I’m looking forward to doing that, Walt. Maybe we can catch a movie another time or maybe even catch a movie on TV.”

“Ok, I’ll pick you up Saturday evening then.” I turned and left her office and on my way out, Ned caught me and asked me to stop in his office for a few moments.

I walked over to Ned’s office to talk to him. When I stepped inside his office he got up, quietly closed the door and he said, “Hey, Walt, I heard about your promotion to Manager and I just wanted to say congratulations.

Just between you and me I’m getting ready to promote Gina to Supervisor of this department. She has a great disposition and she gets along well with the other people in the department and she is very capable in what she is doing, too.

That’s because of her good performance on the development and implementation of the database program you were pushing for. With her education and her ability to perform I think that she will have an excellent chance of being promoted to take my position when I retire in a few more years. Please keep that to yourself though, Walt. I certainly don’t want that to get back to her, at least not until I have had a chance to talk to her anyway.”

“Ok, Ned, I think you’re right she should have the capability of taking over this department in a few years. She’ll make a really good one to replace you. And in line with the company’s policy of promoting capable women to positions of authority she would be a prime candidate. Anyway your future plans are safe with me. They won’t go any further than your door there, Ned.”

That Saturday I picked Gina up at her home and we went out to the steak house we had eaten at previously. Of course, this time I ordered a bottle of wine to have with our meal. Gina is such a bright and vivacious young woman and we had a good time talking and laughing as we ate our meal.

I really enjoyed my meal and my time with Gina and I’m confident that she did, too, based on how she laughed and teased me during the meal. I think that with the wine we had before and during our meal we were both relaxed and feeling very talkative and jovial.

After our meal we left the restaurant and went to a club for dancing. Gina turned out to be a marvelous dancer. When we arrived at the club we found a table near the dance floor and we danced to several of the songs the band played.

The band played a couple of slow songs before they took a break. Gina cuddled up to me during the slow songs and I really enjoyed holding her soft warm body next to mine during the slow dances.

Holding her so close to me during our slow dances was enough to excite me and I figured that Gina may have been equally excited, too. But, if she did get excited she gave little or no indication that she was nearly as excited as I was.

I was afraid that she could feel my excitement through the thin fabric of my dress slacks. It certainly wasn’t like wearing a pair of blue jeans which can contain and hide a guy’s excitement much more easily.

If she did feel my excitement, she certainly didn’t say anything or give any indication that she did. After the slow songs we went back to our table and I got a fresh round of drinks for us.

During the break we sat and talked and enjoyed our fresh drinks. After the band came back from their break, Gina wanted to go back out on the dance floor again. I was really glad that she wanted to come to the dance club after our meal since she was such a good dancer. Not to mention the fact that it was so good to hold her so close to me during our slow dances.

We danced to several fast songs and then the band started to play a couple of slow songs. Dancing to the slow songs turned out to be the best part of the evening for both of us.

I was about ready to return to our table when the band started playing Keith Whitley’s song “Don’t Close Your Eyes”. Gina quickly said, “Walt, I love this song and I love to dance to it, too. Let’s dance this one last dance and then we can finish our drinks and call it a night after that.”

She cuddled up in my arms and laid her head on my shoulder during the dance. She was so relaxed I thought she was going to melt in my arms. I kissed her forehead and then she looked up into my eyes with a dreamy look on her face. That made the whole evening worthwhile bringing her to the dance club tonight.

As she looked up at me, I just had to kiss her very tenderly. Each time we kissed, she kind of shivered a little bit like she’d just had a quick small orgasm. Then she laid her head back on my shoulder for the rest of the dance. I just had to wonder how wet her panties had gotten after we had kissed a few times on the dance floor during the slow songs.

After our last slow dance we went back to our table and finished our drinks. Then we decided that it was getting pretty late and we agreed to call it a night. During our drive back to her home Gina was rather quiet like she was having some kind of debate with herself. But, she didn’t say anything about what was going through her mind. I wondered if she was debating whether to invite me to come in when we reached her home.

When we arrived at her home I walked her to the door and I said, “Thank you very much for going out with me this evening, Gina. I had a great time celebrating with you tonight.” I took her in my arms and kissed her saying, “Good night, Gina. I’ll see you at work next week.”

I started to turn to leave to go back to my home and she held on to me and asked, “I have an unopened bottle of wine in my fridge. Would you like to come in for a glass of wine with me, Walt?”

I didn’t have to be asked twice and I didn’t have to say anything about it to my member either. I quickly said, “Sure, Gina. I’d love to.”

When I accepted her invitation her eyes lit up and her face took on a pleased and relieved expression that I hoped to keep there at least as long as I was still with her tonight and long beyond that. Gina led us into the kitchen and she retrieved a wine bottle from the fridge.

