Work Life Balance - Cover

Work Life Balance

by TheObfuscator

Copyright© 2022 by TheObfuscator

Erotica Sex Story: Typical story: boy meets girl at work, girl holds a sexy secret, girl lets boy in, pleasure ensues

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Sister   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   .

I work for a branch of the US government. Not an exciting one, mind you. One that deals with science. Not even fun science, with laboratories and chemical reactions. My office is one with lots of cubicles, reports, reading, writing, and quiet. Fresh out of grad school, I took a job in DC at age 25. I’d been in the role for two years when the events of this story began.

In February a new intern started working in our department. She and I had a unique first meeting. I opened the door to our agency break room and there she was, with her back toward me, trying to corral runaway water on the linoleum floor with thin paper towels.

“Plumbing issues?” I asked.

She whipped around quickly and even with the panic in her eyes, you couldn’t help but notice her beauty. 5’9”, flawless skin, wavy auburn hair, piercing green eyes, 36DD breasts under a tight sweater, thin waist, and long toned legs peaking out of a pencil skirt, you knew she had turned some heads even faster than her own had just spun around.

“Oh my gosh, can you please help me?” she asked while throwing more paper towels on the ground. “It’s my first day and I was too stubborn to for help with the water...”. I surmised that she had tried to replace the jug that kept our agency hydrated, only to spill much of the contents in the process.

“No worries.” I responded and went to the cupboard where assorted rags were kept. I handed her half the pile and said “These will probably work a little better.” I put a couple rags down on the ground and used my feet to complete the makeshift mop.

“Haha oh yes, this is an improvement!” She agreed and followed my lead. I could see she was nervously glancing at the FitBit on her wrist every few seconds.

“Wondering if skating around the break room counts as steps?” I joked.

“Haha no, I just have to meet my boss in a few minutes and it’s my first day, so of course this would happen...” she said with concern.

“Well you go meet your boss, I’ll call the custodians to finish what we started.” I offered.

“Oh my gosh, thank you so much.” She grabbed her bag and made for the door before turning around one more time. “I’m Molly, by the way. Molly Connor”

“Nice to meet you Molly, I’m Jack.”

“Great! Thanks again, Jack” Molly seemed sincere and relieved as she bounded off to her meeting.

Little did I know that our innocuous meeting would reverberate throughout my life for years to come.

Among our office, being mostly male, mostly single, and mostly dorky, news of Molly’s arrival spread like wildfire. She was one of the only women under 50 at the agency, and drastically more beautiful than anyone else.

Over the next month, I watched my colleagues approach her in conversation, only to find their flirtatious advances dashed like a homemade raft against a rocky shoreline. As for me, I tried not to treat Molly any differently than other colleagues. Being friendly without flirting, and doing my best not to leer (although this part was considerably more challenging).

One day, my colleague Ted was at my desk when he said, “Hey, did you hear about Molly the intern?”

“Did I hear what?”

“Her dad is ‘Gavel’ Connor.”

“Really?” Senator ‘Gavel’ Connor was a remarkably conservative senator from the southwest. He held a surprising number of senior committee positions and was quickly rising in national fame. He got his nickname from coming down on issues hard and not allowing any debate after he had spoken.

“Must be how she got the gig.” Ted snorted with contempt.

“You think so? I think her work has been pretty good.” Along with Molly’s figure, I had noticed that her work was consistent and of quality, especially as an undergraduate intern.

“Nah, she just coasts on looks. If you hadn’t seen her pretty face, you wouldn’t think her work was that good.” Thankfully Ted wandered off after this last comment.

I walked by Molly’s desk later that day, where she was looking a little down.

“Hey Molly, how are ya?” I offered in passing.

“Hey Jack.” Molly offered me a sad smile. “Do you need anything?”

“No, no. I was just checking in, seeing how work is going.” I offered, trying not to pry.

“Did you hear word got out?” She asked.

“Uh...” I wasn’t sure how to answer. “What word?”

“That I’m ‘Gavel’ Connor’s daughter.” Sad smile again. “I suppose it was only a matter of time. Now everyone will think I only got this position because of him. Even though I didn’t actually pull any strings for this.”

Internships in DC were competitive, and I wouldn’t begrudge Molly for using whatever resources were at her disposal. “Molly, if I may be frank, who cares?” I gave a little laugh. “I mean, I slept my way to the top.”

Even with a bug-eyed, surprised expression, Molly was gorgeous. “Oh yeah?” she laughed. “You and Steve?”

Steve was our office chief and probably in his 60s. His army days left him with a bad attitude, a buzz cut, and a respectable paunch.

“He’s a surprisingly gentle snuggler.” I offered. Molly rewarded me with a laugh so loud she had to cover her mouth with her hands.

“In all seriousness, you do great work and are an asset to the office. It doesn’t matter how you got here, but it does matter that you are making the most of it.”

“Thanks, Jack.” A more genuine, less-sad smile bloomed on Molly’s face.

“Listen, don’t worry about office gossip, that’s a part of every job. Keep it up and you will get the most out of this.”

“Okay!” Molly seemed reinvigorated.

“If you need anything, you can always swing by my desk.” I offered, with what I hoped was a not-lecherous smile.

Over the next couple of months, I refused to participate in any office gossip about Molly or her father. I made sure to go out of my way to praise the work she did, and I hoped that help stem the tide of both the gossip and the flirtatious visits to her desk (although the latter may have had more to do with fear of ‘Gavel’).

Molly’s internship was up in May, when she was set to graduate from Georgetown. Our office held a sad little gathering, with a sad little cake in the very break room where I had helped Molly mop up her first day.

After the cake was finished, the party petered out. Steve offered to help clean up, but I told him I would take care of it. He left and it was just me and Molly.

“You looking forward to getting out of here?” I asked Molly.

“Ha. Yes and no.” She replied. Did her eyes linger on me a little when she said that? “I’m not sure what’s next.”

“Yeah, I remember being kind of excited, kind of scared to finish school.” I offered. Molly stayed quiet. “Well whatever you get up to next, I’m sure you’ll do great.” I still wasn’t sure if I could get away with asking Molly out now that her internship was over. I figured she already had a boyfriend.

“Listen, Jack.” Molly stopped cleaning to look me in the eyes. “I’d like to invite you to my graduation party. It’s this Saturday at The W.”

The W is a swank hotel next to the White House, often used for weddings of the social elite. I assume her father had rented it.

“Sure, Molly, I’d love to.” I offered honestly.

“OK, well, I’m afraid it’s pretty formal. My dad and all...” Molly looked at her feet as she said this. It was ridiculously endearing.

“Gotcha. I’ll be sure to step up my game.” I joked. “No science desk jockey outfit.”

Molly laughed and tucked a curl of hair behind her ear. “Great! Here’s my number. Text me when you get there and I’ll let you in. I’ll see you there at 7.”

After spending an inordinate amount of time (and money) finding a suit I thought would fit in at The W, I had little time left to prepare for Molly’s graduation party. I was nervous about what this next step in our relationship might entail, or rather it was a step at all. Maybe she thought of us as friends, maybe she just needed to invite a coworker to show her dad she had done well in her internship. I had no idea.

Also, while I hadn’t been a complete slouch in the dating world, I had been on a bit of a drought. At 6’2”, with a slender, yet muscular build and a decent job, I knew I wasn’t a complete loser. Yet on my last few dates I’d been unable to connect either emotionally or physically with the women I had met. Molly was ridiculously gorgeous and I appreciated her sense of humor and work ethic. On the way to The W, I tried not to get my hopes up.

When I arrived in the lobby, I texted Molly I paced around waiting for a response when I heard “Jack!” from behind me.

I turned around just in time to catch Molly jumping up to plant an awkward kiss on my cheek. “I’m so glad you’re here!” Molly was radiant in a floral dress that hinted at her body, but left you wanting more. Did I catch a whiff of alcohol on her breath?

“Hey, Molly! Thanks for having me.” I tried not to show too much emotion. Even though the kiss was only on the cheek, I was riveted upon receiving attention from Molly. I was hooked.

“This is for you.” I handed over the card I had spent about an hour picking out. Serious, but not overly tacky.

“You are so sweet.” Molly smiled at me. “That doesn’t make this any easier...”

Before I could ask what she meant by that, Molly launched into a monologue as we walked in the direction of her party: “Sooooo, I date around. Like a lot. And my dad doesn’t like that. He wants me to find someone to settle down and have a family with, like right now. I have no interest in that, but when I’m out with guys, I kinda let him believe it’s the same guy. Soooo I may have led him to believe that you are my boyfriend.”