I had the distinct feeling she had just bought the wine in the last couple of days planning on asking me to have a late night glass of wine with her. She sat the wine bottle on the counter and dug a corkscrew out of the drawer.

Gina then asked me to open the wine while she got two wine glasses out of the cabinet. She sat the two wine glasses on the counter and after I opened it I poured a glass for each of us. She picked up the wine bottle and put it back in the fridge and then she picked up the wine glasses and handed one to me.

She took my free hand and led us into the living room. She motioned for me to have a seat on the love seat and she sat very close beside me. We each took a sip of the wine from our glasses and sat the glasses on the table in front of the love seat.

Gina leaned over, picked up the TV remote and flipped the TV on. Even though it was after midnight she asked, “Would you like to watch a late night movie with me, Walt?”

After I nodded yes to her, she chose an “R” rated romance movie. Then she sat back and snuggled up to me again much like she did when we were still on the dance floor dancing to the slow songs.

When Gina snuggled up to me I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and gently pulled her to me. She kind of wiggled like she had achieved at least another part of her plan for the evening.

I had to wonder what else she had planned for us. I sat back holding her and figured she would reveal what further plans she had very shortly. Of course, I didn’t know what her plans were but, I had a pretty good idea of what she had in mind especially after she chose an “R” rated romance movie for us to watch.

After the start of the movie, Gina wiggled a little in her seat and she turned to me and looked into my eyes like she did on the dance floor. I kissed her very tenderly and she kissed me back before turning back to watch the movie. During the intimate romantic scenes of the movie she seemed to become very excited at the movie content and I felt that she wanted to make out with me even more.

At one romantic scene where the couple was depicted as making love she became so excited she turned to me, threw her arms around me kissing me very passionately. I thought she might be close to having a sympathetic orgasm.

Of course, it wouldn’t have taken much to make me blow my wad in my briefs, too. And I couldn’t blame her if she did climax from watching the movie scene. I felt like the movie was very erotic.

I could feel her slightly trembling in my arms telling me of the level of her excitement and she softly said to me, “Come with me, Walt.” She got up off of the love seat, took my hand and led me into her bedroom.

There she started to remove my shirt and I started removing her clothes. Once we got down to our underwear she pulled me down on her bed beside her. By that time my excitement was clearly evident in my briefs and she certainly could not have missed the huge bulge in my briefs.

I laid down beside her and took her in my arms, kissing her. I told her, “You are so sweet and so beautiful, Gina, and you have made me want you very much tonight.”

“I want you very much too, Walt.” With that I sat up and had her sit up so I could reach around behind her and unclasp her bra to remove it from her. Once I unclasped her bra she let the straps fall down her arms and I took her bra from her arms and laid it at the foot of her bed.

With the removal of her bra, her gorgeous titties were free and open for me to see and fondle. I pulled her to me to feel her warm soft titties pressed against my chest with her rock hard nipples poking into my chest. As I held her to my chest I kissed her very passionately. She softly said in a somewhat nervous voice, “Let me remove your briefs, Honey.”

Gina reached down and began to pull my briefs down freeing my very hard manhood for her to see and to take into her hand. Then she pulled me down between her thighs and I laid down over her with my hard dick laying on top of her panty covered love mound. She shivered and softly purred in my ear as I started kissing her face, neck and throat in many places and finally kissing her on her lips.

Trailing my kisses down her neck and upper chest to her gorgeous titties I kissed around each one of them. Stopping briefly as I sucked on each of her hard protruding nipples and fondling the opposite tittie at the same time. She began to purr even more loudly to me as I sucked on her sweet erect nipples.

Gina shivered and wiggled her entire body underneath me for a couple of moments. It was clearly evident she was so excited she wouldn’t need a lot more stimulation until she would be ready for us to begin making love. I sat up on my knees between her thighs and started pulling her panties off her hips, down her legs and over her feet.

The huge wet spot was easily visible in the bottom of her panties as I removed them and dropped them at the foot of the bed along with her bra. Then leaning back down over her, I kissed her and asked her, “Do we need some protection for us, Gina?”

She looked up at me through her passion filled eyes and she could only whisper to me, “No, I’m using the pill, Walt, and there are no worries about that.” Taking my hard love member in my hand I rubbed it up and down the length of her love cleft to spread her slippery love fluids generously between us. Then I placed the head of my rock hard dick at the opening of her delicate love flower.

Watching her facial expression and her eyes I slowly pressed into her warm sweet love treasure. Her smiling eyes and a slight smile on her face told me that she was not having any pain as I slowly advanced my rock hard love tool deep into her. Having reached the final depth of our penetration I started to slowly thrust back and forth into her velvety smooth love passage.

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