“Uh, OK...” I stammered.

“So that’s the big lie. Everything else is normal. You are still named Jack and we met at work and all that good stuff. So as long as you can pretend to be madly in love with me, everything should be fine. Hi Jennie!” Molly ran over to hug someone about her age. Friend or family I couldn’t tell. Molly wanted me to be her fake boyfriend. Is that a good sign or a bad sign? Before I could finish deliberating, she came back to me and laced my fingers between hers.

“You ready?” she asked outside the doors to The W ballroom, now her private party.

“Uh, as ready as I’ll ever be!” I responded with all the enthusiasm I could muster.

“Here we go!” Molly threw open the doors and all eyes turned to us. Our relationship was fake, but being seen with Molly, my smile was real.

Introductions to Molly’s family went better than I anticipated. She introduced me to her younger sister Annie, her mother (“call me Willa, darling”), and then Gavel himself.

Gavel’s handshake was a strong as his reputation. “Ah the famous Jack. A pleasure.”

“The pleasure is mine, Senator. Thank you for having me.” I responded.

“Of course!” Gavel was a through-and-through politician. I had no idea if he actually wanted me there or not. “Molly has told us so much about you. I’m glad she found someone who shares her intellectual interest in science. Both of my girls are fascinated by the subject and I haven’t the foggiest.” He laughed. “Perhaps you can walk us through the nature of your work sometime.”

“I would be happy to.” I tried to respond with the relative level of enthusiasm while I racked my brains for an appropriate topic of small talk with a senator whose daughter had me bewitched.

Luckily, I didn’t have to. “Pardon me Jack, Senator Keeler has arrived, I must make my way over to him for a greeting. But please, enjoy yourself!” He waved to the full ballroom with one hand while paternally clasping my shoulder with the other.

Molly walked me over to one of the bartender stations that had been set up. “I’d say you earned yourself a drink!” She said while rubbing my shoulder affectionately. I ordered a beer while Molly had a vodka soda.

“Cheers, darling!” Molly smiled at me while we toasted.

After a sip, Molly looked serious “Listen, Jack, I’m sorry I sprung this on you last minute. My dad has just been overly protective of me lately. I guess my graduation has got him thinking big-picture things. I wasn’t sure how to cover up all my dates but you’ve been such a gentleman at work and so helpful to me I knew you would be a great fit. I hope you don’t think I’m using you...?”

“Not at all, Molly.” Well, kinda, I thought to myself. But if there was ever I woman I want to use me, it’s Molly. “I’m happy to help out. Do we need to mingle among your friends or anything?”

Molly laughed. “Most people here are really for my dad, but yeah, I’ll take you around.”

We made our way around the room, as Molly introduced as her boyfriend to the numerous power players and hangers-on this type of event attracted. I made small talk pretty well, but there wasn’t a whole lot of variety to the conversations.

Before I knew it, two hours had passed. At 9 pm, the bartenders closed up shop and the crowd started to thin. Molly found a moment alone with me to ask “Any interest in accompanying me to the after party?” Her single raised eyebrow contained a multitude of possibilities.

“Sure! Will I be in attendance as your boyfriend?” I asked suggestively.

Molly laughed. “Dad and his lackeys won’t be at this party. A little lowbrow for him.” Her side-stepping the question deflated my hopes. “C’mon, let’s say goodbye to my family and then head out.”

Molly grabbed my hand again, and fake-boyfriend or not, I was exhilarated.

We made small talk in the Uber to The Tombs, a notorious Georgetown hangout with a lax ID policy. Molly’s default was to keep holding my hand in the cab. Like a teenager on his first date, I was enthralled by it.

We arrived and made our way to the basement bar, which was jam-packed with recent grads. Molly leaned towards me to be heard over the din “I’ll be right back, I’m going to go change.” She held up her purse to indicate she had fit a change of clothes in there.

“Sounds good. Meet you at the bar?” I asked. Molly nodded.

I made my way to the bar. By the time I ordered a beer for myself and another vodka soda for Molly, I had determined I must be the oldest patron there. I took a couple quick slugs of beer to wash away the sore-thumb feeling.

“Molly, yay!!” I heard a group of girls behind me exclaim. I turned around to see a big circle of hugs being exchanged. When Molly broke free, my breath caught in my throat.

If her previous dress had hinted at her body, this one shouted about it. It was the color of a fresh tennis ball, low cut to show off her incredible and perky chest, while also being short and frilled, which struggled to cover her amazing ass. I imagine when she walked, it probably gave up any attempt to do so.

“What do we have here?” Molly asked me with that same eyebrow raised.

I thought she meant the drink I had ordered her. So I held it out for her. “Vodka soda, I assumed.”

Molly took the drink and completely drained it. Slamming the glass back down on the bar she said “You’re sweet, but my dad’s not around. You can skip the soda. Two shots!” She called to the bartender. I had waited 10 minutes to get a drink order in, but the tattooed bartender took one look at Molly and her dress and poured them right away.

Molly gave me one and kept hers up in a toast. “To being scared and excited!” We clinked and took our shots. It had been a while for me since drinking hard liquor, but my excitement when I recognized Molly referencing our months-old conversation made me optimistic for my chances with her and kept the tequila flowing in the right direction.

“First thing’s first,” Molly said. “Let’s loosen you up a bit.” Molly forcefully pushed my suit coat off my shoulders and stripped off my tie. “Very handsome” she said with a smile as she played with my hair.

“Thank you!” I shouted to be heard over the ambient noise of the bar. “You look amazing!” I was trying to stay cool, but the tequila was loosening my tongue the way Molly had my wardrobe.

“Thank you, darling” Molly said with an emphasis and a wink. “Let’s go meet my friends.”

Molly’s friends were all congregated in a corner. I was introduced, but no time for me to make small talk. These girls were thrilled to be graduating and were having a great time telling stories of their time at school.

All of a sudden, the music came on and all the girls squealed. “Our song!” They shouted in unison as a mass exodus to the dance floor started.

“C’mon!” molly grabbed my hand and pulled me behind her.

I tried dancing a respectful distance from Molly, but she grabbed my hands and put them on her hips. She put her arms around my neck and threw her head back and yelled “Woooo!”. I couldn’t help but laugh.

As the song progressed, Molly turned around and started shaking her ass on me. Specifically, on my crotch. I tried to keep the beat and dance without becoming so hard I would frighten her off. In hindsight, it was silly of me to think something so tame could scare off Molly.

Dancing, shots, dancing. Loud slurred conversations with friends. Molly was a very different person outside the office, but I figured it was a special occasion, and hey, aren’t we all a little different than we are at work?

Around 1 am, the dance floor was still hopping, but Molly’s friends had started to succum to alcohol or exhaustion. Molly still had me out there, practically grinding her pelvis onto my upper thigh. I had been in a state of arousal for hours now. Between that and the alcohol, my energy was waning.

Somehow, Molly seemed to know because at that moment, she looked up into my eyes and kissed me.

The kiss started soft, but she grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me into her while sticking her tongue in my mouth. She let me reciprocate briefly, before once again taking charge. It was easily the sexiest kiss I’d ever had.

We took turns sucking each others tongues, biting lips, and running our hands over each other when Molly broke it off and said “You want to get outta here?” With her bottom lip bit, a mischievous look in her eye, and her one eyebrow sticking up suggestively.

“Hell yes.”

Apparently Molly lived walking distance from the bar. I couldn’t tell you which direction we went or how long we walked, as my eyes were glued directly to the bottom of her dress, which gave tantalizing peeks at her ass with each step.

The building lobby was swanky and the elevator was empty. Molly and I fell into another intense make out and fondling session once the elevator doors closed.

The doors opened with a refined ‘ding’ and led us out to the top floor. Molly grabbed my hand and walked me over to the last door on the left.

“Now, Jack,” Molly placed a hand squarely on my chest and looked me dead in the eye. “Normally I’d give you a tour of the place so we could mess around all over the apartment, but my little sister is staying with me and she is most likely asleep. So we are just going to tiptoe straight to the bedroom, got it?” I nodded meekly, afraid to say anything that might stop this from happening.

Molly quietly opened the door and pulled me inside. The luxurious apartment was brightened only by the light of the massive television. Netflix had fallen asleep along with Annie, who was bundled up on the sofa. Molly did exaggerated tip-toe steps past her sister and to her bedroom door.

Once we were inside and Molly shut the door, we were completely ensconced in darkness. I couldn’t determine why before Molly had grabbed the bottom of my shirt and began lifting it off my head.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the awkwardness. “I can’t see a thing, Molly” I whispered after my shirt was removed.

“Oh, fine” Molly said with faux exasperation. I could her her step away and click on a lamp. The light revealed a huge, windowless bedroom, but nevertheless posh and well-decorated. With what seemed to be a king size bed in the middle.

“I can’t sleep when it’s light out, so here we are in my cave.” She laughed. “It’s actually the guest bedroom. Annie gets the master when she stays with me. Now finish getting undressed.” Molly commanded while she kicked off her heels.

“Yes, ma’am.” I replied with an absolutely shit eating grin as a stripped down to my boxer briefs, my bulge swollen in anticipation.

“You’ll want to get on the bed before I kill the light again.” Molly recommended. I sat at the edge of her bed on top of what felt like an expensive comforter.

The last thing I saw before the light went out was a humongous grin on Molly’s face. I couldn’t help but reciprocate.

Molly playfully shoved my chest so I fell onto the bed and she jumped up to straddle my chest. She grabbed both sides of my head in the dark to find my lips and mashed her face into mine.

I could barely breath between the violent tongue lashing Molly was giving me, but I didn’t dare stop her. While maintaining our incredible kissing, she slid her pelvis down my body until she found my fully-erect member, still inside my briefs. She proceeded to grind on it lightly, with a couple of moans escaping her lips while we kissed.

Fuck, this is hot, I thought to myself.

The Molly let me take a full breath of air while she worked on my neck and earlobes. She was alternating sloppy kisses and gentle bites all along my collarbone. I tried to reciprocate with her, but I was quickly losing blood flow south and with it, and hope of coordination. I instead brought my hands up for a gentle squeeze of Molly’s exquisite tits through her dress.

“Mmmmh” Molly awarded me with a small moan as I massaged her chest.

Molly continued working her was down my body, quickly accelerating once she could no longer keep up grinding herself into my dick.

Once she reached my stomach she sat up and I could feel her get off the bed.

“Excuse me, Jack, I need to visit the restroom.” She stated with faux elegance and then followed it with a giggle. “Don’t go anywhere...” She said seductively as she left the room.

I had no idea why Molly had left then, but I figured it was some sort of contraception procedure. There was nothing for me to do half naked in the dark, so I waited as patiently as I could.

A few minutes went by and I got to thinking, when the light flicked on, I could have sworn the guest bedroom we occupied had it’s own bathroom...

Just at that moment, I heard the door quietly open and close.

“Did you miss me?” Molly asked quietly.

“Of course.” I chuckled. “Are you coming back over here?”

“Mmm hmm.” Molly growled. “In a minute.”

Just then a felt a pair of hands grab either side of my underwear and work them off my legs. Oh, this is happening, I thought to myself.

Molly’s hands felt around until she found my full-attention dick, which she begin to slowly stroke while purring “Yessss”.

Shortly thereafter, I felt the exquisite wetness of Molly’s mouth engulf my cockhead. “Unh.” I moaned involuntarily.

The complete darkness of the room was really getting me here. I had no idea what Molly was doing or what was coming next. She had my most sensitive organ in her complete control and I was loving it.

Molly slid my entire cock up and down in her mouth slowly at first, and then with increasing speed, one hand firmly holding on to the base of my shaft.

“Oh, yes, Molly.” I whispered some encouragement. However, this seem to have the opposite effect as her mouth came off my dick completely.

I waited and patiently and was rewarded when her mouth returned, this time sweet, gentle, and focused primarily on my head.

As soon as she had returned, she was gone again. I again waited and her mouth came back with authority, nearly deep throating me as she sucked me off.

“Ahhhhhh.” A husky sigh left my lips involuntarily and again Molly switched it up. After a brief pause, she came back again ever so gently, this time stroking more of my cock while sucking gently on the head of my unit.

“Yessss.” I hissed. “Molly, you are driving me crazy.”

Molly’s head popped off me just then. “You want to know my secret?” she asked quietly.

“Of course.” I replied as I heard Molly scamper over in the direction of the lamp.

“Taa daa” she said softly as she clicked the light on.

I looked at Molly and she seemed the same as before the lights went out. Slightly more disheveled, maybe but still clad in the tennis ball dress that had driven me wild at the bar. The illumination was hard to handle after so much time in the dark.

That’s when I looked around the room and found Annie kneeling at the foot of the bed, her hand gently wrapped around my rod.

“Oh! Oh my God!” I cried out and sat bolt upright in the bed. “Uh, I’m sorry!” My default was to apologize as I frantically flipped up a section of the expensive comforter to cover my erect dick.

Molly was stifling a laugh over by the lamp. “No, I’m the one who should be sorry.” She managed to get out between giggles. “Jack, you remember my sister Annie from the party, right?” Annie gave me a shy little wave.

I sat in stunned silence, mouth agape.

Molly came to sit back down at the foot of the bed “Sooooo, Annie has been learning a lot about sex lately, and she’s decided that she wants to lose her virginity, right, boo?” Annie nodded vigorously, but avoided my eyes.

“I told sweet Ann that I would take care of it when she came to visit for graduation.” Molly continued, alternating her piercing gaze between her sister and me. “Jack, I’ve met a lot of men in this town and most of them are scum. But you, you were always sweet to me at work, always knew how to make me laugh, and were my stalwart defender without asking for anything in return. I know you are a good guy and that’s what Annie needs right now.”

Molly put her hand on my exposed leg. “What do you say, slick?”

At this point I think my mouth was moving, but no words were coming out. I was floored. What was happening here? Just how much do I not know about Molly? Who even is Annie? And how old is she?

“Jack? What do you say?” Molly tried again for an answer. “I promise, we will all have a good time. All of us...”

Just then Molly reached down to tilt up Annie’s chin and kissed her. Before I could process what was happening, both girls opened their mouths and tongues started to do battle right at the foot of the bed. Molly’s free hand slipped down to grab Annie’s breast through her shirt. Annie snaked a hand between Molly’s thighs.

My brain melted.

Molly broke off her kiss with her sister to let out a throaty moan.

“Alright you minx, get up on the bed.” Molly swatted her sister’s hand out of her crotch and pulled her up so we were all on the bed.

“C’mon, Jack, let’s do this. We’re clearly not going to tell anyone.” Molly pointed back and forth between her and her sister. “And I’m guessing you can be trusted...” Molly walked her fingers up my leg, under the blanket, and started tickling my thigh. “Can we do this?”

My mouth had never been so dry. My brain couldn’t process what was going on around me. Somehow through parched lips I managed a hesitant “Yes?”

“Great!” Molly clapped her hands together. “Annie, do you want to go first? Or do you want me to show you how it’s done?”

“Um,” Annie said mousily “Can he do it twice tonight?”

“Oh, Annie,” Molly laughed while throwing the blanket off me, revealing my completely nude form and still-hard cock, “I promise you he’s going at least twice.”

“I’ll go first, and you can see what it’s like.” Molly said convincingly.

“OK” Annie and I said simultaneously. All three of us shared a laugh at the jinx.

“Alright, Mister” Molly sat upright on the bed and in one fluid motion whipped her dress over her head. “Let’s go”

At some point, Molly had removed her bra and panties and her body did not disappoint. Huge tits, still perky with youth, pointed directly at me. Her stomach was flat and hips widened out to a plump and juicy ass. She was completely shaved and I swear her pussy called to me.

“Jack, move back and sit against the headboard.” Molly commanded. “Annie, first thing you want to do is get him as hard as possible before he goes in you. Trust me, you’ll have more fun.”

“Lucky for me, Jack here isn’t going to need much encouragement.” At that moment Molly softly laced her hands around my dick and began to pump up and down.

All I could do is sit back and watch what was going on. Annie stared directly at her sister’s hand rubbing me off, and she looked scared but captivated. Molly was also watching my dick with what I can only describe as hunger. After a few more seconds she said “I think we are ready here.”

With that, Molly straddled me and lined up my dick to her snatch. Right before penetration she looked to her sister and said “Annie, you know this doesn’t happen unless you want it to, and right now I really, really want it.”

With that, she relaxed and I plunged deep into her.

“Unh” I sighed contentedly.

“Yessss” Molly threw her head back and moaned in agreement.

Molly started bouncing on me slowly, and I pumped back and forth slightly.

“Mmmm” Molly almost hummed to herself. “Yes, start out slow. Take note, little Ann, that’s important.”

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